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 DK Teleconference for January 1, 2003

ANNUAL FORECAST 2003 by Djwhal Khul

Channeled by Terri Newlon, terri@onepost.net

Djwhal Khul here.  Tashi Delek.  (Tibetan Greeting pronounced Tash-ee Dee-Lay-k)
And you get a nice big nudge from ROQ, (Terri's cat) who is saying hello.  He is drooling on me quite nicely so he is enjoying the energy already.

Letâ?Ts begin with a slight recap of that world peace meditation that we set in motion Monday evening (December 30, 2002).  Imagine if you would the earth with a blanket of peace running from the North Pole to the South Pole, and of course back and forth.  It goes back and forth on that wave length.  You can start it on any meridian there and just see it going around the earth.  So as the earth is turning, technically, everything passes under this wave of peace energy, so everyone will be getting it regularly, at least every 24 hours or so.  You can also work with expanding that world peace energy so that it is a wider section, like it maybe takes up half the globe and that sort of thing.  Mostly, though, again feel the energy in the cells.  That is the important part.  When you get the cellular sensation,  that is the confirmation.  That is very, very important.  You want to feel peace in your cells of the body.  From there it translates into all of creation.


All right, a few comments generally about the annual forecast.  The annual forecast has been a tradition for quite some time now.  It is getting increasingly difficult because the energies are changing so rapidly.  The good news is that the energies are changing because of the free will being exercised.  So humanity is making some swift choices, sometimes turning on a dime literally to make a shift in a consciousness.  Sometimes using their awareness of probabilities to choose another alternate reality and so on.  So that is the good news and it is also the focus of the forecast just to sort of look at the probabilities.  I will do a sort of general for the year and then I will go month by moth to look at what looks high.

This year, I think, is a major change.  It has to do with lots of changes, lots of new things.  If you have resistance to things, this is the time to start clearing it right away.  If you don't, you will see very strong manifestations of your resistance.  Like you might get sick with either a passing illness or something more stubborn.  You might find yourself, if you are a worrier and you resist change that way by worrying a lot, there could be interesting side effects from that, going all the way into maybe chemical imbalances and paranoia.  Instead of just worrying, maybe being fearful.  So, it is a time to look into yourself as to what ways do you resist change?  What is your favorite?  Do you just kind of crawl in bed and sleep for a day or two?  Do you get a cold?  Do you injure yourself?  Do you end up with a dry bank account?  Do you end up being victimized by someone else?  What is your particular pattern that has been your old favorite for resisting change and clear that.
Embrace change with excitement like a child going to Disneyland for the first time. Maybe you can come up with some other scenarios there, but you want to look at change as a good thing.  Welcome it in.

For example, the opportunity this year to shift world war to world peace.  Certainly on that scale you can look at it and say, why would I resist peace?  Of course I do not want war.  Of course I do not want devastation.  There will be some resistance in your consciousness reflecting to you that perhaps you do favor some form of war.  Maybe you like arguments.  Maybe you like to struggle inside yourself with something like, Should I spend the money on the new tires, or should I spend the money on another item like a new stereo?  Should I buy the tires, should I buy the stereo, should I buy the tires, should I buy the stereo?  Something like that, that is another way of having an internal war, so what you want is educated choices and that sort of thing.  You can study all your options and then make a decision.  That would be another way of working into peace internally by not wasting your energy on things, especially that loop where you run around or repeat or loop something.  That is quite a waste of energy.  If you are not using your energy in that direction, what else might you do with it?  You can always ask you self that question to break the loop a well.  If I werenâ?Tt wasting my energy here, what else could I do with it?  Well, maybe I could heal my elbow, or maybe I could make some more money to stick into my back account this month.  Or maybe I could go dance or listen to some music, maybe a meditation tape and kind of transport myself into a self healing.  Think in those terms for this year. 

Beside a lot of changes and a lot of new things and that applies everywhere; technology, new ideas, unfortunately it will also be in the war arena with new weapons, and things like that.  So new things will be coming in.  When we get into the Chinese New Year, it will be the Year of the Sheep, and that starts on February first this year.  That should be an interesting transition moving out of Horse and into Sheep.  Those who are on the Wednesday class, we will do something special to set the intent for the Chinese New Year.  But right now, I am talking about wanting to go from January 1st to December 31st.

