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Created, Channeled and published by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


*** Everything in your world depends on how much Love you can give your self!

*** The Elohim speak about the Photon Energy of the Summer Solstice

*** Hold your Vision High enough for the Quanta to see!

*** Every thought you have is alive!

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Everything in your world depends upon how much love you can give yourself

Welcome. I am angelic of origin. I am angelic of nature. I am angelic of light. I am the essence and the vibration and the song that is known as Chamuel. I am angel of self-love. I come on this day to enfold you in that thought.

Everything in your world depends upon how much love you can give yourself. Every measurement of time, every measurement of day and of night is an equation of how much love you, each individually as humans, can receive. Your creations are only created into physical form in a ratio of the amount of love that you can receive as you create them.

I do not mean to receive love from someone that you are married to or someone that you yearn for in your heart – but I mean, receive love exponentially from all of life. Everything on this planet loves you. It is innately and genetically programmed to love you. The dirt that you walk upon loves you as you massage it with your shoes and your feet. The grass needs to bend oft times underneath your weight. It stretches it. The wind loves to mess up your hair and kiss the hairs upon your body. The animals love you and don’t know why you kill them or why you are afraid of them. Everything loves you. The trees look down on you from their great height, but they never look down on you, for they know that you are steward of this beautiful sphere.

When you are in a place of truly loving you, then everything that you desire to manifest and create – can, will, and must happen. For that is the way of the Universe. There are days when there is not much that you like about yourself. On these days when your creative energies are dismal and run low, the percentage of manifestation/creation possibility holds a very low ratio. What ever you are thinking about creating on that day deletes itself a little bit more. The percentage goes down and goes down and goes down in accordance with how much you love yourself.

Think about a day in your past when you were feeling so good and happy and joyful for no reason except being alive. Everything that you touched on that day turned golden and manifested 100%. Now think about the days that you did not want to get out of bed, you did not want to wake up to the world again, but yet you must. You get up go to work dragging your feet. Everything you touch that day deflates instead of inflating. You run out of gas (of course), your tire goes flat and your boss yells at you all within a matter of a few hours. This is the view of your life when you create from a place of not loving and honoring yourself.

All energies that come to earth come to the people of earth – it is through you that Terra Gaia ascends. It is through you that the animals and the plants and the elements will gain their ability to speak again as they once did in the ancient past. It is through you that everything happens. It can be no other way. For that is the destiny of this place that you reside upon that loves you more than most days you love yourself. Your Mother Earth does not judge you no matter what you do to her or how you hurt her. Even when one tiny speck of paper blows from your hand or from your car – it hurts her body as it hurts your own body. For you are not just trashing her – you are trashing your future. You are trashing yourself. It is just like when you fall in love – a ripple effect happens. Everything touches everything else. And that is what you have forgotten.

That is why I, Chamuel, angel of self-love, come to tell you on this day that -- your moods affect all of life. A tree smiles when you are in a good mood. A tree looses leaves when you are in a bad mood. Your plants in your home reflect your mood swings as do the people in your life. If you are attracting people that are negative and down in the mouth, then look at your own energy – for the vibration is similar of nature.

I come to point out to you that you must stay in a place of joy, happy to be human, happy to be flesh and happy to be wherever you are at that moment of your experience. You are the center of your universe – every one of you. You are the center of your personal time/space continuum – all separate, but united – similar to the cells in your body. They are all separate in nature and in purpose in the way that they move about hither and fro. But they are together and united, as are all of you. When your heart yearns for something so deep – it is your soul that is asking you to provide it. It could be a walk on the beach that your soul needs. It could be standing in the rain and twirling. It could be giving yourself a pet or comforting an old one. It could be traveling around the world or writing an old friend a letter. Who do you think points you in the direction of all of those longings? The self is so caught up in the past and the injustices that were done to it. It does not look forward. There is always hindsight that is wrapped around the self of the past. Your soul is where the longings of your heart come from. Look closely at what you long for. Look at what is speaking to your heart and then center yourself in such with love and then create it from that point of heart.

