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The Pleiadians speak about this and more!

Welcome. We are the Pleiadian energies. We come on this eve as we ride the currents and concurrents of events within your thinking, events within the setting sun, and events within the rising sun of the next day. We come forth to introduce you to points of interest along the pathways of the next step of your journey.

Each of you has spent a great amount of yourself fighting and dissolving the darknesses of your life and light. Over and over again you introduce to what is dense, what is dirty, what is dank, what is dark -- the essence and the aspect of a higher more beautiful light. Every day you take yourself and you pour yourself onto every car that passes you in the hopes of filling them with light healing them loving them. You pour your light over and over again unto a land that absorbs it and spits it back at you.

In the month of August a paramount singular event transpires that will change the face of earth forever. The pure essence of love has taken form, the Creator His Self/ Her Self/ walks amongst humanity as a physical manifestation of love. Without the human form, without the human landscape, -- it touches the world one by one. As it invisibly touches each person the love that has come to earth, is exponentially lifted and its content is mathematically acquired.

Think about the light that you to give to others, sometimes force feeding it to those who so not want to listen, to those who do not want to hear, and to those that do not want to ingest. You dwindle your light force everyday and then you drag your droopy tail feathers back to your nest as you try to fill up. But who in your home front fills you up. Are there not more demands that come forth to you? The cat, the dog, the husband, the wife, the phone, the mail, the computer – everything wants to finish chewing on you as vultures who circle the landscape of your carcass. This picture that we have painted for you mindfully is a sad truth.

We ask you to stop squandering your light and to hold it in fullness. This request has been made before by us and by the Light Masters. When you see someone that is hurt or painful or angry or filled with hatred, do not issue yourself forward to them, but in that moment of time – fill yourself, fluff out your feathers, expand your chest, and breathe deeply and exponentially fill yourself doubly full of light. Do not worry about this person, for as you have expanded your light, they have received it double strength – not diluted, not liquefied – but squared.

You are all warriors of light. And everyday you come back from the battlefield of earth and you are limping and wounded and hurt and tired and exhausted – too exhausted to fill yourself back up with light. You sit at home dormant, inanimate, null and void knowing that you cannot handle one more demand upon your physical essence, upon your light, upon your emotional being. For you have been squeezed and wrung out by your day. Day after day you shed the light and you wonder why you are not feeling Christ-like, exemplified, and holy.

Every night you venture out into the higher landscapes and dimensions as you let your physical body rest. You go to schools and universal universities. You visit loved ones. You teach and laugh and play and swim deep within the water. You fly and you tunnel deep into the heart of the land that you live upon experiencing places yet to be found. You awakened and are filled as you enter the new day. You wake from the sleep of death and you come forth into a new morn. Your mind twitches hither and fro as you look at your day’s schedule -- thinking what it is that I must do, what day is it, what time is it, who am I? Am I who I was just a minute ago in the landscape of dreams? No, no, I am a human, I am vulnerable, and I am breakable. I must hurry, I must get busy, and I must perform my duties. You leap back into your life and then immediately the anger begins, the road rage begins – not just your own, but everyone's around you. Your energy is down to 2/3 as you travel to your destination. And then what? You pump up again, you call on your angels, and you walk forward into your office, into your business. Once again demands are placed upon you, everyone pointing out what you have done wrong, what you are lapsing in, what you are not doing correctly – the same as it has always been throughout your life. If you are lucky enough to work for yourself – even those that come forth to you out of graciousness, continually show you portions of yourself that are eaten away by moths in the closet of life. They did not hear the first message, they did not receive the second email, they did not write the check correctly, they did not write the phone number correctly – all these energies present themselves as each person is so fractured and scattered.

So what we suggest to you throughout your day is to fill yourself at each intersection interval of conflict, of blockage, of down-trodden-ness by another or by yourself. STOP -- AND ASK TO RECEIVE THE LIGHT THAT IS PROMISED THE LIGHT THAT FEEDS OFF OF ITSELF, and THE LIGHT THAT EXPONENTIALLY ANNOUNCES ITSELF TO EVERY SITUATION OF YOUR LIFE.

Your higher self, your heart self, your angel self, knows what it needs, nothing about you and your creations and your world and your God is hard of hearing - it knows all sees, all hears all. As it knows the needs of every insect, every fowl, every four-legged creature. It knows the wantings, the yearnings, and the needs of every human part of its heart.

Pull back from that in your life that rapes you of your light that takes from you without asking that chews upon you without being invited to dinner – move away from it. Especially for those of you who are working with the elderly. The elderly that are in your home or in your heart or in your concern, seek your life force, seek your light. Do not lose yourself within their neediness but allow them to sup off of your heart as you expand your light.

Each time an individual belittles you, they are granted a part of you. As you lower your vibrational frequency during conflicts, during insults, during anger, during high degrees of emotion – your light is being ushered off into another pool, another vestibule, another container, and you are drained.

It is only by your own decree that light will be issued to you exponentially. No other human can give it to you, no animal can give it to you – they can soothe you, they can heal you, they can place salve upon your wounds, but they can not fill you. You must learn to stand tall in your light – not fixing another, not healing another, not correcting another’s life – but announcing and pronouncing to everyone a molecular/cellular shift -- by upping your own light exponentially.

