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 Update by Sheldan Nidle for the
Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

           9 Batz, 14 Yax, 10 Caban   February 5, 2002

              Greetings! We come again, dear Hearts! Many things are
unfolding and many more are about to be revealed. In
              this message, our primary purpose is to continue our
discussion of  how and why  these events are occurring. In
              our last messages, we briefly outlined the history of the
Anunnaki and their long, secret relationship with your
              ruling cabals. Now, that process has resulted in the
relocation of their home-world closer to your own. At the
              same time, several other procedures are under way in your
solar system, your galaxy and this universe. As many
              of your astronomers are aware, during the last few years,
the paths of various asteroids have taken a number of
              strange twists. Further, the nature of the asteroid belt,
the interrelationships of its members and the declination
              of their orbit are changing. These events could not have
been predicted by your known concepts of orbital
              mechanics. Moreover, Jupiter and Saturn are now exchanging
magnetic and gravitational signals in most
              unusual ways. All of these events are preparing your solar
system for the re-emergence of the planet 'Maldek'.

                    These procedures apply to your inner worlds. Mercury
is showing signs of abnormal disturbances. Moreover,
              she is drifting upon what your astrophysicists regard as
an anomalous wave that emanates from your Sun.  This
              phenomenon is preparing for the sudden reappearance of
your innermost planet, which your Astronomers have
              named Vulcan.  In the meantime, a series of huge energy
waves has passed through this solar system.  A larger
              wave, directed toward you, is predicted to reach your
solar system by the end of the galactic year of 2 Ik.  These
              waves, originating in your galaxy's core, are, in fact,
Light waves that resemble gravitational waves.  Thus, their
              signature appears similar to that of the photon belt. But,
unlike the photon belt, this phenomenon is only
              three-dimensional and is the means by which your galaxy
reorders the infinite realities that comprise it.  From it,
              your reality receives signals that are displacing its
present concepts of space/time.  As a result of this, your real
              space/time is accelerating.  Your day, now, is 16 hours
long, but your 24-hour clock has not been adjusted

                    This discrepancy can be attributed to the fact that
your relative time seems unchanged.  As your mental logic
              perceives it, the nature of your reality has not mutated.
It is the same. Yet, you continue to sense that your days
              are becoming shorter and increasingly hectic.  This is
because your intuition has readily adjusted to the change,
              while your outward physical reality appears undisturbed.
This mass time distortion will not become readily
              apparent until your present core perceptions concerning
this reality have been altered by a transformational
          That will not occur until your world accepts what
is truly unfolding.  Then, together, you will 'feel' the extent
              of those first mutations in your reality.  If, like us, you
were from outside this reality, then you would easily
              perceive this procedure in full operation.  It really is
perfectly normal to believe that your time has not been
              distorted.  Einstein explained this in one of his few
brilliant explanations of time, a theory you know of as
              'relativity'.  Its basic principles closely resemble what
is occurring now in your reality. Simply be aware that the
              critically important event will soon occur.

                   What unfolds in your reality also occurs throughout the

The waves that emanate from your galactic
              core are part of a larger energy event that is taking
place in many sectors of this universe.  These changes
              originate in decrees that Lord Surea has issued and
explained in the divine plan.  The universe is preparing to
              change, according to a timeframe established within this
divine plan.  Thus, these transformations will occur,
              according to divine decree.  These moments in your reality
are a time when you are destined to return to full
              consciousness.  As you become aware of these things, you
will perceive that physicality possesses a divine
              potential that is impelling it toward its final destiny.

That destiny contains an infinite number of parts, most of
              which lie within the realities that you, collectively, inhabit.

As a result,  Your actions in this reality have a major
              effect on events throughout this universe.
This is an awe-inspiring responsibility that the Creator has graciously
              bestowed upon you.

                    These changes occur in a similar fashion within many
aspects of the third dimension.   The countless realities are inter-related.

                 In previous messages, we have discussed
how each reality is encircled by many others of
              similar construction.  Although your theories have mistaken
these clusters for 'parallel universes', they are, in fact,
              realities containing many of the same possibilities that
exist in your own.  Here, changes in sequencing or
              outcomes can have entirely different results.  At their
core exists a primary reality.  A reality such as this is yours.

              Each of you inhabits many such realities that are joined
together by your Full Self.  Every so often, you see their
              resulting interplay in your dreams.   The point is that you
are moving through your life contract in a number of
              different realities.  The one that matters most is the one
designated by the divine plan.  Thus, no multiple
              timelines exist.  Only that belonging to the major reality
is to be considered.

                    As we have noted, your reality is surrounded by
clusters of other realities.  You exist as a limited conscious
              Being, meaning that your 'soul's consciousness' has been
fragmented into as many as 12 different personalities
              at any one time.  These personalities, in turn, have been
reproduced within those many realities.  Consider the
              number of physical personalities to which you are joined.
Then realize that all of your past lives in these realities
              are also connected to you.  Infrequently, they can bleed
deeply into one physical personality, resulting in
              distortions that can create mental illness on your world.
When your medical science becomes fully aware of
              these facts, it will be able to develop treatments to
correct it.  Then, illness such as this can be quickly
              eradicated.  You, dear Ones, are Beings from many
dimensions and many realities at one and the same time.

                    As you examine this, you begin to ponder what you
are experiencing.  The process of transformation is
              exceedingly complex.  Consider how you can move quickly,
from one reality to another, before any event can
              happen to you in this reality.  Contemplate how your inner
angelic guides work with you to ensure that whatever
              occurs will fulfill both your life contract and your
responsibilities in this primary reality.  In addition, envision how
              we must constantly change the way in which we, your space
family, can best interact with you.  This merely
              compounds the variables operative in this situation.
Furthermore, we are obliged to use our 'good offices' to
              assist those who are busily changing the operation of your
reality's power structure.  This, dear Ones, is the
              reason that actions already carried out in higher
dimensions take much longer to manifest in your reality.

                  The process of change is continuous and occurs in
many ways. Most of them are not physical.  Instead, they
              develop as a form of energy exchange between Heaven,
physicality and the divine plan .
That is the reason that
              thought and intention are so powerful.  Kept focused and
positive, they can move you quickly toward your
              highest point of potential.
             But, if they are fragmented or
negative, they will move toward the least point of
              manifesting that divine potential.  Your reality reacts to
these elements in the same way.  Thus, we have asked
              you to remain centered and positive, in thought and
intention. Together, we will use these elements to produce
              the events you require for a quick victory.  Accordingly,
let us apply our abilities in a positive way to your
              inevitable success and the achievement of your most
magnificent destiny!

                    Today, we have further delved into the changes that
are taking place in your world and that are being
              carried out according to the dictates of the divine plan.
Remember, dear Hearts, how deeply connected you are
              to this process.  Be fully aware of the important role you
play in this divine operation.  We now take our leave.
              Blessings! Know that the endless Abundance and Prosperity
of Heaven is yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!
              (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)


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