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PROSPERITY is the KEY to PEACE - PART 2 of 3                    043
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

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       At the present time we use money as our means of exchange, so in order for us to attain prosperity and become financially free, we need to increase our flow of money. We can easily do that by applying the Universal Law of the Circle. Remember, like attracts like. What we send out in the form of energy expands and returns to us. Money is energy. In order for us to attract more money into our lives, we need to send out money.
       Needless to say, we are all sending out tons of money to pay for our bodily needs. The problem is God has already provided those needs to us for free, so that money doesn't count as our gift of appreciation. In order to increase our cash flow, we must give money back, in appreciation for our gift of life, to support things over and above what God has already given to us for free.
       The SPIRITUAL KEY to increasing our cash flow is for us to give a portion of our money away to people who will use it to assist in cocreating Heaven on Earth. We can accomplish that by giving money to people, institutions, organizations, charities, spiritual groups, religious groups, corporations, human or animal rights groups, environmental groups, human endeavors associated with science, medicine, research, alternative fuels and energy sources, the arts, education, sustainable development, global peace, justice or any other person, place, condition or thing that we know is working with reverence for ALL life and a genuine desire to cocreate the wonders of Heaven on Earth.
       The general consensus is that if we give as little as ten percent of our income back to God in appreciation for our gift of life, we will open up to such an influx of money that we won't be able to handle it all.
       The attitude and consciousness with which we give our money away is critical to our success. Our money must be freely given away with no strings attached. We cannot expect anything in return from the people or places we give it to other than for them to use the money for the highest good of all concerned and to improve the quality of life on the planet.
       Once we give our money away, it is important for us to acknowledge and accept that, in compliance with the Universal Law of the Circle, the money will expand and return to us through the God supply of all good things.
       The reason we need to consciously affirm the return of our money is because we have forgotten that money is a form of energy which should have been going out and returning to us all along. We have just been blocking that natural process with our poverty consciousness.
       Through the distorted perception of our human egos, we have developed the expectation that money goes out but that it never comes back. By affirming our Divine Birthright and decreeing to accept God's limitless flow of abundance, we reprogram ourselves to expect prosperity. We can start by claiming a tenfold return of our gift, but in Truth, there is no limit to the return we can expect. When we state the following decree with deep feeling, we affirm our gift of love and appreciation and claim God's flow of abundance on the return current.


I Am giving __($100.00)__ back to God in love and appreciation for my gift of life.

I Am gratefully receiving __($1000.00)__ from God's limitless flow of abundance on the return current.

       Once we give our love and appreciation for our life back to God in the energy of money and claim God's tenfold return flow of abundance, it is important for us to consciously expect to receive an increase of money. We must not limit God by trying to figure out where the money will come from; we just need to be open and receptive to every single avenue of return.
       Every time we receive unexpected money or someone buys something for us or pays for something that we thought we were going to have to pay for ourselves, we should accept that is God's abundance flowing back into our lives. If things we need are on sale or if our bills are less than we thought they were going to be, that is our gift of money coming back to us. If someone gives us an item that we thought we were going to have to purchase or we get a raise or a higher paying job, we are receiving God's abundance. If someone finally pays an old debt that we thought was lost forever or we receive a bigger refund than we were expecting on our income tax return, we should acknowledge the money is part of our returning abundance.
       The more we adjust to the constant flow of giving and receiving our money in love and appreciation for our gift of life, the sooner the limitless abundance of God will be an ever-present state of Being and a tangible presence in our lives.


       Because of the urgency of the hour, we are receiving more assistance from the Heavenly Realms than ever before in the history of time. To assist us in reaching the critical mass of prosperity consciousness as soon as possible, we are receiving unprecedented gifts of Light from the Heart of our Father-Mother God. One of the gifts is a unique frequency of the Violet Flame that is specifically designed to transmute the thoughts, words, actions and feelings we have expressed in the past that are vibrating with poverty consciousness.
       When we invoke that incredibly powerful gift of the Violet Flame, It flows through our Heart Flame and is stamped with our own unique electronic pattern. The Violet Flame then flows out into the Universe and magnetizes to Itself, from all time frames and dimensions, every electron of precious life energy we have ever misqualified with poverty consciousness. The Violet Flame instantly transmutes the cause, core, effect, record and memory of those distorted patterns back into Light so they will no longer manifest as poverty in our Earthly experiences.
       The following is a powerful visualization that has been given to us by the Legions of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth to help us receive the maximum benefit from this precious gift.
       To participate in this Divine Activity of Light, we sit comfortably in our chairs with our arms and legs uncrossed, our spines as straight as possible and our hands resting gently in our lap with our palms facing upward.
       We breathe in deeply, and as we exhale, we let all of the tension of the day just drop away. We feel ourselves become completely relaxed. Our God Selves take full dominion of our four lower bodies. Our minds are activated, and the cobwebs of confusion, doubt and fear are swept away. We are mentally alert and vibrantly aware. We are enveloped in a forcefield of invincible protection which prevents anything that is not of the Light from distracting us or interfering with this sacred moment.
       We feel the deep, inner glow of peace and well-being. We experience the buoyant joy of expectancy and enthusiasm, and we accept the Divine Truth that we are the Open Door that no one can shut.
       We now participate in this visualization with the full power of our attention. This visualization is stated in the first person, so each of us will experience it personally.


