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Our Cetacean friends have done a lot for all of us being Earth Stewards for our Planet for a long time.  In return we have not treated them so well.  This is a chance to share for them, and it only takes a few clicks and a few minutes to aknowledge all they have done for us.     Keth & Crew 
Global Whale Action Team Alert      (Current actions below)

Hello everybody !
I ask you to read this message and take action on behalf of our kinship in the oceans, the Cetaceans.   We're now only days from a crucial meeting of the International Whaling
Commission in late May in the Japanese whaling port of Shimonoseki.

If you are a citizen of Argentina, Australia, Austria, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom, or the United States, please take a minute to send a letter to your government challenging them to do more to oppose the pro-whaling campaign run by the Fisheries Agency of Japan (FAJ).  These supposedly conservation-minded countries have largely sat idly by while the FAJ has run an aggressive campaign to buy the votes of members of the International Whaling Commission in order to bring back commercial whaling !   Only New Zealand has spoke out.

You can send the letter by clicking here:
You can also contribute to our antiwhaling picture petition here:
for the German language version go to

On July 16,2002   the US Navy got permission to go ahead with tests for using low frequency sonar in our oceans. The tests have begun.  The high-powered submarine detection system will operate at noise levels billions of times more intense than those known to disturb the migration and communication of large whales. It has been known by scientists and the US Navy as well, that these tests injure marine life, including causing internal hemorrhaging.

*On Saturday 60 false killer whales beached themselves off Australia. 

*Yesterday it was reported that hundreds of Giant squid had beached themselves along the Californian coastline along with unusual numbers of (harmless) leopard sharks coming in close to shore disorientated.

*Twelve manatees have also been reported to have died on the Florida coast.

*Today it is reported that another 60 pilot whales have beached themselves off Cape Cod.

All of this within a week of the Navy's go ahead to use this low frequency  sonar, Coincidence?  I think not.

The sonar is equivalent in decibels to us standing next to a rocket being launched.  It causes brain hemorrhaging & disorientation to cetaceans and other marine life. There are innumerable accounts of how dolphins and whales
have helped us in life threatening situations...Now it is time for us to help them.

What can we do?  Three very important, simple and quick actions.

1. Send a letter (already written for you, although you may amend it as you like) to Hon. Gordon R. England, Secretary of the Navy at http://www.nrdcaction.org/index.asp?step=2&item=1291   You do not need to be a member of NRDC to send this letter. Takes 3 minutes or less.  
 NRDC's  Natural Resources Defense Council
40 West 20th Street   New York, NY 10011.    212-727-4511 (voice) / 212-727-1773 (fax)
General email: nrdcinfo@nrdc.org      Earth Activist Network email: nrdcaction@nrdc.org

2. Register your opinion on a petition at  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/129527570  Takes 3 minutes or less.

3. Also, one of the most positive forms of action we can take is positive group consciousness or Prayer.
  The Ancients left us detailed information,  found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, that for many years were kept hidden.
This information is about the Power of Prayer. The power of the prayer is found in a force that cannot be spoken or transmitted as the written word, but is the "feelings" that the prayers words evoke within us.  Feeling is the prayer!  To change the conditions of our outer world, we must actually become the conditions of our desire from within.  Put simply to bring Peace to our world we must become Peace.  The "secret" to this lost mode of prayer or consciousness is to "imagine that it has already happened" and that our prayers have been answered. 
In 1998 a mass prayer was implemented on a worldwide basis, as a choice of Peace, through the use of the World Wide
Web.  The mass prayer was carefully synchronized. During the prayer, an event occurred that many consider a miracle.  A US military attack on Iraq was aborted (following months of unsuccessful negotiations). On Sundays at 9.30am Pacific Standard Time (west coast USA), 12.30pm East Coast USA,  5.30pm UK -A World Network of Prayer and Positive Consciousness is coming
together  for the manifestation of Peace, for the Oceans, the Earth and all her inhabitants. We can effectively change the course of our future, we have been given a choice. 

Think Peace! And act accordingly!  Please pass this on!

4.  Ask for Divine Intervention, through your Sacred Heart with Love, as you BE at Peace.
 Do (Intend) whatever you can to Awaken, Heal and Remember your Self.

5. See the other articles by Thomas, on Animals and on the Sacred Magnetic Heart.

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