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The Sacred Magnetic Heart     Poetic Sacred Magnetic Heart by Jan Carter

By Francisco Rosero,  edited by Linda Hayes –  the Adamantine (Health) System

Much has been said about the “body, mind and soul.”  However, very little has been said about the “Spirit,” due to a lack of information on this important subject.  The Spirit is the main concept around which the teachings of the Adamantine System (AHS) revolve.

Modern science has studied, and continues to study, the body in depth.  At present we can say that we know a great deal about our bodies.  We can also say that we have attained an acceptable level of understanding of how our mind functions.  But much still needs to be learned about our soul.

A great deal of confusion exists regarding the terms Soul and Spirit.  For many people they are the same thing; for others they represent very different aspects of our humanity.  The following information clears up this serious confusion simply and completely.

You, the reader, know deep inside that you are a spiritual being occupying a physical body and mind.  It is our spiritual being, though, that makes us search for answers to our questions about life and death.

The Spirit is the Divine Spark; the part of God that resides within the core of one’s Sacred Magnetic Heart, which is located in the center of the chest, the Sacred Magnetic Heart is different from the physical heart.  It is sacred because it is eternal.  It is aware of itself and is the everlasting source of life energy.  The Spirit is our internal “I”, our divine identity.

Our Spirit, therefore, consists of the highest and most refined form of energy, the energy of Love.  The human mind perceives love as the most sublime and noble of all feelings.  However, since our mind is but a limited instrument it cannot fully understand it, so it settles on describing Love as “the most beautiful feeling.”  In other words, our mind only distinguishes one of the aspects or manifestations of love.  With your assistance and patience, I want to help you expand your understanding of the concept of Love

Love is the highest form of energy.  There is no higher or more powerful form of energy in the Universe.  L = E, where L = love and E = energy.  At the same time energy = potential.  Therefore L = E = P, where P is potential.  On a first level of understanding, we would say that the energy of Love manifests itself as the origin of primary magnetism (magnetism that is not produced by electromagnetic phenomena, but that exits from the beginning of time and is eternal).  It this the magnetic force that keeps the galaxies, stars, and planets of the Universe in their place.  Gravity is but a aspect of this primary magnetism.

As human beings we can observe and experience this primary magnetism when we open our hearts and expose ourselves to the powerful influence of Love.  Do you remember how you felt “attracted” to someone when you “fell in love?”  We can say that in the center of our heart we have at our full command a “generator of infinite and unconditional love.”  But this description would not be complete if I were not to tell you that you are the individualized manifestation of pure love that comes directly from God.  In other words, your internal “I” is pure Love, is immortal, and is eternal. 

As energy and potential, Love manifests in our body as the life force that makes our brain emit electrical impulses followed by chemical reactions that generate all of our mental functions.  Love, as energy and potential, causes your physical heart to beat.  The food we eat only sustains and nourishes the cells of our body.  It is our Spirit, therefore, the source of the life force that makes us aware of our individuality.

 The Soul, consisting of seven concentric spheres of awareness or dimensions of intelligence, surrounds and protects the Spirit, our formidable source of love and life.  Our Soul is the collector of our most intense and profound experiences and emotions, which are imprinted on the seven spheres of awareness.  Superficial experiences do not register in the Soul.

 The seven spheres of awareness (the Soul) are enclosed one within the other.  Each one spins in a different direction, producing a unique colored light and sound frequency.  The combination of the seven different colors of each dimension of intelligence creates a clear external light, similar to sunlight.  This brilliant and translucent radiance is the light of Compassion.

 The seven spheres of awareness, starting on the inside and moving out, are Unity, Love, Life, Respect, Honesty, Justice and Kindness.  Combined, they produce the dimension of Compassion, which is the awareness of Mastery practiced by the masters of all times.

 This marvelous combination of Spirit (Divine Love) in the center and Soul (the seven dimensions of consciousness) form the Sacred Magnetic Heart, which attracts (magnetizes) to our lives all that we need on our return journey to our Creator.  Many times the Sacred Magnetic Heart attracts dramas and lessons to our lives necessary for our growth.  As we begin to walk along our true spiritual path, the dramas cease and our heart begins to magnetize pleasurable lessons.

 The Adamantine System, AHS, is a new method in the United States that helps those that are ready for it to open their hearts and use their true potential.  AHS is the bridge that allows us to share this important knowledge in a simple way, and in stages in order to facilitate its assimilation.  AHS also teaches a powerful self-healing technique based on the energy of Love and the Adamantine Particles. 

AHS,  During five  5-hour  workshops you can Awaken to a new reality regarding your body, mind and soul.  A reality based on everlasting happiness, peace and harmony.  A reality created from the most powerful force in the Universe:  the Love that resides in your heart, awaiting your awakening.    

By Francisco Rosero, edited by Linda Hayes– the Adamantine  System     Poetic Sacred Magnetic Heart

Keth and Jan are both Adamantine System, AHS  Master Facilitators and Trainers

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