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May 15, 2002

Anshallah Dear Ones. We are of the Light, and coming to you from within that which is light. It is that we wish to speak to you on this occasion of your collective consciousness.  Not that which you perceive to be your thinking minds.  Not that which you perceive to be your meditative consciousness, but that of your true knowing.  That which is your connection with all things Universally.

It is that in these times you are feeling a stirring of  Knowings deep within
. It is that you are often thinking and speaking of certain subjects repeatedly, such as that of the state of your planet, the changes that are occurring.  It is that you are concerned about reaching higher states of awarenesses. It is that you are feeling that something is missing from your lives.

It is that you are missing nothing.  It is that all that you need is contained within you as light beings.  Within that which are your true essences. As manifested solid objects, there are certain properties that have applied to you in this form.  It is that you have physical properties that inherently require communication with each other in verbal and animated fashion, as throughout your evolution you have lost your Rememberings.  They stir within you now.  It is that your physicalities strive to protect you with releases of chemicals into your bodies that instigate electrical reactions within your central nervous systems causing emotionalities and other inhibitions to your true selves as essences of light, as members of the One.

It is that at this time you are being affected by those communications Universally that are bringing to you an awareness that your world is changing.  It is that you are aware from deep within of the coming times. These times have occurred repeatedly throughout the Universal process. It is not that there are new events occurring, but a balancing Universally of that which is. All things.

It is that when the light begins to escalate in preparation for these changes., that there are certain forces of darkness that attempt to interfere. As it was in the Beginning, and there was done a battle between those of the light and those who chose to reject the Oneness in the belief that they were greater than the whole.

It is that those who rejected the One were cast out, banished from the process that creates the continuance of the One. It is that those who were cast aside choose still not to acknowledge their belonging, choosing to remain as separate with the perception of greatness that lies in untruths. It is they who interfere, causing much of the negativities that you witness in your world today. It is why many of you are abhorred if that which you are witnessing in your world. You share a knowing that there are greater forces at work that you see on the surface. Once again cast these darknesses aside and allow that which is light to propagate.

It is that within your collective consciousnesses you maintain an awareness of the Universal balance. It is that this occurs within levels of your existence that are far from your current realities. Yet you know. And in that knowing, you are making choices from deep within to move forward in Oneness, or not. Dear Ones. It is time that you reach into yourselves for that awareness. Escalate your senses of Being unto the One.

It is that there are changes happening within and upon your planet that are bringing to you new times. It is that there are certain events that are occurring subtly that are tugging at your rememberings. These events occur approximately every 26,000 years in your earth time.

There are certain conditions within the Universal structuring that cycle within this time frame. It is that the energetics of the Universal construct begin to take on new form. As the Universe pulses and moves as a living organism, there are certain patterns that occur. You are coming upon those times once again. As you have entered the photon belt, the addition of concentrated light particles to your energetic systems creates a rearrangement of your realities. The influx of photon particles heightens your awareness, the frequencies of your vibratory states, your consciousness.

It is that within the rearrangement of these realities, your conscious awareness begins to escalate. Many of you are becoming much more highly intuitive as you begin to reconnect with the Source. Many of you are finding gifts of uses of energies that are changing healthfulness for others.

Many of you are beginning to see beyond the dimensional veils as the overlaps begin to occur in the rearrangement. You are noticing those of other dimensional realities in the shadows. You are seeing the occurrence of the beginning of dimensional overlap. As you experience these awarenesses, so do others other-dimensionally. Many of them are curious as to your state of change, and come and go for purposes of observation. Others come to be of assistance to you.

It is that this overlapping of dimensions will take you toward the Ascension that you are moving toward. It is that not all of you will move to the same dimensional realms in this process. Many of you will move to the fifth dimension to a parallel existence that is of a higher nature than your current Being. Others of you will move even further as Masters who have completed the Karmic Journeys. All of this is based upon the state of your vibrations in the moment of Universal folding which will occur.