My feelings about war at this point, looking at the probabilities, and I do look some at the astrology and some other influences that have some potential.  I also look at the moon cycles quite strongly.  Mostly, though, what I am looking at in this particular forecast is the belief system.  I study the commonly held belief.  I look also at what is the military belief.  Or what is the belief system between Christians and Muslims, or Jews and Palestinians.  So I go looking for the belief systems because as you know, energy follows thought.  So what I am seeing here is from about January 3rd to March 3rd, right around in that time window, about a 2 month time window.  It peaks right in the middle around February 3rd.  It is a high probability of planetary war.  It could be a religious war, or political war or both.  But that is the probability.  It peaks about a month from now and thus during this time period, the best way to put a positive effect upon the future is to start changing the belief system now.  So, we want to, besides from other influences that are going on on a celestial scale, we can work within the belief system to change the outcome.  This is always, always true.  There is nothing set in stone except the Divine Plan.  That is definitely already something that is already mapped out.  So that is one of the strongest probabilities this year.

Also, well worth noting, between the end of 2002 and the end of 2012 is your most intense decade that you have seen on the planet yet.  So going historically all the way back to Lemuria, this decade that we just entered starting today is the most potent one.  It is the most powerful one.  If you could say that it is condensing all of the shifting, not only between the previous age and the Acquarian Age, but it is a major turning point of humanity awakening and using their awareness to make positive changes.  To realize that they co-create their reality called earth living and then to realize that they have the power to change the reality.  So this is the most concentrated point of growth.  We have just kicked off that decade.  What this translates to in general is that there will be a lot of people waking up or having spontaneous realizations that there is something greater than their personal reality, or for the first time ever they actually feel spirit, or they begin to see psychic visions or they begin to hear angelic voices.  They are going to wake up and they are going to need guidance.  They are going to need spiritual teachers.  They are going to need coaching, if you will, on this path because they will awaken and perhaps enlighten in a very short period of time given the right tools.  Now, I would ask you to reflect back upon what it was like when you first started your spiritual path.  Who was there for you?  Was it a book?  Was it a meditation group?  Was it a religious study? Was it just completely on the inner planes?  And so on.  What we are looking for in this year in particular is really to get all of the world servers fully visable.  So if you have been hiding, keeping yourself in small circles, move into large circles.  I call it hanging out your shingle.  If you have not been hanging out the shingle that says, I am a healer, I am a teacher?  Or whatever, then this is the time to really put it out there.  Be visable.  Be highly visable for all of the ones awakening who need a good reliable source for their spiritual growth.  Again, it is tied in with that many changes, many new things happening.  That would be the vibration of those awakening as well.  They will be able to move quicker than you did when you were waking up and they will be able to do it with little or no pain.  In other words, spiritual growth should not be challenging or hard or strenuous or blast after blast and that sort of thing.  So, I want to put the intent clearly with the belief system that those who awake can do so gently, with grace and ease and to have everything they need at their fingertips to facilitate their growth. 

Likewise, this makes an opening that is always an interesting one for cult energy or people being led astray because they wake up and they realize that there is more significance to a rainbow than they ever dreamed before and they can see the energies in the rays in the rainbow.  They want to learn about rays, so they find a religious group called The Rays or something and they go and if that particular leader wants to wait for the next comet to take them off the planet or the next batch of Kool Aid or something.  Yes, I am making light of previous spiritual groups who took an interesting turn.  However, discernment is something that takes a while to learn and those who just start on to the path don't necessarily have very good discernment.  It is like a child in an amusement park.  Every game looks good.  Every toy looks good.  Every bit of candy looks good.  Every color of cotton candy looks yummy.  And having no idea that too much is going to make them sick or that they will get tired or run out of money or whatever.  So, I look at it much like that process of being groomed for discernment for these who are awakening.  They will have quite a bit of support from the spiritual hierarchy and from various other factions, particularly the angelic kingdom. 

