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*** The Nuances of Success

*** You are the Event that you Seek

*** "Entering the Portal of Friendliness"

*** Release Your heart of all that is not Love!

*** Stop hiding behind the Burning Bush of your excuses

*** Heart of the Heart Conference Trout Lake, Washington June 21-23

*** Spiritual Response Therapy (Clearing the past and future Akashic Soul records)


Written by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Success comes in the form of 6 billion plus flavors. It is not just vanilla or chocolate with a few sprinkles here and there. It is not something that can be defined by a dictionary, a teacher, or a parent. For the very essence of success is so multidimensional it reaches far beyond our earthly understanding.

Success for each person on planet earth is different and cannot be monitored or measured along side of anything or anyone. Some day's success can be as big as a mountain, other days it is as small as a cell. We are born being trained by our parents and peers to walk quickly into the town of 'Success'. We were instructed to marry, to build, to birth children in the perfect town of 'Success'. We seek to love one another, be happy and die in this holographic image of what someone told us success should be! We plant our crops, and our 'o so short' future in some one else's definition of what success is, and then we wonder why our trees don't bear fruit that is aligned with our souls desire.

The direction of success is changing continually, following our hand signals. We wave it forward one day, ask it to come to a screaming halt the next, and cry in the wee hours of the dawn when we don't feel its presence. Success like love or joy, has become a living entity. One that does our bidding on a daily basis. Success is never the same two days in a row for anyone. One day you might feel successful if you make a big sale, the next day success may be finally getting the splinter out of your finger. To a young mother success is a baby finally sleeping through the night. To a senior citizen success is waking up in the morning. To some, success is retiring, to others; success is getting their first job. Success is chameleon like in quality changing day after day from person to person. How can we ever judge what success is by looking at another?

When we first came to earth we came with a soul agenda. A cosmic list of sorts describing what our soul needed to finally feel it had achieved success while on earth. We are driven by this internal list. Searching for the 'one' thing that would solidify and document that we had been successful on our journey to earth. Many times we have returned to earth just to make up for what we saw as failings from previous incarnations.

It is time to awaken to the subtle nuances of what success truly is. It is a time to count the wonders, miracles and small successes in our day that oft times we over look. Within every experience you have ever had, lives a miniscule particles of success. The first time you walked or talked as a baby. The first time you threw a ball or caught a fly ball. The first time you kissed, the first time you drove, your first job; are all success filled memories no matter what the outcome seemed to be. Round up all of those ancient successes and herd them into the present. Line them all up and look closely at how many successes you truly have had. Drink in that personal blend of success smoothie. Most people focus only on the failures and magnify them to the 'Nth" degree, so that they overshadow all else. In your beautiful rose garden of life do you only look at the weeds or do you ever just see the roses?

Redefine what you think success means to you and only you. Stop holding your life up against the beveled glass of the mass consciousness. Personal truths become distorted when held up to the light of someone else's porch. When you see only your shortcoming you will always come up short no matter how tall in the saddle you may look to others. Get on that high horse (even if you need a ladder) and take a good look at your life. You were created to succeed.

When you focus on what you 'do not' have, you will never have enough. When you focus on what you do have you will always have plenty.



In Anchorage, Alaska Workshop

Welcome. We are the Pleiadian energies. We come forth on this day, this time, this event to unseal the envelope of your light to come, your light to be, and your light not to be. We ask you as you sit on this threshold of all this starriness to see each and every one of yourselves as a galaxy, as a constellation, as a star in the heavens. For one day each one of you that sits here will be exactly that. As Mother Earth is on her way to ascension through all of you, six billion plus, moving into higher consciousness and higher awareness. She will then become as a star and then you will be activated into your master-ships of light. One day you will become as an Earth or a planetary event that ascends through all of her inhabitants. This is to come many years in the future. Do not plan to send invitations out to it anytime soon.

As you move into the event horizon of becoming a constellation, becoming a star, or becoming a sun for a particular planet –you will exceed in the expectation you have in this minute of time. You see yourselves as meek and mild and incomplete. But we see you as seeds of galaxies to come, of stars yet born, and of constellations yet seen. You are vast beyond your ability to measure. You are vast beyond your ability to remember. And you are vast beyond your ability to see. We ask you as you ponder this day’s events, to see yourself as a nebula, a star nursery. See within that nursery, the seed of your future – because you live there. You are not a twinkle in some man’s eye or some women’s body – but you are a twinkle in God’s expectations of you. For you are not just a human ascending, but you are stars and galaxies and universes in training. That is what you have forgotten. You have not crawled from the sludge of the earth. But you have come from the beginning-ness of all. It is there that you search for your mirror reflection.

