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The Thomas Messages  # One
Beloved Friends,
It has been many months since we forwarded a message from Thomas, the young psychic child I met in Bulgaria last year. Many of you have written wondering when there would be more. Though Thomas has been communicating every week in the Emissary of Love Study Group lessons, there have been no messages I felt drawn to share with the whole list. That changed about a week ago.

Thomas came through with three messages I knew were meant to spread around the whole world. They correspond with the first three messages we sent out earlier this year, but the tone was much more serious, and critical. It seems we are standing on the brink of either an amazing breakthrough, or a devastating reversal, and the Children are reaching out to us. They need our help and are asking all of us to recommit to being Peacemakers and Emissaries of Love.

I also felt guided to forward excerpts from two of the recent Emissary of Love lessons that directly apply to this new transmission. Read them and hold these words in your heart. They come directly from Thomas. And then, when the new messages arrive, you will know what to do, how to respond, and how you can help heal the planet.
Peace,  James Twyman
Excerpt from Lesson 10:

What if I told you that remembering who you are is as simple as looking into another's eyes. It is! That is why the children have always taught you this. They have not been in your world long enough to realize the "cost" of seeing the beauty of another. And so they look, and they smile, and they delight in the radiance that is YOU. maybe you are ready to do the same.

Now is the moment you have chosen, so open your eyes and SEE what is waiting for you. It is God! Who else could it be?

God is in front of you right now. Where else would God be? Do you still believe that God is somewhere you are not, or where your brother or sister isn't? That is the insane belief the ego holds, but it will not do for you any longer. You have come too far, and it is time for you to accept the truth that has been yours since time began. All you need to do is look, and reality will be revealed.

How is it that the Children are calling you to this place of spiritual maturity? Can a child show you how to achieve your deepest dream, the reality you have always felt within but were afraid to face alone? But you were not alone, not even for an instant. We have been at your side, and this is the week for you to realize the gift we have given.

You will know what to do. Open your heart and let your soul lead you. Just remember that we are with you, and we cannot leave you. Look to a baby this week and see how they look at you, then look at everyone in the same way. Then perhaps you will understand, and these lessons will not be necessary.

Excerpt from Lesson 11:

Healing comes from SEEING what is really there. Many of you have been taught to extend healing energy from your hands or other in ways. The Children realize that the eyes are the best way to give this Light, but not for the reason you may think. Your physical eyes were made NOT to see, in other words, to look upon the world your ego made, the world of bodies and separation. What would happen if you took this tool and used it to accomplish the goal of Spirit instead of the ego? Your Soul desires to see everything as it really is, as one with the Creator. When you finally learn to SEE what is really there, then your eyes begin to change, because you are using them for the opposite of what they were intended to be used for. Do you understand?

This may be hard to accept, but you have hopefully come far enough to learn this, and then apply it. When you use your physical eyes to see what the Spirit alone can perceive, then you become a miracle worker, and the Gift is activated.

I will say that again because it is so vitally important. When you use your physical eyes to see what the Spirit alone can perceive, then you become a miracle worker, and the Gift is activated. That is the beginning and the end of this course. It is why you are here.

When you look into another person's eyes and SEE who they really are, or see them the way God SEES them, the perfection in them, then you offer them a precious Gift. And because you are one with them, you are offering the same gift to yourself. When you use your eyes to see the truth in another, then you create a resonating pattern of peace that the other enters into effortlessly, even unconsciously. This is where the miracle happens, through Divine Resonance. A door opens that you enter along with the person you SEE. It is what you have called the Door of Eternity. By SEEING the truth then creating a resonance pattern, you enable them to literally vibrate with the reality you perceive. They may not even feel this consciously, but their soul knows what is happening, and the shift is unavoidable.

This is how the Children accept and create miracles. And you are ready to do the same. You are being called to resonate with the truth, and give it as a Gift to everyone. Then you will know that you are that Gift, and then it will flow into every area of your life. The laws of the world cannot touch you then, for you will being SEEING past the world to the Heaven God perceives.

The Thomas Messages     Message Two

This has been a difficult message to write. As you know, whenever I try to communicate with Thomas I head for our hot tub or a bath tub, and as soon as I am there the channel opens up and I feel him there. His messages have been almost predictable, as if I can feel what he is going to say before he says it. But tonight, as I got into the tub, I had a different feeling. The message seemed so high and esoteric that I wondered if it was just my imagination. It didn't seem to make sense, at least not in the normal sense, but I could feel something very profound trying to break through. I jumped out of the hot tub and wrote down what I heard:

The Universe is alive and is breathing. You can become aware of this movement if you are very quiet. It breathes in then it exhales out. Inhales then exhales. And in the center place, between each breath, you exist.

There are three words we need you to understand: descend, pretend and ascend. It is like a wave that rises then falls. First the energy of God descends upon the Earth, then it pretends whatever it wants to be, then it ascends back to its source. You are God pretending to be whatever you are right now. Do you understand what this means? We have used this one word before. Pretend. But now it is time to complete the thought. Once you understand the Cycle of God, then you will understand your role in that Cycle. And when you understand your role in that Cycle, then the world is healed.

