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The Seventh Message:  The Council of Peace

Dear Peace Angels,

The changes we have set in motion are continuing to gather momentum.  When I guided the meditation at World Angel Day in Boulder, I felt a doorway opening through our prayers.  I used what I wrote in the sixth message as a guide for the meditation, but once the doorway was opened, I began to bring through a vision of the global shift in consciousness we were all cocreating.  It was deeply moving and transforming.  I was told by many in the audience that it was the most powerful group meditation that they had ever done. For the Seventh Message, I will share this vision, and a poem I created with my Master Teacher, Beloved Jeshua (Jesus Christ), which relates well to this vision. 

In the global meditation, we connected with the planetary, solar, galactic and universal councils of Peace, and we stood in our power as representatives of these overlighting councils on Earth.  As we moved into the potential of the collective future of Heaven on Earth, which we had chosen and anchored, we found ourselves standing beyond the doorway we created with our prayer/choices.  Our prayerfield and the vision and blueprint for this world was so powerful, that we saw an energetic doorway being placed before all human beings, and as we spoke with one voice, the invitation to join us in the unity of this vision, we saw the entire process of the shift take place.  We were calling from beyond the doorway to all who would listen.

We saw more and more people choosing Peace, Love and Forgiveness, and stepping through the doorway, and joining the call, so that Humanity's collective voice became louder.  More and more people began crossing over, and the shift became ever more rapid.  We were reaching our hands out to those who were beginning to see the path, and taking their hands as they stepped through the doorway.  We watched the entire process unfold, until every single person had stepped through the doorway into the Kingdom of Love that we had claimed for all human beings. 

How is such a vision possible?  It is simple.  We are used to referring to individual people as beings, but relationships are beings unto themselves.  They are beings in a larger way.  They are also beams of light.  There is a beam of light that connects you with each person on the planet.  Each beam is a being, with a human personality on either end.  So in reality, each human person is made up of approximately six billion beams of light.  In other words, six billion beings.  And connected to the end of each of these six billion beams that are part of who you are, is another six billion beams which extend from the human person on the end of each relationship, to all others. 

So each one of us is made up of six billion, times six billion beams of light, and WE ARE ALL ONE BEAM!  So imagine all of these beams connecting all people together, and see how whenever a group of humans worldwide share in a choice, it creates a grid through these beams.  This is how grids are formed.  That choice is an agreement, which carries a frequency, and becomes a possible frequency that all may vibrate with.  As we speak to all, about the choice we have made, and communicate vibrationally that possible frequency to all beings, it resonates along every possible pathway of energy. 

We have chosen a frequency that has an infinite source.  Love and Peace are as infinite as God.  This is why this choice has an ascending vibration.  It has the potential to carry with it all who surrender into higher and higher states of being.  We each become an organ of awareness through which these frequencies may vibrate.  Allow the past to listen to its future through your listening in the present.  Allow the future to listen to the past through your listening in the present.  Become one with the listening and seeing of Awareness itself.  Allow God's Love for all things to vibrate through you, like an instrument that surrenders to the musician who made it.  Allow yourself to PLAY WITH GOD! 

It is easy to hurt and fear and hate and control when you don't recognize that the ones on the other end of the beams you are made of are you.  So many people just see bodies when they look at people, and they don't see the beams the shine between them.  WE ARE ALL ONE BEAM, AND LOVE IS THE MIRROR!  Yes, Love is the Mirror on the surface of which all Light reflects. 

God's Love is the Mirror, and we are all images of Light!  A true human being sees that they are not separate from anything, but made from an infinite pattern of relationships, which are beams of Light!  Between you and the Earth, there is a beam/relationship.  You are made of this Beam!  Between you and the Sun, is a beam/relationship.  You are made of this Beam!  As you remember and embody more and more of the beams that you are made of as a part of the Mirror, you will remember your true nature as the Mirror, and begin to become invisible.  The Mirror is everywhere, and becoming reflective through the vibration of Love, is the key to traveling in any dimension temporally, spatially or vibrationally, reflecting from one part of the surface to another.  

