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 Beloved masters, allow us to continue our lessons regarding the Creator's Divine Plan and the workings of the Omniverse. The Creator's intent/plan was to experience more of Itself and the multiple facets of Self. Each of you is a facet of the All-That-Is in a vastly stepped-down form, and encoded within your soul and DNA are all of the virtues, aspects, and attributes of the Supreme Creator. You are an intrinsic facet within a Cell of the Creator that was externalized and given the status of a co-creator god with all the rights, benefits, and blessings of our Father/Mother Creator. We will begin the story of Creation when the Supreme Creator was in repose within the great void. Within Itself was all that ever had been and all that ever would be. It was the original STILL POINT OF CREATION. Within the Creator grew the desire to experience more of Itself and IT stirred, creating a sphere within the Great Sphere of Its Being. However, the Creator still could not observe Itself and so it created another sphere, which became the SIGN OF INFINITY, whereby the Creator could view and experience the two created facets of Itself.

Many aeons passed, and the Supreme Creator brought forth Its Divine Plan for Self-expression. From within the Still Point of the Sign of Infinity, the Supreme Creator divided Itself and sent forth the Golden Ray which represented the Masculine aspects of Itself: power, will, dynamic outward thrusting energy of the First Cause; and the Silver Ray, which represented the Feminine aspect of Itself: nurturing, creative, intuitive, and inward focused energy. They were sent forth with the divine mandate: "Go forth and multiply, and create paradise worlds of great diversity in my name and with my blessings."

After a time, the Golden Ray and the Silver Ray were drawn back together forming an elongated diamond shape. As these two pure dynamic energies melded together at the outermost point of the diamond, another sphere or circle burst forth which contained billions of fragments of their combined Essence. They, in turn, sent forth millions of Rays from within the sphere they had created -- some greater and some smaller -- some Rays shorter, some longer -- but all containing the same Essence of the Father/Mother Creator. These Rays joined together in the same way, and this process continued down throughout the aeons as universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, and you, in the form of your I Am Presence, were created. In turn, Hu-man Beings, as representatives of our Father/Mother Creator, were given the Divine gift of procreation. The desire to join together was instilled within, and as your masculine and feminine bodies join, life force energies unite, and from within the cell/egg of your Essence a new life/creation is brought forth.

You have never been disconnected from the Creator, you have just forgotten who you truly are and your Divine Origins. Picture a great generator/power source with hundreds of outlets or extensions. Many of these extensions are connected into another extension, making them longer and longer. The more extensions you have, the more diluted or weaker the energy becomes. Now picture the plugs where the extensions come together dissolving and the extensions becoming one unified stream whereby the energy can flow freely, unimpeded to its furthermost point, and then see/feel the energy from the power source being revved up in increments weekly or monthly. This mind picture will give you an idea of what is taking place on Earth and what you and all humanity are experiencing at this time. As you remove the plugs to the extension cord of Light/Life and from within your Being, you remove the distortions you have created and you begin to receive the direct Current/Power of Creation.

In a past message, we explained how the Supreme Creator remained an observer of the creative process, allowing the Father/Mother Gods of each universe, the Emissaries of Light, the Co-creator Gods, the Angelic Realm, the Builders of Form, and you to exercise your right of free will. The great spiraling cycles of creation and evolution turn, and once again, it is time for the Harvesting, the coming together, the rejoining of the Cells of Creation, in preparation for the next great creative endeavor, which is now in the incubation stage. The Supreme Creator has begun to send forth vast Rays of Its Essence throughout the Omniverse, and this most precious gift is available to all who have prepared a place for it to dwell. This is the process you are all experiencing now, beloveds. To one degree or another, all humanity is feeling a Divine Discontent'a desire within for something intangible, but nevertheless, very real. The old ways, the old paradigm, no longer work or meet your needs, no matter your current beliefs, station, affluence, or lifestyle.

We have addressed the subject of abundance/prosperity many times, but scarcity/survival issues, deprivation, and sacrifice are still some of the deepest embedded thought forms within the consciousness of humanity. It is still one of the major obstacles for those who have stepped onto the path of awareness, and many wonder why they are still struggling and impoverished when they are actively striving to move into self-mastery and fulfill their spiritual destiny. For many thousands of years, the concept of service to Self has been seen as evil, and service to others perceived to be saintly or proper. We have urged you over and over to fill yourselves to overflowing with the Love/Light of the Creator, and then to share your Love/Light with all those around you. You must claim your Divine Birthright, and accept and use all the virtues, aspects, and attributes within that birthright, which includes being a co-creator of love, peace, joy, and abundance in all things.

We have explained many times that you live in a world of polarity and duality, which of themselves are not bad, evil, or ungodly. You are here to co-create within the world of duality, and to maintain balance or travel the middle path as you do so. Therefore, there must be a balance in service to others and service to self. How can you love others if you do not love yourself? How can you radiate joy and peace if you do not have these attributes/energies within? When you value and love yourself, you will place a value on your time and your creations, for you know the effort you have put forth to bring your visions/dreams to fruition. Your creative instincts and talents are a gift from your Divine Self, and when you add focused intent and action, you can create beautiful things of great value. If it is your desire to share your creations with others, you must place a value on them -- there must be an "energy exchange." This is a universal law. If you do not place a value on your creations, no one else will, and your creations fall into the realm of being "no-thing."