This day has brought forth to you a new awareness of how simple it is to instruct the molecules of whatever thought or energy you wish to receive. You do not have to wait for a planetary clumping. You do not have to wait until someone mentions on the Internet that it is time to line up your axional events. You do not have to wait until the 4th Sunday of the month for any event. For you are the event that you seek continually. Do not allow the instructions of others to tell you when to birth your starhood, when to birth your galactic event, and when to ascend. For you have each beaten a path forward in time beyond the mast consciousness, beyond the mass understanding. You streak as a falling star towards what your heart yearns for. Do not stop and wait for the mass consciousness to catch up – because you will sit on your haunches and your laurels through too many seasons.

Each individual here marches to a different drummer, that is why you live in this place of Arctic beauty (Alaska), that is why you are strong of nature and strong of heart and strong of purpose. That is why you are pure of intent- because you have strived to reach that. It is here that you will be instructed in the ways of receiving. For receiving does not mean receiving a gift, a compliment, a penny, a found dollar, a meal – but receiving is everything that gives to you. The leaves that fall from the tree in the autumn receive the freedom that they give to you, the letting go, the color, and the golden-ness of their being. Receive from the wind, receive from the night, and receive from the sky. As your time blooms, receive the bud that each new leaf gives you – each new bud, a bud of hope, a hope of a new spring, of a new chance, of a new doorway. Humans think that they can receive because they hold their hand out, but you have learned to receive much more from the land and the earth and the sky and the water. Many of you have taken for granted the bounty that sits around you and amongst you. You have taken for granted the friendships, the love; the single unit of light that you all share as you site here on this day.

As you come together time after time, you create such a bountiful portal where anything can be accomplished. Realize that in coming together you form a portal. With that portal you open a doorway of opportunity, of manifestation. What will the group agree on manifesting? What will each of you agree upon creating? For there is greatness in numbers. You are given opportunity after opportunity after opportunity to shift, to change, to grow, to become more. Do not forget to accept the gifts that you daily life gives you. The bounty that this land that you live upon, gives you, the gifts that no one else receives except you.

The doorway to you resides within you. You can see that reflection in each other’s eyes, in each other’s smiles, in each other’s expectations. But ultimately you walk through your own doorway into you, through you. That is the essence that you come into in this Spring – walking into the new that is you. In Ancient Egypt, the NU was the source that all life was created from – NU; everything is anew at this time. Walk into that portal of new. Not new and shiny as it is upon the bottle, upon the clothes, upon the bookshelf – but the NU THAT IS ANCIENT, that forever lives in the now, in the past, in the future. The NU of you that runs through all time and space simultaneously and cannot be killed and cannot die and cannot let go and cannot give up and cannot quit. That NU is what we ask you to enter into.

We are the Pleiadian energies. At this time we will leave you. But on this day as we view your essences, you are a little bit newer and shinier and filled with your own remembrance. Everything of life asks you to receive it. Not just money, not just love, not just new clothes or furniture – but everything. Look at your world. Stretch your wings. Stretch your perimeters examine yourself and the limitations and blockades that you have placed around you and your life. Do you travel the same street everyday? Do you go to the same place everyday? Do you stretch yourself into other areas of the world, of the country? For when you stretch yourself, you will truly appreciate whom you are, what you have, and where you live. You are the treasure and the gold, more so than any vein of gold that runs within the earth. You are the true treasures. You are the true riches. And you are what you seek. At this time, we leave.


Council of Light of One speaks

"Entering the Portal of Friendliness"

WESAK 2002

Welcome. We are the Council of Light of One. We come on this day, as you are en-joined in totality as you have released all duality and pluralism's of thinking and humanness. We align with the Pillars of Light that you are and that you have initiated on this WESAK celebration.

We ask you to imagine that you are walking upon a sidewalk and each one of the cracks or indentations on the sidewalk represents a doorway, an opportunity, and a portal that you are to enter. Some of these portals are aligned specifically with a gateway of friendliness. We know this sounds as if it is not much to dwell upon, to think about, but we can assure you that the 'essence of friendliness' needs to be accentuated in these upcoming series of energies.

