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Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home
 March 15th 2003

~ Balance of Power ~

 From Steve:   The message this month is decidedly different from the Groups typical message.  Again the message
is about world events, as this is an important time on this planet for everyone everywhere
.  This was
written on the very special day of 03-03-03, a day the Group had mentioned would be a time to
celebrate the completion of the magnetic grid adjustments which form the ascension grid.  Funny that
some of us don't really feel like raising our glasses just yet.  Faced with the current world events, really
makes us wonder if we are making a difference after all.  To this, the Group says, We are right on track.

From the Group:

Greetings from Home

You have just passed an important marker in the evolution of humanity.  The Game you play is at
another juncture that is much more important than you know.  Many of you have been waiting
expectantly for the completion of the grids and the new energy that the ascension grids provide.  We tell
you that this is now in place and the final connections are being made at this very moment.

This grid has been in motion for several years, and now that the final adjustments are being made, the
change in energy is being felt by everyone.  The joy we feel on this side of the veil, or what we call
Home,is beyond description.  The angels dance this day in our own joy.  Please know that your
advances in connecting to your own spirit have made this adjustment possible.  The adjustment of the
magnetic grids into the ascension grid is providing the capabilities for each of you to walk as
empowered spirits, walking the earth in bubbles of biology.  The work from this side of the angelic
realm, and specifically the work of Kryon in these adjustments, has been great indeed.  Know that only
with all the support from the entire angelic realm and the support of the majority of humanity was this
work even possible.  That is why we dance this day.

To use one of your phrases, the ball is now in your court.  From the beginning of these Re-minders
from Home, we have been talking about human empowerment.  In the beginning we told the Keeper
that our information was the second wave of empowerment, the first wave being Follow the Leader and
the second wave being Follow Yourself.  The new power is now before you, and it is yours to use
freely.  Please do not think that there is a right or wrong way to use it, for those are simply illusions of
polarity.  You can see this illustrated clearly in the world affairs that are unfolding at this very moment.
Each side believes they are right, when right is only the illusion created from a perspective of limited
                                      Three Points to Re-member

  There are three important points--which we have spoken of many times--that we would like to have you
consider during the days ahead:  Firstly, Truth is an evolution and not a fixed standard.  As humans
evolve into higher vibrational levels, they reach for higher truths to support the higher vibrations;
therefore, we ask you to consider the possibility that even the truths that have helped you reach the
levels you now hold may need adjustments during the next level. Therefore, an open mind is critical to
your advancement from this point forward.  Please also know that the pace has quickened and your
evolution is in a rapid state at this moment.  

Secondly, the Universal Energy is the energy that permeates all things.  The natural action of this base
energy is that of blending.  It was playing your game in a field of polarity that created this action.  The
Universal Energy, from your perspective, is pulling back together that which was separated to create
the illusion of polarity on your game board; therefore, the action of the Universal Energy is that of
blending together back into Unity.  We repeat that in the higher vibrations of the new planet Earth,
actions in accord with the Universal Energy will be supported and those opposing it will find great

Ahh, yes!  We see your minds now racing to perceive your world events and decide who is in accord
and who is not.  Before you reach that conclusion, we ask you to remember the first point: that there is
no right or wrong.  In the second wave of empowerment, we ask you to apply alignment with the
Universal Energy to yourselves first and foremost.  Therefore, check your own actions against this
base energy and not those of your leaders.  In the second wave of empowerment, please know that
leaders will find new roles as the servants of the people.  This was the original intent for them.  It is the
human attribute of the first wave of empowerment--wanting to give your power to others and therefore
avoid responsibility for your own reality--that has set the stage for this to happen in the first place.  

Thirdly, the balance to power is responsibility.  The equation is simple:  To increase your personal
power as a creator, find ways of increasing your personal responsibility.  This includes creating a
reality of your own choosing and not one handed to you by default through lack of action, or dictated to
you by a leader or by anyone else.
                                                          Pull the Rug

The final grid movements are complete, and now you enter a different phase of forward movement.  It
was necessary for the adjustments to be made slowly in your time line, as the movement itself
threatens those who cling tightly to control [of] the energy.  It has most certainly affected many of the
world leaders, who cling tightly to the first-wave beliefs.  Even those of you who do not control the
energy but are very sensitive to it perceive this as the rug being pulled out from under you.  Know that
even as you change your perspectives as individuals, moving into the second wave of empowerment,
the changes as seen from a collective of humanity must also be slow or it too will threaten and have
the opposite effect as intended.