Most human beings have not felt 100% loved in their existence. They have lived with very low percentages of feeling love and feeling loved – which is two different categories, as you know. That percentage is increasing as all of the universe is radiating to you what it feels like to be loved, what it feels like to be in your center, what it feels like to be purposeful in your day, in your intent, your manifestation and creation. There may be a feeling of no love that comes from your parents in this existence (realize they too are learning how to love!), but remember -- they haven’t always been your parents. You can access lifetimes – future and past and simultaneous when your parents loved you very much. Ask for that. Maybe your husband or your wife doesn’t show you much affection or maybe your life is empty of love. There have been plenty that have loved you. The sun has set and risen on your every want and need. Ask for that love to be initiated into your human self now. There were lifetimes when you were magical (and still are you know) – but you have forgotten. There were lifetimes when everything did your bidding – everything listened to your word and then became what you spoke. You have made gold out of straw more times then we care to count. You are alchemists. You are Merlin’s. You are angels and you are beautiful humans all wrapped up in one. If you are not getting what you desire in this moment and in this time, then you must access a place in space and time that you once received it -- and bring that feeling – (ask for that feeling to flood you)–into your auric field. From that point – create. From that point – love yourself.

Humans are funny they are. We don’t always understand you – but we stand beside you all the time – fear not. You do not feel loved even when someone stands in front of you that loves you with every inch of their fiber, and all of their being. You do not feel fulfilled even though everything in your life is perfectly divine. Humans – you do not understand how vast you are. But we do! And in the meantime as you are trying so hard to remember, we hold the light for you. We sit at the fire. We talk about you and we joke about you and we compare notes– we love you dearly. We need you to call upon us -- the angels. We cannot intervene unless it is an emergency – and sometimes your definition of an emergency varies greatly from our definition of an emergency. We are obedient to you as the Mother/Father God commanded. And time after time and life after life and minute after minute, we grow to love you more. But you must direct us into the affairs of your life. We will be there for you. No job is too small and no job is too big. I am Chamuel. I thank you for allowing me to share this body and this evening with you. I am the angel of self-love and I hope you have a better understanding of what that really means – because your dictionaries do not explain it very well. I leave you, but not for long.


The ELOHIM SPEAK about the PHOTON ENERGY of the Summer Solstice

Welcome. We are the essences, the energies and the light of pureness that is known as the Elohim. We come through this vehicle on this day to imminent and radiate to each of you, light essences and vibrations that have not been at your disposal up until this intersection of time and space. We come as you initiate yourself into the essence of the Photon Energy that comes forth on the summer solstice.

We come forth to show you and speak to you about stellar-electrical impulses that you will be receiving via solar emanations from your daystar, via lunar emanations from your moon, and via ancient emanations from the planet Mars. These three stellar objects closest to earth are already within the photon belt integrating the vastness of what is to come to all of life that exists in and out of space and time. They sup and dine upon these energies as they pulse through every level of life, seen and unseen.

This Photon light birthed itself originally at the galactic center of all universes. The galactic center of all universes is a mother matrix, which is interconnected to the center of all other universes. Thus all life known and unknown, all parallel dimensions, all universes above and below are receiving the frequency of the Photon frequency. Already Scientists and physicists are scratching their eggheads as they are at a loss to describe what is taking place in the outer and inner limits of your galaxy and solar system. They have/and will have actual pictures of these events that are nondescript as there are no known words for such phenomena. Galactic events of such vast proportion have not transpired in human recorded history.

We come on this day to introduce you to these Photon properties. This Living Light comes from the Source. It is pure undiluted God as you know and expect God to be. The word God in itself is a very limited omnipresent definition as described by humanity. In many other civilizations, stars, planets and dimensions, the word God is not used. We are using the word photon (also limiting description) because that describes light energies, messages and information that travels on a wave of light.

