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Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto 
The Return of Father Earth's Spirit


Beloved masters, once more, let us focus on expanding your
consciousness to incorporate not only awareness of your world, but
of your solar system and galaxy.  In one of our missives some time ago
(RH: March, 2000  * The Return of the Goddess * Our Heavenly Mother
we took you on an inward journey out into your solar system so that
you could experience the energies of the planets therein.  We visited
Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, and we told you, "We will
not address the remaining planets in your solar system at this time,
but will save them for another time."  That time has come, and it is
appropriate that we now explore the energies of Uranus, Neptune,
and Pluto
, for they are greatly influencing what is occurring on Earth
at this time.

We will begin by telling you of some of the radical changes that are
affecting humanity and the Earth- a part of the never-ending process
of transformation.  In the beginning, when the Earth was formed and
preparing for inhabitation, it was ensouled by a great and wise Being
who was perfectly balanced in its masculine and feminine attributes-all
the positive virtues of Creator-consciousness.  This Being, which we
will call Gaia, for that is a name you are familiar with, remained in
perfect balance and harmony for millions of your years.  

Then came the time of the great cataclysms as humanity and the Earth
began their descent into density.  The vices of pride, envy, ambition,
willfulness, and arrogance began to infiltrate into the consciousness
of humanity.  As Earthlings, many became ensnared in the negative
uses of masculine energies, which manifested as anger, war, violence,
dominance, and a desire to control.  The energies of the First Ray, the
Ray of First Cause, the bearer of the supreme force of power and the
will to create, were greatly diminished on Earth so that humanity
would not destroy itself and the planet, as well.

For many thousands of years humanity was dominated by the forces
of a masculine nature.  Your earth became a world dominated by men,
with a patriarchal God, which relegated women and the Goddess
energies of creation to a subservient, diminished position.

In an effort to correct this unbalanced situation, Gaia was asked to
allow the masculine portion of itself to split and withdraw into the
higher realms, in order for the mother energies of the Goddess to more
fully radiate to Earth her attributes of tenderness, compassion, humility,
patience, and most important of all, love.  

Out of a desire to serve, and a great love for humanity, Gaia knew
this was necessary and agreed, although the separation brought great
sadness.  Over time, the Earth became known as Mother Earth, and her
masculine counterpart became known as Father Sky, for that part of
Gaia's Being that was withdrawn and relegated to the higher dimensions.

We have told you that the Goddess-Creator is returning to Earth in
full measure, and that the energies, attributes, and virtues of our
Mother/Father Creator are in the process of merging once more.  The
process of returning to unity consciousness is accelerating both within
and without, and in every facet of Creation.  Therefore, it is now time
for the Father aspects, attributes, and virtues of Earth to return and be
reunited with your Mother Earth.  In doing so, the birthing of a new
Earth will be greatly accelerated-an Earth that will, once again, be in
total harmony with all facets of Creation.

When you are functioning within the energetics of the lower
dimensions, you are greatly influenced by the vibrations of what have
been called the personal planets in your Solar System: the Moon,
Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn
, and in a much lesser way,
the more refined energies of Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune, which
represent the powerful energies of the coming New Age,
The Age of
Aquarius, according to your timekeeping.

Uranus is sometimes called the awakener, and it is the planet you
spend time on in between lifetimes when you need to overcome
the negative traits of rebelliousness, irresponsibility, and destructive
tendencies.  Your teachers and guides patiently assist you to "awaken"
the creativity within, to sharpen your perception and intuition, to
bring into balance your desire for personal freedom as you also learn
not to infringe on the freedom of others.

The influence of the planet Pluto  is very powerful at this time, for it
is the planet of rebirth, transformation, regeneration, illumination,
and wisdom. The negative aspects of this planet are very apparent on
Earth at this time:  destructive forces abound, conflict, struggle, and
strife.  You do not spend time on the planet Pluto in between lifetimes
until you are well on your way towards harmony/balance within, for
it is a difficult environment to experience.  It has been said that this
planet teaches its lessons of soul growth through painful experiences.
In that realm of experience, you learn to overcome your obsessions,
and the unconscious repressed ego desire energies, in an effort to tap
into and reinforce the desires of Spirit/unity consciousness.

Neptune has the most refined/rarified energies of all the planets in
your solar system.  It has been called the planet of illusion by those
who have studied astrology and those who come strongly under its
influence.  Until recently, humanity has mostly been influenced by
the negative energies of Neptune: confusion, delusion, fear, escapism,
and chaos.  As you evolve, you are allowed to spend time in the world
of Neptune in order to reinforce the vibrations of universal love,
spiritual wisdom, inspiration/vision, and compassion.
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As you attain balance/harmony and tap into your own inner Divine         
senses, you begin to draw on the positive vibrations/influences of the
planets, and the negative influences no longer affect you-the same
as it is with the physical chakra system and the Seven Rays of
.  You also are allowed to tap into all the gifts that
are stored in these other realms of experience, which result in bringing
forth into physical expression the gifts of genius, inspired works,
wondrous creations of art, music, and scientific accomplishments
beyond the comprehension of most people.

