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July 15th, 2003           Channeled by June Stephansen
"Christos Light"        Message From: Joelle
New Shamballa Symbols 1024  


Currently the earth is entering into the Higher Vibrational Frequencies and with this transition, New Shamballa Healing Symbols have been sent for the fore coming of the 5th Dimension of Nov 8th, 2003.  The old Shamballa and Reiki Symbols that have been at this time on the earth plane for several decades and the current Shamballa Symbols since 1998 have been loosing their ability to heal because the symbols are attuned to the Lower Vibrational Energies of 3 D.  As a result they are working to a lesser capacity while the healing is taking place in the higher vibrational frequencies that we are presently experiencing on earth.  As the earth raises its vibration, Reiki, Shamballa, Modern Medicine and Eastern and Western Holistic Medicine are no longer having the healing impact or potential it once did.  Healing then becomes an exhausting process for everyone involved.  The healer will find that they have to do a healing several times to get expected results and the client/patient has a longer recovery time to heal due to the High Vibrational Energies fighting with the old Low Vibrational Modalities of Healing.  By 2005 Modern Medicine, Reiki, East and West Holistic modalities will show massive diminishing results of being able to heal at all.   (?)


The Galactic Federation of Light and St. Germaine have sent forward the new Shamballa Symbols with the blessings of the Creator, Angelic Realms, and the Ascended Masters.  There are 1024 new symbols broken into 4 levels.  And there 512 New Animal Healing Symbols are broken into 2 Healing levels.  The New Symbols are now available for Healing with Geometry, Healing with Color, and Healing with Sound depending on your Harmonics as a Healer.  Healers who have Angelic Guides- heal with color.  And then there are some 5th, 7th, and 9th Dimensional guides that heal with Sound or Geometry. 


"Healing Symbols" Attunements


The New Symbols have an added task unlike the old symbols, by allowing a client/patient to get a set of “Healing Symbols” via attunement before the healing even takes place.  These symbols go to the core of one’s being.  The “Healing Symbols” are part of the Shamballa Levels 1 & 2 but are not considered a level, in itself. These “Healing Symbols” are pre-programmed in such a way that when administered they go to the core of the body of the said client/patient.  Only the “Healing Symbols” required by the client’s body will be transferred.  These symbols are those that are essential for the healing.  The “Healing Symbols” can be administered to the client/patient before and or after a healing or surgery to speed up recovery.  


If the client/patient is currently on any type of drug, the healing symbols given by attunement will not take.  And it is important that the patient is not using any type of drugs when the healing takes place.  All drugs and alcohol are inhibitors.   Inhibitors block healing.  This goes for anti-depressants, Cold and Flu Remedies, Aspirin, Tylenol, Aleve, and etc.  Even coffee can get in the way of a healing session to be a success.  It is recommended that the client/patient does not take a prescription or non-prescription drug the day of the healing session or day of the “Healing Symbols” attunement.  Some clients/patients may be on long term drugs or anti-depressants where by two weeks off these medications are required before giving the “Healing Symbols” attunement.


As a practitioner of the Shamballa healing modality, it is important to realize that your body should be free of these inhibitors such as coffee (caffeine), alcohol, and any drug for at least three months prior to giving “Healing Symbols” attunements.  Otherwise the function of giving the attunement for healing would not take.  No transfer would transpire. 


The New Shamballa 1024 Symbols were designated to be for “Healing Only”.  Meaning these are not for giving out as Attunements to others.  They cannot be transferred.  These are to be used as the New Healing modality that will replace all medicine in the near future.  Only the “Healing Symbols” attunements are transferable. 


Manifestations of Illnesses Presently on the Earth


Humans experience several types of illnesses here on the 3 D earth.  They are categorized by Environmentally Inflicted Illnesses, Past Life Mutations, Illnesses from Past Life Karma, and a Present Life Contract Illness.  So it is important to separate these when approaching a remedy for healing of the client/patient in question.  A Mutation of a Past Life can be carried over to the present lifetime and be dealt with differently than that of an Environmentally Inflicted Illness.  Same goes for that of a Present Life Contract Illness in which the client/patient wrote into their contract for this time around on the earth plane that they would die of cancer.  In this case there is no cure they will eventually die from the cancer. 


Environmentally Inflicted Illnesses are a lot of work.  When diagnosing this illness, the environment is taken into consideration.  Not only does the client/patient get a healing that is required but he or she’s environment has to change to keep the illness from recurring.  This includes lifestyle, home environment, food ingested, exposure to the elements outdoors, allergic reactions, stress from work, stress from the home and etc.  Once all the issues are discovered and articulated as the cause an affect.  A remedy for possible recurrence is instituted so the affliction does not happen again.


A Past Life Mutation is an illness from the Past Life/Lives that comes forward to the present life without a Karmic situation.  This is very common and one of the easiest to deal with. 


Past Life Karma Illnesses and afflictions on the other hand is a little more difficult to deal with.  An illness or maiming of a body part caused by Past Life Karma is not fixable by a healing of any kind.  It is a debt to be paid over having Bad Karma from the past.  Recognizing this kind of situation takes an advanced healer who is communicating well with his or her guide. 


Present Life Contract Illnesses are those we sign up for before we are born.  We cannot change the outcome unless we wrote that the illness can be healed or cured into the contract.  Many times people have a dying clause written in and that cannot be changed.  Death is inevitable, no matter the healing applied.