Imagine your day as you walk through it. Your heart and your soul are in upheaval. People that you meet do not honor you, will not look eye to eye with you, will not look into your heart, and will not smile. And then you come upon a person who is a 'portal of friendliness'. They look at you heart to heart and there is a glimmer in their eyes as they smile. Something that was once hardened inside of you melts, some thing that was solid—then turns to liquid and something that was painful is immediately released. Just because someone who is unknown to you took time out of their hectic wear and tear day to lift their eyes and look at you soul to soul with a smile.

This gateway, this portal of friendliness is available to each and every one of you. You oft times do not plug into that display of enlightenment, but it is always there. In your days of hurry and confusion, you ask," How can I help the world?" "How can I save the world?" "How can I heal the world, when I can not even release what is burdensome to me?" It is as simple as plugging in the light of friendliness. Let it shine through your eyes and shine through the orifice of your smile. In doing this you are giving the greatest gift of all Hope. You are healing, releasing, freeing, what ties everybody that you gaze upon in a three dimensional knot.

So we ask you to plug into the 'gateway of friendliness' to radiate it and also to receive it. You touch one another eye to eye, word by word, action by action. If you sit home in your beautiful abode and pray and OM and meditate – but when you leave your surroundings, you are negative, you are mean, you are not kind to everyone you meet – then you are not propagating the light. You are propagating what has always existed – the duality of mankind on earth. So we ask you to walk your talk, and to walk your light.

And sometimes just the mere meek essence of being friendly to someone shifts him or her. Sometimes, just a smile and looking at one in reverence is all they need to shift them – to shift their thought of suicide, to shift their thought of demise, to shift their thought of death. You did it. You will never receive certification thankfulness. You will not know the effects that you have had on another. But you have just helped end a day of darkness and begin a new dawn and a new day of light. Most people are confused, they are angry, they are worried about finances, they are worried about health, they are worried about families and mothers and fathers and babies that are born and babies that are yet to come. Everyone’s faith is indented in a paragraph consciousness. They frown. They are forlorn because they see not a glimmer of hope, of light. Where can they get this glimmer of hope? Do they see it in their day? No! Do they see it in their news? Do they see it in their media? Do they see it in their paper? Do they see it in their spouse? In their children? Not often.

When you pass one another on the road, do you smile and wave and say have a good day? You do not. You are fixated on survival and issues of survival. So we ask you just for the thought in this moment to image a big lit-up portal that says, 'Gateway of Friendliness' with neon lights flashing. And imagine yourself standing under this arch and you are smiling outward. And you are looking at all those who are hopeless and homeless and confused and angry. And you are radiating as a beautiful sun of light that you are. Yes, there are troubles in your life. Yes, your leg hurts, your neck hurts, your toe hurts, your love hurts. But you do yourself an injustice by being caught in the whirlwind of negativity. Whatever you radiate outwards cannot help but enter your world, your life. The electromagnetic energies to come are forming by your very thoughts and your very words and your very actions.

In the next few months on planet earth, there will be lose, there will be turmoil, there will be death. People will be diagnosed with situations that they have chosen to experience. People will be diagnosed with divorce and with depression that is running so rampant in the world.

You all are innately as Florence Nightingales of Light. She was the Lady of the Light, was she not? And she went into the battlefields, and she healed and gave hope to those for whom there was no hope, there was no healing. But she gave 100% of her being to every single person that she laid eyes upon. She gave comfort. She gave compassion. She gave hope when there was none and when she had none herself. You are all children of the Light. And we ask you to remember that and hold the Lantern of Hope up for others even when you are not necessarily seeing it in your own life. To light the way for those in your life on the road, on the sidewalk next to you, to radiate out as the beauteous being that you are. Open up and step in and walk through that 'gateway of friendliness'. How many times in your day, the day seemed so horrid – and someone smiled at you? Someone gave you an extra penny to pay for an item – you were one cent short. Someone looked up at you and you knew they knew you were special as they viewed you. You are not seeing that specialness, that beauteous light, that essence in your reflection in your mirrors – for humanness is reflecting nothing but denseness and duality. You do not even see the hope that you planted from so many years of walking this path of light. You do not see the light that needs to be harvested or the light that has grown.

Many of your shoulders are heavy and you hold your head down instead of holding your head up. Many have given up on the light. Many many of those who are in positions of spiritual leadership are not seeing the miracles that they spout hope about, but do not believe themselves. We tell you, hold on dear ones, for it is but 5 minutes before the dawn. And in the dawn, the sun will rise dually and there will be a dual light that comes forth. Wait. Do not hold your breath, but hold your hope until it comes.