I stopped and read the words I typed, wondering what they meant. They sounded too esoteric, and I wondered if they made any sense at all. I also had the terrible feeling that they really didn't make any sense, and that I could never send them out to thousands of people around the world. But instead of giving up, I decided to do something I have never done before with Thomas. I decided to have a conversation with him, and to simply type what I received. I felt it was the only way it would work, and so I offer this conversation exactly as it came to me. I still can't say I fully understand where this is leading, and I assume the third message will bring it all together. But it's
impossible for me to know. All I know is that something profound is happening, not just to me but to all of us. That is the heart of what Thomas is trying to say.

The Conversation

Do you mind if we enter into a dialogue. I think it might help me understand what you are trying to communicate? So far I don't understand what you said, and if I don't get it, no one else will either.

I don't mind at all. What is it you don't understand?

You talk about God's breath, and the three words that relate to that movement: descend, pretend and ascend. But I don't see how this relates to the message of the Psychic Children, or to what is happening in the world right now, especially with the whales and dolphins.

We're trying to get you to understand where you are in this cycle...or better yet, where you could be. If you became that center point where God PRETENDS to be you, then you can turn the tables, which is the real trick, and PRETEND to be God. Do you understand? God pretending to be you is the same thing as you pretending to be God. We've said many times before that when you do this, then you're pretending something that is true. When you pretend something that is true, then you immediately become that Truth.

You are here to realize your oneness with God. Yes? But you have not allowed yourself to go this far because you believe you are not worthy. And so you unconsciously do whatever you can to interrupt this process, and not ascend back to God. You have allowed yourself to descend, but by pretending to be less than what you are, you have not ascended back to God.

I think I'm starting to understand, but it's still pretty difficult.

And that's the problem, isn't it. You think if your mind understands this then the problem will be solved. But you can't understand this with your mind because all I'm really offering you is a symbol of the solution. That's as far as words and concepts will take us. But if you're able to latch on to even the smallest part of the Truth I'm describing, then the energy of that Truth will reveal the rest. It will happen by itself, which is the best way for it to happen. Stick with these three words: Descend, Pretend and Ascend. Go inside and see where they lead. Once again, God's Light descends into form, then pretends to be whatever it wants, then it ascends back to Heaven.
Then, of course, the cycle repeats itself. It is like your own breath that moves in and out of your lungs.

And what is it we need to do?

You need to begin pretending what is true, instead of what isn't, then your ascension will be guaranteed. Then the breath of God will be complete, and it will be complete AS YOU.

As me?

That's the whole point, isn't it? You are the one that has to make the choice, the choice to remember God. When you do, then God remembers you as well, because it is all the same.

Let me ask you this. Why do you think it's easier for you to receive these messages from me when you're soaking in water?

I'm not sure.

It relates to what is happening to the whales and dolphins. And it also relates to why you are destroying the oceans and all your water sources.

I'm going to guess that it has something to do with the way sound and energy travels through water. It moves much faster through water than through air.

And how would this relate to what we're discussing?

I'm not sure.

Pay close attention because this is very important. Most of you are afraid of the messages being offered humanity right now, and you will do whatever you can to deny, then destroy them. You already know that you are ready to enter a new world, one where compassion and love are the dominant force. It is like you are giving birth to this world, and water is the medium of birth. Every birth must be assisted and even witnessed by another person, or in this case, another species. Because most of you are afraid of this, you will do whatever you can to stop it.

Are you telling me that the whales and dolphins are like the midwives of our birth into this new world?

Why would that surprise you? It is their role, like silent witnesses to the most profound awakening since the world began. The ascension has begun, and they are here to join you. Now perhaps you are beginning to see why you are trying to destroy them.

That sounds too unbelievable.

But it isn't. Do not underestimate what lengths a fearful, sleeping mind will go to stay asleep. Now you know the truth. Now you know what you must do to complete the Breath of God. If you are to ascend to the next phase, then you must understand why these creatures were sent to be your witness. And I cannot tell you this. You must discover it within yourself. The third message will tell you how to become the solution, and in doing so, save your world.

And with that the dialogue ended. As I sit here at my computer wondering what it all means I feel a sense of confusion, and of hope. I could feel a strong, positive energy coming through as I wrote this, and I know that the ending is sure. But only if each one of us comes to understand the heart of this message: THERE IS NOTHING FOR US TO FEAR!!!! I can feel the third message beginning to form, and I know it is the answer we need to hear.

Until tomorrow, Peace!

