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"Cloning"   Online Channeling and Messages April 19, 2003


Greetings Everyone!

We are inundated with changes. There have been dimensional overlays occurring. These look much like a sweeping white waves of energy that briefly moves across your field of vision. (No, you haven't been seeing things and there is nothing wrong with your eyes! )There have been gaps occurring in the barriers which contain our perceptions of time. Portals are opening.


I have heard of many instances this past week where people who are quite experienced in "otherworldly" travels and interactions losing blocks of time. We are being downloaded with massive amounts of information. Night School (what happens when you are sleeping) has been extremely active. Experiences have been noted of huge downloads of information, extremely busy and complex dream situations during which the dreamer is processing situations in this life, other dimensions and at the same time learning about scientific principles or other technical information.


Family members have been experiencing issues in their faces while others stand by helplessly knowing that they can't stop the momentum of the changes or the consequences of those rising issues. We are witnessing Beings make choices that are leading to chaos around and within them. Many people seem to be polarizing one way or the other. Working within the Light or turning their backs on it. There appears to be little to no middle ground.  You know, as hard as it sounds, it is all a part of the process. It is all about the choices people make toward their own experiences.


Physically, we are experiencing extremes of emotionality. One moment we are tearful and the next furious. Our bodies feel as if they have been mainlined into a high frequency current from which there is no relief. If we remember to eat, we are repulsed by the things we have always enjoyed. Very few things sound appealing.


Our awareness is mushrooming beyond the experience of our realities. We are fast becoming beyond anything we could have imagined, even with the experiences we have had. Perceptions are no where near what they used to be and we are aware of so many things that we never used to see or know. So....


What is going on? We are experiencing a manifestation of opening of our consciousnesses into greater realities. It is difficult to keep up with or even understand that for which there are no words. It is a one way ride with no seatbelts or shoulder harnesses. That which is contained within our DNA structuring is responding to the inner and outer stimulation which is moving through us, stimulating us back to the reality of the One. We are beginning to recognize our awareness's.


Move without thought into your process, into the changes which are occurring within you. That which you see in your forefront is mere illusion. Be in the moment. Become the moment. That which you perceive from within is the Truth of all nature. We are fabulous Beings of Creation who are coming toward a full circle of evolution in and of ourselves. We are the One.

Blessings in Light,




Online Channeling

April 19, 2003


Antallah antui anahallah ensi atu ani asitu Greetings with Messages from that which is and has always been.


Dear Ones. The simplicity of nature has always been. It is you who complicate it. It is that we wish to speak to you of things within your world which are not of Truth in nature.   Beyond the simplicity of that which is...


You see Dear Ones, we speak to you of the efforts within you realm to recreate perfection.   To participate as God creators in changing the format of that which is.   For instance, we speak to you of cloning.   In such a way, this is a deviation from the Truth of Being.


Dear Ones, it is that each of you carries within you a unique frequency of which there is no duplicate on any plane of existence. That frequency which you carry holds a place of occupation Universally.   In other words, your frequency is a point within the actual construct of the living Universe.  It is a part of the finely tuned balance within all things, of which you are an important and integral part.


When a Being is created of genetic materials and is intended to be an exact duplicate of that which is the source Being, it becomes an impossibility that it can be so. That which is the new creation may look exactly like that from which it came, yet there is no harmonic signature available to that new creation, for the source of that creation already holds that place within what is. Lacking harmonic nature, the genetic structure of the new creation ultimately breaks down, deteriorates and dies. It is not a matter of doing this better or even differently. It is a matter of Universal impossibility.


In such a way, your foods are being altered genetically as well. As the foods are recreated bearing the genetic materials of other living things such as fish, frogs and an assortment of other tissues, there are created within the new plants genetic mutations. These mutations are found not only on a most basic level, within the harmonics of the particulates, they are also found on a molecular level. When there are mutations in such ways, as the foods are consumed, digested and absorbed by you, your physicality's are required to function outside of their normal molecular and cellular relationships. The proteins and enzymes that are active within you begin to relate in ways that are other than their grand design. the cellular and molecular relationships between the falsely created materials and those within you become changed. In a way, you begin to mutate as well. Why? in order to meet that which you have brought into yourselves for the purpose of sustainment. In such a way, you begin to sustain yourselves from a standpoint of different functioning. The energies of the foods are utilized and created differently within you. As  your evolutionary processes continue to function normally, you begin to evolve as beings to adapt to those changes.


As you begin to adapt, so does the rest of your food chain. Those plants and foods that are recycled are fed to other animals or plants which are intended for you to eat.  As those other plants and animals must adapt to the changes in their digestivity, the environment begins to adapt as well.  As there are waste products created from this process on all levels, those wastes begin to become a apart of your soil, you water supply and so on.  In such a way, by utilizing those things which are unnatural to your being-ness, you are changing your world in ways that are Universally disharmonic. These changes become a new cycle of evolution which begins on a course other than that which is of the One. These changes work against the very nature of your being-ness and the world in which you have chosen to be. in such a way, as you are in and of the One, those changes change the vibration of your physicalities to disharmonic frequencies. When the vibrations are changed, there is a Universal effect on all planes and the relationships among all things, as the energy is the communication within all things.


Changes begin to occur in your healthfulness, within the ways your bodies interact within your environment. Within themselves. Mineral relationships become affected and you become depleted in that which you need. You become emotionally different in response to the mineral and protein changes within your bodies. Your thinking processes become less than focused, disconnected from your consciousness, more separate than ever before. Your neurological systems begin to sound an alarm within your bodies by instigation pain in the muscles, exhibiting anxieties, or giving you the sense that you are out of energy.  Ultimately you begin to feel less than balanced and at the very least, disconnected from that very thing which you seek.


In such a way then it is to consider yourselves holy. You are unique beings within the Universe. You are a part of that Universe. You are an aspect of the very existence of that Universe. In such a way, it is to maintain your purity of being. Take into yourselves only that which is pure and natural. Cleanse yourselves of those things which would change that which you are. Those things which are genetically altered. Those things which are imbued with chemicals or compounds which cause a varience of your own interrelationships. Cleanse your environment of those things which are destructive to the very life force which you and your environment carry. Return to the simplicity of Being from which you began. Create within yourselves that sanctity which upholds the perfection of all things. In such a way, you are the guardians of all that is. From the purity of your Light, the frequencies from which each of you resonates, you can contribute to the raising of consciousness in this way. For when you are unobstructed on your healthful beingness it is easier to connect with the essence of your actual Being. In such a way, you are raising the energetic consciousness of your bodies. It is true, they are your temples. At least for now.


Be in peace. Be that which is the perfection which you are.

 We return to Light




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