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Online Channelings and Messages    June 18, 2003
                                      Become That which You Seek     

Greetings Everyone!

 The energies the past few weeks have been amazing. We are being bombarded with one x class solar flare after another.   This is exacerbating the effects of the already high end energy that we are experiencing.  There have been several large earthquakes 6+ on the Richter scale.  This means that we are also receiving high influxes of energy as the earth attempts to find her own balance.


What is happening in the experiences of many is that there is a sense of chaos that feels and seems unexplainable.  Issues everyone thought were long since healed are rising their ugly heads and making us deal with them like it or not!   Often we are blindsided by these experiences.


The sensations that we are having in our three dimensional bodies are widely varied from transient pain to feelings of being generally “out of sorts”. Emotionally, it is a powerful time.   Many have reported difficulty in recognition of the Joy within.  It is there, under the things that we are holding too tightly.


Feelings seem to be magnified from one extreme to another, often seeming out of balance and even inappropriate for the moment.  Keep breathing, it is all going to pass shortly.


There will be a dramatic change in the energies that we are feeling in about three weeks.   As the changes occur, there will be a smoothing of the energies for at least two months.  After that, we will be moving toward the celestial event that is occurring on November 8th which will also bring the opening of the star gate that the Masters have mentioned in previous messages. This will bring much change over a three month period that will cause us to pause and assess our values, our sense of connection on universal levels and even our inter-relationships with fellow humans beings.  We are headed toward a see-saw of energies this fall that will challenge us beyond that which we have experienced to date.


Also of note, the veils continue to thin as expected. I am noticing particularly that inter-dimensional clarity and levels of inter-action have jumped up about a dozen notches. As if it wasn’t already an incredible journey! Accessibility to other dimensional realities has become much easier with less energetic interference. intelligibility “out there” is astounding.


This is a time for clearing ourselves of things that we carry within us which no longer serve us. It is a time for acceptance of that which is, not that which we do not wish to accept.  Carrying needless history within us only serves to keep us earthbound. If we wish to soar throughout the heavens, we must rid ourselves of all ballast.


If there must be grief, let it be for those who have not yet discovered the mysteries of flight, not for that which we, in our own journeys, misconstrued as truth.


Remember Light.





Online Channeling June 17, 2003


Antallah. Antui anahdredrah ansui antillah ansui anshallah It is with that which is of the essence of all being that we greet yours within with ours.


Dear Ones, of late we have been queried as to those things necessary for success of the spiritual journey.  It is often that we see that many of you are waiting, expecting a great “Aha” to come within your reality, as you sit there reading and studying that which are the experiences of others.   In doing so, you have begun to compare yourselves to those others and in many cases begun to believe that since your experiences of the heart, of your spirit are different or lacking in intensity that you are somewhat less than others.   In this way, you are creating a process rather than an outcome.


To you we say that this is yet another untruth begotten by the ego of humanity.  There is no lesser or greater level of that which you are, only that which you are.   It is to recognize and to realize that you are capable and available as you intend and believe yourselves to be.


You see, it is to first of all remember to ask for that which you desire. Further, it is to command itTo believe fully that that which you seek, also seeks you. In such a way,  your belief is creating an outcome.


It is not simply to ask or command and to sit and await the arrival of your new adventure!   It is to realize that you must be a part of your own journey!   Many of you have forgotten that you must be a part of your experience in order to have that experience.


It is to first of all give yourself permission to receive that for which you have asked.


We repeat:


It is to first of all give yourself permission to receive that for which you have asked.


If you have asked to rejoin the One from a conscious standpoint, then you must also give your self permission to have the experience that you have intended.


 It is to accept the assignment that you have requested.


What so many of you do not understand is that to be in and of the One is not simply to have a romanticized ideal or set of ideals toward this Oneness; rather, to become an integral part of the One which is already you.   You must be proactive in your own journey.


It is that there is no other who can give to you your journeys.   It is you for whom you wait!


There is no card that you will turn over which will give you that which you seek.  No book, no video, no lesson… rather it is to become that which you seek.  Do you see?


To become the very thing which you search for is to live the very essence of that which you sought to find.


It is also to understand that to become impatient of your process, of your journey of return to the One does not get you there sooner.  Instead, this only serves to delay the very process for which you are so impatiently waiting.


Many of you have stepped outside of your journeys, waiting for the magical moment in which things will change for you.  Others have latched on to impending cataclysms, feeling as if there will be no future, so why participate…


To each of you we say this:


Every moment that you live and breathe you are fulfilling your purpose. To step outside of participating in that very journey for which you have come to experience is to disallow the very things that you are asking for.


Ascension is a process.  Not a singular event. It is that in order to return to the bliss of liquid being, you must allow yourselves to become that being. To set yourselves aside from this belies all that you think that you know in your searching.


You must understand that this now was once a future, as are all other moments. That which is this now is the time to become present within your selves. Within your journeys, within the very lives which you so impatiently wish away while waiting for that which you seek.


Step forward of your ideas and into the reality of the One.


Reach beyond your expectations and join the true process of light. That which is the being-ness of One.   In doing so, you begin to bring all of your aspects together, as all of your aspects are sharing concurrent experiences on many, many planes.  When you begin to work as One light rather than a fragmented aspect, that which is your very light will illuminate all that it touched, all that is exposed to it.


Light begets Light.


But only you can take yourself to that place of Being.


And so it is that we return to the Light of One.




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