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DK Teleconference Workshop, November 15, 2003

"Mastery 101: The Ascension Chakra System"
Channeled by Terri Newlon revterri@lifetimeaddress.com

Djwhal Khul here.  Tashi delek.
Well, I am very excited about today.  We have talked about different colors to wear in the chakras, repairing them and doing many other things over the years now, but this is actually a different chakra design.  It is the Ascension Chakra System. 

When you ascend in the body, I will just get right into the meat of this, when you ascend in the body and you take the body with you, in other words, you don't drop the body but you dematerialize it, a different chakra system takes over at that point.  That is the chakra system that we are going to be working with today.

Now I have had some very curios questions on the inner planes especially and sometimes on the physical plane about this Mastery 101 group and series.  As you can tell, I am stepping up quite a bit.  We are adding the QX Mastery program where you are receiving comprehensive treatment. If you haven't yet signed up for that, do contact Marion White.  Perhaps it is not in this grouping and perhaps we will do another grouping where we can work something out there to create it.  I am working with affirmations that will conquer doubt and self worth and all of those things about your own mastery.  Also working with clearing out anything that usurps your energy, whether it be an emotional program, parasites, brain imbalances and so on.  So, that is what the Mastery 101 QX program is. 

Then the Mastery 101 flower essence.  You can either have the basic or you can get the customized.  It is really a very strong grouping of essences that will support all of the Mastery 101 functions.  It is preserved with vodka.  If you take objection to that, just put a few drops in a cup and add some boiling water and then when it is cool enough you can drink it and that will make it non-alcoholic.  Just a science reminder there so that when you cook with it or whatever, you are not getting the alcoholic content.

First, I want to do quite a bit of repair on the chakras.  We are running that QX Mastery program today complimentary.  I say that tongue in cheek because really you are the guinea pigs.  I hope you don't mind. You know that you have always been the test group.  You are the trailblazers for many other things that we then put in on a mass scale. So your service in that area is always very much appreciated.  You may notice, I may be pausing more often than I usually do right now because I am taking various other communications from a whole series of individuals, mostly your guides and your higher selves and such that are communicating.  So from time to time, you will hear me pause.  Don't worry about that.

All right, so let's begin with the violet flame.  Always a good thing to use, but particularly now, I think, is better than ever to use the violet flame.  See the entire body engulfed in violet flame.  It is rather interesting coordinating for 40 some individuals with your guides and your teachers.  It is making it a very busy consultation here. 

I think that the first thing that we are going to repair is actually going to be the root chakra.  We might as well start with that.  Let's go to the root chakra, please.  We are not installing the Ascension chakra until the last part because I want the QX program to be done running.  That runs for 90 minutes or until we are nearly complete there.  So right now, we are just doing repair work so that the transition into the installation is not harsh on the body.  Root chakra. We are going to ask that this chakra be brought back into divine blueprint form very gently.  So any memories you have of damage to the root chakra, that is at the base of the spine, actually the base of the pelvic floor and the top of the legs.  That is classically the survival chakra.  Any damage that you had there is just now going into a very gentle healing process.  If the chakra looks a little crumpled or is tilted a bit or maybe there has been a long-term chronic health problem in that area such as a urinary tract problem.  A prostate problem might also be linked there, and so on, that we are bringing that into perfect working order for the style of chakra while you have a physical body. 

I have stopped using red for that chakra a long time ago.  I prefer the violet color bringing it from first ray to seventh ray because you don't really need that kind of raw kill or be killed kind of energy that can come with the red colors.  Sometimes that is a little too strong there.

Now, in terms of your personal growth here, this chakra is going to represent your strength, your physical health, your sensuality and your ability to stay here and now, to stay attuned to the earth and grounded to the earth and be present in the moment. So when your root chakra isn't working very well, you can be very spacey, for example, and this can be intermittent, off and on, or it can be something that you have dealt with for years.

Now all of your organs are affected by this root chakra and its function.  Certainly your reproductive system, but there is a connection to all of the organs via the root chakra to the spleen which is an esoteric connection.  It will also greatly affect the spine as well as the backside of the third eye.  The top of the spine and the bottom of the spine greatly affects the whole spinal column and whether or not you store emotions in the spine.  So, again, we are asking for the root chakra to be repaired.  If you can tune into it as a wheel of light and it spins, and spinning gently please, don't give it a fast spin like a top or something that can only stay upright when it is spinning fast or something.  You want it spinning at a gentle pace.  If you feel an orb in it or a wobble or kind of a flat side, keep breathing into that root chakra.  All right, good.  Can't wait to get to the throat chakra.  That is going to be a while, though.

In the meantime, let's move into the second chakra.  It is just beneath the navel point.  The classic color there is orange.  I have often worked with it as an indigo color or a yin/yang symbol or something a little more elevated there rather than going directly with the spectrum of the rainbow.  This one also physically can relate to the bladder.  It can also relate to the pancreas and also very strong connection into the spleen.  Personal growth wise, it can affect your appetite.  Again, the energy level is also affected here whether or not you have cramps, muscle cramps, leg cramps, menstrual cramps or even if your neck is cramping and your emotions, even though it is not the emotional center. Somewhat, it can also affect sexuality depending upon what it is doing.

Sometimes second chakra is looking for an emotional connection with other people, and you see something that looks like a pinnacle sticking out and waiting to latch on to someone else about the same level.  So check around in your second chakra, and again, we will ask for gentle repair.  Again, look to see if it is tilted, or one side of it not lit up or energy is not on the backside, just the front side or whatever. Look to even out that second chakra.  Try and indigo blue in there.  Try really any other color.  Outside of rainbow, you might look at say gold for example or silver or white.  Play with some colors in there until you find one that you feel comfortable with.  Again, this is temporary until we get into that Ascension Chakra System.

Also, maybe put your hand on the lower abdomen there.  It should be warming up.  If there is still kind of a cold sensation on the tissue, maybe rub in a circle on the lower belly.  Rub in a circle there to sort of warm up the surface tissue and also to tell the chakra to go ahead and spin in this direction and get the light coming through now.  Until they are all repaired, the light doesn't really transfer very nicely from one to the other.  It should cascade up and down in the chakra system, but when one or more is damaged or off center or whatever, then the energy gets scattered.  So, if it is not responding right away, don't worry about it.  We will work with that coming up. 