The more you Remember, the more you Love, the more you Reflect.  Remember, Reflect Love!  I have reflected to you my relationship with just a handful of Angels, and these beams shine through my words.  If I were to reflect through this body all of the beams I am a part of, then my body would disappear.  The same is true for everyone!  But it is time for me to reflect more.  I feel the presence of those who have disappeared before me, and they are within us all, for as they remembered all as a reflection of the Love inside of them, we came to bare their reflection. And when we all reach this state, we will all be aware of ourselves within each other.  When Humanity remembers how its collective memory works, all will be focused upon the beams, whereas now most are focused on the individuals between them.  God's Personality is what is in-between all of the people.  When we look in each other's eyes, we are looking into a mirror.  The Mirror is what is between us, and we are each reflections both on it and of it.  To identify with the Mirror is to identify with all that reflects on its surface.  To merge with the Mirror is to become Clear!  Love is the Key!  This is how we can all reflect Heaven on Earth, because we are all connected, and our essence is reflectivity.  To Choose is to Reflect!  When you see the presence of the Mirror in each relationship, you see God.

We are all beginning to speak with the Collective Voice!  There are moments when we find ourselves speaking as the "I", and moments when we find ourselves speaking as the "We".  We can click back and forth between our personal and collective perspective.  Anyone can speak as a representative of any aspect of being, for love is a mirror, and through love, we can reflect anything that is part of Love.  We have now completed a process that began with the events of Sept. 11th, 2001, which has lead to the manifestation of the Council of Peace on the Earth.  We are all part of this Global Peace Council.  The people in this group are just a handful of the members of this global Council.  I did not initiate this.  I am merely part of it.  As I became aware and began to communicate this occurrence, so have others, and I have been shown that this same information and awareness is coming through many people all over the world who are seeing the same thing.  We are the Council of Peace, part of what I call the new organic system of government. We are here to orchestrate Global Peace, and we will continue to work together for this goal until it is achieved.  Anyone can join the council by choosing to represent all beings in the choice of Peace.  This form of government will grow to transcend all local governmental bodies in its ability to decide the course of Humanity, and everyone can be an equal part of this new body of intelligence. 

As the Council of Peace is now manifesting on the Earth, overlighted by higher and higher Councils that represent the cooperation of greater and greater collectives of being, the next phase of the work is to orchestrate the Healing of Nations.  I stand in the vision of Heaven on Earth, and working backwards to see the next step to how we got there, the Healing of Nations is part of this plan.  I will be sharing a new series of messages in the not too distant future concerning this, but for now, I would like to share this poem as a small introduction to my work with the Master Jeshua for in the next phase of this work involving the Healing of Nations, He will be working very closely with those who are ready to be a part of this plan.   

I first shared this poem at the second annual Christ Light Festival that I created and hosted in Colorado this last spring.  These words were a gift from my Master, to guide me on the path that I now walk.

Waiting in Paradise
A poem I created with Jeshua

When will I be able to see the reflection of the beauty I feel in another's eyes?  When will someone see that beauty in me?   This feeling is so powerful.  I feel like I am about to explode!  Like a swirling vortex of matter, falling, collapsing, condensing, into something more uniform.  Probabilities falling into tighter orbits around a center that is about to be born.  I feel the ripples and vibrations of the change, like a mother having contractions, and I feel the accelerating anticipation of exploding into a star of love, my light reaching out to touch infinity. 

It reaches out to touch the face of the deep, moving over it, molding it like clay into the form of a man and the world he lives in . . .   and as that man I stand, a child of light, yet my body cannot contain a feeling so vast.  I know who I am.  I am the star, I AM That I AM!  I look for the reflection of this in the eyes of those around me, for I know that the realization of this birth is too vast for me to see.  Only when all are ready will our collective heart be great enough to reflect a tiny bit of the picture of a birth that has already happened, and when we are ready, that is when we will experience the birth for ourselves, as if it is happening for the first time all over again. 

