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Putting Out the Welcome Mat for GOD

Messages From Archangel Michael * LM-7-2002 - Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, many of you reading this message have been active seekers of wisdom and light for a number of years now. You have studied, meditated and endeavored to put into action the knowledge and wisdom you have claimed as your own. You have released many of the concepts and things that have tethered you to the restrictions of the third-dimensional world of reality, and have gradually, but surely, tamed the ego and made your soul-self the director of your thoughts and emotions.  Indeed, you have made great strides, and we honor you for your bravery and tenacity.   We are aware that it has not been an easy task, ofttimes, the journey has been arduous.
We of the higher realms continually monitor your progress, and as you gradually return to balance and harmony within, the Light quotient that is filtered to you is increased to the maximum allowed.  Your Lightness is beginning to show, my friends, as you move more deeply and boldly into the full spectrum of God Light.  Envision a wave-form band of Light which is totally illuminated with brilliant Light at one end, and which gradually diminishes to the darkest shadows at the other end.   You came into this life bearing this spectrum of Light within and you consciously agreed to carry a burden which would place you somewhere on this Light spectrum-not where you belonged, but where you could be of the most service and benefit to humanity.
You, as a Starseed, knew that this would be the most important lifetime you would ever spend in a physical body, and as part of your assigned mission, you agreed to Light the way for the members of your soul family.  You agreed to be a way-shower of the ascension process.  Many of you believe that ascension is a destination, a desired result, but it is not.  It is a never-ending process of evolvement.  It is a process of descension into uncharted realms whereby you create anew under the direction and command of the co-creator Gods and the Prime Creator, and then when the time is right, it is a gathering of the magnificence of what you have created-a gleaning and harvesting,  as we have often said-whereby our Father/Mother God and ultimately the Prime Creator sends forth their Divine Presence to experience what you have created.  You are in the process of ascending in thoughts, emotions, vibrations, and frequencies so that the Godhead and all the heavenly host or Beings of Light (which includes the angelic realm) can join you once more; so that we can interact with you, and we can be reunified in consciousness and intent.
You are now in the process of preparing a place for God, and ultimately for the Prime Creator to reside more fully within you, and to experience the physical realm through you. Beloveds, the physical realm is just as important as any of the higher, unseen realms. You have heard that there are many mansions, celestial kingdoms, and realms in the heavens. Let me tell you emphatically that the planet Earth and each of the planets in your solar system are one of these celestial kingdoms and are an important, integral part to the whole. You are an important facet in the fabric of creation, and it so happens that the universal focus is on your small planet at this time because this is where the action is. Your small planet is the core or heart of the evolutionary process now in progress.
We have told you that the overall theme for this universe was great diversity. A universe which would have many very specific, unique, and isolated creations, where it would seem that each unit of creation was the only one in existence. There has been a minimum of interaction between universal/ galactic/world civilizations, and the feeling that you were alone was purposely instilled within each of you. You were sent forth, as a unique facet of Creation, to experience the raw, unmanifested realms of primal life. You came into physical Being with all the tools and wherewithal to create anything you wished or could envision, and in the beginning, your creations were most wondrous. But along the way you have forgotten, and your mastery tools of manifestation have become worn and rusty from neglect and misuse.
The second part of the plan was that, at the appropriate time, the masters of each civilization, world, galaxy, and star system from this universe would incarnate on one small planet-your planet Earth. You would bring your uniqueness, diversity, experience, and knowledge together once more and endeavor to create a microcosm of the entire universal experience. This is the game of creation that you have been playing for the millions of years you have been in this galaxy and on Earth. The process of reunification is gaining momentum and will not be denied. Therefore, as part of your mission and the overall plan, you agreed to be placed in a particular place along the full spectrum of Creator Light, and believe us when we say that some very brave and compassionate souls agreed to take on and represent the very darkest Light on the spectrum. This was necessary because all facets of what had been created in this universe had to be represented on Earth's physical plane.
Remember that duality and polarity are also a part of this universal experience, and your task has always been to stay in balance and harmony with the Creator flow of cosmic life-force energy as you go about your assigned duty of creating new worlds and new expressions of Creator-consciousness. Please instill in your consciousness that duality or polarity are not bad, negative or to be feared-all is Creator energy and expression-balance and harmony are the keys to the kingdom.
Beloveds, no matter what place you assumed on the spectrum of Light in this lifetime, you have the potential to rise to the pinnacle.  Your very cells are being recalibrated as you release and resolve the imbalanced core issues of Self that you have created along the way.  There are times when it may seem as if you have moved into a state of empty, isolated awareness.  Do not fear or resist, for this is when you are in the process of expanding your vastness, and you are moving upward on the Spectrum of Light. Each new level of Light-ness that you attain has its challenges, but also such wondrous gifts and opportunities. You must integrate, adjust to, balance, and then express each new level of God Light energy. The welcome mat that we refer to is your conscious intent, in agreement and action, to prepare a place within your energy field, your inner Being, and your heart core for the magnificent, rarified energy of the Prime Creator's consciousness to reside-that which can be called a cell of God Light that is waiting to ignite within you. You are a cell of God, but the time is ripe for you to assume your proper place in the cosmic lineup of Creation.
Shed your burdens and your garments of disguise, dear friends, by refining and releasing the thought forms/energies/beliefs and actions which no longer serve you. Use the gift of the blessed Violet Flame to assist you in your rejuvenation process, and as often as possible, go into your Pyramid of Light so that we may assist you in the process. We have told you that the knowledge, wisdom, and positive energies of what you have created and experienced are being gathered to create a new golden galaxy. A new HU-man prototype is being created, a collective soul advancement, whereby you will be more crystalline in structure, and lighter in frequency and radiance so that you will be compatible with the Divine schematic for the next phase in the grand plan of Creation.
Many messages ago, we asked you to imagine that you were standing within the force field of a pyramid. The pyramid is three-dimensional, but to clarify the picture in your mind, see yourself in the center of a two-dimensional triangle, the base just below your feet and the point or apex just above your head.  We then asked you to imagine another pyramid or triangle above your head with the points of the two triangles merging to form a diamond shape over your third-eye and extending approximately six to eight inches above.  The wide part or base of the second triangle is high above you and connected to your I AM Presence. Your cord of Light or connection to our Father/Mother God and the Prime Creator runs through the middle of this upper triangle and down through your crown chakra and spinal column.  It also runs deep into the core of the Earth, completing the connection.  This is your connection to your original Source and it has never been broken; you could not exist if it had been. It is your lifeline to the Creator, and through the filter of your I AM Presence, you can access and integrate as much of this Divine Source Light as you can contain.
To give you a clearer picture of this process, envision this: as you move through the process of ascending in consciousness and returning to balance, thereby integrating more Creator Light, the upper pyramid gradually begins to lower around you.  The end result is that a star tetrahedron is formed around you, or your Mer-Ka-Ba vehicle of Light.  You are building your body of Light, my friends, and this intimate, radiant facet of you we have named the Merkivah, which is the new, evolved you-not just a fragment of consciousness, but a complete Being of Light.
Envision/imagine yourselves standing in the middle of this vast pyramid as we place in each corner a foundation stone of consciousness. In one corner we will place the sacred element of Earth and your relationship with yourself. In the corner, diagonally across from this, we will place the sacred element of Water and your relationship with others. In the third corner we will place the sacred element of Fire and your relationship with Spirit, and in the final corner the sacred element of Air/Ether and your conscious thoughts, intent, and actions. Your task is to bring all these sacred elements and facets of your conscious earthly beingness into balance and harmony. None can be denied, or your pyramid of Light will become imbalanced and you will not be able to proceed up the ladder of en-Lighten-ment. The upper pyramid of Light can descend only into a balanced energy field.