The Thomas Messages   Message #3

Beloved Friends,
I have to admit that I have personally been a bit concerned about the subject, and I even hesitated sending out the last message. And yet, it seems that the less I can relate to it the more truth it has for others. I have never felt overly connected to the dolphin or whale energy, and so I was surprised when they turned out to be a central figure. What Thomas offered in the last message, especially in regard to humanity attacking the whales and dolphins because we are unconsciously aware of their role in assisting us in our own awakening, was revolutionary. My mind resisted it to the point that I had to have two people read the message before I would consider forwarding it to all of you. But the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. In the end I decided to trust the inspiration, and trust all of you in your ability to determine what has value and what does not.

As I wrote out this third message, it became clear to me that Thomas was leading us on a journey that would not be complete in three short e-mails. Maybe we opened the door too wide, or perhaps our questions took us further than we thought. Whatever the reason, Thomas made it clear that he would continue this dialogue if we want him to. His only goal seems to be to help us in this critical transition. And so, we will continue to send out the Thomas Messages as long as Thomas wants.

I think it might be helpful if you had some tangible proof that the Psychic Children are really working with all of you in revealing this information.

Tangible proof? I never thought of that before, but I have to admit that it would be fantastic. I think it would really help people believe, then apply these messages.

What sort of proof do you think would be appropriate?

I've never thought about that before. What would you suggest?

First of all, proof that this conversation is real would have no value unless you were willing to act on what is being said. You can believe the Children are here guiding you, but unless you become part of the solution it will do no good.

So, how do we become part of the solution?

I have already told you in so many ways. As I said in the last message, the problem is not in the ocean, or in the sky, or on the land. It is within you. Each one of you. It is in the decisions you are making about yourselves, which then becomes the choices you make for the world. I also said that you must begin pretending what is true, instead of pretending what isn't. That is what you've been doing for a very long time, and it obviously hasn't worked.

How have we pretended what isn't true?

You pretend to be weak, you pretend to be vulnerable to attack, and you pretend to be less than what God created. And because you have pretended this all very well, it seems to be true. So what we are now asking is that you begin pretending the truth, that you are strong, that you are invulnerable, and that you are perfect. If you did that, then the problems would disappear. You would not be so willing to sacrifice your whales and dolphins, or any life at all, just so you could continue hiding from the Truth.

What can you offer us that would prove all this?

I've been thinking about this, and I believe I have an answer. I already told you why it's easier for me to communicate with you when you are soaking in water. This would also work for nearly everyone else, if they allowed it to. There are tens of thousands of people who are receiving these messages through the e-mail. Do you realize that it would be easy for that number of people to shift the consciousness of the planet if they worked together at the same time? What do you think would happen if I asked everyone who is reading this to dedicate themselves to a simple practice for three days that would give tangible proof of everything I have been saying? Do you think they would listen?

It depends on what you ask them to do, but if it's reasonable, yes, I think they would.

What I'm going to ask is so easy, and so pleasurable, that everyone will want to do it. And if you do, you will be able to look out into your own lives, and into the world, and see a shift. It may be a subtle shift, but it will be there if you have eyes to see.

Here's what we are asking: For the next three days find some quiet time to sit in a hot bath or hot tub and open your hearts to the Children. As I have said before, the water acts as a powerful conduit for this energy, much like an amplifier. I am asking you to do this three days because I know that everyone will not receive this e-mail on the same day. Some people will read these instructions the day it is sent, and others will read it the next day. If you practice this for three days in a row, we can be assured that at least one day will generate sufficient energy to create the shift.

The first step will be to listen to any messages you might receive from the Psychic Children. If you clear away your own thoughts you might hear a quiet voice that expresses its love and helps you understand your role in the world. Or it may come to you as a gentle feeling that you have never felt before. The Children want to communicate with all of you, because that will help us fulfill our own role.

After you have relaxed and opened your mind and heart to the Children, begin to envision the new world we have been referring to. Imagine how peace will show up in your life as well as in the world. Spend at least ten minutes giving this your whole attention, knowing that there are thousands of people doing the exact same thing, and then prepare yourself for the moment of activation. When you feel the energy at its strongest point say these words with dedication: "I claim this world NOW for myself and all beings everywhere." Say it a few times if you want.

Then relax and go about your day. But watch for evidence of the shift in your life and in the world. Don't be surprised if there is a breakthrough in some area of discord. You may even experience something you did not expect in your own life, a healing or a miracle. It will happen if you allow it to. Then you will know that we are with you and helping you in everything.

And what will happen then?

You will be able to move from the place of faith into certainty. Many of you believe that this is happening, which means you have faith. But when you experience the proof, then you will KNOW, and you will be certain. Certainty is such a powerful energy, and if you can enter that place then you will be ready to work directly with the Children.

You said that there would only be three messages, but it feels like there is still so much to learn.

There will be more messages if you need them. The next will be after the three days are up, after you've seen for yourself that this is really happening. It is easy to think that this is in your imagination. It takes courage to believe, then live these messages. I tell you that we are with you and are drawing you together for the awakening of the new world. Now it is yours to open your heart to this, and to welcome it into your life.

In Peace,
James Twyman
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