Turtle Woman's April 13 Experience

 For my self, it was a very profound event and I worked implanting the Christ Golden Light from approximately 2:50 PM to 3:25PM, central US. Due to the intense chemtrail spraying which took place over my home that day, I decided to work from within the protection of the medicine wheel in the backyard, placing an orgone generator in the center to help clear the sky and disperse/neutralize the chemtrail contamination.

I invited any animals who desired to help implant the Golden Light to enter the sacred circle with me. Two cats and one turtle joined the medicine wheel. The turtle (female) buried herself facing south into the earth on the east side of the South position of the wheel. The turtle, the sacred symbol of both the Mother Earth and the North American continent, is still holding that position.

As the Light implantation started, suddenly the neighborhood was filled with many birds bursting out in song, loudly singing while simultaneously dogs started barking from all directions as far as one could hear. This continued throughout the entire GoldenLight implantation until I stepped out of the medicine wheel. A hugh "sun dog" formed around the sun. Although the dogs stopped barking, the birds sang for the remainder of the day and throughout the night.

As one is not suppose to divulge personal inner experiences without permission , I can not give the details of my experience. I can,however, say it was an extremely profound experience and all levels were completely Golden. Like many others, I have felt an incredible increase and shift in energy.

The grid as yet is unfortunately not fully activated as shown by the Source in the Vision, as the instant, worldwide, Christ consciousness awakening of All on the planet has not happened. According to the Vision, there must be an exact timing of all implanting the light simultaneously on each grid point before this can happen. I have received email from some who were not able to stand in their positions, some were late and some did it a day early on the other side of the world, on their Saturday, which should have been on their Sunday.

Information has been shared within the past week indicating that this doorway to the Light Grid Activation is open until October. It is still possible to manifest the full Vision of Christ enlightened awakening for All. Others have been given information that the activation to enlightenment will be an accumulative build up to the moment of total awakening for all. Other information sent is that although the doorway will be open until October, that the time is short and we need to complete this soon. In checking for Truth, I have found all of these statements to be true. Please check in Truth for yourselves.

Therefore, I will continue to stand in the Golden Light each day at the exact given time until this miraculous event of world wide instant Christ enlightenment manifests in it's totality. I ask you to join me and others in continuing to implant the Golden Light on a daily basis. If the synchronized timing is inconvenient on a daily basis due to different time zones, then please stand at least once a week during the original times on Saturday (US side of the world) /Sunday (Australian side of the world).

Blessing to you one and all for your dedication, hard work, and simply being the beautiful beings which you are! All of creation thanks you!

Stay in the Golden Light.
All My Relations in Love and Light,
Turtle Woman, Oma