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Lois Hartwick

 April 28, 2002

Part II


An initial channeling was given on Feb. 3, 2002, in which Sananda asked for those willing

to hold additional light to say ‘yes’, whereupon realignments and changes would be made

over a three-month period based individually on each acceptance.   Originally, the

channelled information was given to our group - or so I thought.  However, Sananda re-

quested the material be published (thank you Keth Luke and others),  and responses

came from around the world.  Updates were promised; herewith is the first.



To each one I hold a candle and offer it to you, already lighted.  Beside it, lies a cut flower for each of you as well.  Take your pick in terms of the flower you would like to hold.  It is for you to understand that at this point in time in your reality you are choosing the things that you are holding.  You could’ve picked up a pair of scissors or a knife or a piece of paper or anything else, but in this case, see what I am offering you:  A flower and light.


It is a given, then, that you have the option to choose what I offer, if you will take it, or indeed, to walk away and make another choice.  I am here today because we had spoken much earlier about a number of aspects that would be turning around or changing in your lives as a result of saying ‘yes’ to what I was offering you.  Some of you have felt many different changes and shifts.  Some of

you have felt a much smaller degree of this in your life.  Each of you has accepted something.  In this regard I would like you also to understand that the world has made a shift as well. 


There is an opportunity to continue to hold the light -- the candle that you have just been given.  You also could choose to snuff it out at some point if you felt it were inappropriate to hold any longer for whatever reason.  But in this case, here today, the light is being given because you have all said yes.  It is yours in trust and for keeping throughout time, knowing that I am a participant in holding the light, too.  We are then, Keepers of the Flame.  A remembrance of life and light and expression within that framework that becomes highly significant in the months and years ahead. 



All of you who have written in understand that being Keepers of the Flame, too, is meant and included for all of you, and symbolically,  and etherically, I am giving you the same candle and the same cut flower.  The Earth is the garden upon which you live, and it is the home that needs tending.  You, through holding specific light, are able to emanate this frequency and vibration into the Earth plane, tending, as it were, overall harmony and balance so needed at this point in time.


Each of you recognizes, when you look at your garden, that weeds must be pulled out, that pruning must take place, that fertilizing and/or compost along the way is significant in boosting the productivity rate.


When you are holding light, you are increasing, in the ways I have just mentioned, the overall garden on earth through fertilization, through watering, through weeding and pruning.  But it is done through a frequency; it is done through a vibration; and it is also done with an intention.  Your world has come apart at the seams in many respects, because you have seen the changes that have taken place over time and realized that much could come forth with right intention now.  And yet, many have forgotten, because they do not see what being a Keeper of the Flame really means. 


All of you here have come together because you are reminded in the past and today, that you have been able to hold this frequency of light throughout eons of time.  And it is here, today, that this aspect will need fine-tuning and upholding for the rest of the world to see. 


I offer you at the same point in time, a connection to my heart, which most of you have already anyway or your would not be here.  But it is an increasing flow of light and energy that will be moving into your heart centers, holding steady the questions, the difficulties, the doubts, and also, the opportunities that are coming forth.  Should you for any moment in time, question a particular reality, the energy connected toward me will supercede that question.    If, indeed, you feel you are faltering in some way, the energy connected to me will help you to walk again.


There are many questions that you hold in terms of the future, and yet, you will suffer no doubt or question again as to the reality of my presence connecting with you.  As Keepers of the Flame you are tending your garden -- the garden of

earth -- but you are also tending man’s heart in a universal sense, in a world-

wide platform and on a plane that has long forgotten the true meaning of light.


It is significant, then, that as you hold this flame, you recognize that you are being brought into higher levels or reality and understanding.  Each one of you




will be given a specific purpose.  Perhaps you would align with the word ‘mission’ more easily.  In the next several days and weeks ahead you will be bringing light to someone else or perhaps to many people depending on the situation most suitable for you.  It is as if you are taking the candle I have given you and then decided to give it to others.   They, in turn, give to others also.


The generation of light will be interconnected, not only through you, but the many who have said yes to this prospect and this plan.  You will each be given a turn at holding light and giving light.  This will create a network that grows larger and larger over time.  For each one who receives the light you have to give now, has that light to give as well, and it will start to create a much larger spectrum than what you would have originally planned. 


