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7 / 9 / 02

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       7 Chicchan, 8 Kumku, 10 Caban        

Selamat Jarin!  We arrive with more to tell you.  As your planet prepares for its shift, you are being groomed for a series of extraordinary events that will change your inner understanding to its core and ready you for a massive first contact.  In our last message, we described some of the changes that we have made.  It is important, dear Friends, that this transition from your present circumstances to a new state of affairs be carried out as gently as possible.  You are moving from a world dominated by the Anunnaki's remaining minions to one that is openly overseen by Heaven.   These developments require extensive alterations in your former secret rulers and in the vast, interlocked information system that they have assembled.  It also means that the glut of self-seeking multinationals will be restructured.  Your planet has reached the point where it can no longer sustain itself.  The continuous destruction of her air, land and water by these self-serving corporations must be stopped.  New rules of conduct will be implemented, locally and internationally.  The current concept of a 'corporation' will be legally reordered.

      The present organization of high finance and national governments will also be restructured.  The true concept of constitutional democracy must finally be given to your world.  For far too long, the will of the wealthy and the powerful has severely restricted this noble design.  Under the aegis of the Anunnaki, these Beings caused a widespread international depression and incited the fury that resulted in two World Wars and a subsequent, unnecessary 'cold war'.  Their follies will be refashioned into a new world celebrated for its abundance, personal sovereignty and freedom.  Further, the technology that long has been secretly withheld and protected by threats finally will be revealed.  Our purpose is to lend our expertise to what is about to unfold.  You possess the God-given ability to govern yourselves in a manner acceptable to Heaven.  Those who long have controlled or manipulated you dreaded the actual manifestation of this situation.  For that reason, they closely monitored and adapted to their own needs every revolution, coup or election that took place upon your world.  No President, King or Premier has ever taken office without their prior approval.

      You are about to enter a transitional realm in which the ability to choose your leaders freely will no longer be curtailed by the powerful former minions of the Anunnaki.  Instead, Heaven will oversee your endeavors.  You will possess the technology that you will need to make it all work.  In addition, a vast, shared abundance will put an end to factors that have so deplorably held you back.  You will be thoroughly educated in your true past and your magnificent future.  The secret 'closed-door' policies of your past will be abolished.   Government will be conducted openly. All forms of intrigue will also be severely restricted.  War, and the current rules of diplomacy, will be outlawed.  The highest embodiment of the rights of any truly free individual is to be honored, informed and allowed to participate in governance.  Governance is meant only to be a collective extension of your personal sovereignty.  It is not intended to be a legal force that denies you your inalienable rights, or restricts you in the ability to carry out your divine destiny.   We have arrived to enforce that heavenly code upon your present governments.

     The transitional world you have envisioned is quite different from the one you know.   It will be dominated by the divine grace and sacred edicts of Heaven.  Governments formed in this period will be moral and fair to all citizens.   It will result in an immense explosion of creativity.  Long-hidden technologies will form the basis of a new economy.  Restructured corporations will create networks that allow the revitalization of your dear Mother Earth and the reform of your societies.  With this, you will be introduced to your space family in all of its many wondrous forms.  The Ascended Masters will come and help you to implement Heaven's edicts.  Your children will teach you how to develop your dormant telepathy and other God-given abilities. The Moon will become your new, near-Earth space station.  You will become as familiar with Mars as you now are with your precious Mother Earth.  This is a time of miracles.  It is a time to end your childhood and to claim a new maturity that will result in the fulfillment of your wondrous destiny.

      Our initial plan is to familiarize you with us. To do so, we need first to introduce ourselves to you globally.  We will do this through a series of formal governmental announcements that proclaim our existence and benevolence, and will follow these pronouncements with our global broadcasts.  At the moment, two programs are planned.   After these will come a series of up to six regional broadcasts, whose purposes are to prepare you for flyovers and for landings, in specific areas, of our special liaison teams.  By nature, these teams will be informative and instructional.  They can help you to maintain your local support groups and provide helpful advice on programs that will create positive change in your communities.  When appropriate, these sessions will be televised, but only with your permission, to other areas within your region.  This transition will be a time for joint cooperation and divine support from Heaven and from us.

