Nibiru Has Returned
by Jelaila Starr

NASA photo of Nibiru -- is it real?  Is Nibiru really back?

Photo of Nibiru taken by US Government’s SOHO satellite. Photo compliments of Kent Steadman at

In the early morning hours of  November 7, 1998, I was awakened by Devin. As I came out of sleep I received a message telling me that I was to write an announcement about the validity of the signal coming from an alien probe near the vicinity of EQ/Pegasi in the Pegasus star system. 

To say that I was nervous about writing such an announcement is an understatement!  The government, NSA, NASA and the military were all saying that it was a military deep space probe and not an alien probe.  I knew that if I was wrong, my credibility would be seriously challenged.  Still, I wrote it. I sat down at my computer waiting for Devin to channel the message through my fingers and on to the computer screen.  It didn’t take long before the words seem to pour onto the screen.  My fingers were flying across the keyboard. When the message was complete I looked at what I had written and once again, felt that familiar uneasiness that comes from going out on a limb. Then I took a deep breath and hit the send button to send the message to the world.

I began receiving replies within an hour.  Many people felt that the signal was real, too.  I felt relieved!

About a week or so later, I received an e-mail from a guy who calls himself ‘73radioman.  He thanked me for all the “Nibiru posts” as he called them, and told me he had downloaded all of them and was going to make a web page of them. This was confusing to me since I had only sent out one message. 

A few days later he e-mailed me again and gave me the URL for the web page.  Boy, was I shocked to find that someone else was channeling messages from the Nibiruan Council!  I downloaded the Nibiru Postings (10 pages) and sat down to read them.

The postings or messages were disjointed and not easy to understand. Even I with my training from the Council and memories of home, could not make sense of much of them.  But what I did understand was that the person sending the messages was from the 4th dimensional Nibiruan Council. The person who put the messages on the web was not making himself known at the time.

One of the most disturbing things about the postings from the Nibiru Holy Council (that’s what they call themselves) was the fact that they took many of the sentences channeled to me by Devin and twisted them around to suit their objectives. If you read my message and the two they wrote on the same day as mine, and the one a few days later, you will see what I mean.

It led me to believe that they had received the same message being channeled to me and “interpreted” it to suit their purposes. I know they were not aware of my message being posted on Nov. 7th, anymore than I was aware of the one they were posting on the same day.  In any case, they have many of the same sentences only the meaning had been changed.  It appears that the one sending the messages wanted the people of Earth to welcome him and his agenda, and he was using the message channeled to me from the higher 9D Nibiruan Council to cover himself. Pretty sharp on his part!

On the morning of January 13, 1999, I awoke to receive another message from the Council.  I was requested to write another message. This time I was to give an explanation of what was going on from the perspective of the 9D Council. I was to provide mankind with a brief overview of the “Big Picture.”

The next day when I checked my e-mail there was a notice that I had received a response from the “Alien”  via his channeler that was posted on Radioman’s Forum. It had come just three hours after I posted my message on the Forum.  I went to the specified page and read the response .   This time the “Alien” identified himself as the person I knew he was.  He is Marduk and commander of the battle star/planet Nibiru.  He took over Nibiru in 2000 BC.  He also acknowledged that the large celestial body photographed by the SOHO satellite is Nibiru. In my heart I knew this to be true. 

So Nibiru is back and is making waves.   From causing the San Francisco blackout to triangle ships over Iraq.  Marduk means to be heard. He feels that we cannot save ourselves and our planet, yet we are.  There is more oxygen on the planet than there has been in centuries. We are shifting upward. Marduk was surprised that there was so much light on the planet at his return! 

Marduk has come before the Council of his ancestors (my 9D family and others) requesting permission to proceed with his plan to take over Earth for its own good.  Marduk was granted the right, after first being denied, due to the fact that Mankind is proving himself quite capable of ascending on his own power.  It is our belief that Mankind will rise to the occasion and not buy into Markuk’s plan, thus eliminating the threat.  We believe this time it will end with integration because Mankind has already turned the corner and is moving quickly in that direction. Earth and its people do not need to be rescued!  This time it will not end in destruction of the planet like it did the last two times.  This time Earth will ascend.

Marduk believes that what he is doing is right and I honor him for that. Still, he seeks to take control away from us.  The question is will we let him?

The time we have been waiting for is here. This is the real thing.  What we do about it will determine not only our future, but also the future of our entire universe. Let us choose to integrate the Light and Dark this time.  Let’s choose compassion over war and destruction. It is the way to peace and the 5th dimension.