As this wave of light comes forth to your sun, your moon, and the planet Mars – it will bring all the beings upon those places into a higher understanding of their own evolution. Even though they are dimensional beings, there is always room for ascension. There is always room for growth and there is always room for elevation and evolution. Just because somebody comes in the form of a light particle being, does not mean that they are highly evolve, does not mean that they are Godly, and does not mean that they are Christed. There are many types of life forms in the universes, most are not solid, like you, but are formatted from solutions of light that are indescribable to your understanding. Many are translucent and transparent –vibrating at a different octave. This higher vibration in itself does not make them holy or enlightened beings. It just makes them different than you. This is what we come to announce and enunciate to you on this day. That just because a life form has a different velocity and a momentum of faster moving molecules and light particles within their quantum fields, does not mean that they are God, does not mean that they are Angels, does not mean that they are Christed or Ascended beings.

The reason that we address this, is such. As the photonic light moves through the universes one by one there will be many beings disguising within these photonic emanations in order to surf the wave of light onto earth. There are many beings that will be making contact, in the form of pulsating light (Light ships, plasma crafts, Merkabas, or light crafts). Once again we remind you– always ask. "Do you come from the highest light of God, the Source, the Christ, All That Is, Great White Spirit?" Use all essential terminology to cover all of the probabilities. The same understanding is necessary with the angels and spirit guides that you feel in your presence. There is much tomfoolery and coyote illusion as everything that is not tied down comes rushing in with the photon energy.

Imagine a great Tsunami tidal wave. The tidal wave came from a great distance. In this great tidal wave were all the villages and the villagers their belongings and everything and everybody that was swept over, changing them forever, and releasing them of their hold upon the land or space or time that they existed in. All came forward in this great tidal wave. That is how this energy is birthing itself onto your earth.

Just because someone can do magic tricks and float and manifest out of thin air does not make them holy! Please, please eradicate this idea from your human thinking. Magic tricks are not Christ tricks. In a Being that is of a highly evolved light there is no need for parlor games. We speak to you not to place you in fear – but to place you in Knowledge. Deception runs rampant upon your planet as it is. As more species and new energies are introduced into your atmosphere in the upcoming time period, you must be clear in what you feel you are connected to and whom and what that energy truly is. Every day ask to be connected to the highest point of light that you can achieve. Every day ask that your cellular vibration of light be increased exponentially. Every day ask that the love that you know be amplified, the light that you know be amplified, what you see as Christ be increased in vibration, what you see as God be increased in vibration. In other words, you must be clear in what you are connecting to as far as receiving information, from channeling, spirit guide instruction, holy men, angels, and extra-terrestrial communications. This is a must!


You are stewards of this planet. It is up to you to be as guardians to the door not to allow everything in because it seems to be more evolved then you. Do you realize how much energy and effort it takes to be a human? Do you realize how powerful you are to stay in balance in your human form? It is the hardest school and one of the grandest forms in the universe. Do not be ashamed of your humanness. Do not try to rub it off and make it go away. But embrace it fully. For you are in flesh and light and God and nature, and you stand strong in that. Do not wish yourself out of this world. But stand strong in your stewardship as this photon light comes forth to all of earth.

You must check and double check what you are connected to, what truth is running through you, and whom you think it come forth from. There will be many energies that try to confuse you. This is why we the Elohim come to speak to you. We are part of the original energies that came to earth. We are part of the reason that you do not have full remembrance and full consciousness. And we come back in order that we may evolve fully into our own understanding of heart and love through you. We stand beside you and behind you as you face a change in your world that has never been experienced before. This will not come to the physical eye as quick as it will come to the spiritual eye. Be aware of this. There will be new techniques in which you will learn of how to reconnect past the distortion of the first wave of energy. It washes upon your beaches of life –debris. Debris that has no place in your world. Debris that comes to use you and must not be allowed to do such. These energies are in an electrical form. They are in an electro-magnetic form. They are in light form. They are not in physical form. But you must always check and ask your vibration to be raised to the highest level everyday. You must invite in your guardians as protectors and stand strong in what you know to be truth – even though everything around you points otherwise. Even the very compass will not point true north or true south as these fluctuations of magnetic beings shift everything. Be aware of this.

