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Online channelings and Messages,   May 16th, 2003
  "Change Your Perception"


Greetings Everyone!


This has been a week of opportunities and giveaways. I have heard from many, many of you about the changes that you are going through. At times, it feels as if the Universe has forgotten you, and that you are out in the cold, on a tightrope with no net, and further, without an instruction manual!


Many of you who are sharing the Light Work are finding that this has been a time of challenges, both personal and financial. To you I say, look beyond the physical nature of each situation and into that which you are sharing.  Notice the moments where, in those instances, you are contributing to positive changes in the life of another Being.  Each of you knows what I mean. The look in someone’s eyes that tells you that they have just had an incredible “aha!” or the shift in energies as you give the person that which you have been given for them.


In every situation that feels like a drain in your system or resources, there are opportunities waiting for you.  Look past the obvious and into the subtle aspects of the moment.  There, in that moment, are a myriad of small miracles awaiting you.  Often those opportunities are missed because we aren’t paying attention.


In each and every situation is an opportunity to make a different choice that will take you down a new fork in the road of your journey.   Sometimes it takes more courage to choose the higher road, as it appears to be fraught with challenges.  Those challenges give us new perspectives, more experience and the opportunity to attain wisdom that we had not yet known.  Of course it is much easier to stay in the familiar, the known, even when it is uncomfortable.   At least we know what it is.


Opportunities are often challenging us to find the courage to move beyond the familiar and into greater realities, but we have to begin somewhere…


Sometimes it is about remembering to receive.   So many of us are so caught up in the giving aspects of our lives that we forget how to receive gracefully, if at all. In order to maintain a level of consistency in our work and to maintain open pathways for the energies that we are using, we must remember to nurture ourselves.


Nurturing comes in many forms. It can be as simple as receiving a “thank you” without negating it by stating all of the reasons that you are not worthy of the gratitude.  Nurturing can be treating yourself to a massage or other body work that allows you to be touched in a comfortable way. Most of us are never touched enough.


Nurturing can also include giving ourselves our favorite meal or food, taking the time to prepare it for ourselves, or better yet, going somewhere and allowing another to wait on us for a change.  Taking a walk in the woods or on the seashore.  Taking the time to do what we want but never make time to do.  Buying something that we really want, even if it is a stretch on our wallet.  Nurturing is admission that we are worthwhile. After all, we are!


When we have given ourselves permission to be nurtured, we have given ourselves validation from within. With that validation comes the beginning of fulfillment, and with that fulfillment, our freedom.


That freedom begins when we admit to ourselves that we are worthwhile and whole just as we are. That our perfection lies within. It is not found in our giving, rather in the source of our gifts. We create from within our own perfection. Everything that we give to another originates from within the One. And of the One, we are. Therefore, as we give, creating from within ourselves, we give to ourselves as well…we are giving back to the One that which we have created. This is an infinite regeneration of our energies on a Universal level.


When, in our giving, we become tired or feel less than filled, we are not creating of the One, but giving away our personal resources. There is a difference. That difference lies in our physical manifestation as opposed to the essence, the consciousness that is our infinite self. Our personal resources are the energetic system that is us as manifested human beings. Our feeling, thinking selves. Our resources in and of the One, are those of our consciousness.


Our consciousness, the infinite energy which manifests, creates, travels and experiences throughout the eternal pathways has the ability to reach into those same pathways for endless regeneration. Our consciousness is directly that which is our sacred heart, our place of perfection.  When we give of ourselves from a state of conscious being, we are limitless in our resources.


When we give of ourselves from purely our emotional bodies, or our rational thinking selves, we soon and quickly begin to run out of steam.  It is these aspects of ourselves which dilute and belie our experiences, our gifts. Our true gifts cannot be betrayed by justification or measurement, rather, they simply are.


To give of a state of understanding is not the same as giving of a state of knowing. The mind understands. Our consciousness knows. It becomes simply a matter of discernment between what we know and what we understand.  Once we are able to recognize the difference, we begin to reside within ourselves in a state of grace.


With that grace the inherent state of unconditional love. And with that love, a sense of wholeness in and of the One.


Now that is an opportunity!


Be in peace.




Online Channeling May 16, 2003


Anahallah, anuti anshallah entui anti, antui, asi  Greetings from We who come of your Light and the Light of all things.


