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   This article was written by and is copyrighted to ©Qala Serenia Phoenix, November 2003. Please network it to all you feel will benefit but as you do this we ask that you leave this credit line and contact and ask you not to alter the content.  Qala’s website is http://www.g-a-i-a.com.

JANUARY GLOBAL MEDITATION LINK-UP - Jan 13th, 2004,    8pm Local Time

Assisting the New Children Birthing to Earth
Introduction from the Archangels

Blessings to each one of you,
We place the clarion call out to lovelightworkers to assist us on Jan 13th to free the portals that bring through the new children to Earth. The following is a linkup for this healing process to take place and also some relevant information regarding this. We will be offering assistance to all children on the Earth through the ASCEND messages this coming year as our focus in service. We ask that you assist us wherever it is possible our beloved as the waves of energy are becoming stronger on Earth and each of the new children holds an expanded consciousness of love that we wish to assist to ground on the Earth plane with no difficulty. At present the children pick up on energies trapped in these portals and this effects their own energy and creates their consciousness to be disturbed. The purpose of this linkup is to assist the clearing of the pathways on the lakes and oceans that are portals for the preparation of all new souls birthing into the body....so their journey into the body can be clear of old memories and energies left unresolved by humanity. We ask you to network this to as many as possible for this is a crucial healing process for the future of Earth.

Our love to each one of you, Archangel Michael and Gabriel

Global Linkup Mediation Jan 13th, 2004 Local Time 8pm

We call to the Archangels, dolphins, the whales and all water beings. We invite you to link up with us on this sacred day of the Divine Mother’s love. In honour of our connection to the Divine Mother, Mother Gaia and all mothers, we ask that all water beings and all waterways of the Earth receive what we receive over this period. We invoke the clear light of God/dess, and ask that this clear light activate through every cell, meridian, chakra and energy body of our being and of Mother Gaia’s being. We call forth to all our soul family and genetic family to receive also what we receive and invite them into the Temple of Love with us as it anchors now through and around us.

We call forth to the psychic children, the crystal children and the indigo children to celebrate with us this day of divine love and we ask that the blessings of all that we receive, may flood through and fill us and every child on Earth so that every child of God/dess may feel the love.

We invoke the presence of Divine Mother in and around and through us. We invoke the presence of divine love in and around and through us and we ask for this invocation to activate and co-create a re-energised field of love to support all beings to accept they are love.

We invoke the spirit of generosity and grace, the spirit of faith and universal abundance, the spirit of peace and magnificent creation, the spirit of fun and joy and freedom, the spirit of liberation and celebration, the spirit of infinite connection and the spirit of divine union. We invite the Angels of our own heart and the living breath and prana of God/dess that lives within us to surround us and magnify our experience of love to one million-fold as we breathe and gently open the petals of our heart. Unfurling each one gently from within our hearts and extending each petal out to beyond the Earth into the heavens to the Central Sun and Central Moon of the Earth.

Breathing to receive the divine activation of your heart as each petal is ignited with the golden/solar and silver/lunar waves of acceleration. The Great Divine Director places an emerald disc within your heart chakra that holds the emerald tablets of the Divine Mother’s heart and asks you to open the next inner circle of the petals of your heart. Become aware of these and unfurl them, extending them out beyond the Earth to the Central Sun and Central Moon. Breathe in as you complete this and receive the Mother’s blessing through your heart of her diamond-petalled lotus dispensation. She places this diamond-petalled lotus within the inner circle of your heart and asks you to breathe in as she opens your heart to experience multidimensional liberation and freedom within.