We are going to go next to the solar plexus and that is right above the physical stomach.  Right above the belly button and right below your sternum, which is that flat bone between the breasts.  So, it is literally right where the stomach muscle is.  Solar plexus.  Classically yellow.  It does regulate a lot of things in that region, the stomach, the liver, the adrenal cortex and the adrenal medulla.  The adrenal glands are on the backside of that third chakra.  This also, when it is damaged, can get in the way of learning, studying, or just in general clear thinking.  You get muddled thinking, or you start one thought and you can't finish it and so on.  It could be tied with other things.  It can also be tied with brain wave patterns, but the solar plexus is also your first alert system when there is danger, sadness or something approaching.  You will see people placing one hand or the other over the solar plexus as a kind of buffer or shield.  Like (sound of sharp inhaling breath) an accident just happened.  They watch somebody fall down and they will grab their own solar plexus.  There is an ability for a kind of a shock wave, if you will, whether it is off of a movie screen, something you are reading in a book, or something you are observing in another person.  The child is about to fall off of the swing or something and it is that (sound of sharp inhaling breath) kind of feeling that pulls at the solar plexus.  If you are what I lovingly call a drama queen, it doesn't matter what kind of body you have, male or female, a drama queen is someone who likes to have lots of those (sound of sharp inhaling breath) experiences.  And I do apologize to the transcriber.  That will be an interesting one to try to type out. So, many times... (I'll say!) That solar plexus can really take a beating that way with a lot of drama, plus the adrenal glands that sit on top of the kidneys so that they are at the base of your rib cage on the back side of your solar plexus.  The adrenal cortex and the adrenal medulla both suffer from excess drama, too much adrenaline rushing unnecessarily.  So even when you say you get nervous on your way to work, nervous about driving the car, nervous about paying the bills or what have you, that solar plexus is getting damaged and those adrenal glands are working overtime.

It is probably between adrenal exhaustion and immune system dysfunction, those are the two most deadly things occurring within humanity right now.  Even children being born with immune systems not functioning properly and they are already working with adrenal exhaustion from in-utero.  So those 2 things are going to be what - - it is not so much if a new virus comes, a new disease comes, the old plague comes or what have you, it is that the immune systems and the adrenals can't function properly.  That is, if anything, what will be responsible for killing off large chunks of humanity; those two things would be it.  So, be kind to your body.  Don't exhaust your adrenals.  Try to meditate more, learn calming exercises and so on.  Do not go into patterns of worry automatically just because that is what your whole family does, just because that is what the whole office does or what have you.  That is just your first response to everything is to panic.  Calm those adrenals and then strengthen the immune system.  Some of that is getting rid of excess chemical damage, environmental causes, genetic causes and so on. That is all something you can work at and treat.  If you are conscious of it, then you can work at it and change it.

Now, solar plexus.  You know, there are different colors that you can use here, but I am going to say pick a calm color.  Whatever calms you. It could be a beautiful pale blue color.  It could be a pale green.  It might be lavender, a pale pink.  Any color that soothes you, that you find sedating even or soothing.  Put that in your solar plexus for right now.  (Sigh)  Ah, yes, let's give those adrenals a rest and that liver and stomach and all of those areas that have been working over time. There is still a connection to the spleen through the solar plexus as well.  Some activate a secondary spleen center, which is off to the left on the left side of the rib cage, a little bit below the solar plexus. In the Ascension Chakra System you don't have a spleen center so we are not going to really worry about it but if you want to ask ever so briefly that that be repaired if there is any damage to it, that would be fine. 

All right, let's go up to the heart chakra, and this can be a lot of fun with a nice spiritual group such as yourself.  I really enjoy looking at the heart chakras when they have been developed.  Very, very fun.  Well, let's see, of course it regulates the heart, the whole chest area, the thymus gland which is an integral part of the immune system, but keep in mind for your immune system that the things to pay attention to are the thymus gland, the spleen organ and the lymphatic system.  That would be the depth of it.  There might be something on the surface like your body is fighting off maybe candida or something and that is usurping the power of the immune system.  Anything that has been fighting off for a long period of time.

It can also be fighting off a foreign object.  Those breast implants and things like that.  The immune system recognizes that here is a foreign object and like a splinter or something, it keeps trying to kick it out, essentially, it works and works and works at trying to get rid of the foreign object.  Anything that can be drawing down your immune system, I know the botox injections and things like that are popular, but again, even a flu shot.  Your body is trying to fight that off.  It over-exercises the immune system, to the great frustration of the immune system when it can't get rid of it.  Eventually, the immune system will keep trying for a while and then it will stop.  It will stop fighting to preserve the body because it realizes that it is not doing its job. 

Also, in the heart chakra is a lot of your personal growth and your ability to stay balanced in life, to feel love for yourself and for others and to feel peace toward yourself and toward others.  That all is in the heart chakra.  Also the ability to have a loving relationship. Now I often do replace this traditional color of green.  Green as a ray is referred to as harmony through conflict in the old system.  I prefer to refer to it as harmony through unity so there is no conflict or polarization.  It is just harmony through unity or harmony through oneness.  So, you can keep the green there, or you can replace it with something that looks like divine love.  Maybe a pale pink. 

There is a particular species of pale pink rose, very, very pale pink that has the right essence, if you will the right vibration for divine love.  It negates a sense of death in the body as well.  It is an acceptance of the whole complete cycle of creation.  If you can just wear that acceptance in your heart center that it is all right if some things come and some things go.  It is all right if your body is here and then it is gone.  It is all right if a friend is here and then they are gone or a pet is here and then they are gone.  That heart center acceptance of the beauty of creation itself.  That needs to be worn in the heart chakra rather than trying to interfere with the creation process, such as the food chain in action or something.  You don't try to manipulate creation as a master.  You know how it works and you can take advantage of how it works, but you don't try to manipulate it or change it. 

Let's move into that throat chakra. Now classic color again going up the spectrum is blue.  However, I would like to work with different colors here.  Sometimes I work with an orange color with a little bit of blue in the center, more of a bright blue, though.  Bright energy blue.  You can work with a variety of different colors that might feel therapeutic to you, so don't feel that you have to stick with the traditional colors.  Again, you are the trailblazers and traditional colors most likely will not apply to you.  In the classic, this one will work with the nose, the ears, the mouth, the beginning of the digestive system, of course the throat and the thyroid gland that is in the throat and also the parathyroid gland, which doesn't get talked about enough, I don't think.

Again, with the environmental damage I am seeing parathyroid glands getting damaged.  They are responsible for getting that calcium into the bones.  Microwaves particularly destroys the parathyroid gland so do be careful.  The newer ones have a different frequency and they are better, but I wouldn't be too close to a microwave.  If you are going to have one put it in a section of the kitchen where you start cooking something and you walk away from it and then come back.  Then change the energy in the food.  Put it on a purple plate or something to sort of patch back together the aura.  If you look at the aura of food after it has been microwaved it looks more like Swiss cheese with holes in it.  Again, the newer ones are not quite so bad but it is not ideal. 

