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 The Aquarium Age

Come Hell or High Water
The Galactic Time for June 13, 2003
by Philip Sedgwick

Where is Noah when you need him? Yesterday, the astronomers announced the naming of the Kuiper Belt Object, 38628, as Deucalion. This body has an orbital period of 240.24 years, quite close to Pluto; so the theme will be mildly Plutonian as well. The story goes that when Zeus decided to wipe out humankind for their wickedness, thus ending the Bronze Age, Deucalion, the son of Prometheus and his wife, Pyrrha, received salvation. They had to build an arch in which they floated for nine days and nine nights during a devastating flood. All the rest of the Earth's people were annihilated. After landing on the mountains near Thessaly, the lucky couple was instructed to throw "the bones of their mother." Somehow, they took this to mean rocks. So they tossed rocks. The ones thrown by Deucalion became men; the ones thrown by Pyrrha (an asteroid by name) turned into women.

This story parallels that of Noah and his wife save the animals and duration of time (however if you divide a circle of 360 degrees by 9 you do get 40 as a result - just to really push it). The image is one of recreation after destruction by water. Maybe with all of us swimming through the tides of Saturn in watery Cancer and Mars on the verge of oceanic Pisces, we need to keep our heads above water for just a while longer. The orbital indicators of Deucalion reside in Capricorn and Taurus. This implies grounded reality, pragmatism and the need to effectively address mundane considerations. As a point of reinforcement, yesterday two new Centaurs received numbers, one also sporting the Taurus/Capricorn earth support system as well.

At present (June 15th), Deucalion tips the celestial scales at 28 Libra 20.

It is interesting that this body appears in our consciousness on the rising crest of Mars coming to its closest contact to the Sun. As referenced in the last GT, this is likely to bring heavier, anomalous rainfalls. Hmm.

Not only did this new body receive a name, but four Centaurs with pending names took their permanent namesakes. These are: Okyrhoe, Cyllarus, Thereus and Elatus. This is all a bit much to do in one GT, so expect some more in future GT's. However, I am pleased to report that the names Thereus and Elatus were names I submitted to the astronomers for naming. Robert von Heeren submitted Okyrhoe and several of us agreed upon Cyllarus. Astrologers once again participate in celestial naming.

Elatus was the Centaur who deflected a Herculean arrow through his body that ended up striking the master healer Chiron. The message of Elatus is that of an Aries/Gemini combination: know what concerns you and what does not. And oh yes, have enough sense to duck when caught in the crossfire of life. Steer clear of gossip, speculations and unverified facts. Maybe this now translates to don't believe everything you read in the papers or see on TV, especially if the raging war of liberal press bias vs. conservative press bias continues past an appropriate armistice. Personal peace comes from making up one's own mind.

Thereus captured live bears taking them to his cave. What happened after that was not documented. But it would be interesting to see how the liberal/conservative press would have treated such events. His message is one of Libra and Capricorn. A revisitation of the value of position in life, and how this affects all relationships comes to pass. One's professional status does not determine personal or relational status. Priorities in the realm of relationship needs come into a brighter light - or so is the suggestion.

Hopefully, that's something to ponder upon approach to the solstice and the approaching long term trend of Mars in Pisces. It would be easy to get lost in thought during these times. Remember as you ponder, the world continues to wander on its way.

For those who have ordered the new CD trilogy I just produced, you will receive electronic updates providing you with more interpretive data, keywords, plus an ephemeris for Deucalion, and the Centaurs 60558 and 65489. For those of you who have not yet ordered this item (or any of the other products available) just drop me an e-mail and ask for the flyer.

More closer to the solstice, unless the astronomers have other plans for updating our attention on the Cosmos sooner than that.

Philip Sedgwick
Bringing Heaven to Earth
9451 E Becker Ln #B1058
Scottsdale AZ 85260

The Aquarium Age        by Ralfee Finn
June 11, 2003

Erratic planetary rhythms turn daily life unpredictable and human hearts
mirror this pulse with impulsive choices. For some, this spontaneity
manifests as the sudden recognition of what previously was out of reach,
intellectually or emotionally. For others, unusual alliances appear as
perfect communal solutions. For still more, this restless energy penetrates
dreams and disturbs sleep. No matter where you find yourself along this
spectrum of excitement, you're bound to experience bold and passionate
responses, yours or others.

Uranus is the conduit for this week's frequency, and you'll definitely need
a scorecard to track its dynamic effect.
 (1) A Uranus Mercury square
produces the potential for startling perceptions, and while this combination
could play out as the tendency to scatter mental resources, it's just as
likely to provide intuitive and intellectual flexibility. (
2) A Uranus Venus square
 amplifies mental agility by turning the entire bundle toward creative
inspiration. Uranus Venus contacts are also infamous for infatuation, but
these love at first sight moments don't tend to last. If you find yourself
falling in and out of love, don't spend too much time processing your
commitment issue-it could just be the stars.
(3) Uranus and Mars begin a conjunction
this week that lasts until  July 8th. Pay attention: This is
a volatile combination and you'll need patience to put it to good use.
Uranus, as you already know, is the principle of change, eager to catalyze
stagnant systems. Mars is pure unbridled energy and it thrives on movement.
When Uranus and Mars share the same space, we experience a need for action.
Couple that urge with already unsettled energy of the week and you have the
perfect environment for accidents motivated by haste and rash behavior.
(4) What's more, Mars also squares Mercury and Venus
, spurring that jump-the-gun
attitude and feeding nervous irritation. Try not to pick a fight just to
blow off steam. While a brawl might feel good in the moment, it could also
burn bridges you might need later on.

