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Changing our World

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
2 Kan, 7 Yax, 10 Caban      1/29/02

Greetings! We come, dear Hearts, to bring you more interesting news.

In our last message, we told you that some of the arcane knowledge of this realm was passed on to a handful of specially selected initiates. For untold millennia, these Beings, aristocrat and commoner alike, served as the 'gates' for this wisdom. As a result of their courage, this knowledge has been preserved and carefully adjusted to the Earth plane. Now, this information is being 'leaked' into your world, helping many of you to better prepare for what is about to take place. Your current reality is transforming. At the same time, the old power structure is dying and its abilities to sustain itself are withering around you. This process is part of the procedures that are altering your reality. To understand them more fully, realize that all of the events upon your world occur in cycles. During the past nine millennia, the Anunnaki and their earthly minions forged an immense power structure. This power structure, in turn, produced a matrix that has determined the very nature of your limited reality.

      Within this matrix, they skillfully shaped your perceptions.  The various cabals that ruled their assigned sectors of your world gave away your reality's wealth, power and culture as they pleased.  Because the cabals had access to the Anunnaki's advanced technologies for so many millennia, occasional strange anomalies are found in Southern Europe, Egypt, Africa, the Americas, Australia, Asia and a few Pacific islands.  There, advanced flying devices, electrical technologies and even evidence of computers have been discovered.  Most are not remnants of Atlantis but are, instead, a sign that the 'sky gods' bestowed technology upon their chosen servants.  These items were used to hold you spellbound so that you would be more willing to believe what you were told.  The success of these manipulations allowed many ancient empire builders to carve out huge dominions, creating the numerous popular mythologies that continue even now.  More significantly, their actions legitimized the concept of 'the rulers' and 'the ruled'.

      The dichotomy of a social elite ruling the masses beneath it lies at the very heart of your old reality.

 Every sovereign state in your history possessed some variant of this structure.  Because of it, massive state projects and wars were devised by the few and carried out by the many.  Moreover, the culture of your world was very carefully manipulated so as to maintain the divisions imposed by the Anunnaki and, through them, to break it and keep it in constant conflict with itself.  Only in the realm of conflict and disagreement were the Anunnaki able to forcefully exert their influence.  Members of the many ruling classes enjoyed the advantages of extraordinary wealth and immense power - a most
intoxicating brew. Yet, churning below the surface was a growing movement to liberate you.  Occasionally, this movement was furthered by recurring conflicts between the various factions of Anunnaki.  Each time, this nascent warfare allowed certain types of knowledge to be passed on to the special 'gatekeepers' to which we already have alluded.

      These shamans understood the true importance of this arcane information.  They took on the inviolate secrecy that would keep this wisdom ready for its future work.  To maintain themselves, shamans, priests and other spiritual guides of both sexes used part of their special knowledge to sustain the power of their respective ruling classes.  In this way, they helped to preserve the wisdom intact.  Therefore, although segments have been added in numerous ways, at its core the wisdom remains very ancient, indeed.  The great Masters who incarnated many times upon your world have left new chapters to a chosen few.  Certain 'prophets' were allowed to receive this wisdom in great visions.  At appropriate moments in your history, these insights have been passed on from one culture to another.  In this manner, the sacred knowledge has been compiled and a series of important sacred traditions have been established.  Now, they are being very quietly made public.  Soon, they will become more widely known.

      The operation that is preparing your reality for transformation has continued for a very long time.  Heaven is profoundly concerned that this procedure will turn out as provided in the sacred decrees of the divine plan. Those who now covertly rule you realize how intensely we value this project.  In the recent past, we have visited them as individuals, or as a group during procedural meetings.  In both cases, we showed them the consequences of certain actions and expressed our heartfelt concerns.  Now, we are beginning to put in place the next series of scenarios decreed by the divine plan.  We ask you, dear Ones, to remain focused upon your imminent success. Continue to demonstrate compassion.  Observe present events as merely the final series of actions that are needed to secure the victory that is within your grasp.  Never lose sight of who you really are.  Remain in the divine Light of Grace and be able to forgive and Love all who dwell on this beautiful orb.

      The process of transforming your reality is extremely involved.  In many past messages, we have explained how it operates at different levels simultaneously.  It also works to change the way your past, present and future interrelate. Every event that is 'past' or 'future' is connected, in some way, to your 'present'. 'Present' is an ongoing event and includes your existing level of awareness. This dichotomy is important when you begin to discover how consciousness affects reality. 'Past', 'Present' and 'Future' are determined by your degree of presence. As you move into a higher level of awareness, your ability to know and use it allows you to manifest positive outcomes. You become a valuable co-creator of your reality. As you come to be more aware of the collective aspects of this procedure, you are also able to manifest a new reality.

      All of these things have a significant effect on your scientific and cultural paradigms. They permit you to reconsider concepts that you formerly dismissed as either illogical or highly improbable. And, since newness is attached to them, these reshaped ideas become the foundation of a new global paradigm. Right now, this process is occurring in your science and is forcing many cultural leaders to begin to re-examine their worldview. The time is fast approaching when several important announcements will shatter your deeply held beliefs and result in the implementation of many concepts that your world still widely dismisses. This process will lead to our more open intervention in your affairs. At the moment, this intervention extends only to our ships' brief appearances in your skies and a covert liaison mission carried out with certain cabals and some major governments.

      Soon, we intend to expand this operation. For us to do this, a sequence of necessary events must occur. We have developed a contingency plan and we are now putting our fleet into position. Your limited reality is under great pressure to transform. It is reaching the very brink of the moment when a great series of profound changes will occur. At this 'omega point', all continuing resistance to change will become totally futile. As a result of this approaching condition, we are aware that your wondrous transformation is indeed inevitable. Heaven understands this, as well as the way in which divine grace has shaped all of the events that are presently manifesting before you. Therefore, our behavior patterns in the early stages of this first contact will continue only for a little longer. Ahead lie the long-awaited moment of our meeting and the intense joy of our ensuing celebrations.

      Today, we have discussed the many facets of your changing reality and how they are leading you toward first contact with us. We ask you to remain focused on your inevitable abundance and your certain victory. Do not be too discouraged or too impatient. Understand intuitively that this transformation is coming and that its time is fast approaching. We now take our leave.
Blessings! Know, dear Hearts, that the countless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours!
Amen.  Selamat Gajun!  Selamat Ja!

(Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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