In the time of August of this year, there will be a portal that opens for all of humanity. It will come in the time of 8/8. It will be a celebration of a year – as 9/11 enters the consciousness again. The world will try to ask you to enter into sadness enter into mourning, enter into upheaval – but you must hold the frequency of beauty, of wisdom, and of knowing – and not get caught in the flood of doom and gloom and mourning. For the essence of mourning helps no one. Mourning is aligned with the energy of a 3rd dimensional planet. It is not aligned with the frequency and a knowing and a wisdom that asks you to raise your vibration out of the despair and the quagmire and to know that the spirits of those that have passed, are right here with you this minute. They have not disappeared. They have not died. They have not completed anything. They are within this realm that you sit, that you stand, that you breathe. The endings that humanity so dwells upon as traumatic, are in truth – beginnings.

We were once on this planet earth as you are – millions of years ago – not in the form of a human, but in a form of light beings, dimensional beings. We remember the density of this place. We remember the confusion even in the light form that we held. That is why we, the Council of Light of One, come forth to embrace your humanness as you embrace our light. At this time we will leave. We ask you to understand with clarity what was spoken and to move your heart in the direction of the 'portal of friendliness' to all that you meet



Release Your heart of all that is not Love!

Welcome my beloved's. I come on this day, on this Isle of Essence. I bring the fragrance of the Jasmine into the scent of your heart; I wrap my gossamer light wings around you and hold you closely. Closer than you have ever held yourself. Closer than you have ever allowed another to hold you as well. I am Quan Yin. Goddess of Compassion. I forsake the heavenly realms to stay amongst mortals until all of the hearts of earth were healed and mended and held up in reverence to receive the light of the new day. I come to you in the tinkling of your heart. I can be seen in the glimmer of the moonlight upon the water. I stand solid as a rock in a garden and I allow you to sit upon me and feel the realness of my being as you feel your own.

I come as WESAK is beckoned, as WESAK is placed into a doorway of activation and ascension. I sit within the realms of your heart, the place oft times you are sadden, the place you oft times cry all alone. I sit there with your beauteous head upon my knee and I stroke it as the tears of your soul wet my garment. I hold you as you find yourself, as you find the new hope, as you find the new day, as you find the new love.

For as you stand in the very reflection of your humanness, you seem so fractured and frail. I look deeply at you. Allow the gaze from my eyes and the gaze from my heart to go in and mend those torn seams in-between every part of you that hurts. I mend the seamless garment of your humanness until once again it is full and whole and holy.

As humans you are so strong, as … you are so weak. You have the strength of 100 men as you stand up to worldly injustices. But when one person says something that cuts as a knife into your heart, you bend over and fall to the ground as a flower that is wilted in the heat of day and even the tears of your soul cannot revive a wilted flower.

There is not one soul that walks the earth that is not hurt by the words or the actions or the energies that are directed by another. And yet, you are willing to battle injustices as a single grain of sand on a beach of circumstances. It is this aspect of you that is so loved by me. You fold yourself into the origami of the past, allowing yourself to be sculpted by situations and circumstances that you created, that you were part of, that you beheld --once in reverence, another time in anger, another time in sadness. When you look at your life and you see what so pains you, KNOW that it is truly a learning. Realize that you have received the pain of the spoken word, of the action, of the situation because you are human – and everything is taken to heart.

Your heart is an organ that listens even when the human ear does not hear, even when the human eyes do not see – the heart listens. It listens to all of the nuances in-between all of the sentences of all the words that are said to you. It listens to the way people look at you, the way they whisper in front of you and behind you. The heart listens with the ear of a dog as it hears miles away what is whispered about you, what is thought about you, what is felt about you, and it brings it all home to the hearth and the heart.

You sit within the hearth of the heart and chew upon the pains. You chew upon the words that were sleight of hand, slight of intent. You chew and you chew and you chew. Your life is revolving around what was done to you; the injustice that you created before you came to earth, after you came to earth, when you came to earth. Who hurt you, why they hurt, how can you hurt them back, how can you forget them, how can you forgive them. Your day is spun as a thousand threads in a fine tapestry. You exert so much energy in holding the pain within your awareness. If you were to turn the injustices, the pains, and the angers, everything that was taken to heart into a viable energy – it would be as a nuclear blast. Knowing this you still continue to lick your wounds, to lick your injustices, to lick your circumstances of victimhood.