Each dolphin and whale receives the codes of love from the Divine Mother as many of their family come to them as star dolphins and whales … they begin to swim through the oceans and Mother Love begins to birth and anchor many diamond-petalled lotuses in the portals of all oceans of the Earth. She begins to spiral the diamond-petalled lotus in your heart and in through all portals of the Earth as her gift of love on this day of Divine Mother blessing for all on Earth. She invites you to swim into the oceans of the Earth as she now anchors her temple of love that you are within down through the Pacific Ocean through Hawaii and the surrounding waterways. She begins to invoke the presence of the Divine Father and the light of God/dess. Streams of light rays begin to concentrate and radiate into this Source point in the ocean by Hawaii. Here a sacred anchoring is taking place for all children of the Earth as Divine Mother and Divine Father unite their energies as love and light rays and magnify these into this site. As this occurs, they also bless 12 other sites through the Earth that are portals for the divine children of the Earth. These portals are some of the energy doorways that the souls of new children birth through as they come from the heavenly realms and journey and anchor in connection to their mother’s womb. These sacred sites of the Earth are blessed by the mother and father of All That Is, and each one of them begins to release the old dreamings and akashic records, karmic memories and stories that create illusion and limitation to manifest for the children of the Earth. Much release occurs at this time as you are asked now to focalise your love and light upon these sites:

The 13 Birthing portals (including Hawaii) for the children within the waterways/oceans/seas/lakes of Earth are:

(source portal for children – allows children to receive the light of their God Presence)

(portal of wisdom for children- allows them to connect to their inner wisdom)

(communication portal for children –here they receive guidance or connection to their soul messages/guidance)

(connects us to our soul pods –those we have birthed with and travelled with as a pod to Earth)

(unconditional love portal for children- allows them to have self love and love others and keep their hearts open)

(portal of will for children and direction...allows them to align their will to the will of their soul)

( portal of creativity and inspiration for children-allows them to be inspired to be creative in their lives)

(portal of physicality and action for children- allows children to have physical well being and enact freely through their physical being)

(portal of earth connection for children, allows them a deep connection to nature and the earth spirit)

(portal for connection to feminine for children- allows child to connect to their mother and own feminine nature)

(portal for connection to masculine for children- allows child to connect to their father and own masculine nature)

( portal for connection to own soul and guides etc for children – allows child to be guided in life and allow their soul through their being fully)

( portal for connection to star family or starseeded energy- allows the childs consciousness to be fully present with them)

The Divine Mother and Divine Father, Archangels and Dolphins wish to merge with you now and ask you to sound the mantras of love and light that are the mantras that open these portals to Source, allowing all children to birth on Earth more freely and to receive what they need whilst journeying through the dimensions before manifesting in the physical body. The following mantras are offered for you to sound, and as you sing these, your own child nature will release the memories that you may have received on your journey through these spiritual, emotional and mental planes of Earth before you birthed physically. Call to all the guardians of these portals to release any energies held within them to Source that may effect the children to not have a completely clear passage on their journey into the womb and through the birthing process. Say this prayer and then sing the mantras three times each and focus your love to these areas of the world.

Mantra for Birthing Children - portal for Earth connection (Lake Victoria, Tanzania)

Mantra of Birthing Children – portal for Base Chakra( centre of Southern Atlantic Ocean)


Mantra of Birthing Children – portal for Sacral Chakra( Lake Titicaca, Bolivia)


Mantra of Birthing Children – portal for Solar Plexus Chakra( Mediterranean Sea)


Mantra of Birthing Children – portal for Heart Chakra ( Lake Eyre in Australia)


Mantra of Birthing Children – portal for Thymus Chakra (Great Lakes, USA/Canada)


Mantra of Birthing Children– portal for Throat Chakra (nr Tahiti , Polynesia)


Mantra of Birthing Children – portal for Brow Chakra( Bering sea)


Mantra of Birthing Children– portal for Crown Chakra( southern western coast- surrounding Milford Sound , New Zealand)


Mantra of Birthing Children– portal for Mother/Feminine Connection (Antarctic)


Mantra of Birthing Children – portal for Father/Masculine Connection( Arctic)


Mantra of Birthing Children – portal for Soul Family Connection (Hawaii- Maui area)