Particularly, do not microwave water, just water.  If you are cooking something that has got water in it that is a little bit different but just water for beverages and that, the water molecule gets severely destroyed.  If you are not familiar with what water can look like, healing water is very different than destructive water.  You can find pictures of that on the Internet or whatever.  You want ideally going into the body water that has healing properties so it should have structure to it.  It should be alive, living water with oxygen in it. Not something that has been sitting flat in a plastic bottle for a long time.  It should have a lot of vital minerals and so on.  Some water patterns are snowflakes, some are hexagonal, some are shaped like crosses or star shaped.  Very interesting.  There are different kinds of water in different places.  So be careful about water, but please don't microwave water if you are heating it up for tea or whatever.  It is very, very destructive. 

This is the new age era now, the Aquarian age, and it is about communication.  This is the chakra being developed now by humanity as a whole.  We have already been through the other development.  The Christed era with the heart chakra was the last one and now we are moving up to the throat.  This is about communications and creativity. It is about the power of healing through the use of the spoken word.  So re-learning, learn words, learn them carefully and learn phrases.  Find masterful ways to communicate something you have been communicating in a lesser way.  In other words, let me see if I can find some examples. Whatever you are saying should make others feel good rather than making them feel wounded.  Say that someone takes out the garbage for you and as they are taking out the garbage the bag breaks and there is a mess to clean up.  Instead of the response of "Oh, you didn't do that right" or "You should have held the bottom of the bag and you should have taken the whole container out" or whatever.  Even the thought moving forward. Stop and say, "Oh, that is a good opportunity to learn how not to do this again.  So let's clean that up and then we know how to avoid that in the future."  It is more looking at it in either a neutral or a positive.  Instead of looking at someone and saying, "You look awful today" look at them with compassion and say, "How are you feeling?" Start practicing. 

Become aware of your negative statements and constantly change them to positive statements that make other people feel good, even yourself. Especially yourself if you call yourself dummy or stupid or moron.  Oh, I can see a whole lot of them.  You have got a long list in this group or names you call yourself or things that you refer to yourself as even "dumb blonde" or "senior citizen" or whatever in semi-joke fashion. Turn it around.  If you got spacey for a little while, refer to yourself as an enlightened person with a brain in training, you know.  Turn it around rather than using something derogatory like a joke about getting old and can't remember or something.  Turn it around to, "I am becoming timeless and I am recalibrating my brain.  Find creative ways to re-say things about yourself.  Instead of saying, "I just did a stupid thing" say, "I just turned myself into a genius again."  Just really work with that, please.  Maybe even write them down and practice them so that the next time something arises you will have a well rehearsed positive response.  If you are having trouble finding a positive replacement, make a note of it and we can talk about it a little bit later today.  Or you can call other friends or email them and say, "Can you find a way to say this that is much kinder and nicer than what I am doing?"  Gather some ideas until you find one and then you say, "Oooo, I like that one. That is what I will say from now on."

So, the healing through the words is very, very important.  You are going to see even politically when people make off color remarks, in fact you have been seeing this for a while now, how it is received in a negative manner.  It really accentuates the negative.  So, you are seeing the power of the spoken word back firing.  Hopefully there will be some nice examples of the power of the spoken word working well. Interestingly enough, Dolly Parton is one of my favorites in finding very creative ways to flip things around so that others feel good with words.  So, that is another way of getting it. 

So the throat chakra again, we have got the other ones fairly well repaired now, let's work with repairing that throat chakra.  This is also the one, you know if you have been beheaded a few times in past lives and strangled, maybe you still don't like turtlenecks and anything tight around the throat.  That is because there is damage there. Otherwise a turtleneck wouldn't bother you.  If someone came up and jokingly put their hands around your neck or something, you would just giggle a little.  You would not feel like your life was about to expire. So, let's really go into that throat chakra now and ask that everything that was there, all the damage from all of the lifetimes just be lifted away very, very gently now and that you receive the complete divine design for the human structure in the throat chakra.  Remember this is working the nose and the ears and mouth and the neck region. 

All right, let's move up to the third eye.  Now all of the chakras have a front side and a backside.  I haven't really been talking about that too much but we have been working on the backside as well.  The third eye is particularly important when on the spiritual path, and to pay attention to the backside of the third eye.  In the front, it comes out the forehead.  It is a more developed chakra in most of you because you have been working with channeling, telepathy, inner plane school, other healing modalities and so on.  So, the heart center, third eye and crown in this group are already very well developed but pay attention to that third eye in the three parts in the front.  The brow point is the past, the center of the forehead is the present moment and the very top of the forehead, right above the hairline is the future energy.  Then in the back it comes out at the base of the skull and about the top of the spine.  It will affect the top 2 vertebra and the base of the skull or the occipital, so you want it really open front and back.  If you close it down in back long enough, the body will expire.  It takes two to 3 days, sometimes a bit longer, but usually what I see happening with people is that they turn it on and off, intermittently. 

So this one classically is kind of a violet color, sometimes indigo depending upon which study.  I like a variety or colors again here.  I am going to study this group for a moment.  Well, actually you have a lot of things going on.  Let's try rainbow for today, like a full spectrum rainbow, or you can use white with little pieces of all of the colors of the rainbow, the full prism in there.  If you want to see something like a cut crystal with the prism in it, you could work with that color too, clear with rainbow.  Try that for a little while and see what that does for the repair work. 

Now this will work the thalamus gland in the center of the head.  When you were small, that is the one that tells your body to grow.  Age six, grow this many inches and age 7, grow - - .  There is also an auxiliary function when you reach adulthood that takes over with spiritual growth and personal growth, and that is very important.  It also works your physical eyes.  When you are developing your third eye, sometimes the physical eyes change.  They will get blurry.  You will see this sometimes in shamans or any kind of a ceremony where they move into kind of a trance to receive information.  The physical eyes will go blurry while the third eye goes crystal clear.  Now some of you want both to be very, very clear.  Again, just let it be what it is and see if you can bring the physical eyes up to clarity without turning off the third eye.

