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Online Channelings and Messages,  August 21, 2002
Antui Anshallah Antui anasmè In Light, Greetings, In Light with You.

And so again we come to you with information of the now. It is that your
world continues to change.

It is that the dimensional veils are thinning even further, and many of you
are beginning to hear the others who exist parallel and holographically to
you in your realities. It is that you are hearing the voices, the music, as
if there is a gathering going on in your background.  As if you can just make
out words here and there.  You are seeing with your other eyes, those who walk
among you.  Those who exist on your fringes, caring for you and teaching you
when you are clear for reception.  There are others who walk among you in this
your illusion of reality.

It is easy for those who come to fit into the illusion that you have created
because most of you do not see what is illusion and what is Truth, but you
are learning.

There is at present, a gathering among the outer dimensions in Unification
toward a return to the One.  They gather that you may begin to become aware of
their existence.  That you remember that you are not alone, but rather a part
of a much greater reality.  They bring you Light-ness in your Being-ness that
you may gather yourselves in the reality of the One, that you do not move
beyond the point of irrevocability in your separation.  They teach you in many

Those who are here are to teach you that which you need to know to move into
the higher vibrations of consciousness.  The overall consciousness of your
world is operating at an all time low, acting as a weight that keeps the
entirety from the transformational shift that you seek
. Those who come are
bringing in the vibrations of the Beginnings.  They are bringing you the
Rememberings of that which you are.  You are taught these things

This information is becoming part of your consciousness by virtue of your
.  It comes to you telepathically and in your dreams as well.  It
comes to you as feelings of knowing-ness.  It comes to you in light form,
integrating with the particulates that are your essence in Light, and you
know, Dear Ones, you know.

It is to listen to your own knowings that you shall find that which is the
Truth you seek!

Within the illusion that you have created through your evolution in
human-ness, you have evolved beyond the consciousness of the One.  Instead,
you have created false memories of Truth.  That which you have been given by
others historically in the name of God for the benefit of a few.

You have been asked, told, to follow ways that are not truly of
Enlightenment, but keep you from it.
  You have been given limited information
as to that which is so that you are not able to ascertain that which is over
that which is the illusion.  And so it is that we tell you that you may
redirect your attention inward to that which is what you already know.  That
which is the eternal memories of the light which you carry by virtue of your
very existence.

As you are all created of light, you are all created in the likeness of the
In such a way, you are that which is. You are the One, the One being
you.  As you learn to understand this, you are able to find higher meaning in
your knowings and in the teachings of the Masters who have come before you.
Each of them in their way and in the culture of their time, gave the Truth in
ways as parables or stories.  They gave the Truth as illumination in many
ways.  It is not that these who came before were to be deified, rather to be
heard, and their examples followed.

Much of this information has been subject to interpretation to the point that
the Truth has become masked by the perceptions of those unenlightened who
would transcribe that which was said, that which occurred or to modify the
writings to serve personal gain or rise politically.

Do you not understand that while you await the return or the presence of the
Masters and your prophets that they continue to walk among you, having never
left, but transcended this reality, this illusion to the higher realms of the
many mansions?  That they are with you?

In any moment, stop and be still. Feel that which is with you.  Listen to that
which comes within your etheric knowings, that which is far apart from the
patterning of thought within your mental-ness.  See that which is at the edge
of your everyday reality.  Know that which is the Truth of all things, all
times.  You are eternal beings, of the Light, with the Light and within the
Light and therefore capable of any and all miracles that you envision.

Your reality is determined upon that which you believe.  That which you
believe from within your depths is your reality.  That which you have already
manifested by simply believing.  It is then a simple matter of going through
the process to get to your manifestation.

The Universal process is an infinite choreography of Change.  The more present
and aware you are in any given moment, the faster your manifestations occur
because you are in touch that process.  If you remain in awareness of these
changes, then the information you need, that which you must have, comes to
you as a matter of your own process, as you are a part of the infinte

It is not that it is not already coming to you, just that you have remembered
how to listen.  And so it is, to step aside from your self as individual and
separate.  Use your consciousness as a conduit to here and the All, and you
will increase your awareness exponentially.

Dear Ones, in the knowingness of all things, in the constancy of creation and
recreation, there is nothing that is impossible as long as you believe it to
be true.  It is that you are that which you seek.

We return to Light.   Namastè

Greetings Everyone!
Many of you will note that there are some serious energetic fluctuations
coming at us the past week or two. Over the weekend we had the effects of a
close passing asteroid in conjunction with yet another solar flare which sent
a huge coronal mass ejection at us just as the asteroid passed! Imagine the
change in the dynamics of the energetic flow in an already powerful situation
as the energies of the CME tangled with that of the asteroid!

The result has been for the most part, a situation of disorientation. Spatial
senses have been affected and people are seriously more distracted than
before. Use caution particularly when driving! Also occurring are periods of
what I call "overcharge" which feels like an electrical current only higher
frequency moving through the body. This seems to be particularly in the chest
and arms. This might be mistaken for anxiety. I assure you it is not! Keep
Namastè,   Meg

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