Now you are faced with events in your world that have many of you discouraged, thinking that the
game is about to take several steps backward in the evolution[ary?] process.  Please know that from a
larger perspective, you are right on track.  First understand the larger picture in what you are seeing.
With the second wave of empowerment, it is critical that you become citizens of the universe first and
  Know that even as you perceive the events as they unfold, none of them represent even the
majority of people in the countries that are involved.  

The children of the new Earth are now taking power.  All over the world, the early Indigo Children are
beginning to move into positions of management and political power.  The miracles ahead will bring a
heavenly rejoicing from our side of the veil that will be heard for eons.  These brave souls are ready to
make a difference like you have never before seen.  The planet is now in preparation for the Crystal
to move into position, and although they are not yet here in numbers, the preparation of
ridding yourselves of fear is well underway.  This will make the planet safe for the Children of Crystal
Vibration and [for] your next physical evolutionary step as humans.  These beautifully sensitive
expressions of Spirit in human form are only able to exist if they are supported by a world of love and
not fear.  This is clearly a change in the state of Earth.  

                                                    A Balance to Power

  The Keeper shifts uncomfortably in his chair as we begin this next portion of our message to you.  He
has always been very uncomfortable in the area of politics, and we have told him that we would honor
his wishes and stay clear of that topic.  We are now about to stretch his comfort zones a little further.
These messages are an opportunity for all to see from our perspective, and we think it is appropriate
to broaden this perspective to include the politics that have such a grasp on your world at this time.  In
doing so, please keep these points in mind:  We cannot see the future, for you have yet to script it.  We
can only see the direction you are heading and what contracts are in place
.  Also, as we speak of this
game of politics, please know that it is actually a very small microcosm of what is truly happening on
your planet.  The fact that it gets most of the attention from your communications media is far out of
proportion to actual events.

  Keep in mind also that right and wrong are illusions of polarity and that the people of this country or
that land can never be represented by one person in any position.  We have spoken of a realignment of
power in your world.  That is what is at hand at this very moment.  We tell you that if the course stays,
there will be an emergence of a world power to provide a balance that has not been in place for many

  This balance of world power will surface in the field of economics first and already is underway.  The
current course will have an effect on some local and world economics that will set the stage for a
balance of power to fully emerge.  Currently there is only one economic superpower, as you call it, on
your planet.  If the course of events continues as it is headed, that will change.  The new balance of
power will not be a balance achieved by opposition but rather by cooperation.  It will begin in the area of
economics because that is an accurate reflection of energy.  Those in alignment with the Universal
Energy of blending will find themselves fully supported and rising to power to achieve this appropriate

  This has been attempted, and attained to a certain degree, by the collective world governments of what
you call the United Nations.  The blending of people, customs, beliefs and economies has already
begun in that area.  The United Nations will be a valuable blueprint from which future governments will
be built.   However, as pure in heart as the intent is, the organization at this time is not economically
independent and, therefore, will generally be limited to some degree.  The balance to power at this
time will most likely be what you have called the European Union, for it has set the stage to move into
power by aligning itself most decisively to the Universal Energy of blending.  The current direction of
this collective government is to serve and not to lead or police, allowing for full empowerment and,
therefore, responsibility of each individual country to set its own laws in accord with the collective.  The
possibilities here are great indeed for the long term if this agency stays true to its intent.

  Even as you are at the brink of war, we ask you to see from our view for a moment.  As you see current
events as challenging, we tell you that never before has the entire world been so involved and so
vocal.  This is a great opportunity for global communication.  You now have in place a form of
government that closely resembles the form of government that ruled in the days of Mu [the Groups
name for Lemuria].  This is a form of government that will only work with very high-vibrational beings,
where there are no laws, only customs.  At this time on Earth, you are not yet ready for this form of
government, as it requires a level of responsibility difficult for most humans to reach.

  This form of government has, however, surfaced in another form of communications, to show the
possibilities.  This is what you call the Internet.  Here, one human can speak freely to another with no
laws or restrictions.  Although they like to think differently, no government has charge of the form of
communications you call the Internet.  Although it is not yet fully global, it soon will be.  Then you will all
see that, in fact, it works because no one is in charge.

  We will enjoy the time when you are able to see yourselves from the perspective of the angels.  Then
you will see that you are all very much the same.  In fact, it is that similarity that makes you so intolerant
of each other.  Yes, you speak different languages, wear different clothes and have different customs.
Because of your varied backgrounds, you perceive God differently, yet you all have the same basic
beliefs.  The joke is on you, as your search for God can be fulfilled by looking in the mirror.  Your
experience of duality makes you critical of the slightest differences in one another, while often you let
the big differences go unnoticed.  We ask each one of you, as Lightworkers, to take this special time to
take full responsibility for what you hold in your hearts, for each one of you holds the blueprints of a
better tomorrow.