Those of you who work with the angels and those of you who birth the angels, keep doing that work please, daily.  Not just periodically, but daily.  Really ask for angels to come through and be assigned to earth.  Angels here helping humanity, and also the other parts of the planet, the other kingdoms.  I am looking particularly at the marine friends and those that live in the oceans and the other waters on the planet.  They are needing a lot of support from the angelic kingdom.  And then also angels to help balance the elements of the earth.  That is very, very important


I am going to go this year month by month starting with tomorrow, January 2nd.  There is a new moon, and new moons classically are the best time to get rid of anything you donâ?Tt want any more.  Literally write down on a piece of paper what it is you just don't want any more.  Financial hardship, ill health, bad business deals, bad neighbors, war on the planet.  Take it to a larger scale, not just your personal reality but a larger scale.  Write them down on a piece of paper.  I prefer to see them buried.  Go dig a hole in the soil and bury the note.  Cover it up nice and pack down the soil again.  You can use a potted plant if you have one if you are in an apartment or something.  Or you can, I am thinking high rise apartments and such, fold up the paper, pretend that you have buried it in the ground, do a pretty good job of imagining that ceremony, then I would shred the paper.  You can use some scissors or you can tear it with your fingers, but put it in as small a shred as possible and put it into the garbage knowing that it is going to the landfill.  There is the possibility of burning it carefully so that you are not having debris going around. Burial works better than using fire for a new moon exercise.  This new moon because we are talking about the beginning of a decade here of most concentrated spiritual growth.  A lot of thing changing.  This is the decade where the banking system changes.  The political energy changes.  The way food is grown changes.  Technology changes very, very rapidly.  All of these things are happening.  So, you may want to write down all the things in the past like religious wars and things like that, that we, say on a personality level, higher self, God consciousness, we refuse to carry into this next era.

Now letâ?Ts see, we have already talked about the heightening for the first few months or so.  Let me study January for a moment here.  Martin Luther King day is Monday the 20th.  There is a full moon right before it.  It will still be in the full moon energy.  On that one, I pick up a queasy feeling in the stomach, meaning that there could be some distress there within humanity.  That is that energy of something bad or something challenging could happen during that weekend.  I donâ?Tt want to put a lot of energy into it other than to call your attention when you start working with that moon energy, or maybe on Friday the 17th that you be clear about your belief system.  Put your vote in, if you will, like peace and tranquility for the weekend.  Peace and tranquility, safe journey for everyone.  Put your request in.  It will counter other belief systems that are thinking other things.  By the way, this generally is a comment.  I see a little more tension between races, religions, maybe even between the sexes at the beginning part of 2003, maybe the first 6 to 8 months or so.  Like the tension may get greater before harmony comes in.  So, just a general comment on that.  Some of the Quaanza energy is still in effect as well which is bringing in quite a bit of light to the planet.  It is kind of an ancient mother energy coming in at this particular time, backtracking a little into December.


Again, the first is a new moon.  Again, please on that new moon, also think because that peaks for a possible world war or localized regions in the Middle East and also perhaps on US soil.  It is coming right on that weekend or that following Monday or so.  That is the peak time.  There may already be some activity.  We will see how good we get at transmitting belief systems.  But on that new moon, again, please write down all the things that you do not want anymore and bury the paper.  Sometimes, you can stick it under a crystal and let the crystal transmute it.  Again, if you don't have soil or there is too many feet of snow and you can't go out and do that, do some improvising.  Let's see.  There is always some interesting energy around St. Valentines Day.  It comes up upon a full moon.  There is actually quite a surge of love consciousness during that time period.  Almost grateful for the love that we do have on the planet. So that is a really good time for romantic energy, but also even family gratitude or maybe lifestyle gratitude being expressed around that time. 

By the way, I am going to go back for a moment, because that Chinese New Year is also on the new moon of February 1st, see what you can do around that time to take in the qualities for the symbology of the sheep energy.  If you don't know much about that you can look it up or wait for around that time because there will be quite a bit of publicity of what that means and so forth.  But think in terms of that, and not in a derogatory way of thinking of sheep, like the blind leading the blind.  Think more in a holy sense of what is  symbolic of the sheep.  It could go back to the time of Christ and look at shepherds and look at the reverence essentially for those who could tend a flock of sheep.  That was actually very well respected even though it wasn't considered - - it was wealthy in one way, but it was something very, very important. 

All right, let me take a look here and scan through the calendar days.  Again towards the end of February, the 24th, 25th and 26th, right around in there, again I get a point of tension across the solar plexus.  Something going on in the emotional realm on a world scale.  Now for those of you who tend to pick up these sensations and then you think there must be something wrong with me because I am very emotional and that sort of thing.  You might want to make note of these planetary surges because you may be affected by them and you can realize that it is not something personal.  Or, you may choose to alter your belief system before then so that you don't have all that running through your body, so that you are exempted from what is going on in the world.  That is also a free will choice that you can make.


