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I feel strongly the partnership we have with All the BEings (Animals, Whales, Dolphin, Fish, Insects, Plants) of our planet. It is time to live as Partners with them. These Thomas messages speak to this and OUR Responsibility for Our World. I as many of you have feel frustrated over our treatment of All our partners, especially over the unfolding saga of the Navy's Sonar Equipment, feeling like there was so little I could do.  As we Realize and Remember the Power of Love as Creation we chose our destiny.  Ask (from and through your Heart with Love) and You Shall Receive.  Ask for Divine Intervention for our friends the Whales and Dolphins (or any situation).   Live & Love your Peace.  Imagine with Love and Create a New World.  Keth Speaks

Beloved Friends,
I don't want to waste any time getting to Thomas' newest message. It is so profound, and potentially so critical, that I have nothing to add. I only ask that you open your heart to his words and consider their worth. Follow them only if they make sense to you. If they don't, them disregard them altogether. I can only speak for myself when I say that this brings together everything I have learned and have been teaching for years. If you want, please pass this on to everyone on your personal e-mail list. This message offers us hope, and it requires us to take a good look at what we as a race have done till now. There is still time, Thomas says, but the moment for seizing the opportunity is NOW!
James Twyman

From Thomas:          Whales & Dolphin & Our Future         

In the last few days millions of people around the world have envisioned a New World, and it has had a powerful effect.  It is the world we claim to have always wanted, but until now we have been unable to make it manifest. We have instead chosen war over peace, and hatred over war. It is no wonder that we are now facing such terrible situations. No one should be surprised that most people in the world are doing everything they can to deny the opportunity that is before us, the opportunity of peace on Earth for all beings. But the tide is shifting again, and it is because of all of you who have been praying.

In the last few days two amazing things have happened that deserve our attention. They are amazing because they are so different, in fact they happened on opposite sides of the world. One gives us hope, and the other shows the terrible consequences of our actions if we continue as we have. If we have interpreted this correctly, then it means we have a chance to CHOOSE AGAIN.  If we make the choice for peace, not only for humanity but for all beings everywhere, then the first example indicates a new direction toward a new world. But if we continue to choose conflict, then the second example will strengthen the terrible momentum toward global catastrophe.

We have already told you how connected humanity's fate is to the Whales and the Dolphins of the world. We have been trying to destroy them, especially with the new devises being placed in the oceans for national defense, and in doing so have closed a passage intended to lead us to a world of peace.  We have the power to change this, not politically but through our consciousness. We asked you to join the Psychic Children who are strengthening the Grid right now and help us shift this current movement. It seems to be happening, but in a way we didn't expect.

The first story comes from Sidney, Australia. Several days ago a large pod of whales swam into Sydney Harbor and entertained a crowd of people for hours. It was an incredible event, and was reported all over the world. The second story comes from Cape Cod, USA where nearly the same number of whales beached, having lost their direction. Most of the whales died. Two very different stories that indicate one very important lesson:

We still have time! The universe is trying to show us that we have a choice. Which will we choose?

The fact that these two things happened at the same time in different parts of the world tells us that humanity has a unique opportunity.  We stand on the brink of a "choice point," which means that two different words are existing side by side, and our emotions will decide which will remain. The scientists of the world have been speaking of these "choice points" for many years, though one such as this is very rare.  The impact of our choice is beyond anything we can describe.  All we can say is that your choice will reveal the path you will walk toward Grace and Enlightenment.  The path may be difficult or it may be peaceful.  It is up to you.  The work the Children are doing right now is meant to make that shift peaceful, but the result will be the same either way.  That is why fear is not appropriate, but caution is.

You have an important role to play in choosing which of these two experiences will rule.  Think of the whales for a moment. One group gave its life to reveal the impact of our choices.  Will their lives be given in vain? The other group took a step toward humanity, showing what is possible if we make the choice of peace.  Do you remember when we [the Psychic Children] told you how you will be able to tell which path humanity has chosen?  If the whales and dolphins begin interacting with humans in closer ways, then you will know you have chosen well.  But if they retreat and die, then you will know that the road ahead will be very difficult.  But your success is assured because the Truth cannot be denied forever.  We only ask that you choose well, for today's children and tomorrow's.  