As Keepers of the Light you recognize symbolically how this works when you see the Olympic Torch.   It is handed from one to the next to the next, until it is placed in a spot where it is brightly illuminated for all to see and are reminded of the significance and importance of this light.  The difference is that we are not extinguishing this light or moving it elsewhere so it is no longer visible. 


For those of you who have come to a point in your reality in which there are difficult situations that you visualize and see each day, you will begin to under-

stand that there are counter-activities which also are present.  You may be hearing the news on television of war in Afghanistan and elsewhere.  You may be hearing disheartening stories as to the undertow that seems to be taking away many of the pleasures that life seemed to hold.  Little have you understood the connections that are occurring around the world in which people are ready to reawaken and to connect aspects of light. 


I, and you, and others, are a part of this vast dream:  A silk stocking as it were, placed around the world of which you are a part, yet not completely connected or linked together.  Many times I have spoken in the past through those of you who are able to hear, whether through your hearts, through your sight, through your mind or some other apparition that may indicate to you my presence is near.  And yet, you will begin to see through this interlinking and connecting of light, the vastness of the Presence that we hold together.  For it has never been

completed this way, or done this way before. 


You have heard of a return that many religions speak of in one form or another of one who will bring a message when times are tough.  The message is light, at this moment.  It is certainly an indication that those on the higher levels are choosing to connect and link with all of you at this point in time.  I am but a part of all of that vastness and that concept you would call God. 



In each spark of light is produced the Flame of Transmutation.  It is possible within a spectrum of light to release and relinquish all disharmony, all aspects of self which are not in the highest of connection with yourself and All That Is.

The Flame of Transmutation is that which will be used to purify whatever it is that you are focusing and wishing and working on in your lives to change and to overcome and to reinstall a higher configuration of peace and love. 


The journey homeward has been one that many of you have wished to take.  A journey into the stars you may think or a journey to another plane that we call ‘heaven’  or to some other reality where life holds a great deal more harmony and peace than you have lately witnessed on your plane.  And yet it is time to understand that that activity can be created where you presently reside, and you are the ones who have the ability to do so, for the very desire to return to home is the same desire you can use to create homes here.  Within your beings there resides a remembrance in all of you as to who you are and the vastness of that dream, and that reality is a presence that you keep in the flame in your heart on earth.  It is time for this to be rekindled and to be opened into a greater reality than you have presently seen.


As each of you accepts the candle today, you will be given a rekindling of spirit so that new life is once again born into the beings that you are.  As you witness spring outside the window or in your garden, and as you tend to your garden as we spoke of for your meditation earlier, you will recognize the new light that comes forth -- thevibrancy of color, the perfume contained within, the beauty that each of you is able to radiate in your lives at this point in time. 


You have skipped over some very difficult moments, each of you, and yet, in the future ahead there will certainly be other situations to face and difficulties abounding. You will move through your lives quite differently, no longer under- taking with great distress singular situations which are eliminating or lowering your resistance level to those elements that would be seeking to hold onto you in some way -- who lessen your light, to utilize your energy and strength for their own purposes and needs. 


Today you will be offered, and given a shielding, one more time, to prevent those pitfalls from coming about from people, energies, and places which are not rerighted or highly energized at this point in time from utilizing the very strength that you carry.  Rather, you will be able, with your intention, to send a thought, to send a light and ask for it, or them, or the place, to be reignited and harmonized. 


Many of you have worked in the past with the Violet Flame and have sent it to parts of the world and to other people to assist in purification and allowing for  



changes to take place as a result.  Now, you will use the Flame as you would witness on the candle you have been given, and send it to the many who are needing help at this point in time.  It is to be used to clear, to purify, to heal, to harmonize, to transmute and to generate new life as you would generate your garden.