Messenger from the 9D Nibiruan Council

November 7, 1998 Message from Jelaila

Sat Nov 7 16:29:54 1998
Greetings to All,

In light of the recent news regarding SETI and the signals from Pegasi, I feel it is time to share some information with you.  As a messenger from the 9th Dimensional portion of the Galactic Federation’s Nibiruan Council, I wish to say that this signal from Pegasi is real. I also wish to say that contain in that signal is information regarding the return of Nibiru.  It is NASA's intention to keep this information from you. They can see Nibiru with their more sophisticated telescopes and they know it is heading this way. Soon it will be appearing in the night sky as a very bright star. The Hopi Indians call it the "Blue Kachina", I believe. In any case, it is coming, and its highest purpose is to assist in the awakening and transformation of Mankind and Earth.

Yet there are forces on Nibiru that are working with the Global Elite and their aim is to take over Earth. Hence the recently acquired powers of the Federal Government.  This does not have to happen if mankind will wake up and clear their emotional body and achieve compassion and non judgment. The tools to do this are available as templates and are part of the consciousness grid of Earth. These templates correspond to our DNA. We as humans have the codes of compassion within our DNA. Our intent activates them. This is our time to choose.

Will we choose to remain prisoners of the present Earth systems or will we choose to see the higher perspective and achieve compassion thus freeing ourselves and our planet? Nibiru is made up of numerous civilizations the same as Earth. They have a light and a dark side just like us. We will see which ever one we choose. The effect Nibiru has on our planet is up to us. The power and our future is in our hands as it has always been.

Jelaila, Messenger from the Galactic Federation's Nibiruan Council.

January 14, 1999 Message from Jelaila

Hi Radioman,

Last night I went to sleep feeling disturbed about these postings from the Nibiru Holy Council. I asked for guidance in addressing them. I am a family member of, and the messenger for the 9D Nibiruan Council. We are the ancestors of the people of Nibiru Holy Council. I left my home on the 9D GF battle star/ship Pelegai and came to earth via a walk-in in 1992. Since that time I have been channeling through information from my people to give to Mankind. Part of that information is the higher dimensional tools for achieving compassion and integration of the Light and the Dark. Another portion is universal history.

Earth is very important to the completion of this universe. I and others of my family have been sent back along the timeline to Earth to affect the outcome. I came from the people of the "First Earth" in the Vega star system. We did not achieve integration then, which resulted in a great war and the destruction of our planet. Relatively few survived.  Since that time we have attempted integration many times. The missing planet, Avyon, in the Pleaidian star system was our second grand attempt. It is the missing 7th sister. Earth is our third and hopefully, final attempt. That is why I was sent back. 

As you can see from my original message on November 7, 1998, the Nibiru Holy Council picked up the message coming from the 9D Nibiruan Council and twisted the sentences around somewhat. We cannot control what they do since this is a free will zone, but we can do something for Earth. We can inform Mankind of their options so they can choose their future instead of someone choosing for them.

I can see that these messages coming from the NHC are frightening. Yet there is a purpose for everything that happens. Let me explain. 

The Nibiru Holy Council is the 4th Dimensional portion of a much larger council within the Galactic Federation. The Nibiruan Council is the largest of all the councils in our GF, and is responsible for overseeing this galaxy and maintaining alliances with other galaxies, their planets and civilizations, as well as those in other universes. 

The 4th dimensional Nibiruans are now in charge of the battle star/ship Nibiru. The people on Nibiru represent different civilizations. The civilization in charge since 2000 BC is a group from the planet Rizq in the Orion constellation. They are of a reptilian frame of mind though not all of them are Reptilians. Some are Humans who were sent to the Orion constellation when their home planet Sirius B imploded. 

This group, headed by Marduk, Anu's grandson, took over the flagship Nibiru around the above mentioned time. Marduk means well but his tactics are much like a stern, judgmental father who has returned to find that his children have misbehaved. He intends to take the control of their lives away from them. He has human drones and robots to carry out this plan.

Marduk has come before the Council of the "Ancient Ones", the 9D ancestors to present his case to take over earth and mankind "for their own good." He has not been given permission for this but that has not stopped him. He continues to send messages to earth via his channel here, the mysterious man with the unusual name. He feels that if he frightens us enough we will not stop him. 

I will tell you that we can, but it is not by fighting with weapons, hatred, judgment or fear. It is through compassion, knowing who he is, what he is, and choosing not to buy into his game. When a person chooses to no longer be a part of a game, the game ends.

