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Thu, 28 Aug 2003 15:15:41

Greetings Planetary Kin!
The intention of these emails is to serve your understanding of
these sacred time cycles - both the 13-day wavespells which constitute the
Tzolkin count and the 13-moon, 28-day cycles of the Year count.

A "Wavespell" refers to the entire cycle of the 13 Tones of
Creation,1-13. Because a Wavespell is any cycle of 13, there are both 13-DAY
wavespells, as well as 13-MOON wavespells. In other words, the Year
cycle itself is also a giant wavespell spiral, where each 28-day moon holds
the energy of one of 13 Tones of Creation!

Simultaneous to the Wavespell of the Year, within the sacred Tzolkin
calendar, there are 20 (13-day) wavespells. Each 13 day period is
governed by one of the 20 Tribes.

Regarding the definition of "wavespell," a "wave" is a motion in
time, and a "spell" is that which can be cast, known, or experienced during
that time.

Current 13-day cycle: BLUE NIGHT WAVESPELL

Blue Night's Code Words:

Action - "DREAMS"


Essence - "INTUITION"

13 Moon Dates: Lunar 2 - Lunar 14

Tzolkin Dates: Kin 183 - Kin 195

Gregorian Dates: Aug 24 - Sept 5

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Beginning July 26th, the White Spectral
Wizard Year is upon us -- a year of focusing on LIBERATING THE INNER WIZARD!
The Spectral Wizard Year energies are focused around the code words:
Release, Dissolve, Liberation, Enchants, Timelessness, Receptivity!

Regarding the current wavespell cycle we're experiencing: The Blue Night
tribe is called "Akbal" in the Mayan language, (pronounced Ak' bal).

Traditional translations of Akbal include "night," "house," and "cave."

As the 3rd of the 20 tribes, AKBAL is described in The Mayan
Factor as signifying:"House, Enclosing Darkness, Night, Body, Place of
Mystery, Heart and Internal Organs."

Additional qualities of Akbal found in the Mayan Oracle are: "looks-within
place," "sanctuary," "journey into self," "Dreamtime," and "dreamfield

BLUE represents the power of the direction WEST which offers the
energy of "TRANSFORMS."

Blue Night invites us to navigate with the knowing that "Life is but a

Some would tell us (especially students of Carl Jung) that everyone around
us and everything thing we encounter are dream characters and dream figures
within our dream - reflecting both conscious and unconscious parts of our
Self. This is indeed an expansive, multi-dimensional way to perceive the
unfolding of our days and our lives. Akbal urges you to try on this lens!

The power of Dream also signifies that there is nothing truly solid in this
world - that everything has the ability to morph and shape-shift according
to our energetic perspective.

What are you Dreaming Up in your life? Are there things you wish to change?
You do have the ability to AWAKEN at any moment, and consciously command
your dream, rather than unconsciously experience it. Over time and with
practice this becomes a true Art.

INTUITION is our sacred, autonomous connection to the Universe. Its the part
of the mind that does not use rational, a direct link to the highest truth
of every moment. Our intuitive capacities,like a muscle, becoming stronger
when we use them!

Blue Night is directly associated with redeeming materialism by honoring the
ever-present ABUNDANCE of the Universe's gifts. True wealth is not in
acquisition of material goods, but rather in an attitude of gratitude -
acknowledging ALL that we do have.

Let us rise above feelings of lack, and instead DREAM UP everything we feel
we truly deserve and need. There are no limitations in the dreamfield!


"AKBAL's abyss holds the potent evolutionary playing field of all
possibility. Here, as in the aboriginal dreamtime, there are no distinction
between then and now, real or imagined, dream or dreamer. In this expanded
field, all things are not only possible but are constantly in the process of
creation. In the framework of dreamtime, limiting constructs of "ordinary
reality" such as time, space, and linear causality area freed into an
expanded system, with unlimited access to all realities.

Dreamtime holds powerful opportunities. It is a field where potential, past,
and future are held in the same matrix as the present moment. If such a
construct is foreign to you, stretch your mind and entertain the possibility
that you could help to dream a different reality into being. Enter into the
mystery where reality is actually created.

In becoming a conscious dreamer, you can assist in literally creating a new
reality for yourself, as well as contributing to the larger dream that is
emerging. By focusing on this creation, your thoughts and intentions are
projected at superluminal speeds across the crystal grid network that
encompasses universes. This energetic field seeds, supports, and empowers
the creation of an unfolding realitiy.

