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Created, Channeled and published by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan                 _____________________________________________________________________


**** Sirian Council of Light talks about Tri-polarization

**** The Elohim: All that you have ever called upon through time and space gathers

**** THE GREAT ATTRACTOR: The Light that shines behind the Light

**** Message from Sananda


Levels of Light flowing into themselves. Levels of Light flowing out from themselves. Levels of light meeting themselves after many eons of separation. Levels of Lights in a sacred marriage as they come into the holy matrimony of cosmic joining. Levels of light that are seen. Levels of light that are un-seen. Levels of light that have a voice. Levels of light that have never been heard. All of these are portions of the center of your being, the center of your past, the center of your now, and the center of your future.

The Tri-Polar effect that was spoken of early in jest, is truth. For everything in recorded history has had a Trinity within its energies. There exists within the beginning of your conception, two cells: a male and a female that joined to form a third cell – which was you. This third cell had the essence of the Mother and the Father, as do you as a human. You hold within you the cells and the flesh and the body and the feelings of the Mother Earth. And yet you also hold within you the potentials, the probabilities, and the unfoldment of the father universes. As the three-ness unfolds itself to your inner and outer eyes, there will be a distinct inner knowing of what you are to do with it. At this point of conception as the tri-polarness is birthed into your being you will experience stress to your body electric.

The earth herself receives the third pole as she plugs in to an octave of light that was not available to her up until now. As this Tri-Polar effect is constituted by your scientific community, it will be announced that -- the essence and the material that electricity runs upon at this time -- can no longer hold the concurrent that is being birthed. (The effect of Tri-Polarization). In reality, this has already been experienced in many of the cities within the United States of America. The electricity that is coming forth from the generators and the power stations is now amazingly creating a third level that has adhered itself to the two other strands of electricity, but intertwining. Similar to DNA that is inter-wound. The tri-polarization of human beings and earth brings to you a cosmic connection to a source that has not been available up until this time due to the initial duality and polarization of the species. This third level of light in the form of electricity enters the earth, enters the body, and enters appliances. Most appliances that are older than 10 years will not be able to accept and responsibly hold this up-surgement and thus will quit their jobs. Be aware that you must take time to balance the tri-polarization within your body. It is important to visualize the north and the South Pole of you, connecting at a right angle with a third extension of your light. Eventually more components will be issued to earth to create many levels of polarization, but at this time, it is but three.

Always imagine a right triangle as the energy moves from your feet, below your feet to above your crown, and out to your right side. The essence will be received internally on the left side of your body and then stretched into a sail on the right side of your body. By issuing this understanding of tri-polarization you will create less havoc in your world and less havoc with your electrical equipment, even energies that are run by computers. In essence it is a manifestation portal that you are now able to access. No longer are there two thoughts going into your manifestations and creations. No longer are two thoughts and two energies influencing the quirks and the quanta of your world, but a third is issued. It is the deciding vote. I

In all of your thoughts, imagine having two negative thoughts and one positive thought. Everything is three fold at this time. That is why you are switching your minds off and on from one subject to another, from one thought to another, from one memory to another. It is important that always two thirds of your thought about any situation be positively reinforced. You are magnetic in a way that cannot be described by your science. It is not a magnetic earth function, but it is a galactically generated magnetism that does not find its host, its counterpart on earth. In other words, what comes forth to you as this tri-polarization occurs -- is a stream of encodings in a format of light frequencies and electrical surges. These energies are not influenced by earth conditions, by earth- self, by earth fears, by earth limitations. They are pure, they are concise, and they are direct. They will be the deciding factor and vote in all manifestations that you long for.

