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The attached notes were taken from a presentation given by Bob Dean at the International UFO Congress (IUFOC) in 
Laughlin, NV in March of 2001. 
Bob appears to be well connected to people in NASA and the military.  I think you will find his comments most 
interesting.  I will send notes from more recent briefings  in the next few weeks.
Russ Hamerly

Bob Dean  2001 IUFOC

The Assessment was a special study on UFOs conducted by  SHAPE headquarters in France in the early 1960's. The study 
concluded there were four main groups of ETs. Most of them had been seen on the ground. Some ETs had landed and taken 
people up for a ride. The military has known what they are for over 50 years. There is evidence of alien activity all 
over our solar system. There is evidence that they have been around for at least the past 10,000 years. There is evidence 
for them on the Moon and on Mars, even in the rings of Saturn. Some ETs are interplanetary, others are 
interstellar, and some come from other galaxies. 

The real blast was the discovery of highly advanced technological, spiritual intelligences that were apparently 
multi-dimensional. Bob recommends the material on Quantum Physics by Michio Kaku. All humans are hybrids between an 
original humanoid race and extra-terrestrial races. We have had an intimate relationship with ETs from the beginnings of 
our history. They were involved in creating us. Some younger people today will literally go to the stars in their 
lifetimes. See books by Christian O'Brien and Zecharia  Sitchen which cover translations of ancient clay tablets. 
Ancient ruins at 13,000 ft in the Andes are estimated to be 27,000 years old. 

The multi-dimensional ETs affect our  military and scientists the most because their capabilities 
are clearly at the level of magic. Their capabilities have stunned us--some of them can manipulate not only matter but 
also time. Our concept of time is not accurate - it's not all that we think. See Michio Kaku for better understanding 
of this - the concept of the eternal now - everything is now - past - present and future - the continual present. At some 
point there will be public knowledge of the reality of the human soul. Technology is being developed and used to 
communicate with people who have passed on - we have communicated experimentally for years - by radio, even TV. 
Testers in Belgium have a television connection to the other side. The bottom line is that you will see the reality of 
the human soul. We are going to learn the reality of  extra-terrestrial races. Most of them are benevolent and 
peace loving and like us - but some don't. 

We are quarantined - we have been warned off the Moon. Many of our Mars expeditions have been interfered with. It
appears that  Apollo 13 had a small nuclear device to be exploded on the surface of the Moon - this was being done because
previous  missions had indicated that the Moon was hollow. It never happened because the ETs interfered with the mission - 
Apollo 13 was followed and monitored all around the Moon and back - and the astronauts took pictures to prove it. 

Some military and world politicians have met ETs face to face, for example, British Air Marshall Sir Peter Horseley.  There 
are rumors of a meeting between Gorbechev and ETs which led to dismembering of the Soviet union. One of two of the ET 
groups have been with the human race from the beginning - one of them had a hand in creating us (the Anunnaki) [I
understand the other group were the Sirians - Tony] and we know that the process is still underway. 

Russians have an infrared photograph indicating an underground city on Mars the size of Chicago. A representative of the
pope has announced that the Pope is aware of ETs - he calls them other children of God. The planet of the Anunnaki has been sighted and is back on its way to Earth - heading back towards the center of our solar system It's been sighted and
photographed by an astronomer in Argentina. Nibiru should be visible to the naked eye in 2-5 years [make that months - Tony]. The Pope is planning a pilgrimage to the holy city of Ur.  Ur is one of the first major cities built by the Anunnaki. We have had face-to-face confrontations with a number of ET groups.  Some of them look  so human you would never even know it. This is of great concern to the military. 

The oil companies will never let the information get out on zero point energy. About 20 years ago the government had a sustained,  controlled fusion reaction at Los Alamos. The military and government won't tell you about the continuous ET activity on the moon.  Major operations have been going on there for years. These were  observed as much as 100 years ago.  NSA is running the current remote viewing program. They discovered there are  five major ET bases on Earth - at deep underground or underwater locations:

1-Alaska, under a mountain.

2-Pyranees, under a mountain between France and Spain near the Mediterranean.

3-adjacent to Lake Victoria in the middle of Africa.

4-near Alice Springs in the middle of Australia at Pine Gap.

5-deep in the Marianas Trench in the Pacific.

6-in Puerto Rico slightly off the coast where reports of ETs working alongside military personnel.

Deep facilities exist on the Moon called Mascons (for mass concentrations) - these are enormous, circular metallic 

facilities under the face of the Moon - each located in the center of a major crater - they are so big they affect the 

orbit of satellites circling the moon. When the astronauts crashed a Moon orbiter on the surface of the Moon, it rang 

like a bell. The latest estimate by the astronomers is that we have 400 billion stars in our galaxy and 400 billion 

galaxies in the universe. Apollo 13 took a picture of an object five miles long plus a disk shaped object with a dome on top. 

ETs were known in the past by a number of terms - monitor, guardians, recorders, and watchers. A 2000 mile long object 

is moving around in the rings of Saturn along with another large self-luminous object. A 25-mile diameter metallic 

spherical object is circling the moon. Apollo 14 photographed a luminous object in a nearby crater moving 

towards it (the Landsberg crater). Apollo 12 took a picture  of a cigar shaped object. Buzz Aldrin of Apollo 11 

reportedly broke into tears when friends asked him what he saw up there. 

Every flight of Apollo and Gemini were monitored by UFOs.  Rumors state that the astronauts were 

told in so many words to get off the Moon and stay off and don't come back - three complete Saturn 5 systems for future 

moon missions were scrapped even though they were built and paid for.  Pictures taken at Ft Monmouth show a UFO that 

materialized and changed into the shape of a cloud - which then departed at a high rate of speed. Another cloud picture 

shows a cloud moving from left to right with a vapor trail behind it A cloud in France had a beam of light coming down 

from it. Here's an ancient drawing of man flying in dome shaped disk with flames coming out the back of it. A 

20,000-year-old painting in the Pyrenees shows lenticular  shaped clouds. An artifact unearthed in Ecuador has the 

shape of a space shuttle.

Best regards,

David Kingston       

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