Now it is also, on a personal growth scale, it is also about intuition and letting go of old programs, cultivating higher consciousness or a deeper awareness, getting realizations and that sort of thing.  That is what comes out of the third eye.  It is also a very strong telepathic communication.  When you think, "Oh, I think I will call so and so" and then they think, "Oh, and I should call that person" and you are both thinking about each other at the same time.  It takes a fraction of a second, literally, maybe about 1/14th of a second on a slow day.  It is getting more instantaneous.  So, you can think about a friend and send them some love, or think about a family member and feel compassion or peace while you are thinking their name.  They are getting the energy almost instantly.  Likewise, when you are thinking about somebody and thinking, "Oh, that person was awful yesterday." Whatever you are thinking, they are getting it.  Be careful.  It is time to clean up those thoughts again.  Instead of thinking, "They were awful the last time I talked to them" change the thought into, "I wonder how they are feeling.  I wonder if they are feeling well today."  Switch it to another thought.  Don't go to the negative and hold on to it.  Move it into a higher realm.  Let's ask that the third eye be healed of past damage.  Sometimes in a certain number of you this chakra was abused in other lifetimes where you were made to get visions about how fast the army was approaching and from which direction and that sort of thing. You used it in war games or used it against other people, used that talent.  Particularly for those who want to get that old program out of there, psychic spying, if you will, and ask that the third eye chakra be completely repaired.  Good.

All right, as that continues to work, let's go to the crown chakra.  Now this has been seen classically either violet or white.  You can do a lot of things with it and I think also the lotus flower has been seen there in the crown chakra.  It is still a very good symbol to use in the crown.  We also have the higher chakras going through but let me see what I want to do with this group today.  We are going to use green and gold.  Now green and gold mixed together are what make up the money aura.  I have done a teaching on that some years ago but perhaps if there is a demand for it again we can maybe make that our Saturday workshop in January or something.  "How To Cultivate The Money Aura," which is not something that resists or limits wealth, you know.  It just lets it flow freely. Right now, we are going to use it in the crown chakra, green and gold, and you can play with wearing that in your outer aura in the meantime to see how you like it.  Now you should be feeling quite a bit of energy in the crown.  Gold also can represent higher teacher, more universal type wisdom or information coming in.  The green that we are using is related more to wealth than it is with the 4th ray consciousness.  It is a different shade of green.  You could use emerald green or another kind of a little bit darker green.  Let it be whatever
- - - it might be coming up fairly bright for you, even a lime green color.  Just let it be whatever it is because your crown chakra is doing its own repair now.

The pituitary and I think sometimes the pineal is regulated through the third eye as well but it can shift back and forth depending upon what you are going through.  So, the pineal gland can be regulated by the third eye normally or it can move up to the crown chakra as a regulator in some instances.  The spiritual growth ability to recognize the oneness of creation and a desire to be a better person, the desire to make the world a better place, those are all coming through crown chakra influence.  So, we are asking that the crown chakra be repaired according to the human ideal along with whatever other evolution that you have made. 

Now I am going to work with the chakras above the head for a moment. The crown is the 7th and you have 8 through 12 and then you have really kind of a whole chakra system above that.  We are just going up to 12 or maybe 20 or 22 today.  I am going to do that just to clear the passageway.  I am going to do it for you without saying too much.  If the energy gets too strong in your crown, just breathe and sip on some water.  If you have your Mastery essence already, take it.  We will keep working here and we will see if we can get it smoothed out rather quickly.  Good, that was quick.  Cleared all the way up to 22.  We really don't have to worry about anything above that, just that the pathway is nice and open.  Kind of like a spiritual umbilical cord, if you will, going all the way up. 

All right, now we will work with a spiraling motion around the body, kind of a vortex energy going there, going around your entire body.  It is like a ring of light and we will go up and down as needed, so if you need clearing around your knees or the ankles or feet, it will concentrate there if you need it.  If you need it more around the shoulders, it will concentrate there.  This particular ring of energy is also working with the secondary chakras, say the hips, the shoulders, the wrists, knees, ankles, jaw hinges and so on, all of those auxiliary chakras.  Now with many of you I have been working with that third eye and opening the energy say at the temples and different places within the skull.  You are not limited to just the cone in the front and the cone in the back.  You might have a lot of light peeking out of the body now.  Good. 

All right, I am going to just let that energy keep running.  I do want a quick check in form Marion.  Where are we in the process?  (We are just finishing item number 9)  Good, the chakra balancing.  All right. Perfect.

Now, let's talk within the group - - oh, and by the way, thank you very
much for offering the service.   I really appreciate it.  I can't wait
to see what we come up with for Wesak.  I am already working on it. (I'm sure.)  Wesak, by the way, there is a Wesak in Sedona that I have this particular channel produce.  It is the traditional sacred Wesak ceremony with Sanat Kumara, the Buddha and the Christ.  It is also an opportunity to gather and get rejuvenated, to actually be healed, to receive a lot of light, a lot of love, compassion and perhaps take home with you very good feelings.  So it a healing of healers, really, and anybody else who doesn't think that they are a healer can come and receive healing.  At any rate, we will have the QX working and some other modalities available for a very gentle, smooth, healing system for those who come to Wesak in Sedona.  In case you want to put the dates in your book, it will be Friday, April 30 and then Saturday and Sunday, May 1 and 2.

All right, let's talk about the process so far with the chakras.  Anyone care to share what they are experiencing or have a question maybe about how to turn around a negative statement or what have you?  We are open for question and answer for about 20 minutes or so.
Djwhal Khul

End of Part 1 of 3
Rev. Terri

DK Workshop November 15, 2003    Part 2 of 3

STUDENT:  You were talking about speaking positively and using positive words.  I decided some time ago that when people say, "Hi.  How are you today?"  I just say one of two things, I either say, "I am really fabulous, thank you."  They perk up at that.  They are not expecting that.  If I am slightly less than fabulous, I say, "Today I am semi-fabulous, but I am working on fabulous, thank you." It seems to boost everybody.  You would be surprised how many people get a kick out of that and some people have adopted it for themselves, rather than saying fine, or not so well, or I have a back ache or whatever.  So, that kind of works for me and is my way of emphasizing the positive.

DK:  My only thing there too is that honesty is included and you have covered that with the semi-fabulous and I am working on it.  In other words, someone says, "How are you feeling today?" and the response is always, "Great!"  Whether you are or not.  That is not a good thing. So, honesty is important there, but you are correct in not needing to go into tired, on the verge of something, angry today or whatever.  Where you focus your energy now is where it is going to go especially right now.  So if the thought is, "Semi-fabulous, working on fabulous" the energy will follow that.  If the thought is, "Tired, overwhelmed" that is where the energy is going to go immediately, if that is how you say you feel today, and then change it inside.  Maybe even say it back to the person.  "You know, I am feeling organized today or I am feeling efficient today because I am getting a lot done."  Change it to something that is a positive way of saying what is going on.  Good. Anyone else?