All right, we will go a little bit further here into March.  Again, a new moon right on that power point.  And there are many new moon rituals, by the way, and you might find some others that you like in addition to the one that I mentioned.  I would encourage you to do whatever it feels that is right to you during the new moons.  Focus on the feminine energy, the lack of light, the dark is masculine and the light is feminine.  No moon showing the way, if you will.  This is the perfect time to get rid of things, to bury things and they won't be found again, hiding in the dark of the moon.  Very ancient symbology there.  Take a look there in March.  Once we get past the 3rd, things are looking a little bit better. As we get close to the equinox, there is a full moon on the 18th, the equinox on the 20th.  That whole week, and then St. Patricks Day is the Monday right before the full moon.  That whole week again I know is a point of tension.  It may be a wise time to avoid being out in the world.  Don't go out driving late at night, for example, during that time period.  Maybe take fewer trips to the grocery store or on errands.  Stay home more, or stay inside more during that time. 

I also get quite a strong feeling of radiation during that time period. Just to remind you of tips for radiation.  If you are getting too much exposure, or there is another cause that would want you to have protection handy.  There are homeopathics for radiation.  There is also the trick of taking a bath in baking soda and sea salt.  Baking soda, about a cup of that, and an equal portion of sea salt, the kind that you can eat.  Don't get it confused with Epsom Salts because it is a different chemical compound.  It takes about 20 minutes or so, and it pulls radiation out of the body.  It is a good thing to do after an x-ray or if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer and that sort of thing.  Also seaweed, eating seaweed regularly, keep some on hand always in the house or get a seaweed juice or something that you have available.  That also counters radiation in the body.


Going through the rest of March, nothing in particular.  Generally speaking, also during the religious times, what I keep seeing and I have been seeing it for a little while now and then also through 2003 at least in September or October, I see this desire to focus terrorism on a religious group.  Then the actual energy of the religion itself sort of countering that or evening out the energy.  I hope that will continue into this New Year.  Let's see, I am looking at Passover on the 17th, Good Friday on the 18th, Easter on the 20th, Earth Day on the 22nd.  Of all of those, the most powerful is Earth Day.  Look at the moon energy here.  No special note for either the new moon or the full moon for that particular month.  But again, more around the religious energy.  The Christed light is very strong at least through Easter.  This year it will go further.  It will go through April 26th.  The Christed light will not start waning, if you will, until April 26th.  That is giving a little extra boost to that week which looks like it is needed.  So that Christed light is going to hold a little stronger than normally.  Of course, it is always present, but that is kind of an extra grace of it present usually from about winter solstice to Easter.  That is one of the strongest Christed lights that I have seen.  The energy is very strong.


All right, going into May, May day, May first new moon.  Again a very good time for letting go of whatever powers have been stirred within you toward the completion of April, go ahead and write things down.  Of course, I think that is a good exercise every new moon.  But that one in particular looks very good.  It is a pivotal point.  May happens to be my favorite month you know because of Wesak.  I am looking at the energy of Mothers Day this year which is May 11th.  Looks like a low energy day.  I don't feel a lot of power on that day and usually there is quite a surge of energy.  It might be more of a quiet, retreat day or a day for more solitude and pampering more so than a lot of activity.  If you are going to have activities in honor of Mothers Day, maybe do them a little before or a little after and make Sunday a day of rest.  Otherwise I think there is something going on and it is a lot to put together on that day, either it won't feel very much like a celebration or there will be a sense of tiredness and not really enjoying it so much for most people.  There will be some exceptions.  Now the full moon May 15th, that energy is very, very strong, particularly on the 15th and 16th.  We will have a Wesak in Sedona.  I am calling it that, Wesak in Sedona.  We will take that full moon energy and stretch it in to 18th and maybe into the 19th as a group consciousness.  So if you are participating from another location, just keep tuning in to Wesak in Sedona and working with that full moon Buddhic energy.  That will be the full moon of Buddha.  That is the celebration, by the way, of that middle path of enlightenment within your own consciousness.  It is also a celebration of world servers, that those who are in conscious world service gather at that time to receive the energy of the Christ and the Buddha and the planetary logos.  And to receive guidance for your next year of service.  So that is technically a new year, as well.  That is world servers new year. 

