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Janice Barber wrote:

 Message from Archangel Raphael
 "The Comforting Presence of You"

 Peace be with you. As you begin to read these words, please become aware
 of the living presence of the angels and archangels. We are all so close
 to you at this time. Indeed, we are always so close by.  During the
 endgame that is revealing itself, you have positioned yourself to be
 exactly where you find yourself, and there have been no accidents or
 errors, no mistakes or miscalculations.  You are involved with
 evolution, and you are that evolution of consciousness known as the  Soul.

 The Supreme Consciousness that became individuated as you has an agenda,
 and does not have a plan at all.  This paradox can best be described in
 the phrase "everything IS in Divine order." It is a simple statement,
 yet full of the quality of paradox.  To understand the scientific nature
 of reality, and how all thought (intent) and feeling contribute to
 shaping the God Stuff in myriad forms of expression and experience, it
 is helpful to keep it simple.  So, simply put, God/Goddess IS in charge,
 through its nature as the only Thing that exists.  Through non-activity,
 or Isness, the Supreme Consciousness is the Presence in and through all
 things, and no things. Therefore, all is in Divine ordering.  In the
 Void, there is only the non-activity that is the womb for all activity
 to take place.

 Simultaneous to this state, Spirit is an activity that, through the
function of curiosity, plays with Itself. This play could be likened to
 having an agenda, a plan for evolving Itself into Self.  Self-aware,
 Supreme Consciousness is infinitely involved in Creation and
 Dissolution, and is also apart from it, acting as the Witness.  Once any
 aspect of It Self, in other words, YOU, chooses a course of thought,
 word or deed that arises from ANY part of you, then the Divine within
 you rejoices and begins to know the outcome of the choice.  Now here is
 the miracle.  In order to keep the spiral of evolution ever upward,
 there is a conscious movement by Spirit to adjust all other parameters
 in the process to maintain a subtle balance within all manifest
 universes and dimensions.  You see, what you are being, thinking and
 doing RIGHT NOW, is impacting far more than your immediate environment,
 far more than your Planet, and even far more than your own solar
 system.  How you are being is affecting the folks in the Sirian star
 system RIGHT NOW, and far beyond that as well!  Pretty interesting model
 to consider, is it not?

Now bring your mind back into the center through your breath, as you
went WAY out there for a moment.  What this leads to, is the next
miracle *You have passed through the worst.  That's right, turned the
corner.  Archangel Gabriel brought you the message of the "Turning of
the Tide*in January, and this wave has been building and building for
weeks, until today, which is the Ides of March.  Now a veil has been
 penetrated, the veil of fear, for a ever greater number of you have
chosen peace as a way of being and doing, rather than tolerate tyranny
and external control.  In the past of Earth, this choice point, this
 insert point has carried an ominous connotation of bringing disaster to
 the experience of many.  What it has brought now is hope.  It will also
 be the energy that exposes the poison, the heart of the corruption
 within your artificial political and economic structures, and purge
 them.  The part of Supreme Consciousness that resists, the Anti-Christ,
 is best described as the brakes of the car, while the Christ
 Consciousness is the accelerator. Crude example, but it works.  Well,
 you are about to receive a new car!

 The Antichrist energy, the resistance to evolution into unity
 consciousness, is now flailing about, attempting to insert chaos into
 the process. This is blind fear and rage. If you trap a scared animal in
 a corner, it will attack.  That is what fear does, attacks.  Love never
 attacks anything, although "tough love" is useful for exposing concepts
 and beliefs that are no longer workable.  So here you are at the Ides of
 March, and Caesar has not been stabbed!  Indeed, the war has not begun
 either..  Be assured, if the force of resistance does start
 something now, it will be fruitless.  Bless those in fear, whether they
 appear to be the perpetrators or those on the receiving end of attack energy.

 Now is the time for the greatest manifestation of change.  You will
 begin to notice a greater shifting into this balanced, loving energy
 within yourself and those around you. However, those who are not
 embracing this high frequency may find more difficulty or react even
 more emphatically for some time to come.  Hold the balance within your

 Act as the Comforter for yourself and others.  The Comforter is the Holy
 Spirit, the Shekinah.  This exists inside you, and now is the time to
 call forth this mighty expression of Divine Love.  The Holy Spirit is
 now available for you to bless yourself, others, and the Planet.

 BE the comfort to others in these times, and allow that comfort to be in
 many forms, especially the frequencies of smiling to others and loving
 touch.  Get a massage, or give a massage.  Make passionate love.  Enjoy
the sounds and smells of nature. Refuse to allow the world to be made
 into an image of ugliness and desperation. Create beauty, or cultivate
 an appreciation for it.  Most of all create beauty in someone else's
 life through a gift, a compliment, a kind word, or by just listening to
 someone who is in pain.

 Just be a comforting presence, and you will know no end to your
blessings.  This is the healing plan for your magnificent world, this is
the Divine Order we speak of this day.

 The tide has turned. The beginning of the end of the beginning is upon
 you.  This is the good news.  The power of transformation is through
water and fire, and now both are brought to bear through the activity of
 many celestial events.  The world kundalini has been activated, and it
cannot be stopped!  The Holy Fire, the White Fire of Transmutation is
 now released to destroy what remains of separation and fear, revealing
the pure gold alchemy of Love and Reconciliation to Source.

 Breathe my friends.  Breathe in the pure acceptance of your Self as the
 holy Presence that prepares the way for our reunion. Let your tears
 flow, release your own antichrist, your own resistance to the
 magnificence within you, and bless that resistance as fully as you bless
 your healing.  This is the wisdom of the ancient ones, to condemn
 nothing and no one, especially yourself.

 Though our message be brief at this time, it is important. Love and
comfort yourself, and receive that comfort from us, and from your
 (Almighty) Father-Mother, and give abundantly from that which is yours.  There is
no greater work than this.  You will know exactly what role you are
 being asked to play then, because you will no longer look upon your life
 as a "job"or an "assignment." Let your doing flow from your being, and
 remove yourself from the task of resolving paradoxes. After all, all you
 can do is dance in the middle, as your Self.
 Go in peace.  I Am Raphael.

 End Transmission

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