Mantra of Birthing Children – portal for Starseed Connection( Black Sea)


The Divine Mother and Divine Father begin to anchor a grid around the Earth through these 13 portals now. This grid is made from the frequencies that support each of the new children to birth on Earth. Divine Mother blesses you now and asks you to receive within what gift that you hold within you that is a support for these new children to come into their bodies through harmony, peace, health, love and clarity. Go within and receive what your gift is, and give this gift to this sacred matrix of love. See the matrix connecting all 13 birthing portals of the new children and see it connected through to the Earth core into the golden heart of Mother Earth. See it being fed by the Great Central Sun and Great Central Moon in the heavens above. This matrix of love is the divine child matrix, and as you gift it your love, know that every child that is presently birthing is feeling this gift.

Emanate your love through the grid and dissolve any illusions with your love that may be connected to these portals. As you emanate the power of your love to this matrix, it begins to expand and grow and begins to ignite other sacred sites on the Earth and connect to these sites and to the love pillars within these sites. It begins to expand and grows to connect to Mount Shasta and to Lake Titicaca, Mount Fuji and the Great Pyramid, Uluru and the Grand Canyon and Glastonbury Tor and Palenque. It connects to many others also. You are now asked to recognise that as you connect to this matrix, it begins to ground in your space as many Angels come into your home or the space you are in to anchor a love pillar through this space for this matrix to ground into the Earth. The dolphins and whales begin to sound through the matrix and this creates it to further expand out to the stars to connect to Sirius A, Andromeda, the Pleiades, Arcturus, Venus and Chiron also.

Becoming aware that this matrix is moving multidimensionally as this occurs, and as Mother Gaia breathes her love through this matrix … it illuminates an illuminessence of rainbow opalescent golden and silver white gossamer energy. It grows as a beautiful gossamer cocoon that is spun through the Earth and within the Earth and around the Earth into the heavens. This cocoon is held by the Great Central Sun and Great Central Moon and many Source portals in the stars in communion with Mother Gaia - our Earth. A great celebration is manifesting at this time for all children of the Earth. You are now asked to invoke the Divine Presence of the spirit of the divine child through this matrix with your laughter, love, sound and magical heart in any way you are guided to do this.

The Divine Mother and Divine Father ask that you sound with them and all other beings in sacred link-up the vibrational songs that create the universal connection of all children to the Divine Mother and Divine Father, to love and light. These songs are offered in the language of love and light; and as they are sung, they create an alchemical heart connection through the chakras and meridians to the Divine Mother’s and Father’s heart. This creates all souls who experience this to reconnect to the living love matrix of the universe (Divine Mother) and the living light matrix of the universe (Divine Father).

Divine Mother mantra (love)


Divine Father mantra (light)


Divine child mantra (joy)


As you sound each of these as many times as you feel to or are guided to, allow yourself to be entranced by the love and light within your being as it expands out through the universe. Allow yourself to gently touch the hearts of all souls on Earth once you have expanded and filled with love and light and the alchemical blend of love and light has created joy within you.

May the blessings of your joy touch every heart of every child on Earth. As you sing, bless all children on the Earth with your love and light and allow your heart to embrace all children as one, all beings as one, as Divine. Allow yourself to see and know the divine in all at this time and magnify this out intentionally through the divine child matrix to all on the Earth.

On completion, ask that this linkup, healing and planetary focus be sealed through the heart of your God Presence.

Blessed Be All the Children of Earth

 This article was written by and is copyrighted to ©Qala Serenia Phoenix, November 2003. Please network it to all you feel will benefit but as you do this we ask that you leave this credit line and contact and ask you not to alter the content. Qala’s website is http://www.g-a-i-a.com. If you wish to receive messages of this kind...check this Awakening-Healing  web site or....subscribe to ASCEND email list through sending message “subscribe” to ascend@light-elixirs.com The ASCEND Foundations website is http://www.light-elixirs.com

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