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May 29, 2002

Rememberings  & Knowings

Online Channeling May 29, 2002

Anshallah. We bring to you attunement of self. That self being of and with the One.  We wish to encourage you to reach beyond that which is familiar to you, not outwardly, but inwardly toward that light which is you.  For you see, Dear Ones, when you operate on a day to day basis within the familiar, you do not grow. Rather, you begin to stagnate, losing touch with that which you are, and becoming all things that exist in your external environments.   You begin to believe that which you are told.  You begin to act according to the wishes of the masses, or the selfish few rather than being in Truth with your eternal selves.

And so we ask you to cast away the illusions.

Within the illusions that you create within your minds are untruths.  These untruths lead you to misinterpretation of self.  There is nothing external that has value to you.  There is nothing external that carries with it the answers that you seek. Instead, look withinFind that which you are in relationship with all things .   It is there your Truth comes.  It is there that all knowledge resides. It is there that all answers will arrive.

All beings such as yourselves are searching just as you are.  Each has their own illusion based upon their experiences.  Each illusion is based upon the reality that has been created within their thinking process.  This reality being based upon whatever information they have chosen to accept along their journeys.  And the emotionality which reacts to the thought processes.  And the chemical reactions which follow the emotions, so the thoughts begin again, attempting to justify the experience.

It is not possible to quantify or justify that which is immeasurable.  The experience begins to be a loop of similar experiences that is repeated consistently.  This information often perpetuates the disillusionment of Truth.  And so it is that much of your karmic experience becomes a struggle.  Accept only that which rings within your being as in harmony with the One.  For you see Dear Ones, if you step outside of your selves as we have described, and move with the rhythm of all things, your path becomes very clear, and your Knowings unlimited.

Move out of your comfort zones, Dear Ones. Challenge yourselves to BECOME that which is your true self.  Many of you have become complacent, unwilling or unable to move forward toward that which you seek.  That which you seek is you.  Do you not see?  That which you seek, only you can give to yourselves. Understanding this brings you closer to your return home.

Look past your emotional selves.  Far beyond your ego, for there lies nothing eternal, only self delusion to individual greatness.  Move beyond your thought processes to stillness.  Step aside from that which you believe yourselves to be, into that which you are yet to understand.  It is there that you shall know your Oneness. Yourselves.  All things.  It is in this place that you may recreate your realities.  You must simply believe, and it is so.

It is that there is much speculation as to coming events within your third dimensional realities.  You know, Dear Ones, that your weather patterns are shifting dramatically.  There is evidence of much change within your world.  We have said that your planet is adjusting as you are.  We tell you now that your Universal processes are adjusting as well.  You see Dear Ones, that since all things are related, all things being of each other, as there are shifts in any place or time, there are shifts concurrently everywhere and every time for it is truly all the same.

It is that as there is conflict in your world, there is conflict within other dimensions.  There are many realities which are concurrent to yours.  It is within the holographic make -up of all things.  As above.  Then so below.  As you fight amongst yourselves, so others fight as well.  Within the dimensional processes, within the dimensional levels, there are battles going on as it was in the Beginning.  Those who were cast out by the Archangels now rise together in challenge of light versus darkness.  It has been written that this would occur in coming times.  Those times have arrived.

It is that those who chose darkness now wish to bring this darkness forth believing in that power which is void of light.  We tell you now that as each of you is raised in your knowing.  As each of you rises in conscious light, you are defeating the darkness.  As you expand your light, sharing that which you are with all things, walking within each moment in Truth of your existence, you leave less and less room for that which is darkness to exist.

It is so that you must have light to know there is darkness.  It is true that you cannot have darkness without light.  But once that light begins to become reflected from those such as each of you, that light grows exponentially into that which was in the Beginning.   The whole, working together as it was meant to be.

We tell you that there are many Masters who walk among you at this time.  Those who come to remind you of your rememberings.  Those who come to bring new and Ancient technologies to your world.   Those who come to remind you how to be in unconditional love, for as we have said many times, unconditional love is not an emotional experience, rather a state of being.   It is there that you will find the Truth that you seek.   It is there that you will find the joy that has eluded you until now.

Those Masters who come to you, come to you from within that which is light.  They have within them all Truth, all Knowing, and that which will bring you your own Rememberings.

These Rememberings are that which you have always known.  That which you lived within in the Beginning.   Never has your world existed in such a state of perfection for you to receive that which you must remember, until now.   Not since the Beginning, when you existed as light beings, when you traveled at will throughout the Universe, when you communicated purely energetically, telepathically with no need for the spoken word.   When there was no sickness, no dis-ease.   In the Beginning you were perfection, as you are in this moment.   You must simply remember that which you are.   Be open to the Masters among you.  They know who you are.  Look into their eyes.   Many of you will recognize them as well.

