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Channeled by Soluntra King
Updated 24th DECEMBER 2001

[Note: Times are given in Queensland, Australia time along with
Greenwich Mean Time GMT to help you work out the time in your part of
the planet.]

Lyra is the prism that this world came out of. As the prisms of light
create life on many different star systems in this galaxy, we
experienced many degrees of duality. Orion was total dark and light
games, and these also came to Earth, which was originally settled by
Lyrans who went on to settle the Pleiades. Orion has unified and opened
the doorway of the 11:11 for us to also unify, which is happening now.
Wega is the brightest star in Lyra and a star essence I made of it many
years ago is simply "I AM Light." This was made in water that has never
had anything put into it to keep it from going stagnant, and for 11
years now it is still clear.

The stargate in Lyra opening on this day is Sulphat, the star essence I
made of it is "I AM Life, from the Source of Creation. I illuminate you
with life as your whole presence is united back to Source." This
stargate is assisting humanity to merge back through the prism in unity.
It is creating another Pole Shift as the Earth shifts with this energy.
In your life it will create change, depending on your soul how small or
great, but you are now aligning more fully to your Soul's expression and
joy as we merge back through the prism in unity. So on this day allow
your Soul to guide you and be open to the changes from within your
heart's desire. When you are true to your heart and Soul, you are in joy
and free. You unify not only yourself but you are all creation, and so
the filaments of light, the Hologram of your Love sings in that joy
which assists all beings. Go to a sacred site, your own home or a
vortex, earth grid, dimensional doorway in whatever time you are guided.
You can use crystal, flowers, candles, incense; these may help you
create an atmosphere. Or just simply go within, connect to Source and
Earth within your Heart and be open to being one with Sulphat as it
opens within you, all beings and the Earth Plane. Be aware that you are
the anchor that grounds this energy on the Earth Plane and in the
Heavens as the Earth and you shift frequency.

FULL MOON IN LEO 8.51 degrees
JANUARY 29th 8.51am Qld 9.51am EST GMT 11.51pm January 28th
The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration. In Leo, we are
opening our heart and aligning with divine will, trusting and
surrendering in unconditional love, allowing ourselves to be from our
Source as the Sun is in Aquarius, and we open up to the new paradigm and
allowing. Time to celebrate all we have unified and completed on our
journey as we can now simply BE. Time to have a party and fun with the
Leo energy. We can warmly enjoy people and dance the night away under
the moon.

ALSO TODAY IS AN INNER EARTH OPENING: This means that as the veils clear
away and we become multi-dimensional, we are more open to connecting to
the other dimensional worlds that exist in the Earth. Many of the beings
who live there have lived on the surface in ancient civilizations such
as MU. When the Earth has shifted at other times, they have moved beyond
the third density and inhabit higher dimensional, beautiful worlds
within the Earth. There are places on the Earth that are doorways to the
Inner Earth, some famous ones being Mt. Shasta in California, Courthouse
Rock at Sedona, Arizona, the North Pole which was even filmed by Admiral
Byrd after the Second World War. The beings from the Inner Earth are so
joyful that the Second Sun is now here as a sign of the great shift in
cycle and Golden Age. Please see TWIN SUN If you would like to connect
and journey into the Inner Earth. Then it is not so much a matter of
going somewhere physically but going within.

Connect through Source, the Greater Central Sun, Central Sun, Sun,
Second Sun, the Sun within your Heart, the Sun within the Centre of the
Earth as the Golden Light flows through your heart from Source to Earth
and back again ... Become aware that you are in a sacred space, a clear
crystal, sacred geometry structure that is multi-prismed and illuminates
radiant light and loving energy ... Surrender into this powerful force
field ,and allow yourself to vibrate with this energy. As you do, it
becomes higher and higher in frequency ... until you merge with the
crystalline light becoming one ... as a doorway opens that takes you now
into the Inner Earth to meet your self there in that dimension and the
beautiful beings who live there ... Be open to whatever you see, sense,
feel or know deep within you ... Also be open to any messages, or ask
any questions you choose ... what is your role with the Inner Earth and
the beings there? ... How does it relate to the change in cycle?

On this day, the Earth is shifting into alignment with other worlds that
are in higher dimensions. As we complete the cycles and align with the
Sun, Second Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun, fully in the
Photon Belt and Golden Cycle, the separation between worlds dissolves as
all worlds are one. Today is when this energy is merging more fully and
can be seen and felt more easily. As the interfacing takes place it
activates more of your codings of your divine blueprint. So be open to
what you perceive, and allow yourself to remember.

NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS 23.25 degrees
FEBRUARY 12th 5.41pm QLD EST 6.41pm GMT 8.41am
The New Moon is always the time to go within, to the inner planes and
parts of us that are hidden. It is also the seed of the new beginning.
In Aquarius, we can create new ways of thinking and being. As the Moon
and Sun are one at a New Moon, in Aquarius we are given the opportunity
to look at others and the world in love and as a sister/brotherhood, we
are all one. We can use this loving energy to create new ways of being
for ourselves, moving beyond the limitations of duality and separation.
Where in our own life can we create a more unified, humanitarian
approach to the way we are and what we do? As we unify, our greatest
service to humanity is in our Beingness as we become the example of true
love and acceptance of all and are free to create exciting new ways of
living, working and co-creating.

FULL MOON IN VIRGO 8.36 degrees
FEBRUARY 27th 7.17pm Qld 8.17 EST GMT 10.17am
The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration. In Virgo, the
Goddess energy this year is illuminating in through this moon, and
according to the Mayans, this full moon is a major doorway for the
Goddess energy to illuminate humanity into the ways of the heart. The
energy of Virgo assists greatly with healing and being of service.
Polarized by the Sun in Pisces, the compassionate, cosmic flow of divine
energy from this full moon is one to assist humanity out of their fears
and the consequent disharmony caused by this. Take yourself somewhere
that is sacred and has a powerful energy to celebrate and be illuminated
by this full moon. Be open to receiving the Goddess within your heart
and see the loving, nurturing, compassionate energy illuminating all
beings as they are their full presence.

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