At a certain point, when a critical threshold of energy has been focused on
a clear intent such as world peace, the underlying constructs of reality
shift and a new reality begins filtering into human experience. Make no
mistake: great change is seeded by conscious dreamers who understand and
know that they are co-creating the larger dream.

...All that you are, all that you believe, hope, and dream creates your
personal dreamfield. In that field, there are no victims or blame. You are
now attracting those elements to your field that will create completion and
wholeness for you. Become lucid in life.

...You are being asked to cross the boundaries of your own growth edges. In
the stillness within you, potent gifts form in the darkness. Be willing to
embrace and follow your process into the void of seeming pain and
discomfort, to the place of the mystery. Sense the possible answers and
receive the insights being offered as the unconscious reveals itself..."

(the second month of the White Spectral Wizard year).

Spanning from Gregorian August 23 - Sept 19, the Lunar Moon
energies correspond to Tone 2, and the code words: Polarize, Challenge, and
Stabilize. The totem animal of this moon is the Scorpion.

The current vinal meditation (since White Overtone Wizard; Magnetic 21; Aug
15) is - OU: "Listens in Silence."

On White Crystal Wizard; Lunar 13; Sept 4, we begin a new vinal meditation -
ZIP: "In order to integrate the Universe,"

(Because this is a White Wizard Year, every 20 days on each White
Wizard day we begin a new vinal meditation. The vinals are passed down
through the Mayan lineage as a series of intriguing phrases which we are
invited to contemplate during each 20-day period.After 18 vinals of 20 days,
there is one 5-day Vayeb, totalling the 365 day year.)


As the 15th wavespell of the Tzolkin, the Blue Night wavespell is
always the third TRANSFORMING wavespell of the 4th Castle of Time: "The
Yellow Southern Castle of Giving." Among others, one theme of this castle is "fearless giving."

This Castle unites the 4 cycles of the Red Earth Wavespell, the
White Dog Wavespell, the Blue Night Wavespell, and the Yellow Warrior Wavespell.

(A castle of time simply refers to a grouping of 4 wavespells, one
of each color which creates a 52-day period of time (13 x 4) in which the
powers of the 4 wavespells cumulatively work together to bring specific lessons
and initiations. Within each Tzolkin, there are 5 castles of time, 52 X 5 = 260 days.)


I am honored to share with you that we NOW have an unbelievable opportunity
to assist the United States of America in manifesting a Conscious Leader who
embodies holstic vision of the sacred unity of all of life on the planet.

I have personally dedicated myself to getting Dennis Kucinich, Democratic
Congressman from Ohio, elected President of the United States of America
2004. Some of you may remember, several months ago, I wrote about him and
his connection to this calendar system which we follow. Since that time, in
response to tens of thousands of people begging him, he is now running for

He is a VERY important Dream Character within our shared reality, At this
point in the game, at the height of America's governmental corruption,
emerges someone who is not only genuine and embodies integrity, but someone
who is an impeccable balance of practicality and spirituality.

I had the honor of meeting Dennis Kucinich, about a moon ago, and I was
absolutely blown away by the vibration of his sincerity.

You may think this sounds naive. In case you are not aware, Dennis Kucinich
has been endorsed by Spiritual Leaders such as: Deepak Chopra, Marianne
Williamson, Jack Kornfield, Chris Griscom, and Maharishi Mahesb Yogi's
Natural Law Party.

In fact, just 2 days ago Jose Arguelles, author of Mayan Factor, initiator
of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, co-founder of Earth Day, and the man
who formalized this 13 Moon Calendar system which we work with, formally
endorsed Kucinich for President:

"If there is anyone who is going to redeem America's image in the world and
get us all to 2012 in a condition of universal harmony, it is Dennis Kucinich."
-Dr. Jose Arguelles

Kucinich is not a third party candidate, he is a perfectly electable
Democrat who has held several local, state, and federal offices for the last 17 years.

I will be continuing to communicate to you about Kucinich, because I feel it
is OUR opportunity to support him, for he is the only voice of true change
emerging within our nation's political matrix.