Beloveds, it is time to fine-tune your awareness and to become a master of the intricacies of vibration, frequency patterns, and the subtle energies of sound. You have a personal vibrational sound signature, and so does every human and sentient being on Earth, including the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms. That is why you are comfortable in some people's personal energy field and uncomfortable in others. You must learn to distinguish vibrational energy patterns and where they are coming from: within you, from others, or from some source around you. You can fine-tune your extra-sensory abilities so that you can hear and feel the resonance of all the subtle energies around you. It is the vibrational field of concentrated Creator Light that you feel in the sacred places around the Earth. Some of these are contained in the great sentient crystals within the Earth, others are created by the energies of love and devotion that you send forth in places of worship, whether they are in a building, in a quiet glen, or on a mountain top. Conversely, there are many areas on Earth where the discordant energy is almost palpable; areas where much anguish, pain, and bloodshed have been experienced, and where great concentrations or force fields of negative energy are held within the Earth and in the ethers. These are the hot spots around the world, where war and conflict are the norm, and where humans seek to destroy each other to gain supremacy. If they only knew that they are destroying themselves in the process, they would cease their fruitless wars and seek peace amongst all races, cultures and religions.
Dear ones, no matter what you have been or done in the past, you now have an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and create a new you. Are you ready to claim your mastery and the gifts that are being offered to you? Are you ready to don your brilliant cloak of God Light and take your rightful place among the hierarchy of the Illumined Ones? Are you ready to reach into the treasure chest of unlimited prosperity and abundance and create a new heaven on Earth? It must begin with you and your immediate surroundings, and then when you have perfected the process, you will be given the power and ability to radiate it out from you into the world where it will join and magnify the energies of other Light workers/seekers. Through your unified endeavors, you can heal the Earth, and as the examples, you can help transform the consciousness of all humanity. It is a wondrous time, and you can and will attain and realize the brightest spectrum of Creator Light. Beloved companions in Spirit, we are ever near to guide, inspire, and assist you as, together, we continue our journey amongst the stars. You are loved most profoundly. I AM Archangel Michael.
Transmitted through Ronna Herman * STAR*QUEST* 6005 Clear Creek Dr. Reno, NV 89502 USA - Phone/fax: 775-856-3654 * Email: RonnaStar@earthlink.net * Web Site: RonnaStar.com         Home Page   Article 2002 Index

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