In that folding, you will become dimensionally changed, based upon your vibratory state in that moment. In such a way, those of you who have raised your vibrations, your consciousness unto the finest state will move to the higher dimensions. You will work as beings of light in wholly different manifestations than your current realities. Those of you who have not yet achieved that of the highest vibration will move to the fourth and fifth states of being. It is not that there is judgement of your vibrational frequencies, rather a natural ordering within the Universal process.

As the Universal process is in its natural occurance, it undulates, moves, pulsates, as the energetics emitted from and within all things travel within the null zones, communicating with the essence of the whole. As this occurs, certain harmonic rearrangements of the Universal structure are taking place, changing the movement of the whole. It is that within the passage of time as you call it, the Universe will fold upon itself as it has since the beginning. Upon this folding, your realities will change as we have described above.

As a part of this process, your planet is beginning to react to the changing energetics as well. It is that it is attempting to equalize building pressures from within by venting and moving its crust in the form of volcanic and seismic activities. It is that as a result of the building pressures, there is more heat from within. It is that in direct relation, your atmosphere has been quite damaged by the carelessness of your people.

It is that the effect of the inner heat, the damaged atmosphere, and the incoming energetics are creating a warming effect planetarily. It is that your glacial structures are reacting to this cycle by melting, by breaking apart in huge masses. It is that your ocean levels are beginning to rise. It is that your ground is moving to compensate for the changes from within. The combination of the movement of your Planet surface, the breaking up of the glaciers, and the movement of that which is unsolid within the interior of your planet all contribute to the upcoming pole shift that is in process.  It is that your weather patterns are changing, seemingly unpredictable. Your sun is highly more active with electro-magnetic emissions.

Within your consciousness you are beginning to recall the knowings of the changing times, the meanings of that which occurs around you. You feel it within as your winds are ever increasing. As the winds move through and around you, you are stirred to know that the time of changes is coming upon you. Allow the whispering of the winds to tell you that which you must know.

You are choosing to accept these changes by moving toward the consciousness of light, or you are rejecting these occurrences at face value. It is that you must understand that your time is now to become that which you are. Not the physically manifested beings which are temporary in form, but those beings of light essence that are eternal.

There is no reason to be fearful of these changes, for they have occurred within all time. Those within other dimensional realities are experiencing these same phenomenon. They, too are changing, for as above, so below.

It is written in the Book of Light that the Wholeness of the One is constant, eternal. That within this wholeness all things are perfect.  All things being that which is, the relationship being the light by which all things are made. And so it is a cycle of constancy in which you exist.  There is no true existence beyond that which is light. In this light is the peace which all of you seek. Look within your Sacred selves, for it is resident within you.

You cannot fill yourselves with external gratification, by obtaining earthly objects for your pleasures, for they are not of eternal existence, and will ultimately decay, as will your enjoyment of them. Instead, fill yourselves from within with the love, the peace of your Source. It is there that all Truth resides. It is there that peace eternal awaits each of you. You carry this within you. You are that which is. All things eternal.

As you find that certain subjects come forward repeatedly into your day to day realities, ask yourselves what it is that is tapping your awareness in that moment. Notice as you do this how your energetics change from within. You will begin to notice a shifting within you that is different than all other feelings you have had previously. In that shift from within, ask for clarity of that which you must remember. And so you will. Perhaps not consciously at first, yet, on all levels of who you are, you have created in that moment an opening to your true selves. All that is needed will come. As you are willing.

Be in peace, Dear Ones.

And to light we return.


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      Meg received her gifts naturally, becoming enlightened to higher consciousness which led to inter-dimensional access. In other words, access to the Many Mansions. She has learned to interact with the Ascended Masters through pure consciousness in holographic form to learn and to heal. Within this process, Meg has gained admittance the Universal mind for receiving information on most any subject. She receives information with complete detail in many different aspects of study, such as quantum physics, astral physics, biophysics, harmonics and their effects, energy and its applications, alchemy, sacred geometry as applied to the Universal processes,  healing procedures as practiced in inter-dimensional realms and the application of these healing processes to the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and ethereal aspects of existence .
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