I ask you, on this full moon of Taurus, as you enter into the festival of WESAK to make a divine declaration, a soul request 'to release the heart of all that is not love'. "Release my heart of all that is not love." Shout it to the heavens! This is the gift I ask you to give yourself. For you have wasted far too much time upon everything that was done to you. You have sat in in-pain, injustice, inhuman, and intent-full memories. Move beyond the boundaries of this pain for you sit there in to much comfort. You love the perimeters of the self-imposed pain. You love to hold on to the shirttails of what happened to you as a child, as a parent, as a wife, as an employee. You post the circumstances of the past around you like sentinels. And they watch over every part of your day. When you want to move past it and move into the pain-less – they tell you no – you are in a self-imposed safety zone, the safety zone of pain – and you must sit there. So I ask you to lovingly move past these sentinels that have so imposed themselves upon you in so many directions.

The sweetness of life is there for your taking, for your sipping, for your touching and your embrace. The sweetness of life lives on earth – but it wears fine filaments of exposure and you must look hard – not with your human eyes --- but with the eyes of the heart in order to see that sweetness. Look beyond the toughness and the anger and the pain and see what surrounds it. Dancing fairy-like, is all of the good, all of the God, and all of the sweet flavors of life that are yet to be embraced by you. Lift up your heart and place it into a world that is nothing but good. You are not lying to yourself. You are not denying the darkness and negativity, but you are holding your place in the Land of HOPE, in the Land of LOVE, and the 'land of what could be, would be, should be, if only – everyone would release the pain in their heart!'

For all of the battles of earth were and are fought over genetic pain, bloodline pain, pain of the past. What pain could exist in the sweetness of this moment that we all share together? NONE! Tell me what pain could exist as you cuddle a puppy? What pain could exist as you look into the eyes of a baby that smiles back at you? What pain could exist as two lovers hold hands for the first time? These are portals and doorways into a place that is wondrous and miraculous and natural. You go there every time you have a good day, every time something special happens to you, every time someone believes in you, and someone tells you, "I love you." You go there and you reside in that place and that euphoria and that glory for as long as you can.

I ask you everyday to enter that place, that doorway, that portal into what the world yearns for and what your heart yearns for. Cleanse the heart palate of all of the bad taste and the after-taste and the sour and the bitter and the poison that you keep isolated on the dark side of the self.

I am Quan Yin. I ask that you make the request to release all else from your heart but love. Can you do it? Will you do it? In all of my being, I pray so. I wait for you. I wait for you to remember your divinity. I wait for you to remember that there is peace on earth and that it is possible in all countries with all peoples. I wait for all of the disease to leave this place and all pain to be annihilated by love. I wait for you, children. Never forget that. I leave



As you lift your presence into a doorway that has awaited your entrance for eons, I, WE, are able to access and bring to you, underlying currents that have not been available to you up until now. I am the overlying essence that was known as Master Jesus. The Over Soul aspect of that frequency is Sananda. The underlying human physical aspect of that was Joshua. On this evening formulate a trinity with those three thoughts and those three points of light and see yourself walking into them as a Stargate, a portal.

As the time of Easter enters your consciousness, enters your world, and enters your calendar. Realize that you will energetically experience and walk through aspects of the Biblical Times, and aspects of your Biblical selves. You will walk through extensions of your parallel and multi-dimensional selves that are overlying and underlying your sacred path. You will part the seas of existence as you look between the past and the present.

At the time of the Easter Celebration you will connect fully with the dimensional aspects of your soul. Not only are you running dimensional sequences within simultaneous time, but you are also running dimensional sequences with Higher Selves, with Soul Selves, with Angelic Selves, and with Christed Selves. You are the intersection of the Light meeting the Light. You stand at the crossroad of time. Everything cavorts upon you, surrounding you in the vastness and the knowledge of that vastness throughout time and space.

You will no longer need to hold onto the life raft thought that you are only a single person on earth that does not make a difference, no matter what they think or do. You will see as you stand in the center of your multi-dimensional being through all-simultaneous space and time, that the present is the point of manifestation and creation. You house internally and externally, spiritually and physically, all possibilities. You can and will resurrect through time and space, you will release linear conjunctions of self and linear expectations of self as you mount your full potential to receive the 144 Commandments of Light.