We recently addressed the issue of "Life after Death,"or more aptly
put, "Life after Life." Over time, we will continue to give you more
in-depth information about the worlds beyond your world. You see,
when you existed in an instinctual nature environment, and were
cut off from your Spirit-self, the majority of you lived in isolation
and your world was very small, as was your sphere of influence. Now,
as humanity comes of age, and with the development of advanced
technology, your world has become a small place, indeed. You know
what is taking place anywhere/everywhere on Earth within minutes
after it happens, and those of you on the path of en-Lighten-ment
realize that what happens to one, affects all.  You are learning that
you are your brother/sister's keeper.

As the great spiral of evolution turns, you are expanding your
consciousness beyond the confines of Earth as you seek to become
more aware of your relationship within the solar system, the galaxy,
and in the Divine Plan of the Creator. Many of you have attained a
level of soul mastery which allows you to experience the refined
energies of the Seven Spheres of Creator-consciousness during your
sleep time and also in-between lifetimes. You are no longer bound
to the worldly realms of your solar system, but are transported to the
wondrous worlds of the twelve Rays of galactic consciousness.

All of you spent time in each of these varied worlds of experience as
you made your descent from the multi-dimensions throughout the
universe in preparation for embodiment in your solar system and on
planet Earth.  It was necessary in order for you to acclimate to the lower
frequency patterns and to learn how to create on and exist in a realm
of physicality.  You cannot begin to comprehend how complex this
transformation process was, and how much of the vastness of Self you
had to leave in the higher dimensions in order to experience a
physical/material reality.

The process of ascension back into the realms of Light is really
much simpler, even if it does not seem so to you. All you have
to do is open your hearts and allow the Love/Light of Creation
to flow through and from you.  If you will learn to live from
within your Solar Power Center, and return to the Still Point of
Creation as often as possible, this magic elixir will slowly, but
surely, dissolve all impacted negative energies within, as you
integrate the many facets of Self and return to a state of

In this refined, multi-dimensional world of Light that is
superimposed over the old Earth of fear, lack, hate, and chaos,
miracles are taking place at an astounding pace.  Your
Mother/Father Earth Spirit has been reunited, and the masculine
and feminine attributes and virtues they each carry have been
magnified and expanded.

The Earth must be acknowledged as a living, sentient, viable life
force that is your host parent on this journey among the stars.
The health and well-being of the Earth is critical to humanity's
health and well-being, for without clean air, water, and fertile
soil, you will surely perish.  The Earth must and will be honored
and respected, and the Spirit of the Earth will no longer allow
humanity to rape and pillage its resources and its very Beingness.

Your Mother Earth still loves you and is willing to support you
in every way possible, but she and your Father Earth demand that,
as the appointed caretakers of the earth, you must take responsibility
for your actions. Begin by cleaning up and honoring your home
environment-the land that you own and are responsible for, and
then expand your influence to your neighborhood, cities, states, and
country. Think of the Earth as your living partner, for it is so. Think
of how your projects or plans affect the Earth. In fact, it should be
your first consideration, for the Earth is your foundation, and
without a firm, healthy foundation, all your dream castles will

We are endeavoring to give you a glimpse of the "big picture"
in order to help you understand how limited your perception has
been until recent years. And even though it seems complicated to
many, we can only give you the simplest overview of a very
complex universe and the diversity of the Creator's plan.

As you read and digest the wisdom we share with you each month,
we ask you to make an effort to integrate more of these concepts
into your daily lives.  Each of you creates the world you live in-your
version of reality, and you can change your world by shifting your
consciousness to a more refined frequency.  

You do not have to understand all the "workings" of the universe,
but take what resonates within, and then live it and be an example
for others. It is time for you to be reunited, not only with your soul
and Higher Self, but with your Divine counterparts, your twin souls,
and your soul family.  You can acknowledge the masculine and
feminine facets of yourself and endeavor to utilize the best attributes
of both, so that you no longer have to experience the "battle between
the sexes." In doing so, you can tap into the energies/Spirit of the
Earth and the awesome energy of the unified Father/Mother Creator
and agree to be a living example for this unified Life Force Energy.

First you move into the frequencies of harmlessness, and soon
your radiance begins to glow and expand, then comes the opportunity
to truly make a difference in the world.  There are so many ways you
can radiate the Love/Light of Creation, both small and great.

It will be up to you, the Light Warriors of Peace, to use this great gift
of reunification for the highest good of all.  Accept the gift that your
Father Earth offers you, and become an advocate and champion for
the health and welfare of the Earth. Thank and honor your Mother
Earth for the great sacrifices she has made for all of you over the
many ages. Affirm and decree that you will join others in a campaign
to heal your planet and return it to its lush, pristine beauty.  Go into
your Pyramid of Light/Power and radiate love and compassion to
EVERYONE and everything on and in the Earth. We will join you
there, beloveds. I AM Archangel Michael.

written by Ronna Herman <ronnastar@earthlink.net>
Posted Fri, 1-Feb-2002 02:03:56 GMT

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