Every time a hardship enters your life – whether it is a bill that you cannot pay, someone that has disappointed you, owes you money, owes you a heart, owes you a favor – fill yourself full of this light and then allow the situation to play itself out. Everything is taken care of for you because your desires, your whims, your needs are seen and heard and exclaimed to all of life.

When two of you stand together and there is a heart connection – know that the living, breathing spirit of heart and love stand in-between you. And through your heart connection, you have just announced to it to be exponentially expanded as well. Imagine a world filled with such light and such love. You all have sought it for eons. Are you actually, finally ready to become it? Or do you continue to seek something outside of you?

The Light, the Heart, the Love that comes is just YOU entering into you. You of the Higher Light announcing to you of the EarthLight – I am here; I am ready for you. Reach out and grab a piece of your own heart, your own soul, and your own light. For you are but a tiny inch of the iceberg protruding from arctic waters and the rest of you is so immensely grand. Every one of your wishes are granted all desires are fulfilled automatically just by being on earth. But you must leave the room of pitiful-ness and embark upon a journey as a Seeker -- to find what is promised, to experience what can be no other way. We are a Pleiadian Council of Light. On this night you have been introduced to another part of yourself. Welcome her home. We leave.



Insight on this event from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

On August 17 and 18 we will be given the gift of an asteroid passing by earth with a message from the stars. Astronomers discovered the nearby asteroid, named 2002 NY40--on July 14th,2002 (which happens to be Bastille day, Independence day for France) It measures about 800 meters across, and follows an orbit that ranges from the asteroid belt to the inner solar system. On August 18th, the asteroid will glide past our planet only 1.3 times farther away than the Moon. Asteroids contain within them material from the very early solar system.

Asteroids are rocky and metallic objects that orbit the Sun but are too small to be considered planets. They are known as minor planets. Much of our understanding about asteroids comes from examining pieces of space debris that fall to the surface of Earth. Asteroids that are on a collision course with Earth are called meteoroid. When a meteoroid strikes our atmosphere at high velocity, friction causes this chunk of space matter to incinerate in a streak of light known as a meteor. If the meteoroid does not burn up completely, what's left strikes Earth's surface and is called a meteorite.

This particular asteroid makes it way through some interesting territory with vibrations and energies that are important to planet earth at this time. Three deep space objects are sitting along side of the road watching this light show and adding some of there own flavor. First we have M71, then M27, then M56.

M71 is in the Sagitta constellation which when activated sends and energy that asks you to penetrate beyond normal boundaries. Accessing a force beyond oneself, aligning with the asteroid is the thought" I am a powerful force, willing to be released into the unknown, having great trust in what appears to be greater than myself'.

Then M27 the DUMBELL NUBULA in the constellation Vulpecula. This nebula played an important part in the SUMMER SOLSTICE OF 2002, when we entered the apex of the Photon belt, could this asteroid perhaps be the capstone of the Photon belt? M27 asks you to go deeper into your original DNA before it was genetically altered, before the star masters came to earth. You were once aligned with every cell of mother earth, every breeze, every animal, every element. This asteroid brings a DNA activation of dormant cellular remembrances of a time before time. Awakening the vision of the Earth Heart (earth is anagram for heart) so that our evolutionary path is easier.

M56 is within the constellation of Lyra, announcing that the appearance of separation is an illusion and all of humanity is doing the same dance, just each a different step. It is finding a common denominator instead of seeing how we can be fractions, fractured and divided. This is also dealing with the energy of protection, in order to successfully protect oneself it is necessary to thoroughly investigate what motivates one to do so?

Also as the asteroid passes by the energy of the constellation Delphinus, a decree is issued to earth as the dolphins and whales give us one last chance to love ourselves through loving them. Their sonar is distorted and painfully heard, as the liquid in their inner ears and pineal gland is swirled by devices that were created to keep them confused and swimming in circles. How can they teach us if they have lost their way? Send them love as you bring them into clarity through a direct line into your hearts.

Look at the numbers of these deep space objects, all are aligned with the energy of last September 11, 2001. M 56 adds up to be an eleven. M27adds up to be a 9. M71 adds up to be an 8. It was between the dates of August 11, (8/11/2001) and September 11, (9/11/2001) that the energies of the Saturn Pluto opposition first started. Also there was a grand fixed solar cross eclipse on 8/11/2001 representing the spiritual crossroads that all of planet earth faced.

We again sit at the crossroads of change. But this time we are prepared within our selves and souls, as the last year has asked us to look at what is truly important in our lives and hearts. This asteroid brings to us on a stellar and cellular level a gift that comes to say, 'look how fragile and precious life is!" Will we toss it away like trash or hold dearly to what we believe to be truth? For even the very essence of truth shapeshifts as we raise our vibrations and expectations. Look to the stars and remember why you are here!


Created, Channeled and published by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Man is A STAR bound to a body.
A Sun of the SUN, A child of the Stars.
blessings The Quantum

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