This information will also transpose itself over your computer communication lines. You will know when something comes up that is of a falsehood. Do not even read it. Do not even download one sentence into your thoughts. Delete it. Trust your heart. Trust your light. And trust what you know to be your God. After the 1st wave as this photon belt enters the earth sphere, then there will be a settling, and then there will be the trueness of what the light of the photon represents. But in the meantime, you must be aware of the scavengers and the hitchhikers that come forth, riding the very front of the wave as a surfer would ride a wave in your world. We are the Elohim. At this point, we will leave you. Stand strong in what we have spoken of this evening. It is not to make you fearful – it is to make you empowered. We go.

Hold your Vision High enough for the Quanta to see!

Imagine yourself sitting in a beautiful park surrounded by 100 Dalmatians. Each one of these dogs is trained to serve you, to honor you, to listen to your every command. Whenever you have a thought these 100 Dalmatians responds to it instantly. Obeying your every word, action, thought. Doing this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year after year. The Dalmatians honor you as a god, as a creator. Wanting only to give all that you think you want. This little parable explains QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS, in a digestible, understandable way.

Everything in the Universe is composed of sub-atomic particles called Quanta (or Quarks). These particles are so small they have eluded physicists up until recently. Quanta are constantly in a state of flux. Changing with chameleon like properties to suit the thoughts of whoever is observing them. In other words every thought changes the quanta. If 10 people were observing these subatomic particles everyone would see something different.

Now take this awareness and place it in your everyday life, with the understanding that the world as you know it responds and mirrors you’re every thought, word and action. All that is in material form in the world is solidified quanta, such as your car, sofa, money, etc; everything else is unformed quanta, waiting for you to give it physicalness. Imagine all of the air in the world as unformed Quanta (in truth that is what it is). With every breath you take you are inhaling unformed quanta, circulating it throughout your body, through your thoughts, and then exhaling it back into the physical world. In the exhale, the manifestation process begins. What were you thinking, praying, and speaking, as you inhaled that chameleon like subatomic particles? Whatever your thoughts or actions, you have just birthed a new experience for yourself. The quanta have adhered to your thoughts and now are in the process of forming and formulating a situation/experience to mirror that! Think about that! Every breath, every thought, everyday!

In a day there are 86,400 seconds. It takes about 2 seconds to inhale and exhale (as a planet we are short breathers). So on a daily basis you have approximately 43,200 experiences that are being cultivated and birthed by you're quantum consciousness. Knowing this start inhaling and exhaling in a more purposeful way. A way that exhibits your ability to consciously create your world in accordance with your highest needs, wants, and thoughts. We are always 100% responsible for all that we experience.

The Divine spark within us cultivates what our heart, Soul, body, and mind yearns for! Everything you do defines who and what you are! Every choice that you make shows what direction you are choosing to sail your life. The choices are always multiple and all are to be honored. Do not yell at the Universe (AKA God) when events transpire that you dislike, change your Quanta, and your world will change.

You have heard people refer to the thought, "that is John’s world, or Bill’s world, not mine". This in actuality is a perfectly divine truth. Each of us resides in our own little universe, where the events of the day rotate around us like our own personal solar system. Even though we interact with others, our life experiences can only be our own. They may touch others, but others cannot own them, or even change the shape of them.

When people in our life are choosing a path we are not in agreement with, we cannot magically wave our wand over that situation and change it! We can however hold for them a vision of there highest potential, as we see it in our heart. Holding it lovingly until they awaken and see it for themselves.