Harmonic Frequencies of the Human Body


Harmonic Frequency range is built into every human body.  These ranges vary according to what group you fell into at the very beginnings of the Seeding of the Earth.  There were eleven “Seedings” on the earth with eleven different Harmonic Frequencies, and from that came the four remaining “Seedings” presently on the Earth Plane today.  Human’s presently fall into 4 Harmonic Frequency Range’s.  Originally when the “Seedings” on the earth took place hundreds of thousands of years ago these Harmonic Frequency Ranges were attached to everyone’s DNA as part of the cellular makeup through which it would be genetically passed on.  Each seeding got 1 harmonic frequency.  So presently in our world, humans have 4 different ways to receive information through various devices and their physical beingness.  Not all things being equal, I would like to note that every human has all four harmonics built into their cells but only one stands out above the rest.  The harmonic frequency ranges works through the cellular level.  The harmonic layer is encased around every living cell in the human body.  Currently animals do not possess the harmonic frequencies. 


The Four Harmonic Frequency Ranges exist in all of us.  One of these four ranges stands out as the “Dominate Range”.  For these Harmonic Frequencies to activate there has to be a sender and a receiver.  This is done when two different people, the sender giving the receiver the information, and the receiver through their Harmonic Frequency receiving the information through the correct “Range” of the Harmonic Frequency.  It is also possible that a person can have Two Dominating Harmonic Frequency Ranges and therefore can get transmission of energies two different ways.  This is very common.  And usually it is the Physical Body that is the Secondary.  Below is a List of Ranges.


Range 1) Physical body- Physical Presence of receiving

Range 2) Internet- receiving by Yahoo messenger

Range 3) Telephone- Wire transmission to receiver

Range 4) Galactic- receiving through Ascended Master Guide or 9 D Guide


Range 1, the Physical Body being the most Dominate to activate the Harmonic Frequency of the receiver when this is the only Harmonic Range present.  Meaning this person cannot receive a transmission of energies if not connected with the right Range in this case physical presence.  This person can only receive through his physical presence unless (s)he has two Dominating Harmonic Ranges.  Knowing what Range people fall into is the difficult part.   The Physical Body Range person can only get attunements of Reiki and Shamballa Symbols through direct contact into the body.


Range 2, receiving through the “Internet” is one of two Harmonic Ranges a person could have simultaneously. This is a Secondary Range of receiving other than the Range 1, Physical Body.  It works quite well if an individual cannot be there in person to receive the symbols.  Again knowing is the difficult part of what Harmonic Range is present in that receiver/person.  (Range 1 and 2 type person)


Range 3, receiving through the Telephone is one of two Harmonic Ranges a person could have simultaneously.  This is a Secondary Range of receiving other than Range 1, Physical Body.  It works quite well if an individual cannot be there in person to receive the symbols.  Again knowing is the difficult part of what Harmonic Range is present in that receiver/person.  (Range 1 and 3 type person)


Range 4, receiving through an Ascended Master or a 9th Dimensional Guide is the most complex.  This only happens when a person cannot be physically present for an Attunement.  And this is only if (s)he is fortunate enough to have an Ascended Master Guide or a 9th dimensional guide.  The Guide may come to the senders dwelling / home / office, anyplace that is considered sacred space!  The Guide receives the Attunements in behalf of their “Minion”.  For lack of a better word, I prefer to use what the Sirian’s call us…“SYD’s” which is an acronym. 


I Am That I Am, Joelle of Sirus B

Senior Medical Officer, Galactic Federation

New Jerusalem Starship



Physical Body Attunements for Reiki and Shamballa Symbols

 Live Attunements:

All Reiki and Shamballa Attunements should always be done privately. The room should be smudged for any negative energy residue before the Attunement takes place.  Only light colored clothing should be worn by the sender and the receiver.  No Black should be worn at all! 


Phone, Internet, & Guide Attunements:

Since the great majority of Reiki and Shamballa Teachers and Masters do not know who can or cannot receive by the phone, internet, or Guide I leave this kind of Attunement for those who are highly aware and informed of the Harmonic Frequency Range aspect when doing these kinds of Attunements.    They are few!


Drugs and Alcohol

I would like to reiterate the fact that drugs and alcohol are inhibitors and that giving attunements to a person who is on any kind of medication stops the process right at the onset.  The attunement will not take.  The same goes for a healing session, the client/patient will not be healed satisfactory when an inhibitor is present in the body.  Coffee (caffeine) is also an inhibitor when doing a healing.

Shamballa Symbols Availability

 The Shamballa Symbols are currently available.  Some Reiki Masters and Healers as well as some Shamballa will have to do more course work and healing modalities to get the Master Level Attunement Level 4.  There are four levels of Shamballa Attunements that are available for purchase.  Each level is $125.00.  Each level contains 256 Symbols and altogether there are 1024 symbols.  The complete set is $500.00.  The Shamballa Animal attunements are $175.00 a set or $350.00 for Levels 1 & 2 have 512 symbols complete.

 Some people will get them for free if they do mostly charitable work Please ask me if you qualify.  My guide will tell me if you qualify for free symbols.   

June Stephansen / Shamballa Master Healer and Teacher of the “Christos Light” in the Order of the "Violet Flame" of St. Germaine

For more information on the New Shamballa Symbols please contact June Stephansen at jstephansen@earthlink.net

  Rev. June Stephansen               jstephansen@earthlink.net

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