I have an opportunity to speak to you, and as I do, I speak to many.  For a number of people will be hearing or reading these words.  It is no different  where you are in the world for this opportunity exists for each who undertakes

this possibility.  All of you, who agreed to accept this light originally, are now to be receptors of it.  Much clearing has been done.  Some of you have felt this in your physical bodies; some of you have had unusual dreams; some of you have realigned parts of your being, knowingly or not.  And in this time, since we first spoke  there have been healings that have come forth on higher levels and aspects of yourself in a multidimensional self that may not have been con-

sidered by you in a conscious state on this plane.  It is not possible for each of you to comprehend the enormity of what has taken place.  You may have had difficulties that you witnessed with your own personal lives; you may have cleared away those difficulties very quickly. 


In any case, there are transitions and a transitional state between these clearings and receiving this light.  For a few of you, there will be additional clearing that will take place during the next several weeks.  Most of you have completed this process.


The light that you hold is to be regarded as sacred. 


Each of you have earned the right to hold it.  It is your divine aspect in a physical form.  As you witness this light, know it’s power and know that that is within you for you carry it well.  It is your opportunity on earth to utilize this power in a much higher and more important way than previously has been possible. 


Each one of you will make choices.  Each one of you will have moments in time to remember that you carry this and can alter the reality around you as a result.  Send this Flame and use this Flame to assist on all levels of life.   Misusing this Flame, as one would misuse personal power, does not offer you many benefits in the end.  I seriously doubt that would take place, but it is a powerful aspect that you have all come into earning, and I would like to assure you, that with it,  you will be making enormous changes on the Earth plane.





In this particular group, you have spent a great deal of time, acknowledging and working with aspects of light.  You have been able to effect  changes in Alaska by construction of the etheric lighted pyramid, and more will be made in the upcoming months in Beruit.  We will progress from here to other pyramids as well that will start harmonizing areas of your world having difficulties, now unable to stand with the present energies so misaligned.  It is an opportunity to engage in a huge process on the Earth plane that is highly significant. 


For those of who have not engaged in this process but will read these words, understand that you, too, may focus your energies toward creating world harmony and peace, and there will be guidance as to how to do so at a later point in time.


For the moment, it is to recognize the Flame you carry will be given to others.  Think of it consciously as you go throughout your day, imagining you are handing people you meet, a candle, every time you shake hands or give a hug or say hello.  This will allow for their light to be ignited as well and then given to many others.  Imagine the effect this will have!   Even for those who have no conscious knowledge or awareness of holding light. 


Your freedom has been challenged on a number of different levels, not only by those holding grudges, resentments, and angers for those of you in this country, but it is true in many other countries as well in which certain animos- ities or perceived abuses have taken place over time.  These animosities have reached a peak in the Middle East. 


It has caused a great deal of consternation on higher levels, as well as the Earth plane.  There is not one part of the Earth that is unscathed by the frequencies and vibrations that are coming forth from this area.  It is not to say that what has occurred in Afghanistan is small by any means.  However, there is an enormous vibration that comes from the Middle East that is spread around the world be- cause it is so interconnected.  It is as if you were looking at a map where you see plane routes emanating out of New York City going to all sections of the world.  The same lines could be drawn from the Middle East as well, going around the world, only it is not a line of planes, but rather, it is a line of connection because originally, much of the information that was to be spread around the world with respect to the energies brought forth by me in that incarnation needed these ‘fiber optics’ to stretch everywhere.  Nothing was to be left un- touched.  That particular structure, although etheric in nature, still exists.  So the reverberations that are presently occurring there are affecting you all and everyone no matter where they live. 




It is important for each of you, holding light, to place a candle, into Palestine  and Israel at this point in time.  Visualize this.  For light needs to be generated and harmonized to clear misrepresentation,  ancient anger, or unresolved

issues, endless abuses, and distrust of life in general.   I ask and urge all of you, no matter where you live and what part of the world that you come from, that you take a moment to place a candle in this part of the world.  Doing so not only helps conflicts that are occurring there, but will help the reverberations you are feeling where you live.  So again, it is a two-fold situation, or perhaps I should say, multi-faceted, that will benefit everyone and every place where this is done.


If you were going into a church, you might light a candle.  You might be sending light in remembrance of someone else, or saying a prayer, or sending a thought through light.  There is no difference except each of you has been definitely empowered to bring forth a great deal more light through the connections and through the work that has previously been done over the past three months.


