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  Change Core Perceptions

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
4 Manik, 5 Pax, 11 Ik    5/27/03

Greetings! We come, dear Hearts, with more to tell you! Our fleet is preparing to increase its numbers in your upper atmosphere. The purpose of this operation is to transform the energies that are entering the Earth plane. This energy will be used to achieve your final victory over the dark. Its field will penetrate every atom of your reality and accelerate its final transformations. The Ascended Masters have also asked us to increase the parameters of the mental, emotional and physical changes you are experiencing. We are implementing this procedure to ensure that your ongoing shift into a new reality is carried out as swiftly and smoothly as possible. Our heavenly superiors have informed us in the Galactic Federation of Light that contingencies for which we have been secretly preparing can now go ahead. These plans will allow agreements, which our earthly allies originally signed in 1998, to be successfully completed. Moreover, it will make it possible for us to introduce some of our advanced technologies into your reality.

      It is fundamental that you understand that the change in your core perceptions is integral to these events. We have observed how well you have been 'hard-wired' by the Anunnaki's former minions. Your inner beliefs are instilled even before you are born and, from the moment of birth, your training begins in earnest. So indoctrinated is your society that your parents, relatives and peers automatically repeat these 'truths' to you. Even your sciences and many philosophies unwittingly reinforce these beliefs. Thus, your lives are restricted and, from birth, you become pawns of the Anunnaki's underlings. Heaven's task is to transform this reality into another that champions your infinite natural abilities and power. The crucial element is for you to appreciate how those who wished only to secure their hold over you have rebuilt your world in their image. Through a number of tests that began before the fall of Atlantis almost 13 millennia ago, they extracted your misplaced loyalties. Their first step was to render you willing to believe that your earthly and off-world masters were all-powerful.

      To begin, a theory of false genesis had to be spread in which your new overlords would be perceived as your 'creators' and masters.  You were to relinquish to them absolute power over your destiny and desires. At first, this concept worked. Anunnaki in various regions of the world formed new societies that became enshrined in your mythologies as humanity's many earlier 'Golden Ages'. In fact, they dangled these enticing 'carrots' before your ancestors for one purpose - complete control. However, your forebears still retained a lingering memory of Atlantis. Total rebellion ensued. In response to this mass insubordination, the Anunnaki submerged your world in the Great Flood about 10,000 years ago. Then, following several millennia of calculated and relentless savagery, the Anunnaki reintroduced a more controlled civilization into your world. At the same time, they established a wealthy ruling class that subjected their earthly minions to still more tyranny. Any attempt to defy the Anunnaki's wishes resulted in death or serious adversities.

      Heaven's role was to act as the secret enticer. That is, Heaven's messengers and certain chosen Beings from the Galactic Federation were allowed to enter the Earth plane to maintain the Light. It became Heaven's way to find seers, prophets and others who were empowered to clarify Heaven's Truth to their followers. This process allowed a secret movement for the Light to be kept alive on your world for many millennia. Occasionally, it permitted an entire group of people to step forward. This was the case in Ancient Egypt under the rule of Akhenaten, and with the first band of migrant shepherds led by Abraham. In each case, the overwhelming perceptions of your world undermined and changed these brave attempts at altering it. However, important seeds were planted that later bore fruit. The Ascended Masters carried on with this program, recognizing that your perceptions held the potential to change what they had initially taught. Yet, the Ascended Masters left behind more seeds for you to harvest at a later date.

      The task of planting seeds resulted in many special religious and non-denominational secret societies. Their goal was to preserve their share of Heaven's true messages and protect them from corruption by the Anunnaki's subordinates. Since the true and sacred energies of Heaven were still on your world, the Anunnaki's control of your reality, while great, was still not as complete as they would have wished for. This meant that Heaven had retained its divine Will to reorder this reality. Even the creation of a falsely constructed 'principle of good and evil', in which the Anunnaki controlled both sides, was unable to overthrow this divine fact. Heaven knew that the Truth would shock most of humanity and free them of the dark, selfish contrivances that the Anunnaki had imposed. In fact, the grid of your reality is composed of many strands. Each one is linked to several different possibilities. This world is only one of them.

      Yet another possibility surrounds your world. It is the one that Heaven wishes you to retain, now, as your primary perception of reality. Your present grand shift in consciousness forms a bridge between your reality and the next. That reality is infinite, and capable of returning the power that you denied yourselves many millennia ago. In that reality, your link to your spiritual and space families will be fully restored. In it, your fully conscious state will be returned in full measure. Right now, the final struggle is being waged between those who ache to maintain the old reality and those who steadfastly intend to complete the shift to a new one. Soon, this conflict will triumphantly yield your new reality. It will bring you immeasurable abundance and, most important of all, your divine sovereignty and sacred freedom.

      Today, we have been discussing events that are occurring on your world. A great morass closes in on those who, like you, wish to alter this reality. This illusory morass contains the core perceptions that the Anunnaki imposed on you long ago. Their task has been to overcome these beliefs, and to do so in a world of secrecy. This secrecy has resulted in a great deal of misinformation and a wealth of unfounded rumors. We ask you, dear Ones, to exercise discretion and discernment concerning what you hear or read. Know this one truth. The many agreements that we mention are real. The contest being waged is also real. A process is unfolding that will truly free you from other humans who have controlled your lives for far too long. At last, Heaven and the divine plan have authorized us to begin our massive intervention in your affairs.

      This intervention is based solely on the instruction that we receive from Heaven. It is intended to liberate you from your oppressors. To do so, we need to empower our earthly allies to emerge victorious. That is, we must protect them from harm and create a strategy that will overcome their adversaries. We do not mean to give them complete freedom to do as they wish. Our divine assistance will ensure that the agreements we have signed are followed to the letter. These documents will include a new, global financial system; a change in the leadership of many governments; a program of abundance; and your freedom. This gift of freedom will allow you to become aware of our existence and to learn about our role in these unprecedented events. Most of all, it will return you to the benefits of Heaven's direct stewardship, thereby reestablishing the marvelous, divine joy of your sacred duties and the wonder of being Human.

      Today, we have given you additional insight into what is actually occurring on your world. Now, it is time to bring to light the particular pressures that we have longed to exert. We are sure that Heaven's divine desires will soon be manifested. We ask you to remain ever-discerning, and always focused on your victory. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know in you Heart of Hearts that the infinite Supply and unending Prosperity of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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