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Return to Grace

Online Channeling and Messages       June 19, 2002    

Greetings Everyone,

It is a week of energetic anomalies. There have been many disturbances in the continuum. If you have been feeling disconnected, out of sorts, or if you have noticed that communications are much in the way of Mercury Retrograde, this is all a part of what has been occurring. This may continue for another ten days or so as there are huge shifts taking place Universally as the dimensional overlaps continue and the interstellar communications remain sporadic for another week or ten days. After that, hold on to your hats, because the changes that this is bringing are very powerful toward the opening of higher consciousness.

I ask you to be particularly aware of those around you. Many are beginning to see or know in ways that are unfamiliar to their realities. I urge you to be open and supportive to them, as it is important that they understand that this is true normal. You see, the illusion is dissolving before our eyes, our consciousness.

As the illusion dims, and that which is the Truth of the Ages comes forward in our Knowings, our Rememberings, we begin to be aware of who and what we really are. We begin to understand that what we have believed to be of importance is nothing of relevance in the entirety of the existence we are beginning to remember.

Everyday happenings of this three dimensional construct need not draw us into the dramas and emotionality's that have been the norm. In fact, we must develop the skill of being able to stand back to receive full awareness in any given situation. It is there that we will find what each moment holds, and the Truth of each moment.

We must remember that these moments are for our learning experience within the journeys that we have chosen, and that we are always given opportunities to choose our direction and our experience in each of those moments. Do we choose a degradation of self based upon that which we have been given by those before us based upon their own dysfunctionality? Do we choose judgment of ourselves or of others in those moments? Do we choose drama? Do we choose to play that game which allows us to be drawn in by the choices of others who are not existing within the light, or have not opened themselves to awareness of that which is Truth, or do we choose Unity and Harmony within our existence as a part one the One? Do we choose to be of the One Love, that which is Unconditional? That which is our true state of existence? It is, always, our choice.

With the choices that we are making, we are seeing more and more indications of polarization of the people. There are those who are choosing light, and those who are denying it. There will become very little middle ground as time as we move forward in what we call time. Time as we know it is continuing to speed up and move forward. We must become holographic thinkers. To be able to look at all aspects of any given situation at once. In this moment. In each moment. When we work within a linear path, we limit ourselves to all other possibilities. And, we remain in the illusion of this reality only. Our brains are capable of expansion that is infinite, for we have within us the abilities to take our consciousness into the One for knowledge and experience within the Universal Mind, and to bring that knowing back to this reality to maintain Truth and Awareness in this here and now with whatever we need to know in any given moment. It is then that we are truly operating within the One.

As we choose to live in the space of each moment, in the condition of Oneness, knowing that all we have chosen is contributing to that Oneness rather than to that which would destroy us, we are creating movement toward the shift that will bring us home. By doing so, we are creating the harmonics of perfection within each moment in our world and all others. As all others exist concurrently.

We must remember that as individuals we are not the Universe.  It is our ego selves that mislead is, that give us the belief of our worthiness, our validity, and why we search externally for the answers that we already have within us.  We are an integral part of a Blessed Whole. We are powerful as the I AM. Together, WE ARE. All things.  Which will you choose in each moment of your journey?

I have a personal request. As I am here by the Columbia River, not far from where the Kennewick Man was found, (he apparently preceded even the Native Americans here) I am reminded of the fragility of our existence. As the conflicts in our world continue to escalate, I am witnessing continual separation of being-ness with the displays of bumper stickers, signs, t-shirts and so on that are asking for peace within a certain country, or simply the world.  I consider these separatist. Dear Ones, this is a vast existence.  Why not change all of those to simply ask for Universal Peace?  I know that the designs will be phenomenal!  In fact, whoever sends me the most unique and appropriate design for Universal Peace will be featured on my website in the near future!

I wish you a week of joy and discovery of all that which is. Be in peace.

Online Channeling     June 19, 2002    

Antalai, ansa nitu a nu an nua antui. And to you we bring that which is of the light.

Greetings Dear Ones. There is much to talk with you about at this time. It is at this time that you are now in the midway point of the accessibility of the Arcturian Corridor. Within this phase, you are being brought opportunities to accept that of the Awakenings with clarity that has not been available to you since the Beginning.

With the energetics which are moving through this corridor, your heart spaces are becoming responsive in ways that are unfamiliar to you.  Many of you are feeling emotionality that is foreign to your previous experiences. You see, Dear Ones, the harmonics of the One are speaking to you directly.  They command the construct of that which is your essence to come forward in awareness, shedding that which has kept you bound to the Earth and your third dimension.
You are being brought the opportunity to return to Grace.   And so it is that you are.