Memorial weekend follows after that.  There is a blue new moon in the month of May, and that is also noteworthy.  The first day and the last day are the new moon.  That also tells you something about the energy that is held between those 2 new moons, and that that full moon is particularly powerful because there are 2 new moons on either side of that full moon.  So, it is a very, very powerful time.  Please listen to you inner guidance about the Wesak energies and go wherever you are guided.  You might be guided to go sit on a beach somewhere or go talk to dolphins or something.  Pay attention to your guidance.  It will be very important to you particularly as a world server.  Whatever sacred pact you make with yourself and the other server beings on this particular Wesak.  And again, because it is the first Wesak of this very, very important decade, think about setting your intent for this decade of service as well as the year.  Memorial weekend doesn't have much of a charge on it.  Again, I see little plans in the workings and maybe smaller acts of terrorism, but really hoping, belief system wise, that those get changed.


Let me take a look here at June.  We have Flag Day and Fatherâ?Ts Day right next to each other on a full moon.  That should be interesting.  In terms of the masculine energy, that is very, very heightened there.  If you see it in a graph, it takes a sharp, sharp peak upward, and then it drops right back down.  It doesnâ?Tt last very long.  If there is anything that you really need masculine energy for, say launching a project or something like that, the energies are very favorable around there.  It is also going to have more of a patriot or how shall I say, not necessarily military, but loyal to a cause kind of energy around that weekend.  Some of it will be related to USA patriotism, but I see it globally even.  I love my country of India.  There will be a surge there of a pledge of alligience.  Now that can also be used as a pledge of alligience to earth, and I prefer to call it Earth Flag Day so that it is a tribute to Mother Earth and encourage flying an earth flag in addition to any other flag you might want to fly at that time.  More of an Earth Flag day, it could be that whole weekend, but particularly on that 14th of June, focus on your pledge of alligience to earth.  Maybe also your fellow world servers. 

Summer solstice, June 21st, funny as I tune into the energy of that day it is really not all that spectacular.  But when I get into the next day, June 22nd, there is a lovely surge of light on that day.  Very, very lovely surge of light and it begins to increase.  Now this will affect the stillpoint.  We have been talking about this as my teachings progress according to where the group is and where humanity is and such, we have been working with that stillpoint of creation.  That is a very, very powerful time.  Perhaps we can have a very sacred gathering around that too.  Because what I see happening on the 22nd is kind of, well, it is like that stillpoint enlarges.  There is a wider birth or more of it available.  I feel the stimulation right on the navel point, or just above the navel point.  It might be uncomfortable in some people.  It might cause a little bit of digestive trouble if the bodies are not already attuned to it.  Hopefully they will just take it as an energy sensation.  It is like a hole is there.  That is the feeling.  Like there is a hole, like there is an emptiness, but it is a big spot instead of a little stillpoint.  That one is going to be fun.  I will look forward to that one. 


All right, into July.  The 4th of July again danger of some terrorism.  More probable then, than any other time so far in the year that I have looked at.  So again, be careful, use discernment.  If your body says donâ?Tt go to the parade or whatever, or don't get on the airplane; listen.  Don't ignore the warnings you get.  Part of your commitment to yourself and to remain effective as a world server.

Going into July and the second part of the year in general so far looks easy. 


Also, pretty good.  I am not finding too much, although as we get to the end of the Leo time period on the 22nd or the 23rd of August or maybe the 24th, there is an interesting shift in the energy.  It will probably be noticeable that there is less fire energy present.  Almost a cooling.  It will be interesting to see what the weather is going to be in that time period, but I feel that it is almost cool, empty energy where there was a lot of busy fire energy previously.  It indicates to me that that is a time to shift gears and maybe reassess things.  There will be a momentum that was in place that just isnâ?Tt there any more.  Sometimes that is a good time to reevaluate your life or moving to a new location, or offering a new service or something like that.  There will be a natural shift in there.


In September, things start to speed up again.  This is going to be interesting.  I am just studying the month for a moment.  Equinox on the 23rd, quite frankly, I donâ?Tt like the energy.  I donâ?Tt like the energy September 21, 22, and 23.  Things feel a little void or perhaps confusing or chaotic.  The energy is interesting.  By the time we get to the energy of the new moon on the 25th, it looks like maybe that is the time when the energies start to feel a little clearer.  The whole week might be quite interesting.  Then we enter Rosh Hoshanah on the 27th and things start to feel better then.  I am not crazy about September as a travel month either, by the way. 