STUDENT:  Djwhal, I have a question.  If let's say, this is strictly with thoughts rather than speech, but let's say, nagging someone else. Like when I get back home, I am going to be sure to tell you to do such and such or you haven't done such and such.  How do I turn that around so that it is positive?

DK:  Good question.  I would like to comment on that because thoughts are as good as words these days especially.  They always have been.  The subconscious reads them.  In other words, when you are thinking bad about another person, they are already getting the message or they are thinking about you.  You are already getting the message.  So then, there is the dreading going home.  You don't want to have to deal with the energy.  And it certainly destroys intimacy because nobody wants to step in front of the firing squad.  Well, maybe some people do, but the feeling presented in the body is that I am going to have to go in and face the firing squad.  Again, the first question is, well let's say that I will deal both with sender and receiver on that one because I think that is very valuable teaching for the group. 

If you are the sender of those kinds of thoughts, what you want to do is look deep inside yourself and say, "What is it that I really want?"  It might be that I want to be in control or I need to be right.  Most often it is the I need to be right.  And you can be right and you can be righteous, the person who knows better than the other person, or who can see better how to get it done and so on.  So there will be this picking, picking, picking.  "You didn't finish this project.  You didn't get that done right. This wasn't done on time.  This still needs to get done." And there is this pick, pick, pick, pick.  It is a very destructive thing to do to yourself or to another person or to another employee. Very, very destructive.  It destroys relationships.  It does not build them up.  If you are a sender of those kinds of thoughts, immediately begin to discipline yourself in the other direction and deal with the underlying core energy, which is, "I need to be right." 

Again, that comes in righteous, correct, particular about something.  It is all going to boil down to that need to be right which comes from, "I don't feel good enough about myself."  So I will make myself right which requires making someone else wrong, and then I will feel better about myself temporarily.  That is the pattern.  Anytime there is that picking though process.  "Well, you vacuumed.  Thank you very much, but you didn't vacuum along the base boards and that still has to be done." That is that I need to be right.  That type of person will find thing after thing after thing.  There is no end to it because it is trying to satisfy this underlying need to be right in order to feel better about oneself.  That is the core issue to be addressed.  It may take some therapy, it may take a lot of things, but the first step would be to go in and satisfy that "I am worthy".  Maybe in your mastery blend, get some self worth put in there or something.  Maybe work with some other ways of feeling worthy that doesn't require other people to reflect it back to you and the willingness to be equal rather than "one up on." Sometimes very competitive personalities have that too. They want to win the tennis match and they want to be the one that gets the football score correctly or won the bet or whatever. 

There is a thread of I need to be right that goes through a lot of things that are very, very common in society.  They are very well accepted.  Even someone who is kind of a walking encyclopedia, you can ask a question and they give you the right answer, you know.  There it is again, in a more subtle or less harmless form, but it is in there. So, relaxing those things, especially household or even business things, that it is okay that it got done even though it didn't get done perfect. Say that the kids made a batch of cookies and there is flour all over the kitchen.  Go with the positive.  "Oh, you made cookies.  Isn't that wonderful?  I can't wait to taste one.  Let's say we all pitch in and help clean up the kitchen.  How is that? And then we can have it all clean for the next meal or whatever."  Find positive ways rather than pointing out the negative.  Pointing out the negative is saying, "I am not happy with myself.  I don't feel good enough about myself and therefore I have to be right.  Therefore, I will make someone else's life miserable.

Now, if you are the receiver of these nit picking or negative thoughts. Again, it is a destruction.  It destroys relationships.  It may take 10, 20, 30, 45 years or whatever to destroy, but it destroys the other person and destroys the relationship itself.  In a work situation, it may be that you go through employees or you attract people who need to be beat up to some degree.  They don't feel worthy either, so they are happy to be the person who is wrong all the time.  They are happy to be the person who is mistreated to some degree because it is feeding the pattern.  It is satisfying the pattern.  So, again, if you are the receiver of these thoughts, you have got some victim program running. You have got something in there that is the perfect fit for the other piece of the puzzle that is a dynamic that is playing out.  When you shift that dynamic as the receiver, you shift that dynamic and there is a confidence inside of you.  It is really the flip side of the same coin when we boil it down to the root cause.  People who like to send those thoughts don't have a receiver; their sent thoughts bounce back.  So, they will look for another receiver usually.  Or, if they are enlightened enough, they will work at changing their own underlying program about self worth.  So, we are all kind of boiling down to self worth here. 

As a receiver of those thoughts, and you want to work within the relationship, you can sometimes ask your partner to please be more accepting, or to perhaps rephrase something.  They will still have an underlying angry energy coming at you even if they rephrase it sometimes.  They will give you the snippy version of the positive statement, you know.  So, that is all right.  It is a progression.  Let it be a progression.  Eventually, either their own anger will come to a head or they will decide to soften it and send it.  But as a receiver, you can simply refuse to accept.  "Thank you very much.  I choose not to play."  When it is a negative coming to you, "Thank you, I refuse to play."  "I love myself enough not to receive damaging statements."  And, caution, as a receiver, sometimes this does terminate a relationship. If the other person isn't willing to grow with you, it will terminate the relationship. 

So, I would say, rather than trying to cling on to a relationship that is destructive, be brave enough to heal yourself.  Always be brave enough to heal yourself.  Don't try to cling on to anything destructive. And you can present this to the other person.  "This feels like I am always torn down.  I don't want to be torn down anymore.  I want to build you up and I want you to build me up.  That is my ideal concept of any relationship.  Let's always make each other feel good about ourselves.  What do you say we sit down and work out a scenario.  Maybe one topic at a time.  Let's practice first about how the car is always parked crooked."  Whatever the annoyance is.  The cap isn't on the toothpaste or whatever the annoyance is.  Pick one thing at a time. Don't try to do them all at once.  There is already a long list.  Maybe practice laughing together.  Even if you have to generate a fake laugh in the beginning, you stand there, look at the car parked crooked and laugh together.  Stand there and look at the overflowing laundry bin and laugh together so you have taken the charge off of that particular thing. Then you can again reformulate.  Oftentimes with those kinds of things as soon as the resistance is removed, the problem stops.  Or it continues, but nobody cares.  So taking the charge off of it is very important.

Any further questions about that?