So by holding a duality of negativity, you increase exponentially the ability to manifest said negative situation. If you were to hold positive thoughts on any subject or any situation, then the incoming tri-polarization will be such a surge and such a force that it will be almost instantaneously manifested to what you have focused upon. This is and will change life, as you know it on earth. It is important – and we cannot stress this enough – to not speak of war, of death, of famine, of poverty, of illness, of feelings of no love, of regrets – for they will come to pass quickly without a second thought or a second look at you. Open your minds to this tri-polarization for it enters through the energy in-between the right and the left of your brain. It is what the corridor of the brain has been waiting for -- to create a composite of fully integrated human thought. No longer are you working on the wattage of the mammal brain, but you are being issued new degrees of understanding into a brain that surpasses human function. And it is but the first day in the rest of your life with this thought.

At this point of reference, we will leave. We are Sirian Council of Light. Our numbers are great, not few. We have come forth to explain what was needed to be explained. The energies that this one seeks as the Attractor is named differently in our place of origin. These energies are not available for human conception as of yet, but will come forth in the birthing time of their own choosing.



I am HE that dwells in the House of the Lord. I am He that dwells in-between space and time. I am He that glides upon the emanations of the past, the present, the future. I am He that is faster then the speed of light, deeper then the speed of sound. I am Elohim, as I am you. I come to bring you into awareness of the aspects of yourself that you have pushed away throughout time and space.

In this corridor that you now entrance into, there is a conjunction of every aspect of yourself that has been un-embraced. All of the doings and the un-doings of this life experience that has pushed into the cellar of your essence, every aspect of this and all earth experiences that you have not embraced. Every part of your stellar countenance that you still have not acknowledged, and every alien-based incarnation that you are still fearful of. They all come together at the summit of your human-ness, meeting at the entrance and the exit, the rip tide, the flow and the ebb of your being-ness. Adjoining and conjoining together to awaken the sleeping dormant giant and dragon within you.

It is beyond time for you to stand in the very center circle of every experience that you have known and un-known, and walk forward once and for all to meet them. They represent all of which you once were. In order for you to move forward into totality, into placement of honor, and placement of light – you must fully integrate every aspect that you have not acknowledged, every anger that you have sequestered away. Every toxic thought throughout existence now takes form and now stands there wishing.

All levels of the past escort the self of the Now into a doorway, a doorway that opens to the 11th level of your light. You stand at the 11th hour of your humanness. Barren and exposed before the clock strikes 12 and you come fully into the 12 levels of light that is available through human incarnation.

Each time that you have poisoned your body with various asundry substances or thoughts or actions – you were trying to kill off the debris that clung to you, that haunted you, that chased you in the dreamtime and the astral level. As you give up the toxins of your being, one by one these energies, these thoughts, these angers, these infiltration's of your humanness are exhumed and brought to the surface. You can not push them away. You cannot kill them. You cannot wish them away. You cannot scoot them under the carpet. You must love them in totality for this is the ultimate test of love.

The Hall of Mirrors that you stand within as you enter this 11th level of light in initiation, is one that has brought many a warrior and warrioress to their knees. They have dissolved in fear and quaked in panic then turned around and walked back into everything that kept these energies at bay. You will be grandly tempted to kill the toxic thoughts ' of days past' with all any substances that will help you forget. Anything that anesthetizes their essence and keeps them dormant. It is at this point of intersection and retrieval that you must learn true unconditional love – not from a human standpoint – but from a Master of Light standpoint. Look lovingly at all you have been, all that you once were and even future selves to come. See every level, not just lily-white human reflections—but gross beings that represent you, dark energies that you once were.

All that you have ever called upon throughout all time and space gathers -- to once again invite you through a gauntlet of initiation without giving in to fear, without giving in to temptation, without giving in to anger. You are asked to love these elements that try and stop you from succeeding, that want to pay you back for calling them up in the first place, that want to gift you with whatever life form you granted them asylum originally.