  Please understand what we have just given you is not a prediction of events to come, but rather a
snapshot of the current direction you are heading.  We see the balance of power coming to fruition in
this manner at this time, however it is also important to understand that you have shifted this reality
every day for the last two months.  You have averted war one day at a time.  As you are discovering
each day, you decide your own reality.  We are truly proud of you for that.

                                       You Are NEVER Alone

  Know that you are not alone and that all eyes in Heaven are upon you, in full support, as the curtain
rises on the next act of this play.  You are the human angels, who asked to be here at exactly this
juncture of time and space to make a difference in the game of Free Choice.  The final alignment of the
ascension grid is in place, and now your wish has been granted.  Take your wings and learn to fly.
Judge yourselves not for falling, as that is the way of old; instead, look at each fall as an opportunity to
fly again, and soar you will.  We are so very proud of your work and your willingness to place these veils
upon your faces to play this role at this time.  Please know that we stand next to each and every one of
you, reminding you that you are of the Family of Light.  Hold your light high and proud, and then there
will be no more shadows on the earth.

  It is with the greatest love for you that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another
and play well together,


  the Group 

For full version, including pictures and graphics, please see the following message here:

                                        Connecting the Heart

By Barbara Rother

  People in our Lives

  I have often said, There is a reason for every person who touches our lives in each moment.  These
encounters make a difference on your path.  At every seminar we present, I make a point at the
beginning to tell everyone, Look around the room, looking deeply into every ones eyes.  There is a
reason why this particular group of people has met today.  We are spiritual family, who have
gathered to reconnect, if only for this short time we are together.  I ask everyone to take the time to
really look into each others eyes, down to your very souls.  Share a smile, maybe a hug, and know
there is a reason why you have connected here today.  Whether this is a one-day event or a week
together, there is always magic in the air when people acknowledge the importance of this
so-called chance meeting.  

Friends are an interesting reflection for each of us.  Every soul we consider a friend plays a very
important role indeed.  They are the mirrors that reflect our true selves.  Each friend brings out a
different dimension of our being, like a different angle of the mirror.  I have friends whom I have had
since I was fourteen.  We share the special connection of having grown up and become who we
are together.  These are the types of friendships where we may not see each other for years, yet
when we do reconnect, it is as if we had never been apart. There are other friends I feel I have
known for a lifetime with whom I feel this same connection, whereas our time together has been
relatively short.

  There are also friends with whom we share intimate, loving relationships on a daily basis.  There is
no greater closeness than sharing your daily experiences with another spirit.  l feel very fortunate
to have not only married Steve but to have opened up my life to his wonderful family.  Each one of
them makes a unique contribution to my life.  

I have friends who bring out the culturalside of me, helping me appreciate art; making me want to
raise my standard of living.  Others stir my mind, as great discussions develop.  And still others
help me connect to my lighter side and remind me of the gift of laughter.  I like to nurture all
relationships, even though I do not always have the time I would like to commit to them.

  Biological family is an interesting connection.  Sometimes I wonder why I chose the family into
which I was born.  I appreciate my biological family and have great closeness to some, but others
have brought me my biggest challenges and opportunities for growth.  They have provided many
valuable lessons that connect with the spiritual family we feel drawn to in this Lightwork.  This is
our chosen family.

  There are people who enter our field and present us with unpleasant experiences.  Remember the
importance of these connections, for they can be a very useful mirror.   Are you not seeing a side of
yourself through them that you do not understand in yourself?  Each one in our field reveals an
important side of our Selves that makes us whole.  Later on, you may realize the important lessons
they taught you through this conflict.  Disagreements with another can create an area of growth.
Step back and consider the other persons side.  Remember:  There is no right or wrong, only
different perspectives.  When you take from both sides, then you have a real blending of humanity.
These conflicts can come from friends, from acquaintances, or from world leaders.  By allowing
flexibility, we learn to blend and grow outside of our own personal world and open up to the big
picture of what life is really all about.

I look forward to our busy schedule of traveling with our Lightwork.  I know I will connect with
fascinating people and together we will share our worlds.  I will extend my heart, look into their
eyes and offer a smile, much the way I encourage everyone to do at the beginning of our seminars.
I will continue to remember the importance of each one who comes into my life.  

With all those who enter your daily existence, take a moment and appreciate the people who share
a connection with you.  Even those in the news during these unsettling times may turn out to be a
wonderful reflection for you if you are only open to it.  Send them your understanding and attempt
to see their views, no matter how they may oppose yours.  We are in this grand game together.
Lets all work toward a unity consciousness.  We are One. 

With all my love and light and peace,       Barbara

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