Life is much more than our Ants view allows us to see. It is complicated, complex, and very fiber-optic. Strands of us touch and cross over so many. We never really see how we touch and affect the people and situations of our world.

It is important that you create consciously whatever brings love & joy & peace into your heart. Then this energy will ripple out endlessly through all life every where. Believe in what you know in your Soul to be possible. Never give up on your dreams. Hold the vision high enough for the Quanta to see. Hold the Greatest Vision for yourself and the world!



By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We are connected to everything in the Universe. There is nothing that we are not a part of; everything flows through us and to us. Our energies, our thoughts, and our words flow through all of life, on Earth and elsewhere. There is not an end to us, or a beginning, but a continual flow of life, changing form over and over again. We are continually perfecting our form in each and every incarnation, whether that is as an element, plant animal, human, star, or galaxy. We deliberately challenge ourselves to become all we can become. There is no failure in this type of existence only evolution.

As we reach an apex in this level of evolution, we begin to realize just what the effects of our words; thoughts and fears have on this turning point of humanity. We speak haphazardly, we create on a whim, and we prophesize out of fear. We speak like our words don’t mean a darn thing. Seeing them just as words and not realizing that worlds were created by a word, a thought a decree. Seeing not the power we have available to us, to destroy everything or create a utopia, a paradise, a heaven on earth. Sabotaging our own lives, our finances, our health, our marriages, and our futures.

Every thought you have is alive. Every word you speak is birthed into existence. You free it from its internal domain. Just like letting a Genie out of a bottle, your words, your thoughts wait for your command to come into the world of matter and do what they do best, create! All creation is by you, for you, and through you!

The time between thought, and manifestation grows shorter and shorter, forcing everyone’s attention into the mirrored hallway of responsibility. It is there that the reflections shout, "look at what you have created, look at what you have birthed!" We give ourselves wondrous magical gifts every minute of every day just by the very words we speak. No one is out to get us nothing is out to destroy us, every situation is of our own making, a divine creation, a tool to escort us into a higher place of knowing.

We not only do this as individuals, but as countries, families, continents, and also as a world. So many opportunities to learn and evolve and love. It is as children playing with nuclear weapons, not knowing the power of the instrument at hand. We do our best to fulfill ancient and biblical prophecy. Believing on some level that those of the past knew more than we do. Giving our power and our world away to the dried bones of the past. If those same people prophesied today, we would laugh at them as eccentrics, or cult members. Not honoring there words, or there fears.

Many cultures throughout the world feel the need to make the ancient prophecies come true. There religion will not be complete without the mass destruction, that is promised. If the prophecies are not true, then what else in their doctrine is not true? Has their God lied to them about anything else? It is this type of thinking that must be nipped in the bud. Not by confrontation, or anger or finger pointing, but by love, love, and more love. The external world but mirrors our internal thoughts and dialogue. Life is not something that happens to us it is something that we create, continuously.

Knowing that we can and do collectively create everything and anything, lets get busy and create a world of love, of peace, of joy. Where every child goes to bed with a full tummy, and every homeless person cashes in their cardboard home, for a real home. Lets look at our world glass as always full instead of half-empty and halfhearted. All livingness responds to your thoughts and your desires, especially a casual thought, or decree.

Knowing how powerful ours words are 24 hours a day for all eternity, puts a bit of a damper on our joking around. What we may say even in play will ripple out through all space and time. What we decree for another we gift to our self. Our angers, our fears, our jealousies are becoming animated alive and kicking us back to get our attention.

As you love, you attract. You are today where your thoughts have brought you;
you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. You cannot escape the result of your thoughts; but you can endure and learn, accept and be glad.
You will realize the vision of your heart, not the idle wish. You will gravitate toward that which you secretly most love. In to your hands will be placed the exact result you earn no more, no less. Whatever your present environment may be, you will fall, remain, or rise with your thoughts…your vision… your ideal.

" We cannot become who we need to be  by remaining who we are. Invent yourself everyday. "
blessings The Quantum

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