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 Aloha,  Peace to All Living Beings,

Living in Harmony

Update by Sheldan Nidle  for the Spiritual Hierarchy
and the Galactic Federation

       8 Caban, 0 Yax, 10 Caban      1/22/02      
Greetings! We arrive with the purpose of further enlightening you. In

previous messages, we have discussed the nature of this reality and its
operation. We have explained that your reality is layered. It possesses
the things that you know and that follow what your scientists call the
'laws of nature'. It is also endowed with things you know little about,
which seem to defy these 'natural laws'. Realities, dear Hearts, always
contain elements that prepare them to express all possibilities. Bear
this in mind as you explore your world and what surrounds it. The single
universal  key in all of this remains consciousness. The universe
organizes itself through this divine awareness. Each reality and its
corresponding dimension are constructed upon its divine decrees.
Consciousness, in fact, is the greatest gift that the Creator has
bestowed upon all of Creation. Heaven, in turn, has bequeathed different
degrees of this sacred gift to various aspects of physicality. By
applying it, you, in your various guises, have experienced events that
have added to the divine knowledge and wisdom of Heaven.
     This process leads you to experience innumerable lifetimes on many
different planets and in numerous dissimilar realities. This knowledge
provides a foundation for the way you have gone about your present life
on Earth. Each reciprocally planned experience forms the basis on which
to expand that knowledge. Now, you need to develop a deeper
understanding of this largely misunderstood operation. First, be aware
that realities are unique and, as we have just stated, are quite capable
of expansion. As you grow, you do not cast off a past layer of a
reality. Instead, you take it with you. Rather than be
'third-dimensional', Earth can become fourth- or fifth-dimensional.
Always remember that you do not leave it behind you. On the contrary, it
employs its own possibilities to expand and contain what you have
become. In a reality, everything is interconnected. Everyone expands
this reality according to a new consensus that creates a new paradigm.
This new paradigm alters the primary 'rules' that are the driving force
for your reality. Remember that the major reason underlying your present
transformation is the creation of a new, fully conscious reality.

     The operation of altering a reality is simultaneously simple and
extremely complex. This paradox lies at the heart of what you are
experiencing now. Consider, dear Ones, the immense possibilities
extended to every aspect of physical Creation. Further, imagine how vast
is the potential conferred upon each one of you! Consequently, you
possess both a reality capable of infinite change and sentient
inhabitants capable of providing infinite paradigms to guide that
change. Out of this divine magic emerges the blueprint by which this is
carried out. The divine plan is fully aware of this procedure and
accounts for it in an astonishing set of continuous decrees. This
balance between a reality, its sentient habitants and the divine plan is
truly phenomenal! We have arrived in this realm and observed the way
this marvelous kaleidoscope is brought about. In this is to be found a
most incredible series of sentient Beings who dwell in an extraordinary
reality. The divine plan is constantly increasing your potentials and
 possibilities. Only a very few of you have actually grasped the nature
of what is unfolding. Nevertheless, most possess the capacity to quickly

     Each of you understands the fear and limitation that occasionally
exist in this present reality. It is crucial for you to learn to see it
through different eyes. These 'new' eyes see it as an illusion that you
are able to transmute as you wish. You embody an infinite capacity to
transform yourselves, your fellows and your environment. Its source is
the consciousness that you carry within you. It is at once both
collective and individualistic. You inhabit a Soul whose vastness most
of you do not yet fully realize. Our purpose, here, is to present this
to you and then teach you how to apply it. First, go within and feel
your own immensity. You contain immeasurable realities, dimensions and
all that go with it. You possess the potential to express how these r
ealms are formed and how they can fully represent this potential through
actual events and circumstances. In this way, you are helping to
co-create what currently surrounds you.

     These realities and corresponding dimensions are directly linked to
you. This is the reason your science notes several paradoxes at
subatomic and cosmic levels that, to them, remain incomprehensible. Once
consciousness is added, these seeming 'puzzles' are solved. The universe
is alive! Its life flows within you and vice versa. Second, we ask you
to concentrate on using your powerful consciousness to transform a
negative circumstance within your life. A positive affirmation that you
keep to yourself and focus on each day can work miracles. You could also
simply use your imagination. In great detail, set a goal and envision it
in your mind. With the same degree of detail you used to imagine it,
write it down. Alone, at a fixed time of the day, read it aloud for as
many days as your intuition demands. Then, burn it and offer it to the
universe. At the divine right time, it will manifest according to your

     This process of change is founded upon your ever-expanding levels
of consciousness. Consciousness is merely the awareness of your ability
to use your potential to shape the possibilities of your reality. It
begins with the realization of your human interconnectedness. This leads
to compassion and to an understanding of how divine grace operates.
This, in turn, creates a new perception of the workings of Creation. You
begin to construct a logic that is founded upon the Heart and quickly
learn just how indispensable Love is. Love and its divine corollary,
Light, are elements that, together with Time, have given life to all of
Creation. The ways in which they combine are determined by a system of
potential called 'divine grace'. The Creator has established a system
that allows Creation to reveal itself in an infinite number of ways.
Your role is to use these means to help it to occur according to plan.

     On your world, this rarely acquired determination is known as
'divine Enlightenment'. Several great spiritual Masters have encountered
it and passed its knowledge on to their disciples. In their muddled
thought, most of these disciples have lost this wisdom and therefore
have failed to fully pass it on to others. Hence, the term
'Enlightenment' has been given assumed perceptions that are not
precisely correct. You must realize that it is a special awareness of
which all are capable. You are all about to become enlightened. We
understand this divine state, in which the workings of Creation become
seen and known, as full consciousness. In it, your role will be fully
explained and you will learn when to engage it and when to refrain. You
will become rhythmically attuned to it and will recognize the effects of
its timing on yourself and others, and on the workings of the divine

     This infinite wisdom allows you to advance physical Creation as the
Creator intended. You become accustomed to living in perfect harmony
with your environment and with each other. The difficulties that the
great spiritual Masters encountered in your reality will not occur. You
will flow, and act out your role according to the demands of Heaven and
your Full Self. Our task is to help you adjust to the immensity of what
you will be exposed to. Its joys will become your own, and you will
fully and lovingly embrace its inestimable potential. Through it, a new
galactic society will be born. Your wondrous destiny will be fulfilled.
All of this remains in your future. Before it becomes reality, several
extraordinary events will unfold before your eyes. Of them, the most
momentous will be the arrival of global prosperity, and formal
announcements of our existence and our landing upon your shores.

     Today, in a new way, we have reviewed the components of our
discussion. We have revealed their connection to full consciousness and
how you may use your magnificent gifts to get there. Remain patient,
focused and committed. Remember that your return to full consciousness
is predestined. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know, dear Hearts,
that the endless Prosperity and Abundance of Heaven is yours! Amen.
Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One Be in Joy!) 
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