STUDENT:  Djwhal, when you have an experience yourself of negativity or dark thoughts that consume your body in response to a situation, how in the process or getting to this place of positive feed back or positive way of looking at it, can you allow yourself to vent your feelings?  The feeling is very dark.  The feeling is, as the receiver of darkness as it comes toward you and it gets in you, if this anger that is then created in you, can you vent that anger in sort of a safe field?  I have found myself in a situation where I became extremely angry at something that happened to me that I considered an attack on me or more like a using of me.  There were two parts of me.  There was a part of me observing my reaction and a part of me that was in the reaction.  I didn't know what to do with it, so I created the blue triangle and I just kept venting but with the full force of my bad feelings.  Can you do that?

DK:  Well, good question.  Well, in a masterful situation, first of all you would not receive the energy in the first place.  If someone is deliberately trying to tear you down, send you dark energy, manipulate you or whatever, it would sort of reflect off wearing your mastery aura which is that dense white right around the body, very, very close in the skin and emanating from the skin and hair and such and then the golden yellow around that and then the diamond white around that.  Then on the very, very outside this kind of an egg shaped auric field a nice mirror finish like a shiny chrome mirror or a flat black so you are sort of invisible.  Not a target, in other words, not something you can shoot at, literally.  That, initially, is most helpful.  In the situation where this has already happened and you are angry about it, the anger is because you feel victimized and in terms of venting it, once the anger is in the body you most certainly want to get it out of the body.  You do not want it storing in your physical vehicle.  Any negative emotion stored in your vehicle is going to cause you a health problem, an emotional problem or a negative thought form will begin operating, a kind of a hidden operating system.  It could be on the surface, like, "I hate this person" or whatever it might be.  Even desires of maybe wanting to hurt them back and that sort of thing. 

When you are discharging an emotion in your body that is negative, it is never appropriate to fire it back at another being.  In other words, when you say vent, yes, you can say in a very open heart-chakra, you can say, "That hurt a lot."  I feel attacked.  I feel angry."  But you don't focus it back at that person.  You don't build up some ammunition and start firing away.  Nor do you take it out say on kicking a tree, yelling at the dog or whatever.  You do not take emotions out on anyone else.  If you are just discharging the energy and sometimes if it is a more intimate relationship, one that you want to correct or maintain then you may need to communicate and say I feel this way.  I wouldn't say, "When you say that, I feel this way" because again you are back into that "I need to be right".  It is basically telling the other person "You are not allowed to act that way any more because this is what it does to me."  I would go just deeper with saying this is how I feel.  Don't connect it as a consequence to their action.  Just own your feelings and discharge the energy.  It is nice to send it down through the earth, through the ground or you can send it up into the sun, you can send it out the window.  As soon as it leaves your body, technically it is not negative energy any more.  It is just energy.  But I would be careful with it.

Now more ideal is, of course, don't be involved in those kinds of relationships, simply put.  Really, when you reach a certain point of enlightenment or self-love, those people fall away.  They either change or they fall away unless you are holding on to them.  Unless you are keeping yourself in a situation for some other kind of pay off.  I would highly recommend not keeping yourself in a situation.  Some people, say it is an employee thing; they keep themselves in that relationship because they are afraid of not having a job.  Or they are afraid of switching jobs, losing a pension, losing a retirement thing, being unemployed for several months, getting a bad recommendation, be black balled out of the whole thing or whatever.  They have a fear program that keeps them tethered to this form of abuse.  It is never appropriate to keep yourself tethered to a form of abuse.  Never, ever.  It allows the other person to continue their program and it continually tears you down or subjects you to negative or dark energy.  Literally, I say be brave enough to heal the component in yourself and terminate the relationship.  If you need to do it strategically, where you go job hunting first, build a financial nest egg first, or you line up other opportunities, do it strategically.  Don't cut your own nose off to spite your face, do it strategically, do it wisely and sometimes that takes some time.  If it is a one time situation that is one thing.  If it is a repeating pattern, get out of the pattern.  (Okay.  Thank you.) You are welcome.

STUDENT:  I have a question with regard to that.  If a person who continually causes anger within me is a relative and someone who has married into the family, it is a little different than leaving a job because this person has married into the family.  I did the same thing; I tried to blue triangle all the negativity that I was feeling.  I tried really hard to see this person at least in a neutral space if not in a loving space because I know that ultimately, we are not supposed to feel separate.  We are supposed to feel unified.  Very hard for me to feel unified or at one with this particular person.

DK:  Well, again, the answer is to remove yourself from the situation. It is not. how can I say this?  At some point, you realize that the other person is just going to stay this way and there is no healing taking place.  There is only destroying taking place even when they realize that their victim is about to leave.  Sometimes, they get very nice and they try to find a little way to hook you so you will stay a little longer so they can get mean again and continue the pattern.  Even if it is a relative, even if it is a spouse, even if it is a your own child, sometimes you have to terminate the relationship.  You just remove yourself and you don't go to family gatherings or you work on it for 2,3,6, 7,8 years and then you can finally be friends with that person again but you remove yourself from the destructive relationship, absolutely. 

It is interesting because when people relate it to physical violence, say this person would be punching, kicking, beating you and maybe duck taping you up in a closet or something, then it is very well justified to remove yourself from the environment.  When it is energetic abuse and verbal abuse and all these other forms that are actually just as destructive, one will rationalize that it is all right to somehow maintain the relationship.  It is not.  It is not serving the other person, by the way, because they get to keep their pattern going.  So, it is not serving you and it is not serving the other person.  (Okay. Thank you.)  Good.  So, it is all right, when there are cases of that nature, I would say particularly family members, get away from them, just avoid them for a while.  Even if you are expected to be at Thanksgiving or expected to be at a certain holiday gathering or expected to go on vacation together or whatever, bow out.  You don't have to get your body sick or get an injury to bow out.  Just say, "I am not going this year.  I am taking a break." or "I have made other plans."  If you are grilled, you hang up, walk away, or whatever it takes but sometimes you do have to remove yourself from a situation. (So, in other words, we don't have to keep working at liking that person or even trying to love that person unconditionally.)  No, absolutely not.  They are divine in their own right and they are running a negative program.  You can see that and as long as they are choosing to run a negative program, you remove yourself.  (Okay.  Thank you.)

STUDENT:  I was wondering about, if you have for instance a teacher from Asia, sometimes their methods are a little bit cut and slash, you know. (Talking about teachers from Asia?)  Yeah, Tibetan teachers and different teachers.  I have had experience with different teachers and I am just listening to all this thinking you know because I feel like part of me got great teachings, part of me got a bit of abuse.  And how to really tell the difference when you are in that kind of situation because you know, I feel like the ground, the times that the ground did come out from beneath my feet it was very helpful.  Then there were other times when what was done was not helpful at all.