There is occurring in your world at this time, a process that is of vital danger to Universal existence.  There are those who believe that they are capturing free energy from within the void.   There are machines being made and sold that capture Universal energy.   This energy is being used as a substitute for the electricity that is now sold to you.   We wish to tell you that this energy is that which is the life blood of the Universe.

You see, Dear ones, the Universe is comprised of an infinite number of particulates which move and rotate within the Universal process.   What we describe is much like that which is supposed in your Unified Field theory.   Between these particulates is the null zone.   It is there that all energy that is expended within all aspects of the Universe travels.   It is there that your manifestations occur.   Where your prayers travel to be heard.   Where the harmonics of the whole are in constant communication.   Where miracles occur, and where the balance is held between all things.   These null zones are that which hold the particulates in place, no matter what the manifestation.

To take energy out of the null zones is to drain existence as you know it first into errors of manifestation.   Then to possible collapse of one or more sectors of this Universe.   This affects all others as well. This affects the time space continuum much in the way that Atlantis failed.   There were those who believed that they had a command of the power sources far beyond that which was being utilized.   Adjustments were made to those power sources, causing cataclysmic events which nearly destroyed your planet, and ultimately brought down entire civilations.

Those events have left disruptions in the space time continuum as we have described, such as your Bermuda triangle area and other areas like that, as there are still crystalline generators which are operating in abnormal frequencies.   Those events have also closed inter-dimensional corridors where travel was once unobstructed.   It is this disruption that has caused the interferences which interfere with the Arcturian corridor.   This corridor was once open for all time, and now closes, or is partially obstructed periodically by the pulsing movement of the Universal process, as this sector was damaged in the Atlantean disaster.

You must understand that these null zones, these spaces between the particulates even hold that which is your own manifestation of self!  Interrupting the Universal process in such a way is beyond destructive.  They know not what they do, for that which we speak of is yet immeasurable in your world.

We tell you that there is a much safer way that is available to everyone, and it is also free of cost.  It is, Dear Ones, the energy of light.  It is infinite.  It recreates itself spontaneously.  It is infinite.   It is driven electromagnetically.  Photon energy is that which is the energy of all things.   Within the light is created the pulsing of the Universal process.   It is where the Ancients have stored all knowledge.   Within the light are all things manifested and formless.

That which is light is the power of the Universe and yet you ignore it.  It is within the light that true alchemy occurs, when communicated through the null zones.  It is within the light that the memories of the Akashic records are contained.   And it is within the light that you become once again when you return to formlessness.   All things being One.   One being all things.   And so it is that we implore you to be wary of any item offered to you that claims to be taking energy from the void, other dimensionally or otherwise.

And so it is, Dear Ones, that we conclude this transmission.   It is that our light is that which is yours as well.   Perfection is only an illusion away.   Be in peace.   Be only love.

We return to light.

©Spirit Light Resources, Rev. Dr. Meg Blackburn 2002 This information is intended for the highest and best good of all beings, and may be freely shared for personal use. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by author. To receive further transmissions, please add yourself to this e-mail list by contacting the author at spiritlite1@aol.com

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     With a Doctorate Degree in Metaphysics,  Meg Blackburn is an internationally known Master Healer, speaker, writer, Channeler and graphic artist. She is an Ordained Minister in both Spiritual Science and Metaphysics. She is a medical intuitive and a certified practitioner of Spiritual Mind Healing. She is the developer of Seventh Sense Attunement and Movement to Spirit.
      Meg received her gifts naturally, becoming enlightened to higher consciousness which led to inter-dimensional access. In other words, access to the Many Mansions. She has learned to interact with the Ascended Masters through pure consciousness in holographic form to learn and to heal. Within this process, Meg has gained admittance the Universal mind for receiving information on most any subject. She receives information with complete detail in many different aspects of study, such as quantum physics, astral physics, biophysics, harmonics and their effects, energy and its applications, alchemy, sacred geometry as applied to the Universal processes,  healing procedures as practiced in inter-dimensional realms and the application of these healing processes to the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and ethereal aspects of existence .
      Meg uses her natural intuitiveness and her Seventh Sense for continued understanding of the Universal processes. She has dedicated herself to share this knowledge, these gifts, in an effort to assist in the Awakening process and healing of others. She is available by appointment for Healing sessions, both in person and long distance, readings both personal and Edgar Cayce style  physical readings, and is available for seminars and lectures. She is traveling Nationally and may be available for appearance in your area. Her schedule is available on her web site.
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