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A message from the Ascended Angel Asun regarding March 3, 2003
Thu, 27 Feb 2003 15:44:33 +0100

During our weekly Wednesday evening session with Our Beloved Angels on Feb
19, 2003, a beloved student asked a question. The question was an opening
for our Beloved Asunıs message for humanity and we pour forth to her our
love and gratitude for asking.   We are blessed. Thank you

Question: There have been many rallies around the world recently, is the
energy being used by the spiritual hierarchy to stop George Bush?

A Message for Humanity

February 19, 2003.

What I, Asun, am about to share with you Dear Hearts:

Not just this weekend past, but for the last two and a half months, every
prayer vigil, every meditation focus for peace, every decree and prayer
call from those of all faiths,  all who are desiring peace on the earth at
this time for 78 days now, all of the energies and collective will of human
beings prayers, peace protests, parades, peace concerts and candlelight
vigils has been collected and received up in the great octaves of Light.

The Seraphim Angels, the Gold Ray Angels that come under Master Jesus
authority, have been gathering this collective will of humanity up into the
fifth dimension. The Angels of the Violet Flame are pouring the Violet
Flame into this collective desire where it is being received and anchored
in the Sacred Ascended Masters Temple in the Violet City. This is the city
where St Germainıs home is in the fifth dimension.

To give you some perspective, St Germainıs home is about the size of the
Vatican.  This gives you an idea of how big the home, the grounds and
gardens, and the sacred sanctuaries of St Germain are.  He has created a
magnificent cathedral of light that is attended to by the Angels of the
Sacred Fire.  All of humanityıs prayers for world peace are gathered there.
At this time there is one of the Seven Mighty Elohim who is attending and
blending the Seven Fold Flame of Creation with this collective will and
energy. As all of this human love energy is being drawn into the eternal
three-fold flame of life in St Germainıs cathedral, one of the Elohimıs,
the Great Creator Beings, remains fully present at every moment alchemising
divine plan which effects the elements and consciousness of your earth,
into this energy that is being collected by Beloved St Germain.

This energy is building and gaining a great momentum as it is being charged
with the Ascended Masters Cosmic Light.  As it is being blended with the
seven-fold flame, the Ascended Masters are qualifying this collective
energy with Their response, Their answer and desire to assist humanity,
which includes Their Divine Plan to save and resurrect humanity and the
earth.  They are preparing to begin the return to the earth of this expanded
and qualified energy upon mighty rays of light on the third hour of the
third day of the third month of this year.

Yes, at 3:00 AM Greenwich time, on the third day of March, a great
outpouring of Light will begin to pour to the people of earth and her
  March 3, 2003, 3:00 AM Greenwich time, the Ascended Masters will
all come together to pour forth this tremendous outpouring of light and
love back to human beings as the response to humanityıs prayer calls and
peace vigils.  This will weave its way through the consciousness and will of
the people of earth where it will seek expression through humanity.

In the response they are also placing a number of answers. One answer is
already known by a few in authority, but their voice is being restrained.
And it is about restraint.  The military might of the free nations of the
world are sufficient to restrain and contain several countries whose people
live under a cruel regime.  Iraq does not necessarily need to be attacked.
Inhumane regimes such as the government of Iraq need to be restrained and
contained until they are no longer a threat to civilization.  If the United
States and the free nations of the world have the unselfish will to
surround and contain Iraq and other such nations at every border, then the
free people of the world can contain such nation so its government is not a
threat to the world.

If nations such as Iraq who are under a dictatorship are restrained and
their government is made immobile to the rest of the world by the military
might of those nations who offer liberty, justice and democracy, only a
year to two years will pass and the people of that nation that is held
constrained, will rise up against their own cruel governments and the will
of the people will prevail.   In this way, can some constructive use be made
of the military inventions that certain nations have invested great
resources into.

In former colonization of this world, former civilizations long forgotten,
the Ascended Masters have seen this work, time after time after time.
Under the current and present situation war can be avoided.Y
ou can contain
countries that have fallen to a rogue and cruel regime and restrain them so
they are not a threat to the world.  Eventually the people will rise up
because they know that the people of the free world are supporting their
eventual freedom.  Eventually they will have the will to rise up. The
government will fall with the support of the free world.

There are cosmic solutions to the threat of world peace and they include
the removal of the destructive use of free will from individuals who have
become wholly destructive and over a certain period of time this is a
divine plan that the Ascended Host desire be fulfilled for the safe
evolution of humanity and the earth.

God Bless you Dear Hearts.  Keep up your prayers.  Keep up your calls. Take
time in your personal lives to call to Legions of Angels to descend into
your earth to protect what is good and constructive.  Situations are very
volatile on your earth right now.  There are systems of democracy, such as
the United Nations and other systems that require the support and the will
of the people of earth.  May the Flame of Peace reign within the hearts of

in love's eternal presence
Craig Russel

Akasha Mystery School

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