As Kucinich says in his own words, "Active citizenship begins with an
envisioning of the desired outcome and a conscious application of spiritual

Please read this article below, and if it moves you, please check out his
website: www.kucinich.us and PLEASE share his inspiration with your
communities!!! (PS: Dennis Kucinich's galactic signature is Blue Lunar

Spirit and Stardust
by U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich

>From his talk at the Praxis Peace Institute Conference,
Dubrovnik, Croatia on June 9, 2002

"As one studies the images of the Eagle Nebula, brought back by the Hubble
Telescope from that place in deep space where stars are born, one can
imagine the interplay of cosmic forces across space and time, of matter and
spirit dancing to the music of the spheres. Spirit merges with matter to
sanctify the universe. Matter transcends to return to spirit. The
interchangeability of matter and spirit means the starlit magic of the
outermost life of our universe becomes the soul-light magic of the innermost
life of our self. The energy of the stars becomes us. We become the energy
of the stars. Stardust and spirit unite and we begin: one with the universe,
whole and holy.

>From one source, endless creative energy, bursting forth, kinetic,
elemental; we, the earth, air, water and fire-source of nearly fifteen
billion years of cosmic spiraling. We receive the blessings of the Eternal
and we are showered with abundance. We ask and we receive. A universe of
plenty flows to us, through us. It is in us. We become filled with endless

We need to remember where we came from; to know that we are one. To understand
that we are of an undivided whole: race, color, nationality, creed, gender are
beams of light, refracted through one great prism. We begin as perfect and
journey through life to become more perfect in the singularity of "I" and in
the multiplicity of "we"-- a more perfect union of matter and spirit. This is human striving.

This is where, in Shelley's words, ". . . hope creates from its own wreck the
thing it contemplates." This is what Browning spoke of: Our "reach exceeding
[our] grasp." This is a search for heaven within, a quest for our eternal
In our soul's Magnificent, we become conscious of the cosmos within us. We
the music of peace, we hear the music of cooperation, we hear music of love.

In our soul's forgetting, we become unconscious of our cosmic birthright,
blighted with disharmony, disunity, torn asunder from the stars in a
disaster well-described by Matthew Arnold in Dover Beach: ". . . the world,
which seems to lie before us like a land of dreams, so various, so
beautiful, so new, hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light, nor
certitude nor peace, nor help for pain. And we are here, as on a darkling
plain, swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight, where ignorant
armies clash by night."

Today's Dover Beach is upon the shores of the Potomac River in Washington,
D.C. Our leaders think the unthinkable and speak of the unspeakable
inevitability of nuclear war; of a nuclear attack on New York City, of
terrorist attacks throughout our nation; of war against Iraq using nuclear
weapons; of biological and chemical weapon attacks on civilian populations;
of catastrophic global climate change; of war in outer space.

When death (not life) becomes inevitable, we are presented with an
opportunity for great clarity, for a great awakening, to rescue the human
spirit from the arms of Morpheus through love, through compassion and
through integrating spiritual vision and active citizenship to restore peace
to our world. The moment that one world is about to end, a new world is
about to begin. We need to remember where we came from, because the path
home is also the way to the future.

In the city I represent in the United States Congress, there is a memorial
to Peace, named by its sculptor, Marshall A. Fredericks the "Fountain of
Eternal Life". A figure rises from the flames, his gaze fixed to the stars,
his hands positioned sextant-like, as if measuring the distance. Though
flames of war from the millions of hearts and the dozens of places wherein
it rages, may lick at our consciousness, our gaze must be fixed upward to
invoke universal principles of unity, of co-operation, of compassion, to
infuse our world with peace, to ask for the active presence of peace, to
expand our capacity to receive it and to express it in our everyday life.

We must do this fearlessly and courageously and not breathe in the poison
gas of terror. As we receive, so shall we give. As citizen-diplomats of the
world, we send peace as conscious expression where ever, whenever and to
whomever it is needed: to the Middle East, to the Israelis and the
Palestinians, to the Pakistanis and the Indians, to Americans and Al Queda,
and to the people of Iraq, and to all those locked in deadly combat. And we
fly to be with the bereft, with those on the brink, to listen
compassionately, setting aside judgment and malice to become peacemakers, to
intervene, to mediate, to bring ourselves back from the abyss, to bind up
the world's wounds.

As we aspire to universal brotherhood and sisterhood, we address through
thought, word and deed conditions which give rise to conflict: economic
exploitation, empire building, political oppression, religious intolerance,
poverty, disease, famine, homelessness, struggles over control of water,
land, minerals, and oil.

