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Encouraging info. Kids of Light  ~  Psychic Children
A Letter from James Twyman

 Dear Friends,
 This is one of the most important emails I have ever written to you.  Over the last six years I have traveled to war torn countries and  meditated with reclusive Emissaries of Light. But nothing can quite  compare to my recent experiences with the psychic children I met in  Bulgaria, or the sudden revelation I received from one of them not more  than ten minutes ago.
Spend a moment reading this email, and the amazing message from the  Psychic Children. And feel free to pass this out to everyone on your own  list.
 Let me back up for a moment for those of you who are not aware of these  experiences.  Most of us have heard about the Indigo and Psychic Children  that are emerging to assist us in an evolutionary leap in consciousness.  It is a very real phenomenon, perhaps more real than most of us realize.  I realized that for myself in January, 2001 when I was giving a talk in  San Francisco and met a ten year old Bulgarian boy named Marco who  exhibited the most amazing psychic powers I have ever witnessed.  (Not to  mention that three days after I met him, I couldn't hold a spoon in my hand without it bending in half .an "ailment" that continues to this day.  But that's another story.) Months later, after seeing Marco in a series  of dreams, I traveled to Bulgaria to learn more, only to discover a  monastery in the mountains devoted to training these amazing children  before they can be perverted by a government program designed to  "harvest" their powers for political purposes.  The monastery was in the  process of training four children at the time, and I was fortunate to  spend a few hours with each one of them.

 There were two things they all mentioned. The first was a question they felt they were here to ask humanity, a question that may hold the key to each one of us accepting our own enlightenment. They said: "How would  you act and what would you do if you realized that you are an Emissary of Love right now?" (This is my own personal paraphrase from the many ways they expressed this idea.) The second was an energetic grid they have been weaving around the whole planet that enables them to consciously link with every other Psychic Child alive today.  It is this grid that I want to address now.

Earlier this evening I was soaking in a hot tub in our back yard when I  heard a small voice in my ears.  At first I wasn't sure if it was my imagination, or if I was perhaps hearing a conversation in a nearby yard. But then I recognized the voice.  It belonged to one of the four children I met at the monastery in Bulgaria, a young boy named Thomas.  He was the child who told me the most about the energetic grid, and I suddenly had the feeling that he was with me again, but I wasn't sure  how.  All I can say is that a message came through, one of the most exciting, important messages I have ever heard, that confirmed something I had suspected for some time now.  He said that the grid was now strong enough to support the vast majority of the Earth's population.  The grid had been established and was strengthened by the Psychic Children for two reasons:  1. To draw in the souls of other Psychic Children who would help shift the paradigm.  2. To offer an energetic platform for the rest of us to access that place within ourselves, enabling us to ascend to their level of awareness. Thomas explained that the work was now complete, and even offered a method for accessing the grid. I jumped out of the hot tub and immediately wrote the simple message down.

And there was one other thing. Thomas made it very clear that this  message was only to be shared with individuals who "asked" to receive it.  In other words, I was not to simply post it on a web site where  anyone can stumble upon it.  He explained that the real magic will only occur by actually requesting the information.  It should be distributed free to anyone who asked, but they would have to ask.  The message comes  in three separate parts (very short), and will be emailed to anyone in three separate emails.    Conversation with Thomas

I have, posted the conversation (link here) I had while in  Bulgaria with both Thomas and another boy named Ivan on my website.  Simply go to
WWW.JamesTwyman.com and you will see it at the top of the page.  I think you'll be amazed at the profound wisdom they exhibit so  freely.     Thank you for taking time to read this email, and let us know you want  to receive the message right away.

 In Peace,
 James F. Twyman
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