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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
13 Muluc, 7 Tzotz, 11 Ik      10/1/02

Greetings! We return, dear Hearts! As your world shifts into her final transitional stages, we remain poised to initiate the next phase of our first contact mission. The events now surrounding you are an indication of the speed at which this reality of yours is altering. New governments are coming into being.  A new and radically different financial system is being born. These developments are portents of many others that lie ahead of you. They are ushering in a new world. Their final proclamation will mark the end of the many cover-ups that long have kept from you a colossal Truth: that you are undergoing a transformation and becoming a new Being - a fully conscious, physical Angel. This Being has suffered through a protracted succession of millennia that have been filled with darkness, lies and deceit. Now, during a last great scenario engulfed in global chaos, you are impressively emerging and joyfully asking to learn more about yourselves and the tasks given you by the divine. It is our privilege, now, to tell you and, through this message, to give you a better idea of what will be expected of you.

      The first part of your duties has two phases. The first concerns your role as an information conduit and a supporter of the growing global web of Light. What does this mean? It means that you will need to gather correct information regarding the true nature of the ascension/integration process. To assist you, let us give you some basic information. Primarily, each Being on your planet is now transforming - shifting to a higher degree of consciousness. Spirit is filling you with the divine essence of who you truly are. In the process, you are increasing the number of chakras (major energy centers) in your physical body from 7 to 13. Your integrating spiritual bodies are, moreover, altering the nature of your mental and emotional bodies. Briefly, you are re-creating the ability to form your immortal Light Body. Once finished, you will communicate freely with Spirit and the veil between your physical and spiritual aspects will dissipate. You will develop a full array of psychic abilities that will unite you with all sentient life throughout Creation, and permit you to accomplish your mission.

      Your education concerning the ascension/integration process will also encompass guardianship and your connection to all of life on Mother Earth. You will learn about the Cetaceans and about how and why all life is precious, and develop a better understanding of Mother Earth as a sacred, living Being of Light. You are here to help shape a galactic society that acknowledges that sacredness and supports the need to reconnect with Mother Earth by sustaining, not despoiling, her. The groundwork for this society is being laid in the many changes that are occurring, now, upon your world. You must support this process and use it to educate your community in the best way you see fit. It demands a great deal of personal commitment and will not be easy. We salute all of you, and, as the basis for your actions, ask you to join with the many other courageous individuals in your community. At this time, we suggest that you form and maintain planetary activation groups (PAGs), whose main underlying principles you may use as a starting point for your local and global undertakings.

     The second phase of your initial duties will be to learn more about first contact and to more fully understand the program that the divine has set in motion upon your world. In fact, first contact concerns the massive expansion of your reality. Your existing concepts of what you can do, and the technology by which you can do it, will expand exponentially. This process will open you up to a new science; with it will come a new series of Truths concerning your origins and your relationship to physicality. First contact, therefore, is merely the instrument by which the divine prepares you to assume your role as physical Angels. This role will end your long isolation from the cosmos and will transform your concept of religion from dogma to a philosophy that is based upon Truth. It will end your tendency to be easily manipulated by those who now control you. It will enable you to converse directly with the Ascended Masters and, indeed, with all of Heaven. You will become one with the divine and a true instrument of Divine Will.

      As part of first contact, Heaven intends to visit you directly. This moment in your history is the long-prophesied 'End Times', when the Ascended Masters will manifest before you and the power of the dark ones will end. Their long tyranny will transform into extended governance of this world, shared between Heaven and you. We refer to this operation as the 'Welcoming Home' of our earthly kin. We call upon you to learn more about this process and the incalculable effect it will have upon you. We especially need your help in eradicating any negativity that exists about us. The abduction scenarios and general propaganda fostered by your media and entertainment industries must be drastically changed. A major part of this process will come about with the complete and full disclosure of individuals who took part in your world's governmental cover-up of our benevolent existence.

      Another is a 'grass roots' campaign to give Earth's population a full comprehension of who we really are and why we are here. We ask you, dear Ones, to form groups and interact with those in your community who are dedicated to discovering the Truth, and with those who are working to empower individuals. This expanding Light is all about standing up for positive change. It is about taking a stand for a new perspective on your existing realities. It is also a recognition that the world's seemingly growing chaos signals not more darkness to come, but rather the end of a long era of manipulation in which the minions of the dark denied you the Truth. Now, this Truth will emerge and be the instrument by which you will become the magnificent Beings that you really are. See yourselves as divine catalysts who carry out the duties that will succeed in transforming your world.

      The second part of your duties is to help the Light conclude its transformation of this reality. Be open to ritual and to using your vast potential in combination with Heaven's to transform the grids that function as the superstructure for your present reality. Here, dear Hearts, remember that Heaven has greatly reworked the grids of this reality. The remaining aspects of this procedure concern you. You need to greatly revise your basic concepts about this reality. For that reason, many on this world have stepped forward to teach you the best way to transform the vast collective that surrounds you. Moreover, during the last two decades, a huge throng of magnificent souls have incarnated upon your world. These 'young ones' (in body only) are here, dear Hearts, to anchor in the Light and help you to complete the tasks that the divine has joyfully bestowed upon you.

      These 'indigo' or 'crystal' children have appeared to be the citizens of a new galactic society. They have come here to give you hope and to show you how easy it is to make a difference. Always remember, dear Ones, that the process of change does not solely demand highly dramatic actions.  Some of the most important shifts occur in silence, and are strengthened by constant repetition.  Your role is to remain focused, committed and in full awareness of the Truth. This process signifies that you will need time to devote to these pursuits. We applaud and thank you all, for you have made possible this victory for the Light. This process has proven how truly powerful you really are. It has allowed you, at last, to choose the path that will return you to your natural state of full consciousness. In all things, know that together, we shall be victorious!

      Today, we have briefly reviewed our shared divine mission. Its various parts, dear Hearts, confirm our kinship with each other. It is also a sign of the positive transformation of conditions that long have kept us apart. We eagerly look forward to our reunion and to assisting you in building your galactic society. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know, in your heart of Hearts, that the countless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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