Going into October we have got Yom Kippur on the 6th, full moon on the 10th.  Actually, the 5th and 6th both have a very high surge of light.  Very powerful white healing color coming in during that time period.  And then there are some other things going on too, but it looks like positive power, positive energy, very, very strongly.  We have another holiday there on the 13th.  It looks relatively calm.  Halloween.  I love Halloween for different reasons.  Let me look at this one.  We will have a first quarter moon on the rise and that is a good sign.  Again, a playful Halloween, a good energy to go ahead and play up your dark side if you want to.  It looks all right.  There are certain Halloweens that you donâ?Tt want to empower the darkness that way, but this one looks playful and you cold kind of cleanse that aspect of your consciousness by dressing up and playing a part.  Or you can always dress up as angels.  That works.


Into November another strenuous week from the 3rd to the 8th.  Very interesting.  Election day is November 4th and I see political troubles and things even after that date, things looking a little funny and certainly the day before, things look scandalous.  Maybe big surprises or gossip getting very unkind and so on.  So that is still there and it gets energized by the full moon, so that is a week to do a lot of clearing.  Particularly focus on bringing in truth. The truth be known, the truth be seen, the truth be realized and that cover ups and non-truths and out and out lies and so on are exposed for what they are.  So you can cut through and really bring in the element of truth during that time period.  You could start ahead of time using the Halloween energy because the veils there between the physical and the astral planes are the thinnest.  So you can start bringing in that energy ahead of time so that truth remains constant and it does not get veiled.  So that is a good Halloween exercise.  That week of really unveiling the truth is very, very important that I just spoke about.  Interesting that Remembrance Day and Veterans Day, on 11/11/2003, that is a day to make note of there.  The 11/11 is a powerful day anyway, but 11/11/ 2003, and the 11/11 first one in that particular decade.  There is quite a bit of power in that day.  In terms of remembrance and focus, I would say take that one very deep.  In addition to the symbology of the 11/11 and light coding that takes place and all of that. This one is a good time, say you were in a war in Lemuria dealing with the fall of Atlantis or you were in one of the Egyptian turning points, or you have relatives that were involved in more recent wars and so forth.  What we are really focusing on that day is freedom for all sentient beings, not so much the remembrance of prior events.  You can go through your own cellular code on that day and unlock all of your own warrior lifetimes.  Times where you fought for the planet or fought for humanity or fought for the whales or whatever you were fighting for. Just unlock all of those war and warrior codes and then come into a point of peace after you have unlocked all of those codes.  It is a very, very powerful day.  If you see an image of a thermometer and the reading is all the way to the top where the temperature just keeps dropping, dropping, dropping, dropping until you come to a zero point where you are in the zero point and all of the energies are cleared.  It is a very good and very sacred day for clearing earth history and clearing it through your own code and activations in your consciousness. That day I like right next to Wesak.  That is my number 2 pick for 2003. 

All right, as we get further into November, I see November right around Thanksgiving, the US holiday, but it applies globally, particularly Europe and North America.  I see trouble with traveling or troubles with air planes or airlines.  November 26th through December 2, I see troubles for some reason.  If you are going to make plans for that particular holiday, I would say go by car or rail or something other than airplanes, or if you do make airplane travel plans, know that there could be delays or troubles or something.  I am not certain as to the cause of it.  It looks like some of it could be weather.  It could be other causes, financial, things happening of flights getting cancelled.  It looks a little troublesome then or congested.  So, if you can avoid it, or go through it knowing that you might have this side effect, either way is fine.  Getting toward December, let me look at the rest of the month here.


Well, I will look at 12/12 again.  Again, interesting day.  It doesn't have as much added into it as 11/11 does, but 12/12 is also a very interesting day.  For those who have been working on DNA, the 12 stranded DNA, it is a very good day to focus again on enlightened DNA code.  I am just working the energy  a little bit ahead of time here so you can already get a little bit going.  Even though it is a year away, we can get the energy rolling.  It is the human potential energy.  Good.  Then we move into Hanukkah on the 20th and Christmas on the 25th, Quaanza on the 26th.  That whole time period, really starting on the 19th, really has quite a surge of the white light, quite a surge of the Christed consciousness coming in.  Very, very holy or sacred time.  Very good time for family activities or family gatherings more so than the Thanksgiving holiday the month previous.  Your family energy looks good and smooth, whether it be spiritual family or genetic family.  New Year's Eve in December looks good.  It is more of a high energy.  This year was introspective because you were leaving behind a whole era, but this next one looks pretty good, actually.  This next New Year's Eve, one year from now looks more like celebration and outgoing energy and a little less kind of retreat and be quiet kind of energy or be in selective company.  Next year looks more, you may want to travel for that particular marking the end of the year and the beginning of the new year.