I speak to you from the intersection of humanness, of Soul, and Over Soul, of the Christed Aspect of Light. I speak to you at the point that you and I intersect and we form a Star of David, the Star Tetrahedron, and the Cosmic Mercaba. I ask you to turn your eyes inward – NOW—to the focus point of your 3rd eye. To place your consciousness there on the movie screen of all possibilities and see the light that I AM, the Light that you are, and the Light that we become together.

For no longer are you allowed to hide behind your life, to hide behind your fears, to hide behind the burning bush of your excuses – for it has disappeared and dis-integrated. No longer are you in hiding, but your are visible, you are seen, you are known, and you now must take responsibility for what you house as your galactic nomadic purpose, as your soul mission, and as your human intention.

When Jesus left the earth as his Christed self, and crowned his humanness in Ascension, all of his disciples stood and hid behind the event of transformation and transmutation. They focused upon this awe-inspiring event with fear, with ridicule, with shame. They felt deserted, left, abandoned, and not empowered. As your humanness chooses fully to walk into its Christed garments of Light, do you feel as though you will abandon the flesh? Do you fell as though you will abandon the pleasures of earth, or you will abandon everyday responsibilities? Lift all aspects your life into Christ-Hood, from washing your floors to washing your hair to driving hither and fro in your errands. Do not allow the garment of Christed Light to be something that you wear on Sundays or holidays. But wear it continually with the knowledge that you shift at the conjunction, the intersection of all life that stands in the very center point of your being.

You shift the future by your thought, by your actions, by your awareness', and by your declarations. None of you will be allowed to wallow in the mud of the Personality self of the past. None of you will be allowed to walk back into the past in your mind to sit in pitifulness, to sit in sadness, and to sit in what-ifs. The door is closed, and barred shut, – have you not noticed? You will notice in the morn that you cannot go back and resurrect the you of the past, for you have changed in the very night. You have changed the molecular structure of the mind; the past will not enter your future. The instructions are as such. The only point forward from this point is into the future – movement forward, not movement past.

As you celebrate Easter – celebrate the Cosmic Christ, celebrate the Over Soul, the Soul, and the Human Being who lovingly moves toward Christed awareness. Do not get caught up in the trappings of what happened in the Biblical Times, but move past it. It no longer serves a purpose in this year 2002, move past it. You camp out too long in the Spiritual Stigmata of your old selves. Yes, there are injustices. Yes, there are contradictions. Yes, there is pain. But – do you want to own it, or do you want to let it go? Your heart is a Christ Heart. Of course you take everything to heart. Of course you feel for the injustices, for the people, for the starving children. Of course you feel for the demise of what fell a minute ago, a week ago, a day ago, six months ago. But how do those feelings serve you? They immobilize you as your feet are turned to cement declarations. You cannot move when you are drenched in pity, in sadness, in anger, or in fear. You cannot move. The mobility comes in love, in certainness, in faith, in peace, in grace, and in joy. Whenever your life is not moving, it is because you have cemented your feet in the past. How easy is it to walk in such a situation? You can do nothing but fall over upon yourself. I represent the Trinity of all the incarnations of Christ on every level from Christian to Buddhic to Islamic. I am all of it-- as are you. You have worn every religion, every faith, and every conviction. You have worn every magical, alchemical thought through time and space. You still wear them.

Your past does not serve you but as a reminder of what failed. Look to the future with a heart that is not heavy, but a heart that is Light. I AM the essence of the Cosmic Christ in every level of his or her being. I am in you as you are in me. For we are cut from the same wheat and mixed in the same bowl and pummeled into grain and molded into a loaf of bread and shared by one another. We are the same. I am not mightier than you are. I am not grander than you are. I am not prettier than you are. I am you. And I ask you to lift the memory of my time on earth out of the pain and crucifixion and see it fly as the Phoenix it became.

Your potential is unlimited. It goes beyond words or explanations or expectations. I ask you at this time of Easter to receive my body in communion – but not through a wafer or a glass of grape juice or wine – but through a vibration. When the sun rises on the morn of Easter – take me into you – awaken me within you and let us MARRY in the future. Sup upon my knowledge of all time – and I will sup upon your humanness in the NOW. You are the pride and the joy of this universe. You have not failed anyone except in your own thoughts for you cannot fail and you cannot fall. Your souls are on bended knees and humbled by your own presence. Stand up – to see in truth, the true reflection of the Cosmic Christ you are!

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