But that's not all. Saturn trines both Uranus and Mars, providing an
indefatigable determination to endure just about anything to actualize your
ambitions. Mishandle this energy and you'll be tempted to use brute force.
Handle it with care, and you'll tap into a deep reservoir of strength.

The week is a live current of unstable energy, and as its power streams
through the days and nights, it won't be easy getting grounded or staying
that way. If you start to succumb to the stress, try taking a moment to
breathe, let your body remember its natural pace, and then, use your breath
as a guide through the intensity.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that too.

Aries  March 21-April l9
Clandestine behavior goes against your grain and covert activities try your
patience. Rather than waste your energy engaging in secretive activities, be
yourself, and be direct. Others may misinterpret your behavior but the truth
will set you free.

Taurus  April 20-May 20
Surprising alliances could catalyze opportunities to increase your finances
and your self-esteem. Keep an open mind about these chance encounters and
don't dismiss someone based on appearances. Sometimes we have to kiss the
frog to awaken the prince.

Gemini  May 21-June 21
Solid support from reliable partners, both personal and professional, helps
you implement innovative ideas about your career. Allow in-depth discussions
that include the opinions of others. Then, let that advice nurture your
creative pursuits.

Cancer  June 22-July 22
Give yourself permission to explore radical remedies to a "traditional"
situation. I realize this goes against your cautious nature, and I'm not
suggesting you abandon your beliefs. But the fresh air of a new perspective
could unlock what's stubborn and stuck.

Leo  July 23-August 22
You could characterize your circumstances as a courageous struggle with
destiny, because you're just being asked to answer the call of change. Be
willing to grow, and you'll handle every facet of this phase with strength
and style.

Virgo  August 23-September 22
It's a relationship intensive, personal and professional, as startling
developments upset the status quo. Instead of insisting on a specific
outcome, just let things unfold and you'll know when it's time to move into

Libra  September 23-October 22
The upsets of the week are an invitation to seize the moment and step into a
new role. Don't be shy about assuming greater authority-you're definitely up
to the challenge.

Scorpio October 23-November 21
Untrammeled inspiration motivates you to spend as much time as possible
exploring your creative talent. Use this dynamic energy to expand your
vision, and you'll be more that pleased with the results.

Sagittarius  November 22-December 21
Unexpected developments at home disrupt "normal" routines, leaving you
feeling more than a little frazzled. Rather than despair about how to handle
these events, use your innate sense of humor to shake off the tension.

Capricorn  December 22-January 19
The focus is still on communication, but this week, you're less inclined to
tolerate long-winded harangues by co-workers, and more inclined to make
quick assumptions. While it won't be easy being patient, compassionate
listening continues to be a requirement.

Aquarius  January 20-February 18
Try not to let financial fluctuations disturb your equilibrium or rattle
your self-esteem. No matter what side the scales are tipping
toward-depletion or excess-your have the strength to handle the flux.

Pisces  February 19-March 20
Strong waves of energy could motivate you to share your opinions without
restraint, and before you know it, you're just blurting out exactly what you
feel. Rather than resist the intensity, use it to your advantage, by being
authentic and taking responsibility for your point of view.

Ralfee Finn specializes in Transformational Astrology. For information about
readings, call 1-888-937-9264 or write to Ralfee Finn at Post Office Box
343, New York, NY 10025 or you can visit her web site
www.aquariumage.com or
email her at

Copyright 2003 by Ralfee Finn

Ralfee Finn specializes in Transformational Astrology. For information about
readings, call 1-888-937-9264 or write to Ralfee Finn at Post Office Box
343, New York, NY 10025 or you can visit her web site www.aquariumage.com or
email her at ralfee@aquariumage.com.

    These are very changing times. Life is presenting change in a way that asks for us to look at life from a new viewpoint. We are being asked to accept responsibility for who we are and what we create. The world is full of experiences that can capture your attention and divert your focus away from loving. It is important, especially now that we remember to be light. Someone needs to trust, are you willing to be the one? Does your heart feel open to holding love during these difficult times?


            The planet Uranus entered the sign of Pisces in March of this year. Not since 1919-28 have we felt this influence.  This brings a visionary influence to a struggling society. In June, Saturn will move into the sign of Cancer, which will set up a cooperative relationship with Uranus. Saturn brings decision and structure to the innovative ideas of Uranus. We are reaching a time of opportunity for harmony of our emotions. While both of these planets are traveling through water signs many will seek integration. Old structures will dissolve to make way for a new more pliable guideline.


            People and businesses that are born under water and earth signs will have the easier time with this. You will find life offers situations, which support your choices. Those born in air and fire signs may find they need to slow down a bit and listen as they go. It will be important to use intuition rather than facts. Action may not be the answer. Some things will need time to come together into form and patience will be important.


            Yes, I mentioned businesses because your business has a birth chart also, the day it began. Watching these influences as well as the overall astrological influences is a helpful tool to maximize your businesses potential. Understanding the position of the planets when your business or any endeavor began can offer insights for prosperity and expansion. During these changing times it will be important that your trust your intuition and pursue what feels like a dream. The planets are in position to support cooperative agreements that encourage creativity and an intuitive approach.  Eileen Lock, Astrologer  Bend OR

Ever wonder how your chart affects your business?   How about what the birthday of your business means?

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