DK:  Yes.  There are many harsh teachers; there is no question about that.  Again, it is your choice.  You can choose a harsh teacher or a gentle teacher.  And if you have a harsh teacher you can simply say to them, "I refuse to play that game.  I am choosing gentle, graceful, easy ways of learning on the spiritual path or whatever it might be. And will you agree to teach me in that way?"  If they say, "No, this is my style and I am keeping it" or whatever, then you again, you remover yourself from that teacher.  You say, "Thank you very much.  I think that our relationship is done."  (There is no.it is not about.because I had a bit of guilt when I pulled away from my teachers.)  Well, that is usually part of the program. (Yes.  It probably took me about 3 years to get through then.  So I was just thinking, gosh, could I have done it a different way?)  I understand that.  That is because the programming is if you leave there is something wrong with you.  (Right, exactly.)  Or you have dishonored the teacher.  It is the thought form that the teacher sets up and it is not about you.  It is how many teachers, they sort of mother or father their group and they take it upon themselves to use a variety of methods to control, essentially. 

My philosophy on that is either it feels yum or if feels yuck and if it is yum, keep flowing with it.  If it feels yuck, sit down and ask yourself, because sometimes people think I am harsh too.  And I certainly don't mean to be.  But sometimes their orientation is to feel beat up.  If I say to them, "You know, it looks like there is some pre-cancerous cells there in the body."  They are devastated because their response is to be devastated easily.  So, you can ask yourself, is that my repeating pattern of responding or is their really some kind of abuse control thing going on here.  And a lot of teachers, teachings and teaching systems are very structured.  Very, very.  There is a myriad of thought forms, particularly in Tibetan Buddhism.  That is 20 to 50 years of studying all the thought forms and abiding by all of the thought forms and all of the deities and all of the rituals and all of that.  It is very, very structured.  I know it quite well.  And it is quite common for a teacher to discipline a student until they follow all the structure that everybody else follows.  In the new age style of teaching, it is really more of an individual development, and again, that gentle teaching, gently, easily.  Just pointing out to you how do you feel when this is going on in your life and how would you like your life to feel and then you making the conscious choice to change.  That is really the new age style of teaching.  (Thank you very much.)

All right, Marion.  How are we doing?  (We have completed the protocol and I have the orgone field continuing.  Good.  Good. 

I would like to give everyone this affirmation to work with.  "I function as a master at all times."  "I function as a master at all times."  So when you are sitting down with your responses you usually have, even the very common, moderns ones, things like, "Bite me", well I won't say all of them because some of them are quite crude.  But you know those little responses that are made kind of in jest, not with mean but kind of in humor and sometime said meanly.  Write them all down. Find nice ways of communicating something else.  Sometimes just the words, "Thank you, you could be right" will work very well.  Even if someone says, "You did that wrong.  You have messed up the whole project.  What is wrong with you that you don't have a job yet?" or whatever. "Thank you, you could be right".  Just agree.  "Thank you, you could be right" but don't emphasize the word could.  Just let it sort of flow so that they are thrown off just enough to stop sending you the negative energy for a fraction of a second or 2 or 3 seconds or whatever.  Then remind yourself; "I function as a master at all times." Keep running that affirmation so that you will respond masterfully to all situations. 

All right.  It is time to do the installation of the chakra system.  I was going to give us a break, but I think.  Yes, actually, I think we do need a bit of a break.  Let's take about a 3 minute break, so if you need to get some water or whatever you need to do.  Again, don't hang up and dial back in.  That is going to take a lot longer.  Just lay the phone down.  If you are a little late coming back on, just assume that I was still working with your energy body because I will be.  Three minutes.

Djwhal Khul

DK Workshop November 15, 2003      Part 3 of 3

Djwhal Khul here.  Tashi delek.  We are going to do the installation of the Ascension Chakra System.  Now, I am not quite sure just how much of this is going to be verbal.  I will do my best to try to keep you aware of it.  If not, just relax the feeling in the body.  It would be best if you were either sitting upright with some bit of back support, I think, unless your back is already strong and you are used to sitting upright. I would say, lotus position only if you are very, very used to that. If your legs are going numb at all, I would prefer that you be sitting up in a chair with the feet on the ground rather than cutting off the circulation to the lower limbs.  That is very, very important.  Also, you can be flat on your back and if that position normally bothers your body you can put a pillow under the knees.  Preferably, don't have the neck crooked so that the chin is kind of into the chest.  No pillow or maybe just a slight neck roll under the neck so that the back of the head is also on the surface.  So just a little support under the neck to keep it a bit arched.

Now let's work with the Ascension Chakra System.  This is something that happens automatically when you, well, I should say IF you choose to ascend and take the body with you such as Annie Besant and most of the masters and such have done.  I did it in my last lifetime as well and a few other times actually.  Where the body, the physical tissue, moves into light and then just fades or disappears.  Sometimes it takes about 20 minutes or so to disappear the physical body, to take all of the tissues back into the light.  At that point, you still have a light body and it still has a chakra system.  There is just no chakra energy going to feed physical organs, physical glands, physical joints and so on. So, what we are going to do is bring the Ascension Chakra System into your physical body.  You will be keeping the physical body, but you will be operating form the light body.  Now this allows the physical body to move into its ideal state too, so a lot of the patterns that you were holding, say a damaged root chakra or a damaged solar plexus chakra or maybe liver congestion, or whatever it is that was patterning in the body from the old chakra, that won't need to repeat itself because you will be working from another realm. 

Literally, this installation will probably take about a year to finish integrating.  So, bit by bit, over the next year, allow yourself to support the body in making the transition.  Your body might want extra water, for example. Probably it will want at least an adequate supply of 2 to 3 quarts or 2 to 3 liters per day.  It will also probably want more minerals because they do the repair work, and also probably a little bit more Vitamin C.  When you are working with your minerals, not just the calcium, magnesium, potassium, please, but also MSM and also the trace minerals.  Maybe even sea minerals or colloidal trace minerals and that sort of thing.  Give the body the full spectrum; don't give it part of the ingredients. 

Also a full night's sleep.  Six hours is not a full night's sleep. Seven to nine hours.  Some of you need 8 to 10.  That is a full night's sleep.  If you think that you went to bed shortly after the sun went down and you got up with the sun, with the exception of Alaska and some other places that have different seasons, you would get a full night's sleep.  So, in the winter you actually sleep longer.  The body needs more repair time than it does in the summer.  So a full night's sleep. The immune system really cannot function properly without it.