      This operation will also allow us to assist you in cleaning up your environment.  You already possess powerful technologies that are capable of doing this.  Our strategy is simply to enhance the delivery systems for these technologies.  Mother Earth needs to see that you truly care by demonstrating your commitment as her trusted guardians.  Moreover, we are planning to introduce technologies that will simplify your communication and allow you to travel more freely.  In past messages, we have described some of these devices.  You need to surmount the more primitive stages of your computer age and be introduced to the wonders of 'artificial intelligence'.  This technology is no more than an adjunct to your consciousness.  It is a tool that can quickly educate you about who you are and about your truly wondrous abilities.

      Once your environment has been cleansed, we can further assist you by improving your climate. Presently, your Sun is experiencing a great cycle of transformation that has deeply affected your planet and the rest of your solar system. Weather is controlled, not by the Sun, but by the Earth.  Contrary to your science's beliefs, Mother Earth has her own heating and cooling systems for air, earth and water.  The Sun merely bolsters this system through its daily infusion of radiation and Love.  Your climatologists misunderstand this subtle system of transference. Its crucial ingredient is Love, which contributes a number of conscious energies not fully known to you.  By returning a greater balance to this system, you will temporarily derive a more hospitable climate.   Unfortunately, the overriding imbalance in the system makes this only a 'quick fix' at best.

      Your principal duty is to remain focused upon your success and to prepare yourself for the transitional world that is taking shape around you.  This time will burst forth with events that may shock you. However, you must understand that they are all merely signs of the abundant, positive world that awaits you.  It is coming together out of a great chaos that now seems overwhelming.  This world is experiencing the last stage of a reality that has shaped you and your ancestors for millennia.  It is necessary, dear Hearts, for you to look beyond this dark miasma and clearly envision what is truly in store for you.  In this, you will triumph and take possession of the abundant tools that you will need to complete your sacred tasks.  Your task is to return to full consciousness and to carry out your divine destiny.  To achieve this mission, an impressive host of magnificent Beings of the Light have arrived to ensure that it occurs according to the Creator's divine plan.

      Today, we have reviewed only some of the things occurring, or soon meant to occur, in your reality.  Our shared goal is to return your world to full consciousness.  To do this has meant that we work both in secret and more overtly to transform the collective perceptions of your reality.  Now, this mission is approaching an extremely critical juncture. We ask you, dear Hearts, to remain focused and committed to the decisive outcome granted you by the divine plan. We now take our leave.  Blessings!   Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the countless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours.   Amen.   Selamat Gajun!   Selamat Ja!  (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

Greetings! We return once again! In this message, we bring you yet another insight into the preparations our vast fleet is making for first contact. In our last message, we gave you a brief description of the arrangements of our fleets.  In addition to these measures, we also act as guardians for another series of star-gates in the vicinity of this solar system.  We have assigned a special detachment of defense ships from the Sirian Federation Council to accomplish this mission.  These ships are designed to counteract any possible anomalous disturbances in a star-gate's natural Time and Light patterns. In this way, the dark force's attempts to provide relief to the remaining dark earthly cabal can quickly be thwarted.  We have also begun to use our liaison support units to closely monitor this dark cabal and its associates. These actions have prevented any uncalled-for surprises and have greatly assisted our earthly allies in the success of their endeavors.  Heaven has fully supervised these efforts.  Now, dear Friends, the time has come for a new reality to manifest upon your world.

      The prime reason underlying first contact is to bring you a new reality.  As you long ago discovered, we did not come here for the standard first contact reasons. At Heaven's behest, we came to guide you through the process of your return to full consciousness. For over a decade, we have observed and aided you in this complex procedure. In doing so, we have witnessed a number of very subtle changes in your reality's perception grids. These mutations have led to still others and, together, they have changed the way your reality is limiting you. These alterations have also permitted a number of new souls to enter your population. These Beings have further accelerated the operation that now is transforming you into fully conscious Beings. Our medical and liaison teams have used their skills to keep this process moving inexorably toward its inevitable conclusion. To achieve this goal, we have harmonized our forces with those of Heaven. A representative from the heavenly Administration in charge of this segment of our galaxy oversees every Galactic Federation of Light mission. The next major step of first contact includes a special series of formal governmental announcements. As well as proclaiming our existence and benevolence, these public statements will openly acknowledge the unique part we have played in assuring that your new reality manifests according to divine plan. Once these pronouncements have been made, we will step forward and introduce ourselves to you. This procedure contains three main phases. First, our specially prepared liaison teams will make a series of broadcasts. They will coincide with a number of flyovers by our scout ships above many of your world's urban areas. Second, our liaison teams will make many landings to introduce ourselves to you in a more personal way. Here, our purpose is to delay the mass landings until the time arrives to deliver you to your new temporary homes in Inner Earth. Heaven has set aside a period, ranging from mere weeks to almost 14 months, to serve as a transition. Third, we will act as the teachers and guides for this last stage prior to your return to full consciousness.