It is this portal that you have cried for, that you have prayed for, that you have begged God for. It is not an easy entrance. It is as traveling through a black hole falling, falling, falling in order to find one’s self. Then one finds that oneself has landed upon the island of every experience that one has ever encountered. Some of these experiences will integrate in your dreams. Others will come through individuals that you meet that mirror this. You may even see individuals that appear human and catch a glimpse that they are not -- as your eyes discern clearly as the eyes of an owl through all darkness illusions, fogs, and mirrors. This is the Trans-portal that you enter. A portal that will take you beyond space and time completely into other levels of yourself.

You enter into what is considered to be a blue hole where entire levels of consciousness are transformed and transferred into the next level of their journey. There is a completion and an un-doing. There is a movement forward and there is a running backward. There is a great dark and there is a great light. For you stand in front of all that God explains itself to be – which is every essence on every level. Every shade of gray, every shade of white, and every shade of black. And there will be attempts by some of the darker shades of gray and black to stop you from coming into this level 11. This experience is not something to punish you; it is something that you have signed up to experience as a soul contract. It is a completion. After this encounter is deemed completed, you will no longer have the fractures, the broken pieces, the darkness, the toxic streams, that keeps you limited.



The Light that shines behind the Light

The Law of Magnetism improves upon itself as each one is escorted into Higher Truths of the Law of Attraction.

The essence that stands at the threshold of your world awaits your beckoning, awaits your instructions, awaits your recognition. The light that shines behind the light, peers out through its reflection, initiating to those who are willing to see, what is yet to come. The gifts unfold as mummified wrappings, layer by layer. What is seen is not real. What is real can only be felt with the senses and not seen as a solid object. Much moves about in your day that you bump elbows with, but know not that it exists. Much moves about in your heavens, but you see it not with the bold blue backdrop.

Think about your media. Often times your weather is shown as the person points to a blue room and then an image is placed over it. But the person pointing to the blue space sees not the image that is placed accordingly. You point to the blue space, but you see not the image that is portrayed there. Listen for the truths that speak to you that do not come from human lips. Listen as all life embeds itself within your cellular structure. Listen as light from the stars whispers to you in your sleep with words that you spoke hundreds of light years before. At this intersection of time and space the light bends.

I am a reflection of all of your faces. I am a light that exists through space and time, not to be shackled, not to be corralled, and not to be pegged into any one spot. As I peer out through the clouds, I ask you to wink back at me as you see in fullness with eyes beyond the optic. The un-doing of you is what you have been born for. Allow this un-doing to be completed, as you are unraveled from the very epics of self that have so long been your truth. You will now experience new chapters with endings different than you ever imagined and ever pondered in the past. I am where light bends. I have the ability to help you see around the next corner of your experience, the next corner of your thought, the next corner of your day. Look ahead – but not in a straightened fashion. For the world as you know it, bends to the left of itself. It is at that point of intersection that history may or may not repeat itself. It is at that bend in the refraction of life that you all sit.

Do not walk into what appears to be different than what you feel in your heart. The only monitor that you are truthfully able to experience is your own inner ability to perceive. When the hackles of your soul heighten themselves, be aware, be very aware. Do not point and judge and speak with venom, but look, observe, and shift the perception of the happenings. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear, does it fall? Does it make sound? Does it exist?

If a situation is birthed and no one chooses to experience it, does it exist? By pulling your perception away from events that are concreted and created to cause dislodging of the human heart, you keep that event from transpiring into the degree that it was originally intended. Perception influences all. If your perception shifts in accordance with your light encodings, with your heart-felt understanding and love, then your world cannot run astray. That is how and where you bend in space and time at this appropriate intersection.

Do not focus on the pain, the misery, the death, and the disease. But continue to hone your perceptions and be flexible in what you perceive to be truth. Truth only exists when it has a host. If you do not invite another’s truth into your den, it will have no place to slumber. Be aware; be very aware of the truths that you allow to spend the night in your heart.