Let's work with the first step here, which is that your body is your mind made manifest. The physical body is your mind made manifest.  What we are going to do now is to thank the mind very much for its lovely manifestation and we are going to disconnect because we are going to plug the mind into the Ascension Chakra System now.  Literally like there is a cord and you can unplug the mind from making your physical body and plug the mind in to the Ascension Chakra System.  You now want the Ascension Chakra System to communicate to the mind, and then the mind makes the body manifest via that vehicle.  Or you can move it the other way around and have the mind only communicating through the chakra system and then the body is manifest off of the chakra system.  So, you can play around with that connection, but we no longer want it connected the old way. 

We are going to start with the energy from above and feel the Ascension Chakra System coming as a full package.  Like a tube of light coming down.  It might pause a little bit in the crown or the third eye and wait until the energy is right before it slides down a little further. When you get into the full light body, the chakras almost become a column of light rather than seven different wheels or auxiliary wheels and such.  It is almost like a whole unit rather than separate chakras delivering energy to each other. So, it is an interconnected system and that is why one chakra can't be damaged.  In the Ascension Chakra System, it is functioning as a whole unit and the whole unit can also not receive any kind of damage.  So, I see a lot of pausing there in the crown and third eye region.  Breathe and relax the body and let it slip down to at least the throat chakra.  You might feel a little tension. It might cause coughing or a little headache or whatever.  Just keep asking your body to adapt.  I hope you have water sitting in front of you and would suggest that you keep sipping on it.  Or perhaps gulping 3 or 4 ounces at a time.  Breathe and relax and let that installation package come down a little deeper, at least into the heart chakra now. If you are already moving ahead, what you want to do is just feel the whole package.  If it is already inserted in the body, breathe into it and FEEL it.  Whatever you are FEELING becomes more alive.  There is more emphasis put on it.  Again, seeing it generally in the group now slipping down to the navel point.  Let's go ahead and just breathe it down into the full body.  Really, the Ascension Chakra System runs the length of the body, head to toe. 

Now there is a little bit of clearing going on in the body.  It is getting rid of the old system.  You don't uninstall the old one first like you do in some other things.  You put the new one in and then the old one begins to dissolve.  So let the debris and the energy go from that.  Reiterate that the body is now following the Ascension Chakra System, not the manifestation of the mind or thought forms.  Again, don't use the mind to say, "All right body, now is the time to lose that weight or correct that health problem or whatever.  Do not go into the negative with your own body.  Follow that mastery teaching that I was talking about and find a positive way of saying that.  "Body, I will welcome any changes that you want to make now.  Body, I will support you with any changes that you would like to make now in relationship to this new chakra system.  Body, how can I serve you?  What can I do for you today?  Oh, you would like some asparagus.  All right, I will go get some."  Communicate with your body now.  It is your best friend.  You can't have a better body anywhere in creation.  You can't have a better body than the Adam Kadmon style that you are wearing.  It is the best. Really, appreciate it.  Agree to pay attention to it and support it. Good. 

All right.  It is installed and now we are going to activate it fully. I think there is enough clearing of the old chakra system in there. So, literally, I am going to give you your own on and off switch.  I want you to check in with it from time to time.  Go ahead and flip the switch on.  Your new Ascension Chakra System is activated.  We are going to play with this a little bit so you can get the contrast because when you are in the group energy it does feel stronger sometimes.  Notice what is going on with your hands and your feet particularly with this activated. How is your body feeling?  Does it feel more alive?  Is it maybe tingling or buzzing?  Do you have maybe an incurable smile on your face or something?  Feel the energy, notice it.  Now we are going to turn the switch off just to give you the contrast.  Go ahead and flip the switch off for at least a little while.  You should notice quite a difference. Almost like the breath leaves the body or it goes on pause, kind of numb because it is deactivated.  Go ahead and flip the switch back on, activating the Ascension Chakra System, knowing it is going to take however long it takes to integrate.  That is up to your higher self and your physical body that determine the rate at which you integrate this system.  So, your higher self-wisdom, of course you always want to defer to that. 

But you also want to defer to that body wisdom.  If it says, "This is too fast and it will give me a headache."  Or, "This is too fast and it is going to cause a digestive upset." Or whatever.  You go to your body and ask, "How can I support it?"  "Oh, you want some probiotics.  You want me to put in some acidophilus or friendly bacteria."  By the way, that would be a good thing to be really taking care of your gut.  Give it a daily dose of friendly bacteria.  That will help tremendously in supporting the immune system and supporting this light body until that completely takes over.  And your physical body is really your best friend.  You may want to pay even more attention to that than to your higher self.  A lot of people get the higher self and the ego desires mixed up.  So, the ego may be driving you to get spiritual growth rather than the higher self.  Learn to tell the difference.  In the meantime, always defer to the body.  If the body is saying, "No, don't read another book.  It is time to go for a walk instead."  Or, "It is time to go to sleep rather than working on the computer" or whatever the body is telling you, pay attention to it.  Good.  And if you notice that you switched it off, switch it back on.  You might even, with your light switch there you could tape it on or you could put a note there that says, "Never turn this switch off."  You know how you would see that in a public building and so forth.  Go ahead and post a note for yourself there.  "Leave this switch on."  That is a positive way of saying it. "Leave this switch on."  "Keep this switch on at all times."  Something like that

I will remind you of the current affirmation.  "I function as a master at all times."  "I function as a master at all times."  "I function as a master at all times."  Now that is very nicely imprinted into the energy field.  Again, give it about a year of integration.  Toward the end of 2004 for this group if you are just listening to the tape or reading the transcript.  Go about a full year, maybe 13 months.

We are going to work with one more affirmation.  "All is well."  "All is well."  That dispels any fear; any doubt any self worth issues, any anger.  It dispels all of it.  "All is well."  It gets rid of the contrast if you would say, "Yes, here I am with this wonderful new chakra system but there is this war going on, you know." "All is well." That will bring you back into the oneness realizing that there is a grand blueprint playing out.  "All is well."  Good.

All right.  That does complete our process.  I am going to just let you gently stay with your process, drink some more water, maybe take a nap, go for a very quiet stroll.  It would be good not to do a lot of talking right now.  Just let you process happen energetically, emotionally and physically, but try not to engage the mind.  Even chatting with a friend about what just happened and that kind of thing.  Try to keep quiet for a bit here until you have a natural impulse to re-engage the mind.

All right then.  Thank you and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul

(Transcribed by Joan Taylor)
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