Your world has known trial and tribulation over many thousands of years, with eras of peace and times of war, fear abounding and harmony present at other points as well.  In this new time -- this new millennium that you have entered --  there has been discussion of another war, long predicted, to occur.  Many of you have feared the outcome of such a war, and there is great discussion that takes place in some of the etheric circles, as well as those on your plane as to what regulations, what procedures, what opportunities come forth during these discussions and during the situations now occurring on your plane. 


We, on the higher plane, through the activities of co-joining each year during the full moon of Taurus, discuss the leadership and the overall outcome of inten-  tions we are fostering on our levels toward earth, and are co-joining with you in creative efforts toward the outcome of your world.  We are working as a cohesive effort to allow and to integrate the energy, not only of harmony, but of love on your plane this year. 


This will be a beacon, and intention and a focus.


You will find specific situations occurring in which you have an opportunity to choose to be more loving and  compassionate, allowing this energy to flow through you as a river would flow through the riverbed.  This connection to the higher aspects will be brought forth full steam in the next several months, and the remainder of your year will be an infiltration of this specific energy.  You will be making many connections -- new connections -- that are allowing for this energy to flow more clearly in your hearts.  It is an opportunity, not only for you to open up, but once again, to share, for what you are sharing is the highest and most divine aspect of who and what you are. 



Those brothers, called the Brotherhood of Light, the masters, the angelics, the presences of many other souls and beings are choosing to work in harmony generating an enormous conflagration of  frequency known to you as love.  It is an opposition, if one chooses to look at it that way, to the angers which have been flaring for the past number of years, to the resentments, to the pain, the suffering and to the difficulties.  Do not miss it or mistake it.  Do not feel you do not deserve to be in this energy with all that is going on in your world.  It is a part of the light that you hold, that you will be receiving this and holding this and sharing this. 


Whether you are tending your personal garden or the garden of earth or the garden of people who are here, you are utilizing the cocreative efforts to be able to bring forth a newer and higher reality.  This information is being dispensed in other ways through other channels, through prayer and meditation, through dreams, through opportunities to people around the world.  However, it is through this group and through those who read these words, that specific missions, as I spoke of earlier, will become ignited.  And you will find ways in which you will be able to serve.  Most importantly, you need to remember, in the midst of that situation, that you have a choice. 


What you are handing out is also what you will be receiving.


For the next three weeks, the doorway will be open to be receiving that which you are able to do.  Not everyone will clearly see.  Some will see more so than others.  But nonetheless, there will be those working with you on higher planes,

urging you forward, giving you a sense of direction, connecting with your higher selves and allowing many changes to take place.  In the coming year, you will serve through light and love with those with whom you touch, creating before you part of your mission and purpose as well. 


I will be present again, to answer those questions that you may have in the months ahead, and I will work with you individually, through silent prayer or questioning that you direct specifically to me.  If you are feeling unsure or lost or unclear, direct this toward me, and I will be able to move suggestion into your mind as to the right opportunity or place to go. 


Many of you have felt, for a long period of time, there is some drifting taking place, because the world is going in a direction you have chosen not to go, and yet not enough connection has taken you to a place you are excited about or wanting to move into.  Our connections of linking together are going to change this.  There will, indeed, be much excitement and much to look forward to and far less fear than you have previously known.




Although this is our time of sharing together, the lights that you carry, we all share, so there is no separation ever again.  I would use this time to link to your hearts and to reassure you.  The changes that have been acknowledged or foreseen for your world potentially could come forth.  You are not without resource, you are not without power, you are not without ability, you are not without choice, and certainly, you are not without me, and the many multitudes that work with you.  We are able to interface with the current realities you are seeing to transform this world together.  Those times are here and your choices are now. 


My blessing is upon each and every one of you.  And I come and touch your hearts so that you will know that what I am, you are.  And I will be known, indeed, to each one of you forevermore.


This is Sananda.


 You are welcome to circulate this message in its entirety.  Permission for publication and translation should be requested.  If you wish to obtain a copy of the first Message, please email me at:  hilo@bcn.net.  Blessings to all.  LH

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