I am the essence that is known as the Great Attractor. I call back to myself, all that has been created. As it is pulled back into itself, it changes form over and over and over again until ultimately it is pure energy. This ability that I convey to you is the same ability that you hold inherently. As you call back to you all light and life, it changes form in accordance with your perceptions. Every thing has been every thing. Your chairs have been trees, they have been streams, they have been butterflies, they have been aliens, and they have been zebras. The molecules within all substance have been every thing, as have you. As it spins into itself and collapses time and space, time is presented to itself in a backward movement. So what was once a chair then becomes a tree then becomes a rock then becomes a stream, then becomes a star.

It is the same with all of your creations emotionally and mentally and heartfelt. As they are pulled back to their original beginnings, they shift and change. Allow them to become the form that they have been as you are shifting and changing back into your original form which was light. Some days you will be a tree, other days you will be a zebra, other days an egg. Formlessness only requires form when it is needed. If your world feels as if is collapsing upon it self, know that the form is calling itself back home into formlessness. Do not hold on to what wishes to become light in your thinking, in your world, and in your expectations. I leave you with these thoughts.



YOU AND ONLY YOU CAN MAKE THE SHIFT. Humanity is but a Band-Aid held in place by its own belief system. You cannot fool the quantum nor yourself. Be honest and know where you want yourself to go. As long as you hold onto struggle as a life raft it will only let you drift in the seas of despair. You ARE THE CAPTAIN OF YOUR FATE MASTER OF YOUR SOUL, as long as you think everything is affecting/effecting you it will be. Change your thinking change your life.

KNOW THAT YE ARE GOD and nothing can change that!!

Ye are God when thou are poor of spirit and substance, ye are God when filled with the riches of the day, ye are God when left alone to sleep in the night and ye are God when held in the arms of a beloved! Your faith must be sealed and solid as the rock of the mountains, as unfetching as the relentlessness of the seas, shifting only to hold onto and deeper in thine own self. Unfold your humanness and rest on the wings of truth for you cannot be any thing else but what you are. Falter not in the heat of the situation but commence on the journey into the night of the soul walking along the cliff of the future without seeing but with the lens of the heart.

You sway with every little ripple of personality, spending so much time fighting the dragons, that you are exhausted within your own essence. I am the dragon, as I am you, let not that go un-noticed. For you fight within your own homestead battling the shadows that is created by your very own light. Strip away what frightens you look deep within the crevices of your soul to see why this music of fear plays in your heart, why you have not received the love that awaits your every caress. You look for a rescuer one who will ride in upon his mount, his steed of steadfastness and swoop you up from the very life that you have created. Even in this fantasy there is a fear of being dropped, let go, abandoned without a thought. Know dear child I am you as you are me and we cannot ever be abandoned for we are one at the heart and the hip, in whatever form we take.

What you seek is not monetary security nor love nor wisdom but it is the knowing that I am their unbending unfettering standing in the light and the shadows of your experience. And I give you that truth through this day I AM ALL OF YOUR EXPERIENCE NOT ONLY WHAT YOU DEFINE AS THE GOOD. IT CAN BE NO OTHER WAY. LOOK FOR MY REFLECTION in the smoothness and fullness of your tears. In this experience of life you have chosen to learn to manifest from the very dust you walk upon. You wanted to remember how to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear with no help from any one. Now you ask for that missing piece of the puzzle seeking my council, my sign, and my message.

You think that something is missing broken lost within you, but dear child I knew it would come to this intersection one day and I lovingly hid within you the missing piece that you so seek. The keys to the kingdom of heaven on earth lies within, seek thou own council and the Code of Light you look for will be revealed. The heavens smile upon you with much heaviness in their hearts as they stand back as you INSTRUCTED IN YOUR DEPARTURE from the heavenly realms. Love you are, love you will be, love you can be nothing else. Do not seek to be loved seek to be love!

Your teacher, master, brother, Sananda

The Universe is the size of your perception.
If your perception is expansive you will perceive
many universes. Blessings Gillian/Quantum

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