Beloved Presence of God blazing in my heart, I accept and know that You have taken command of my four lower bodies. My physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies are now rising in vibration as they integrate with Your radiant Presence. My awareness is increasing, and I clearly hear Your “still, small voice within.” I experience Your exquisite vibrations, and I AM flooded with Light. My consciousness is open and receptive to Your pure, spiritual energy. You respond to my every call for assistance. From my new level of awareness, I now know You are in me, and I AM in You. I clearly remember, I AM YOU.

I AM a Being of Radiant Light!  
I AM One with the energy and vibration that is the all-encompassing Presence of God.
I AM One with the Divine Love that fills the Universe with the glory of Itself.
I AM One with every particle of life. 
I AM One with the Divine Plan for Planet Earth.
I AM One with the limitless flow of God's abundance.
I AM that I AM.

       A reactivation and initiation into multidimensional awareness is occurring within me, and I AM lifted up, closer in vibration to the very Heart of God. The pre-encoded memories that were implanted deep within my cellular patterns aeons ago are activated. These patterns reveal my Divine Plan, my purpose and reason for Being. I AM experiencing a great soaring and awakening as I remember my Divine Heritage.
       I AM now stepping through the doorway into multidimensional reality. Here I AM empowered with even more rarefied frequencies of Divinity. Moment-to-moment this radiant Light is awakening within me previously untapped levels of wisdom and illumination. I easily grasp each Divine Thought and Idea.  As I do, avenues of opportunity unfold before me. I feel a sense of elation as each opportunity presents itself. I joyously seize the Divine Opportunities, and I feel a greater sense of self-worth and accomplishment than ever before. My life is pulsating with a sense of meaning and warmth.
       I AM now lifted higher into the Realms of Perfection...and now higher...and now higher.
       In this realm, I easily release and let go of attachments and behavior patterns that do not support my highest good. I release all patterns that reflect a consciousness less than prosperity. I recognize this is the moment of my new beginning.
       I now have the absolute ability to create prosperity consciousness, and I do so easily and joyously.

I AM experiencing my true integrity. 
I AM trustworthy and honest. 
I AM an expression of Divine Truth.
I AM worthy and deserving of prosperity, and
I AM able to transform my life now.

       Change is manifesting in my life through Divine Grace and Love. As each aspect that needs changing surfaces before me, I easily love it free and forgive myself for my perceived transgression.
       I know I AM a Child of God, and I deserve to be loved and forgiven. As the changes take place, I AM experiencing a sense of inner calm, patience and silence.
       I AM in the Divine Flow of my true God Reality. I AM One with the Infinite Intelligence within me, and I AM always able to make correct choices. I love myself unconditionally, and I AM grateful for this opportunity to change. In deep humility and gratitude, I accept this merciful opportunity.
       The Divine Power to sustain these changes is continually flowing through me, and from this moment forth, I choose to create a life of prosperity and that which supports my highest good.
       Once again I AM lifted higher into the Realms of Perfection...and now higher...and now higher.
       I now focus on the sacred essence of my Holy Breath. I realize that with every inbreath, I extend in consciousness through my eternal journey into Infinity to the source of never-ending perfection. With every outbreath, I magnetize the full momentum of that perfection and radiate its blessings forth to all life evolving on Earth.
       My inbreath is the open portal to the Pure Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light, and my outbreath is the source of all Divine Blessings for Humanity and the planet. I understand now that the Divine Gifts being presented to Humanity from the Legions of Light serving this sweet Earth will be drawn into the world of form on the Holy Breath.
       I consecrate and dedicate myself to be the Open Door for these sacred gifts of Light. 

Father-Mother God, make me an instrument of Your limitless abundance. 
I AM the flaming Hands of God, now made manifest in the physical plane of Earth. 

I AM now ready, through every level of my consciousness, to release, let go of and transmute every single electron of precious life energy I have ever released in any existence or dimension that is expressing a pattern less than God's limitless flow of abundance, prosperity, opulence, the supply of all good things and my eternal financial freedom.

I AM enveloped in an invincible forcefield of protection and eternal peace. I AM able to review my life as an objective observer. I ask my God Self to push to the surface of my conscious mind every experience I have ever had, both known and unknown, that is in any way preventing me from attaining prosperity.

       As these experiences begin to surface, I breathe in deeply, and on the Holy Breath, I pierce into the heart of the Violet Flame. I absorb the most powerful frequency of the Violet Flame ever manifest in the history of time, and I breathe It in, through and around all of the energy returning to me now to be loved free.
       The sacred Violet Flame instantly transmutes the negative thoughts, words, actions, feelings, beliefs and memories that are blocking my eternal financial freedom. Every electron of poverty or poverty consciousness, as well as every electron reflecting lack or limitation of any kind, is being transformed back into its original perfection.
       My God Self now expands this activity of Light and reaches back through the Ages of time to magnetize into the Violet Flame every electron of poverty consciousness that is stamped with my individual electronic pattern. These records and memories flow into the Violet Flame effortlessly, and I AM able to release them without pain or fear. I feel the buoyant joy of my newfound freedom.
       As I slowly inbreathe, I continue to reach deeper into the sacred Violet Flame. As I slowly exhale, this unprecedented gift from God floods the physical plane of Earth with Its Divine Essence. I now affirm with deep feeling and a true inner knowing:

I AM a force of the Violet Flame more powerful than anything less than prosperity.


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