All right, I didn't mention the 3 moons of the year that are particularly important.  Of course Wesak is the full moon of May.  Before that is the Christ moon in April, and after that the full moon in June is Humanity.  They are all quite powerful, but particularly Wesak this year is very, very good.

Now we have questions, so I will do my best.  If you have background noise, you will have to mute on your end by either pressing star 6 or your mute button.  Any questions?

None?  Goodness.  Do you feel the energy that we are really on a new phase? (Yes.)  Good, this decade is the mightiest and it has the most potential for swinging in either direction.  Remember, the pendulum can swing in either direction and keep making your choice of which direction you want it to go in.  Then do your best being out there as a World Server helping to guide others to realize that they can make the choice as well, and that their choices count. 

How is everyone feeling about the possibility of war?  Does it feel real to you or surreal or just kind of a probably won't happen?  What are you feeling there?

STUDENT:  Well, I was very encouraged by Bush's last press conference although I found myself resisting believing them, and I realized that was my resistance to trusting the masculine.  But it was the first time that I heard him when he gave his New Year's resolutions really say that he was committed to finding peaceful solutions.  Although I still don't trust him, I was happy he said it.  And then he said that he had kept his other New Year's resolution not to eat too many cheeseburgers.  So, I think that maybe he was saying (?) of how he felt.  I hope he was.

DK:  I believe so.  There has been enough time that has passed since his initial words about wanting war or promising war that there has been a shift in consciousness there.  He has had a few other little wake up calls.  Also there is enough real side effect of war, tangible.  How do I say it?  I want to say that he has got the taste of blood in his mouth in terms of that more realistic view of just what it takes economically, of what it takes in human life, what it takes in terms of a toll in relationships in general and particular world relationships and such.  So, it is not as glamorous to President Bush, nor is it to many of the people that previously were maybe gung ho about it or were revengeful and wanting it.  So, enough stalling took place so that a peaceful solution is looking much, much more attractive.

STUDENT:  I keep thinking that in the Year of the Sheep, the quiet ones, their voices are awakening and they are putting in their choices and that war is becoming not a choice of the reality.  It is the alternate reality that we do not want anymore.

DK:  Yes, yes, there is a very good, very fortunate timing, of course, with that Tibetan New Year, that Chinese New Year energy coming in.  It is symbolic that the meek shall inheirit the earth, although I wouldn't refer to a sheep as a very meek creature, personally.  They can be rather gentle creatures, but they are also stubborn, determined, they get a goal in mind and they stick to that goal and sometimes it is hard to move them around.  The other benefit of that is that they move together in flocks.  So again with the spiritual family energy, it is coming together in groups together and moving together in a flock.  That is probably the most powerful significance of it, esoterically speaking.

STUDENT:  I also get the sense that the new planet, Varuna, the one that they just noticed with the Hubble telegraphers is part of this awakening of that inner intelligence that sheep have always in the flock, always moving consciousness one way or the other.

DK:  Any time a new celestial is discovered, it opens a new place in the human consciousness, it literally opens another door inside. It always reflects back something.  Even if it is as simple as there is more to the world or there is more to the universe than we know, it just unlocks another new door.  I am not seeing particularly coordinating with the Year of the Sheep but more coordinating with the beginning of this decade.

STUDENT:  Well, I was born in the Year of the Sheep so you all can just keep talking about all those nice things because I am rather enjoying it.

DK:  You are welcome.

STUDENT:  You are so funny, Laura.

STUDENT:  DK, would you comment on the world and local economic forecast for 2003 and its effect on mental and physical properties?

