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The following information from Sananda came forth in our weekly group for metaphysical studies with the Masters.  I was directed to offer it to a larger audience through publication.  Herewith is that text. Lois Hartwick

Channeling from Sananda


February 3, 2002   Part I


Lois Hartwick

I love all of you.  I welcome you to this moment when we are together and

sharing, not only our thoughts, but specific energies and those elements of

the heart that need revitalization, reconnection, and let’s say, tuning up.

For all of you there is an adjustment that is coming forth in your lives, and this

is why I am here today.  It is an important recognition that is a turning point in

the days and months ahead.  Much that you have been doing in the past

several years has been to re-light, to reconnect, and to highlight those as-

pects of your lives that have needed to be completed, to be extended, to be

heard, to be noticed, to be serving, and to be loving and giving in your lives. 


Your work with Hilarion has offered you opportunities to heal certain as-

pects of your own physical being, of your mind and thoughts, of your heart and

its song.  The work with Thoth has allowed you specific techniques to begin processes of mastery.  The work with St. Germain has given you opportuni-

ties to rekindle parts of your heart, elements and thoughts of freedom, ideas

in which you are able to overcome those aspects that may have hindered your

life in forms of limited thinking. 


We have come to a point and time in history where each of you chose to re-

incarnate to carry forth some aspect that I am bringing here to you today.

Over the past centuries, much of the energy that I brought forth to this

plane has been disseminated to every corner of the Earth.  Those of you here

in this room are carrying that energy.  Many hundreds and thousands more

have done the same.  A point in time has come, however, for this energy to

be re-ignited, and let’s say, be ‘upped’ several notches, heightening your

light, your level of awareness and your conscious connection with me.  My connection is with Creator/God and All That Is.


For this time in your lives, you have chosen to undertake another journey, completing certain aspects of the past, and maybe even finding, that you are

engaging new patterns for the future. 


There are many things that need to be withheld from you at this point in time

with respect to the upcoming creations that man is putting forth.  However, specific energies to hold you in light are being reinforced.  This is necessary

now, for there are many of those who choose on your earth plane to create

more upheaval and chaos to dismantle what has been created over many thousands of years, favoring instead, to hold onto some poorly chosen point- of-view that would allow specific opinions to run rampant on  earth that would

do you and others harm. 


I come forth now, today, for this specific reason for each of you to begin to understand that the Earth or at least, parts of the Earth, are being  connected to by a heavenly host of beings, who will be joining with those of you who are open and willing serve the next nine to fifteen months ahead.  The connection will take the form of light--of energy that will be ingested into your physical being, allowing for specific energy to be held in place in the Earth plane at this

point in time, so that specific events that may be occurring in other areas

of the world are unable to shake or level your plane, your planet or where your country presently stands.   It is as if we are taking rods of steel and iron and placing them between us two:  We holding a specific anchor to this on one

side and you, the other.  This formation or creation of light that serves to strengthen your plane will uphold, very clearly, a new platform on which all

of you stand. 


There are, aligned with me, many of the Masters whom you have known on the Earth plane, some as apostles, some as gurus, some as yogis, some as average men and women, some you have known and others you have not.  We are

bonded together in a joint, combined energy force, placing to those of you

who are willing to serve, a specific form of energy that will hold and anchor

in place the light that needs to be disseminated now, as well as to uphold

and strengthen the position that your country is presently in.  We feel that

this is necessary at this time.  We believe there are energies here to disrupt

the stronghold that you have presently had on your earth plane. 


Again, for those of you willing to serve in this manner, it is merely necessary

for you to say ‘yes’ for those of us connecting to you.


Let me tell you what to expect should your answer be ‘yes’.  There will be a strengthening in your heart of the work you are here to do.  There will be a

shield placed around each one of you that no disruptive elements come

through.  There will be a refining of your specific lives so that particular habits, disruptions, interferences, patterns, and indications of energies that are

occurring  within your own specific lives will move rapidly to be healed, to be changed, to be re-routed or re-righted to a better position.  In so doing, you will come out of this more full, divinely connected and insured in your lives of an integrity that you have not previously known.  My work is specifically here in tapping in to each of you who says yes at this point in time. 


Lois will be given instructions to alter levels of reality which confront or con-

fuse you, but also, to disseminate this information to others as well, for not only are you willing to absorb this level of energy, but it must be placed into other areas of the world too.  It will be an individual work, between your Higher Self

and those of us presently assisting you. 


The energy will form a compound of light that is allowing for you, not only to

be anchored in more securely to receive protection, but to also be disburs-

ing great fields of light that will be felt by many others, as well as the Earth

plane.  You may, at certain times, feel very high from this energy, you may

have to do extra work to ground yourself.  You will need to drink more water.