We have been speaking to you of coming times. Of energies, of changes within you as beings of Light as you are currently manifested in your denser, human form. We wish to continue from a different perspective.


Dear Ones, we have noticed that many of you have ceased participating in your experiences, as you have been disappointed in the outcome to this now. You sit and await the Universe to dole out to you that for which you wait, and yet, you do not participate in your own experiences.


There is much propaganda in your world about end times, about incoming planets, about earth changes, weather disasters and many other aspects of destruction which has caused many of you to wait and wonder, afraid to invest in the future of your experiences just in case there isn’t one.


Do you not see that these things are based upon the fears of being in residence of a corporeal body?  Do you not understand that you are indestructible in Universal terms?  Do you not remember that you are of the very essence of the Source from which you came?


It is that in all ways within your world history, there have been fears of the world ending, there have been rumors of incoming disaster, the dates and times have come and gone and yet, here you still reside.   In each and every occasion that you, as beings, have historically experienced such perceived threats, many of you have held your etheric breath, waiting, waiting, for that moment of destruction to arrive.   And yet, it has not.


You remain within your experience as do all others.


The reason that those moments have not come is because many others of you in your local reality as well as others in non-local realities, are imagining an entirely different world, one which is created of peace and of a respect of one to another as beings of the One. The balance of these beliefs has outweighed all others. Yet this battle continues in many ways.


The polarization of you as beings continues with many who are moving into the Light and others who are falling into the depths of darkness.  As long as there are beings of human nature this has been the reality.   There is balance in this. It has been written that these times will include the separation between those of Light and those who are not of that choice.


And yes, it is a choice.   For the most part from a human perspective, those choices have everything to do with what you believe to be the Truth of your existence.


In order to affect change in the reality that you perceive, first, you must change your perception.   Change that which you believe your reality to be.   Once you have changed your perception of reality, it must be so.   The new perception, belief, becomes the new reality.


It is, as we have previously stated, to look beyond the illusions that have been created within your own realities and the realities of others. Look beyond from an infinite perspective.


When you are perched atop the Universal perspective, you begin to see that the drama and trauma that infects your world and your lives is nothing more than emotional, fear based perspectives of being.


We do not mean that you should live in ignorance.  Conversely, what we say to you is to reach into a higher reality.  Stand above those ideas of conflict and fear.   Rise above those fears and into what is Truth.   That Truth being that you are infinite beings of Light who are here for an experience that by Universal standards is temporary.


When you rise above those denser realities which cause a reality of a higher nature, you do this not for yourself, but all those within your perception as well.     You literally change the world in which you live.


Imagine if all of you worked in a unified fashion to create the same reality of being that had no room for those things created of illusion. In every way you would exist within a different world which exists of harmonic resonance internally and externally as well.


In the moment of shifting to the new realities, you will have intentionally and completely brought the One into conscious existence upon your planet and within your every avenue of perception.


This is not impossibility, nor is it an idealism.  This is a part of the coming times as there becomes a dichotomy of being within your world.   Those of you who choose that which is Light, and those who choose the ways of personal gain and delusion of others for that gain.


Are you a spiritual warrior, or a victim of all else?  Of course, as always, it remains your choice.  To participate or not.  To be a part of the process or to be swept away by that process.


This journey is a part of your learning development and a part of the progression of the One as well.  You must complete your journeys here.  In order to do so, you must participate.   When you are not being a part of your own process, you are stagnating as a spirit.   You are simply holding your space within the Universal process, contributing little and gaining even less.


Beyond this experience is a vast existence in and of the One.  An experience which is whole and pure.  One that brings to you the sense of being and knowing all things simultaneously.  An experience which is ecstatic in nature.  It is entirely possible for you to bring what is beyond you at this time to the here and now.  To ascend to higher Awareness and into the realms of all things possible, creating of that Ascension a world in which peace and harmony reign.


It is to reach into yourselves toward the joy that has seemed to escape you.   It is to reach into your very being-ness and live from a standpoint of your own perfection.   There is nothing that anyone anywhere can do to change or destroy who you are as an integral and perfect part of the One.   You as an essence are eternal in every way.


Knowing this, allow yourself the freedom of flight in this now.  Savor the moment.   Become whatever possibility you desire.   Participate in the creation of your own journey…You are everything inherently.   Why choose to be or experience anything less?


And so it is that we return to Light.




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