And that is what this game is all about  . . .   remembering the ultimate beauty of the birth of love over and over again in new ways.  If even one of you that I gaze upon were to look at me and bare the reflection of what is in my heart, opening to this oneness that is vaster than us both, poetry would radiate from my hands across the pages of time about the beauty that is between us.  Songs would vibrate from our hearts about emotions so vast they could devour our definition, like drops of water swallowed by an ocean. 

But I am lonely, for there is nowhere for the flow to go.  This current of love inside of me.  I have conquered my fear and crossed a great ocean and landed upon a new shore of being.  A scout, an explorer, but I am alone.  Yet I could have sworn as I stepped upon this undiscovered country, the faint impression of foot prints were there in the sand just before wind and water carried them away.  I wiped my eyes and they were gone, only the sand making love to the churning sea.  And perhaps my courage gave hope to those explorers who are not far behind.  Perhaps they are on the way, though when I made my journey, I did not look back to see if they were there.  I will leave them a sign.  I will draw a great heart in the sand, and fill the shape with the beautiful smooth stones I find. 

It is just like the signs I left in all the other places, in all the other times, in all the other worlds, in all the other scriptures, before I crossed over to the paradise in which I now stand.  "When you find the heart, you find me" I whispered softly, and the signs whisper.   The path I took to get here was a path of love.  A path of peace.  When you find the path of love, the ocean is no longer a vast obstacle, but simply a test of courage, a cleansing bath we take before we get to the clean and pristine shores of paradise. 

When you are not afraid, the warm currents of love will carry you effortlessly from one shore to another.  Do not be afraid.  The monsters of the deep are just a fable.  Let the stars guide you.  Follow your heart.  Follow what makes you feel free.  Look for the signs.  I made them for you.  We made them together. 
The part of you that is in my heart told me what signs you would need.  You are already here with me, you just need to remember crossing over, so our adventures in paradise can begin.  I carried your presence with me when I came, my heart is a perfect mirror  . . .  and as I look within, you are already here.  It is already done.  Not my will but thine.
That is why I prayed "Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, on Earth as it is in Heaven" for I knew that this prayer would be answered.  I knew, for a part of me was already here on this beach, placing the stones in the sand, knowing that you were all destined to share this paradise with me, even as I was standing there on Earth praying.  I knew because part of me was already here, just as part of you is too. 

And as more of you cross over, the vast ocean between us grows smaller, for the love of those who find paradise for those who have not, is pulling the great continents together.  Soon only a great crystalline river will remain, and bridges will be build so we may go back and forth.  Bridges made from the harmonics of light, build on the foundations of love and peace.  We will build them together.  Whole worlds, we will build them together. 

Excerpt from Stories from the Living Records by Michael White Copyright 2002

This poem is part of a book that I wrote with Jeshua over the summer that I don't have a publisher for yet.  He came to me and said "Make a record of the things which I have revealed to you."  And He showed me a vision of me sitting in front of my laptop writing the introduction to the book.  I could see what I was writing word for word, and I woke up knowing what the book would be about.  That evening I began to write, and in four weeks it was finished.  Synchronicities, miracles and visions came together like lightning, and Love guided every word.  It is the greatest piece of writing I have produced yet.

He first contacted me when I was 17, and as soon as I gained the ability to travel out of the body, I asked the Angels to take me to Him.  This was the beginning of a fantastic story, and because my contacts with Him have been so frequent in the last few months, I know that soon it will be time for me to share what He has been revealing to me.  For now, I hope this poem inspires you!  Please do not confuse my work with this Master with any kind of religious context, and please share this message with as many people as possible, and let them know about what we are cocreating at  www.choosepeacenow.org

Let us also send our prayers to Iraq this next weekend where James Twyman will be holding a Peace Concert, and continue to make the invitation to all Human Beings to Choose Peace Now!  Thank you all from the bottom of my Heart!  I will shortly be sharing a brief announcement and preview of what is to come. 

All my Love and Light,

Copyright 10-8-02 Michael White.  Permission to share with due credit given.  All rights reserved for publication by the author

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