Your emotions are the key.  It is the tool you will use to draw the chosen world into your conscious experience.  Your collective emotions have the ability to influence weather patterns and even end wars.  You have done this many times without realizing it.  If you continue claiming the world you want by "feeling" that world in your emotions, then it will be so.   But if you continue to be influenced by the fear that is so present today, then the world will reflect that as well.

We, your Children, are asking you to choose Love over fear.  Then the Whales and the Dolphins will fulfill their role and give us back the information they store within each cell.  It is so important that this happen.  The circle of life cannot be broken now.  Use your feelings of love to draw the reality you really want.
We still have more to share.   We love you,

A note from James Twyman:
I hope this message touched your heart as much as it did mine. The continuing communication with the Psychic Children of the world has impacted tens of thousands of lives, and I wanted to say a few words about my own experience of these transmissions.
Many of you have not been receiving these e-mails since the messages began. Thomas is a ten-year-old boy I met in Bulgaria last year, a journey I described in the book "Emissary of Love." Since January, Thomas has been transmitting these messages to me, and I have been passing them on to you. I don't consider this a channeled experience, though. Thomas is using my mind to deliver this message as much as I am using his. In most cases I feel the information download into my mind, then I have to use my own intellect to translate it. The words are mine, but the energy and message is direct from Thomas and the other Psychic Children. I believe it is important for us to be as clear about this as possible. It is too easy to hand responsibility to another, whether it be to the Children or any other teacher or guru.  Each one of us has to choose our experience, as well as the world we want to create.  The Children are here to help us, as are so many other beings. But the choice is still ours. Choose well.  Peace,   JT

Also see The Importance of Cetaceans  an excerpt from the Mathew Book  "Revelations For A New Era,"  Keth

More information and supporting ideas & Actions
On July 16 the US Navy got permission to go ahead with tests for using low frequency sonar in our oceans. The tests have begun.  The high-powered submarine detection system will operate at noise levels billions of times more intense than those known to disturb the migration and communication of large whales. It has been known by scientists and the US Navy as well, that these tests injure marine life, including causing internal hemorrhaging.

*On Saturday 60 false killer whales beached themselves off Australia. 

*Yesterday it was reported that hundreds of Giant squid had beached themselves along the Californian coastline along with unusual numbers of (harmless) leopard sharks coming in close to shore disorientated.

*Twelve manatees have also been reported to have died on the Florida coast.

*Today it is reported that another 60 pilot whales have beached themselves off Cape Cod.

All of this within a week of the Navy's go ahead to use this low frequency  sonar, Coincidence?  I think not.

The sonar is equivalent in decibels to us standing next to a rocket being launched.  It causes brain hemorrhaging & disorientation to cetaceans and other marine life. There are innumerable accounts of how dolphins and whales
have helped us in life threatening situations...Now it is time for us to help them.

What can we do?  Three very important, simple and quick actions.

1. Send a letter (already written for you, although you may amend it as you like) to Hon. Gordon R. England, Secretary of the Navy at http://www.nrdcaction.org/index.asp?step=2&item=1291   You do not need to be a member of NRDC to send this letter. Takes 3 minutes or less.    NRDC's  Natural Resources Defense Council
40 West 20th Street   New York, NY 10011.    212-727-4511 (voice) / 212-727-1773 (fax)
General email: nrdcinfo@nrdc.org      Earth Activist Network email: nrdcaction@nrdc.org

2. Register your opinion on a petition at  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/129527570  Takes 3 minutes or less.

3. Also, one of the most positive forms of action we can take is positive group consciousness or Prayer.
  The Ancients left us detailed information,  found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, that for many years were kept hidden.
This information is about the Power of Prayer. The power of the prayer is found in a force that cannot be spoken or transmitted as the written word, but is the "feelings" that the prayers words evoke within us.  Feeling is the prayer!  To change the conditions of our outer world, we must actually become the conditions of our desire from within.  Put simply to bring Peace to our world we must become Peace.  The "secret" to this lost mode of prayer or consciousness is to "imagine that it has already happened" and that our prayers have been answered. 
In 1998 a mass prayer was implemented on a worldwide basis, as a choice of Peace, through the use of the World Wide
Web.  The mass prayer was carefully synchronized. During the prayer, an event occurred that many consider a miracle.  A US military attack on Iraq was aborted (following months of unsuccessful negotiations). On Sundays at 9.30am Pacific Standard Time (west coast USA), 12.30pm East Coast USA,  5.30pm UK -A World Network of Prayer and Positive Consciousness is coming together  for the manifestation of Peace, for the Oceans, the Earth and all her inhabitants. We can effectively change the course of our future, we have been given a choice. 