In this, the gamma brain waves within you are becoming fully operable in such ways that the entirety of your brain matter is now at your disposal.  Even more important, that which is the energetic make up of your consciousness is entirely at your disposal in the ways of the Beginning.  As beyond the organics of your humanness lies the essence of consciousness.  Of self. That part of you which always is, that which is your eternal self.

In the Beginning, you had full utilization of your consciousness. You were consciousness. You are consciousness even now. You have simply manifested in this form to further your experience toward appreciation of that which is Truth. Being consciousness also means being in light. For you see, it is all the same. That which is the energy of your consciousness is the same as the energy of that which is light. It is how you are able to function within those realms in consciousness for a fullness of experience.

There has been created within your energetic structuring, a smoothing of the energies within your consciousness. An environment that is closely related that of the purity of Universal functioning. This is as a result of the changes within your genetic structuring. Your genetic materials are the receptors and conductors of not only your organic structure, but of your respondent self to all things Universal.

You must know Dear Ones, that you are not alone in the Universe. You must know that there is communication within each and every aspect of the Universal construct on both sub quantum levels and dimensional levels full the entirety of the holographic construct. As above, so below. It is all one and of the same. This requires constancy of communication. In such ways, your genetic materials are communicating to your body, your consciousness, that which is in all ways.

In addition, your particulates are sending and receiving messages within the essence of the light structure. Knowing this, then you can see that you are fully in communication at all times.

It is only your thinking selves, your ego selves and their emotionality that prevents you from remaining within this awareness, or even accessing it. You are creating within yourselves barriers of illusion that are preventing your reception of that which is One. Look beyond the illusions. True reality is beyond there. True reality is where all things exist in Oneness.

With the pathways of the Arcturian Corridor in the second phase at this time, there is a confluence of energetics that is about to take place within your zone. It is one that will affect all things Universally. As you approach your time of solstice this week, there is formed a certain astrological configuration that is opening yet another star gate.  It is that of the 44:44.  This star gate is an opening of the Alpha Centuri station of relayed communication that has been blocked for over ten thousand years.

With the opening of this star gate, there comes full out communication which will bring to you new and different technologies. It will also bring you visitors from other star stations. They will come to you in peace and with the offering of fullness in knowledge that you must have to complete the process of your shift. It is that there is much to be understood that the fears will be assuaged and each of you may then operate within the fullness of Truth in Being.

It is also that you will find new ways of learning and sharing the knowledge that you are rediscovering. As one of you gains certain Rememberings, it becomes easier for the next and the next until it becomes a part of the total consciousness. You will find that telepathy is occurring without effort, and there is more silence of words with higher understanding.

You will find that your command of the Universal energies is becoming proficient toward the skills of healing and manifestation. Also toward higher learning. You will begin to comprehend even what you now consider now to be the most difficult of concepts and principles as you move through your journeys.

In conjunction with the Alpha Centuri relay station, there comes two other openings, all forming a triad, a trinity within the heavens.  There will be an opening within the configuration of Ursa Minor, a minor shift in the positioning, and the other of C716, around which revolves a planetary configuration that is of star form.  There will be within this trinity a confluence of the energies that travel and are relayed via these points.  You will receive these energies unfiltered and basically uninterrupted.  The apex of the energetic influx will occur within three days of your solstice. One day preceding and two days prior.  These gateways will remain open for some time.

With the opening of this triad, you will begin to experience a higher percentage of anomalies in your skies. You have seen colors of the spectrums forming in unusual ways. This will continue, and there will be other indicators as well.

With all of these occurrences,
the 10th planet continues its approach toward your solar system.  We have spoken of the affects of this process.

Within the coming anomalies, we ask you to also look to the East in the coming times, for that star which will be your sign of the changes which are coming.  This star will appear close and different than that which you are accustomed to seeing, and will be mistaken for that which it is not.  This star will signify approaching planetary changes as your Earth is preparing for the shift as well, as it has since its own Beginning.  That which comes has come before, and is a natural part of the Universal process of balance and change.  With these Earth changes will come the shift of your planet's magnetic poles.  This will be not a full reversal, but one of approximately 47°. This will instigate large changes in the climatic activity upon your planet.  That which has been covered in ice will become lush and fertile, that which has been hot and dry will become cool and wet, often being covered with water.

There will be vast change in your communication systems and power sources due to the changes in polarity. The crust of your planet will move and change to accommodate balance within these changes. Molten mountains of fire will be formed, and valleys of ice will move forth. There will be islands where there was once solid land and changes in the directions that you view the stars at night. That which had value becomes unimportant, and that which is Truth becomes evident. You are eternal beings, and knowing that, need not fear.

These are exciting times within not only your realm, but the realms Universal, for as balances shift in one area, they shift in all areas. It is a joyous time. Embrace that which is Truth, that which you are.

We remind you that you are Children of the Light, and that you are all things, all things being you.  You are truly that which you seek.    Be in peace.   Be that which is Love,  That which is.

We return to light.


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