      We must clarify this final phase before your move to new dwellings. Once the many public announcements have been completed, you immediately will enter a vastly different world. Officially, this new world has ended its denial of being alone. It has also set events in motion that will irrevocably alter your present financial, governmental and cultural perspectives. You will suddenly experience great financial abundance. Thereafter, many new governments will assume office and many new world leaders suddenly will appear before you. Devastating wars, which had seemed to be heading you toward cataclysmic destruction, will be quickly ended. Harmony and a level of global cooperation never before seen on your world will become the norm. At that time, a number of regional organizations will take the lead. The United Nations will be reorganized and a new international mandate of human sovereignty and freedom proclaimed. Although this all may sound inconceivable to you, agreements to make it so have, in fact, secretly been signed.

      Galactic Federation teams appointed by Heaven will oversee this new era of global peace. This group will teach you, first, about galactic societies and their operation. You will also be instructed in the principles that underlie fluid group dynamics. It is important for you to learn the best use of these principles in forming local support groups that foster your sovereignty and freedom. Within these groups, your community can interact freely and use its bounteous resources to end poverty, heal the environment and create plans for local use of the technologies given you. In all of this, your freedom and the sovereign development of your consciousness will be given priority. You will be granted many prodigious new responsibilities. With this, you will be expected to absorb an enormous amount of new information. These facts will transform you present perceptions of history, and even your many inner beliefs about how physicality and Heaven were created.

      To help you to assimilate the vast quantities of knowledge that we will be giving you, we will provide a technology that can 'download' it directly into your brain's memory and recall systems. This information will give you a better understanding of how the Galactic Federation colonized your world and how you acquired limited consciousness. It will describe, in great detail, how you came to be here. It will also teach you the basic tenets underlying the creation of realities and the operation of physicality. It will contain a series of personal lessons, by your Ascended Masters, concerning the use of your abilities to manifest a new reality, return to full consciousness and support your living home - Mother Earth. It will prepare you to become full-fledged physical Angels. From it, you will learn about Love, divine grace and the carrying out of Divine Will.

      Now, we return to the manner in which we shall introduce ourselves to you. When we completed the initial agreements with our earthly allies, an extensive series of factors were still aligned against us. Our method was to ensure our allies' success by maintaining a contingency plan. This was to put the near-Earth fleet on constant alert, ready to carry out a massive first contact if necessary. The significance of this concern lessened as our earthly allies became able to solidify their positions. Instead, we began asking our staffs to recommend other possible scenarios. Their suggestions were presented to our entire command staff. The result was a request that we train small units consisting of two to six ships each. These ships will land, enabling the local populace the opportunity to view them, although you will not be allowed to board them en masse.

      This, dear Friends, is a way for us to show you that we exist and allow you to view, close-up, the kinds of wondrous technology that you soon will receive. For a short time, Galactic Federation teams will leave their ships to instruct you regarding this technology, teach you to use fluid group dynamics more effectively and explain your responsibilities as physical Angels. Your Ascended Masters will join them in these missions. This transition is a special time in which you will begin to merge the worlds of the physical with Spirit. You will be taught a great deal about yourselves and learn how a limited conscious Being can be quickly transformed by divine Love and by the decrees of the divine plan. In this, the special dispensations bestowed upon you by divine grace will be fully explained and demonstrated. Timely miracles and great learning await you!

      Today, we have briefly summarized the events that we have planned to complete the next stage of first contact. The final phase remains our mass landing, and the great celebration that will be held just before you move to your new residences. Together, dear Hearts, we shall be victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the countless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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