We realize that what affects anyone, anywhere affects everyone, everywhere.
As we help others to heal, we heal ourselves.

Our vision of interconnectedness resonates with new networks of world citizens
in nongovernmental organizations linking from numberless centers of energy,
expressing the emergence of a new organic whole, seeking unity within and
across national lines. New transnational web-based e-mail and
telecommunications systems transcend governments and carry within them the
power of qualitative transformation of social and political structures and a
new sense of creative intelligence.

If governments and their leaders, bound by hierarchy and patriarchy, wedded
to military might for legitimacy, fail to grasp the implications of an emerging
world consciousness for cooperation, for peace and for sustainability, they
may become irrelevant. As citizen-activists the world over merge, they can
become an irresistible force to create peace and protect the planet. From
here will come a new movement to abolish nuclear weapons and all weapons of
mass destruction.

>From here will come the demand for sustainable communities, for new systems
of energy, transportation and commerce. From here comes the future rushing
on us. How does one acquire the capacity for active citizenship? The
opportunities exist every day. In Cleveland, citizens have developed the
ability to intercede when schools are scheduled to be closed, and have kept
the schools open; to rally to keep hospitals open; to save industries which
provide jobs; to protect neighborhood libraries from curtailment of service,
to improve community policing; to meet racial, ethnic and religious
intolerance openly and directly.

Active citizenship begins with an envisioning of the desired outcome and a
conscious application of spiritual principles. I know. I have worked with
the people in my own community. I have seen the dynamic of faith in self,
faith in one's ability to change things, faith in one's ability to prevail
against the odds through an appeal to the spirit of the world for help,
through an appeal to the spirit of community for participation, through an
appeal to the spirit of cooperation, which multiplies energy. I have seen
citizens challenge conditions without condemning anyone, while invoking
principles of non-opposition and inclusion of those who disagree. I have
seen groups of people overcome incredible odds as they become aware they are
participating in a cause beyond self and sense the movement of the
inexorable which comes from unity.

When you feel this principle at work,when you see spiritual principles form
the basis of active citizenship, you are reminded once again of the merging
of stardust and spirit.

There is creativity. There is magic. There is alchemy. Citizens across the
United States are now uniting in a great cause to establish a Department of
Peace, seeking nothing less than the transformation of our society, to make
non-violence an organizing principle, to make war archaic through creating a
paradigm shift in our culture for human development, for economic and
political justice and for violence control.

Its work in violence control will be to support disarmament, treaties, peaceful
coexistence and peaceful consensus building. Its focus on economic and
political justice will examine and enhance resource distribution, human and
economic rights and strengthen democratic values. Domestically, the
Department of Peace would address violence in the home, spousal abuse, child
abuse, gangs, police-community relations conflicts and work with individuals
and groups to achieve changes in attitudes that examine the mythologies of
cherished world views, such as 'violence is inevitable' or 'war is inevitable'.

Thus it will help with the discovery of new selves and new paths toward
peaceful consensus. The Department of Peace will also address human
development and the unique concerns of women and children. It will envision
and seek to implement plans for peace education, not simply as a course of
study, but as a template for all pursuits of knowledge within formal
educational settings.

Violence is not inevitable. War is not inevitable.Nonviolence and peace are
inevitable. We can make of this world a gift of peace which will confirm the
presence of universal spirit in our lives. We can send into the future the
gift which will protect our children from fear, from harm, from destruction.

Carved inside the pediment which sits atop the marble columns is a sentinel
at the entrance to the United States House of Representatives. Standing
resolutely inside this "Apotheosis of Democracy" is a woman, a shield by her
left side, with her outstretched right arm protecting a child happily
sitting at her feet. The child holds the lamp of knowledge under the
protection of this patroness. This wondrous sculpture by Paul Wayland
Bartlett, is entitled "Peace Protecting Genius". Not with nuclear arms, but
with a loving maternal arm is the knowing child Genius shielded from harm.

This is the promise of hope over fear. This is the promise of love which
overcomes all. This is the promise of faith which overcomes doubt. This is
the promise of light which overcomes darkness. This is the promise of peace
which overcomes war.

Representative Dennis J. Kucinich (D - OH)
His website is www.kucinich.us.

May we Dream an ongoing Dream of love-based existence,
Eden Sky - Red Self-Existing Skywalker

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