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7 KEYS TO GRACE       By Beca Lewis

*First Key "Be Willing"*

The single most important key to Shifting to Spiritual Perception  is the step of Being Willing. There is no way around this first step. Being Willing cannot be forced on anyone or faked.

Being Willing involves every moment and every thought. It includes being willing to let go, willing to do what is asked, willing to be open, willing to set boundaries, willing to have no desires, willing to have everything, willing to follow inspiration, willing to evolve, willing to stop hurting, willing to be happy, willing to let Truth be the one and only guide --- all these are examples of willing. 
There is neither an end nor a beginning to Being Willing. It is the constant conscious yielding to Truth, which is Heaven here and now.

 * Second Key "Become Aware"*

Awareness is an art. In its purest form it is the ever-expanding constant consciousness of the State of Grace.

Awareness first brings to light the belief in two opposite points of view called "good" and "bad". These opposites appear in every area of life. If one group of people says something is good, another group believes just the opposite.

Lack of awareness keeps us at one end of a point of view in a distorted, conditioned mind, which is out of balance and at odds with the other end. Awareness brings the understanding that one is no better then the other, and that the belief in opposites or separation is a product of human conditioning. Another facet of Awareness wakes us up to current physical, emotional and mental states; uncovering hidden thoughts and habits.

Once awake, we can choose to rise above this limited point of view, and become Aware of the place of One - or the still place - the State of Grace.

 * Third Key "Understand Signs and Symbols *

The outside, visible world is the projection of the internal and non-visible world of our point of view. The signs and symbols of the Universe are not the Truth but messages that can be interpreted to discover either the essence of the Truth they are revealing or the lie they are telling.

Signs and symbols make up every part of life - from traffic to nature. Being Aware of the difference between signs and symbols of what is True and the reversal of what is True is critical to understand.

Signs and symbols are not anchors but guideposts on our path. If we believe them to be real and Truth rather than signs and symbols we will be locked into the accumulation of things rather than free to be the full expressions of boundless Life.
*Fourth Key "Learn Perception Rules"*

 There is a "law" in the physical universe that can never be overturned or negated. That is the law that "Perception produces reality and what is perceived to be reality magnifies."

Our point of view produces the visible. We verify what we believe through our senses and then agree that what we have verified IS reality. With this agreement our personal reality reproduces itself again and again. Every reproduction creates a stronger belief.

Belief produces emotion. Emotion strengthens our belief and the cycle continues. Nothing we experience is how it "really" is - everything we experience is the outpicturing of our highest

understanding of Truth. We are seeing our "point of view" and calling it reality.

The only permanent solution to experiencing a different reality is to Shift to Grace and let the law of perception work in our behalf.
*Fifth Key "Shift to Spiritual Perception*

The Shift® is the continuous moment-by-moment decision to yield to Grace by choosing Spiritual Reality over the cramped, limited belief in many personal realities. It is the decision to not believe or act out of duality or separation.

As we are willing to remain in the conscious constant Awareness of Truth, our thought is replaced by Mind's Thought and we will experience and see the material universe, as it really is - Spiritual Reality - and who we really are - the full expression of Truth or God.

Stay Shifted to Spiritual Perception by using the 8 easy-to- remember steps of GRACIOUS Perception Rules. Use the GRACIOUS model to remain aware and awake, to uncover and dissolve the beliefs that are creating a limited reality and to stay conscious of the constant outpouring of Spirit as Life.
*Sixth Key "Walk As One"*

Walk your talk and experience Relation-Shift! Truth is practical; therefore our expression of Truth will be practical and useful. We apply and use the Truth in every relationship we have-including our bodies, our supply, our work and our loves. We surround ourselves with those who have chosen a full commitment to Truth and can honor all those that "walk their talk" for the good of all in every area of life.
*Seventh Key "Celebrate with Gratitude"*

At the end of each ever-expanding circle of our increasing awareness that we live in the Kingdom of Heaven, we celebrate with gratitude- for what we now know, understand, and have put into practice, of Truth.

Our gratitude is unending for the understanding that as we Shift to Spiritual Perception and focus on Truth, what is untrue is revealed and easily dissolved through the understanding that all that has ever happened or will happen is the activity of the One Mind. 
We remind ourselves that the purpose of The Shift® to Spiritual Perception is not to change the outside picture, but to know and experience and be the activity of God.

 "Living in Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception". http://www.perceptionpublishing.com/Beca Lewis  © 2002 Perception Publishing & Beca Lewis


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