As a co-creator you have the ability to manifest anything you can dream of or desire, but you must be willing to claim and be responsible for that which you create. But remember, it is really a State of Being that you are seeking, not mere wealth or "things." Many dear souls yearn for a mansion, great wealth, and prestige to give them a sense of "self worth," while others live simply, with few possessions and enjoy the beauty, bounty, and wonder of Creation. Money is a symbol (bartering medium) which represents time and energy expended for some thing or some service. Money of itself has no worth, it will not keep you warm, satisfy your hunger, or bring you joy -- true joy and peace of mind come from within and are fed by the wellspring of the Creator.

How often have you heard someone say, "If it is spiritual, it should be given at no charge." No matter how much effort someone has put forth to learn, create, or produce something of value to others, many feel it should be distributed free of charge. Those who feel they should receive their spiritual gifts without any effort on their part are usually those who have had difficulty manifesting abundance in their lives as well. Or, for those who do not feel worthy of their creative gifts or abundance, the universe must support that belief as well -- it is the law.

Dear ones, please do not take this as an indication that you should not be charitable. Share your gifts and creations, but also feel worthy enough within to accept gifts and offerings, and some form of energy exchange, as well. Let Spirit and your heart be your guide. Place a value on your creations, but when you are nudged, give with joy and receive with joy and thanksgiving. The energy exchange may be gratitude and loving acceptance, but it is enough. Remember, balance is the key.

Shortly, our messenger will be traveling to the beautiful, sacred islands of Hawaii whereby she will present some of the information we have given of late. We will share another vision of Creation with you, so that you will come to a greater understanding of why so many of you are drawn to this island paradise and to other such sacred places around the world. When the Divine Blueprint for planet Earth was brought forth, it had to be decided how the many aspects and attributes of the Creator would be represented and manifested on Earth. One of these attributes was the fragrance of the Creator. The telling of this will trigger memories for many of you, for you were there and took part in this creative process, along with the beautiful Devic and Elemental Kingdoms.

The co-creator gods came together in what might be called a staging world in the highest realms of this universe, and a long, involved discussion was held. "How will we incorporate the many diverse fragrances of the Creator in a world of materiality?" It was decided that beautiful thought forms in the colors of all the great Rays, and the many subtle shades thereof, would be designed, and each would contain the unique scent of an aspect of our Father/Mother Creator. These creations became the flowers that grace your Earth in such great profusion.

Many of you were there -- those who love nature and especially enjoy the great multitude of flowers which bring so much grace and beauty into your lives. You helped design the flowers and also helped decide which fragrance would infuse each type of flower. The sense of smell is one of your most precious gifts -- it can tantalize and bring forth many diverse emotions, memories, and desires. You are remembering that aroma is a powerful tool in maintaining a sense of well-being, and in healing, especially when the Essence of flowers are used. Flowers not only please the eye, but can transform a drab room into a place of beauty with an aura of serenity, for it stirs within you memories of paradise.

In the beginning times of the Age of Lemuria, you began to build your cloaks of flesh and also to assist in the manifestation of the flora and fauna which would grace the Earth. You spent many thousands of years (in your earthly time) practicing in the higher realms until you perfected the process. The first flowers you perfected were the rose and the lotus blossom. That is why they have such special meaning for you as Earthlings. See yourselves, as perfect Beings of Light, capable of manifesting anything you could envision, instantaneously. You were like joyous, exuberant innocent children who took delight in all you created. This memory is buried deep within your Essence, but you have never forgotten and yearn for the return of those times when Earth was a paradise.

The Hawaiian Islands hold the last pure remnants of Lemuria, and the Hawaiian language is the closest to the pure language that was first spoken when you as Earthlings began to use your vocal cords to communicate. First came the beautiful flowing vowel sounds, and then the sharper consonant sounds were added later to form more diverse words and languages. It has been said that the Hawaiian Islands carry the heartbeat of Mother Earth. We say it carries the memories of your origins, and when you visit there, the Essence of the Islands and the flowers soothe your soul and excite your senses. There are many such garden spots on Earth, beloveds. Visit those close to you and sit in the quiet beauty that surrounds you. Close your eyes and allow your senses to take you on a journey within. You may be surprised what you will remember. Dear ones, build your own sacred sanctuary where you live by surrounding yourselves with beautiful flowers and ask the Devic angels and Elementals to join you. You and those around you will benefit greatly as you manifest more of the fragrance and beauty of flowers into your world -- a feast for your eyes and your senses. In doing so, you will assist in the healing and replenishing of your Mother/Father Earth.

My faithful ones, these are times of great change and also times of great opportunity. Your Spirit Self is nudging and will no longer be denied. The doors on the old world are slowly closing, and the gateway to a grand new world has swung wide. Are you bold enough to harness the power of Creation? You have nothing to lose but your fear, and you have everything to gain. Come, we will show you the way. We radiate the love of our Father/Mother Creator to you, and as always, we surround you in an auric field of protection. I AM Archangel Michael.

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