Think Peace! And act accordingly!  Please pass this on!

4.  Ask for Divine Intervention for the Whales and Dolphin, through your Sacred Heart with Love, as you BE at Peace.
Do (Intend) whatever you can to Awaken, Heal and Remember your Self and the Planet.

6.  Please remind everyone
(and spread the word) of the daily (noonish, if possible) Prayer/Meditation for the Whales and Dolphins to send them human Love and to ask for their Protection.  Also, there is a  group http://manyrooms.net/stoplfasdotorg  that is working on gathering all info on Whale beachings to co-ordinate it with the sonar tests.  If you have any such info, please email it to:  cheryl@manyrooms.org   Thank you all!  In DolphinLoveLight, Ja-Mer

  See the other articles by Thomas, on Animals and on the Sacred Magnetic Heart.

FW: Letter from James Taylor, Pierce Brosnan, Jean-Michel Cousteau
>Dear Friend,
>The three of us have never teamed up like this before. But we all share
>something in common: a deep love of the ocean and marine mammals. That's
>why we're very disturbed by a U.S. military program that, if approved, will
>soon be bombarding millions of whales and dolphins around the world with
>intense noise.
>You may have read about the U.S. Navy's "Low-Frequency Active" (LFA) sonar
>program. The military has been testing this new, high-powered system in
>secret for years. Now, the Navy wants to deploy it across 80 percent of our
>planet's oceans. LFA sonar is designed to detect enemy submarines by
>flooding vast expanses of the oceans with sound. Leaving aside the military
>wisdom of this sonar -- which is still in dispute -- the environmental
>dangers are becoming increasingly clear.
>Here's the problem: LFA noise is billions of times more intense than that
>known to disturb whale migration and communication. Whales and dolphins
>depend on their sensitive hearing for survival. To put it simply, a deaf
>whale is a dead whale. Deafening noise from the LFA system will interfere
>with the vital biological activities of marine mammals. Scientists fear
>that long-term exposure to LFA could push entire populations over the >
>brink into extinction.
>Inevitably, there will also be marine mammals unlucky enough to swim too
>close to LFA loudspeakers. Imagine an acoustic wave so powerful that, even
>at substantial distances, it can destroy your hearing, cause your lungs or
>ears to hemorrhage, or even kill you.
>We've already seen a glimpse of the resulting carnage. Last year, whales
>from four different species stranded themselves and died on beaches across
>the northern Bahamas during a Navy military exercise. All but one of the
>dead animals examined by researchers had suffered hemorrhaging around the
>inner ear -- the telltale sign of acoustic trauma. The U.S. Navy's own
>report concluded that it is "highly likely" that the stranding was caused
>by the use of mid-frequency active sonar. But despite this tragic event,
>the Navy now wants to deploy LFA, the most extensive active sonar system
>ever devised.
>We know that different frequencies will affect different marine mammals and
>that the lower the frequency, the farther it penetrates the ocean. We
>believe it is unconscionable to expose marine mammals around the world to
>more high intensity sonar. If you agree, then please join us in taking
>immediate action; it will take you only a few minutes. Just go to
>The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Ocean Futures Society
>(OFS) have set up this web page to make it easy for you to send electronic
>messages of protest to your U.S. senators and representative. Congress is
>now deciding the Navy's funding for next year -- tell them to "Turn Off LFA
>Sonar" by cutting off its funding.
>And please forward this message to your family, friends and colleagues.
>NRDC used web activism to help generate a million messages of protest to
>Mitsubishi and, just last year, stopped the company from destroying the
>last unspoiled birthing ground of the Pacific gray whale. Congress cannot
>ignore millions of us. Together, we can keep whales and dolphins safe from
>high-powered sonar.
>Thank you for your time and your concern.
>Sincerely yours,
>James Taylor Pierce Brosnan Jean-Michel Cousteau

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