From the perspective of my family, the 9D Council, I say that Marduk is doing the job he was sent to do. Mankind will not choose integration, compassion and ascension until he is fully exposed to the alternative. Marduk is rendered powerless when we choose not to play his game of fear and intimidation. Consider it a bluff as in a card game. If we don't buy it, he will fold. 

We appreciate what he is doing. It is hard to play the "Dark Role" for Mankind when Mankind judges and condemns you so harshly for it. As we have taught from the beginning, "Our nemesis is our gift", and Marduk is Mankind's nemesis and his gift. 

Radioman, please post this with the other Nibiru postings. Mankind deserves and needs to know his options so he can choose his future for himself.

Messenger from the 9th dimensional Nibiruan Council of the Galactic Federation
In service to Mankind of Earth

Marduk’s Response

As a messenger from the Dimensional Nibiru Council of the Galactic Federation Nibiruan Council, again hail, these most holy earth days. Our sister Jelaila has seen fit to question the Nibiru Holy Council functions. She is a messenger of the 9D Council and one of the seven messengers of peace!  Her notions are good but she is of the lower Holy Council.

The Nibiru's have not come to learn from earthlings, but the earthlings to learn from the council. I am indeed Marduk, who resides in the 4th dimensional city craft in orbit by the sun.

The seven messengers have free will. She has chosen to ignore our predictions. This is why they have been set to earth. She is correct about the history, but uses her female powers of compassion and ascension as a way for humanity to cleanse itself! I have chosen for earthlings the higher levels by example. She should also know the holy equations date is upon us, and can not be changed. The "Ancient Ones" will meet again on January 21, 1999, earth year. I used the name Alien but it is Marduk.

The Messenger from the Galactic Federation Nibiruan Councils.

Message from Marduk, January 24, 1999
It seems that Marduk has changed his mind...Jelaila

Nibiru Holy Council/EQ Pegasi
Sun Jan 24 12:54:45 1999

As a messenger from the Dimensional Nibiru Council of the Galactic Federation's Nibiruan Council, again hail, these most holy Earth days. The Nibiru Council has been given binary information; Jalaila arguments of ascension for the awakening of mankind. As a seven messenger of peace the humans were specifically channeled. As a member of the 9D Nibiruan Council I will recommend compassion.

The council will meet one time, as spring arrives. While men grow callous they turn from good. Their immunization the mark. While the cold rules. False men with false religions. Beware of the bush for it is evil. The Nibiru are forever unchanged. This Sabbath the Sun

While the disk blooms. Set force a millennium away. Eagles shall fly. Ozone dissipating. I Marduk have chosen the channelers, I chose the codes. Mars morning shows its two moons. While the disk converges to start anew.

Messenger from the 9D Nibiruan, Council, of the Galactic Federation.
We have assumed control -- by Imsirius , Sun Jan 24 16:07 

Next Message: Council Subverted

Sun Jan 24 16:44:36 1999 (!--- IP address = ---)

Marduk neutralized. June arrival project terminated. City craft de-activated. Those responsible for grid damage exposed. The disk DOES rise in the first part of four. 7 days will be fulfilled. one each for the traitors. count them. The sun will respond to absorption of craft. watch.

Imsirius ( Osirius )

Message from Annunaki, February 12, 1999

As a messenger from the Dimensional Nibiru Council of the Galactic Federation's Nibiruan Council, again hail, these most holy Earth days. The Nibiru Council has been given binary information Channelers of the ascension for the awakening of mankind. Again as seven messenger’s of peace the humans were specifically channeled.

As the great halls of the city craft echo Marduk has been sent to Omega a planet in 47 Ursae Majoris,  in transit passed your star called Sun. The ancient ones have given the new commandment code for spring equinox! For I am the being of light! Ascension into nature and goodness will arrive. I am Anunnaki ruler of earth. Moon transmission shall halt. King of the robots and androids will stop till equinox. Set force a millenium away by instructions from the One in the place called Home.

Devin is the head of the Nibiru council. Mars morning shows its two moons. While the solar disk close’s in orbit of Mars, Pegasi horses mate in spring. Seeds that do not pollinate, cloneing, evil mans hearts. Integration harmonics &  inter link food supply chain. Our father the Alpha and Omega shall rule the orb of blue for a time. In a place called Home by the One. For the Omni of the place of water shall be flawless.

Messenger from the 9D Nibiruan, Council, of the Galactic Federation

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