You will need to pay attention to your health and what you eat.  You will need to revitalize yourself occasionally by doing some unusual activities that you

may not have done previously, such as taking long walks or perhaps bicycling,

or perhaps connecting on a mountain top in the middle of the day, or a variety

of things that you will feel individually compelled to do.  Do not dismiss those thoughts or feelings that you have.  They are being generated toward you. 


In about three month’s time, you will be ready to serve in a new manner, be-

cause you will be holding this energy differently.  Each one of you has certain aspects that will need to shift and change as a result.  As this occurs, you will come to a point, in which you are equally ready to observe and to hold that

which is given you.  As you incorporate this energy, you will have, perhaps, a

new view of who you are and what you are doing.  You might, on some levels, consider this is almost like being a ‘walk in’: That new energy has come forth

so strongly, you are uncertain who you are.  I would not call you walk-ins as a result of this, but I would say that transformation will be great. 


This format has been planned for a long time.  This energy has been seeded

onto this planet years ago, so that none of this would feel strange coming

forth to you now.  Your chakras will be opened up to a much fuller extension

than they are now.  This is one of the reasons that shielding will be necessary.  However, you will be able to sensate--to feel, to know a great deal more than

you presently do right now.  You have been trained well.  You are observant. 

You have many disciplines, and levels of awareness that will assist you as you come in contact with that which you are to do. 


Your levels of service will be higher than you have known.  Each of you has incorporated in the past, specific qualities and abilities, that will be high-

lighted now in new ways once you complete this three-month period.  I will

come back at that point in time to reinforce and to refocus those thoughts

and questions that you may have as a result of this activity.  You will be given, individually, certain thoughts to access, to unfold the coding that is presently

in your DNA that will begin to reverberate and to excellerate within you a

sense of purpose and meaning to your lives that you  have not previously



Instructions may come from your Higher Self, from myself and those of us

working together with respect to the unfoldment of this incoding.  However,

you may easily know what it is that you are doing or to be doing.


Do not dismiss simple thoughts.  I do not speak in complicated measures to

any of you.  Therefore, you may receive some thought or idea quite simply

from me along the way.  I know that there are times we tend to dismiss these simple thoughts.  Do not let it be so.


Accept this energy in the form of blue light, see it around you, know it will

come to you at given points in times.  Those of you who do not see, may feel.  Some of you may find there are times in which your body feels warmer, or even hot, at given points in time as energy is being flowed in.  Be not afraid that

this process will harm you. 


I trust that each will hear me from your heart and know what I am saying is

true.  Have you any doubts, do not feel uncomfortable to say, “This is not for

me now; I am not ready.”  Otherwise, let us work together toward reinforcing

the light so needed on your planet at this time. 


I request others who will be hearing or reading  this message that you under-

stand I speak to you as well.  This is an open forum at this point in time, so

that we are able to reinforce the light on your planet at this time. The

frequencies will alter a great deal of what has been occurring.  You can create with your own ability a connection to light and a spiritual forthcoming to

reorganize the disruption of harmony on your planet. 


Many are engaged in prayer for world peace.  This connection reaches levels beyond your plane.  It has allowed for us to combine as energies to reach those

of you on your planet who would now accept this energy of Peace brought

through love.


Many of you have different connections or alignments or those that you speak

to, pray to, connect with, love and adore.  We are, as a unit, combining your thoughts and our energies to equate to that which you  hold.  An alignment

will be possible for all of you.  No one need step outside of what he or she believes in order to this.  This is not a religious quest.  It is, rather, a connec-

tion to light and love fostering peace.  Through this unity, you will reinforce

the very corners of your planet, now feeling heightened danger. 


I come to you now, as one you know, who loves you, who remembers you, who connects with you and who grieves that any should undergo sadness, illness, disrespect, pain and suffering, hunger, loss of life, and many of the difficulties present on your plane at this time.  It is for the upliftment of these very aspects that I come forth.  Your earth is to rise above these very difficult situations

that have been ongoing for millions of years.  Some of you have chosen to

move along with it. Some of you have chosen to remain behind.  I extend my hands, my heart and the light to those of you who are taking that step now. 

Let us move forward together.


You may remember when I was present on the Earth plane in physical form, all things were possible.  Nothing has changed. 


My blessing now is placed upon each one of you in this room, and for everyone who will read this information or touch this tape at some point in time.  It is significant and will change or shift for each one of you, certain aspects of your




Should you decide to join in this lightwork, you are welcome to share your experiences with our weekly group, and be updated in three month’s

time as stated by Sananda.   Email:  hilo@bcn.net.  Limited private read-

ings may be arranged.  No portion of this text may be altered or copied in

any version other than is offered here without permission. Blessings.


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