DK:  Yes, I was waiting for someone to ask that question.  The economic forecast is mixed.  Again, the launching of this very crucial decade has everything to do with what is in your belief system.  In other words, I can look at the global economy, I can look city to city, state to state, nation to nation.  I can look at various industries and that sort of thing, and I would say generally speaking, where the trend has gone is generally away from consumers and toward war.  So depending upon where your business is focused or where your investments are or what ties into your economy, if there is any connection in there to wartime, it has been boosted recently.  If it is more recreational, it is probably dipped down a bit.  Where you hold your personal intent is going to make all the difference for you.  So even if you are in an industry that is being phased out if you hold that consciousness.  If you believe that you are going to have to struggle now or spend time getting another vocation, or the real estate you own is not longer as valuable and so on, that will be your experience.  It will be very closely connected to your attitude about the economy and whether or not you are deciding to create wealth.  So be selective when creating your intent that this is what you want to do.  Again, in the masculine and feminine energy, it would be talk to your inner masculine about going out and earning the money.  Talk to your inner feminine about how to support and nurture that energy.  Grow it into more or perhaps just her focus of supporting the masculine while he is out doing that and that sort of thing.  I should say in doing that.  So you want to be clear about your intent.  Generally speaking when I look at banking systems and maybe even nation to nation, I do see some financial difficulty.  I see some hardship within certain people who donâ?Tt see that they can choose outside of that box, who don't realize that they don't have to go along with the mass thought form.  So, generally speaking, I would say that the trend that you have been seeing, the economy will probably look worse before it looks better.

STUDENT:  Djwhal, I wanted to ask you about this cloning issue.  First, is there any veracity to the claim that they have cloned a child, and secondly, why does this bring such a groundswell of fear into humanity.

DK:  Well, well, well, cloning, human cloning.  Well, the groundswell of fear is all about the sci fi atomitons are breeding special warriors and all of that which is actually a prediction into the future that you will clone genetically perfect human beings.  Quite frankly, it has been done already, it is being done more publically now.  It is a future reality, but there are cloned creatures.  The way technology keeps getting interpreted, particularly Aquarian technology, is interpreted as let's make these computers, let's make this genetically engineered plant, let's make a genetic tomato, let's make some genetic corn.  Let's duplicate genetic soil and make genetic soil.  Let's do it with live stock that we are going to eat and let's do it with - - so that is the way the technology is getting interpreted by the inventors, by the scientists and so on, and that is what they are doing with the energy.  What they will eventually do with it is create things like the absence of pain.  Pain can be eliminated.  Miracles will be allowed to happen with some of that technology.  I am personally putting in the vote for all of you waking up to the fact that you can perform miracles right now, not some time in the future.  This energy can be moving right now and we don't need to focus the energy and do cloning because you can just clear up the genetic defect with prayer and healing and some other tools.  But, in the meantime, that is where science will be looking. 

Most of the stir that I can presently see is based upon conflict with the religious belief system, simply put.  It is not so much of the sci fi images of these indestructible humans in the future or sterile humans in the future.  It is more about, I have been trained to believe something religiously and this goes against my religion and that is why I am upset about it.  There will be a lot of debate and a lot of energy spent debating and warring, again that is a form of war about belief systems.  What do you believe?  Well, the Bible says this.  Well, it is against this religion and that spiritual path and whatever.  And there will be a lot of energy put into that.  So, I would say, the one thing you can do is don't feed that war.  Don't engage in that debate.  Let others spend their energy on it if they want to, but move into a personal space, more of a commitment to have miraculous changes that are not medical science.  (Thank you.)  You are welcome.

I think we have time for one more if there is one more question.

All right, the I will just make a final comment.  This is, again, a very good time to get rid of old beliefs.  Don't carry any old beliefs with you forward.  Really think about being just wide open, like a child, moving through all these changes and that.  Don't go to your own little history file and say, Well, when this happened before, I had a bad experience.  Leave it all behind.  Don't go back there.  That file is closed.  It has been destroyed and you can't even read it anymore. Don't try to recall it in the cellular memory.  Like a child moving forward like, Oooo, this is Disneyland.  I wonder what the next ride is going to be.  And then you walk to that ride and you say, Well, it has caterpillars on it, and I think I would rather go over there and ride the one that has frogs on it, or something.  Just go around looking with wonder and without a past reflection and decide what to do next.  You have got a lot of power to make some very big belief system changes in the planetary consciousness, al of humanity consciousness, not just your own personal belief system.  That work that you do you will see shifting the reality on the larger scale, especially so this year.

All right, thank you all, and my love to you.
Djwhal Khul

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