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Photon Energy Forecast

People around the world are experiencing the Shift in energies: acceleration of time, emotional mood swings, headaches, forgetfulness, major career changes, yearning for spiritual fulfillment, body aches and pains, etc. As Mother Earth continues to experience the cleansing and healing of the Shift, the human world will feel the compression of energy.
Use the Photon Forecast provided by Kirael to stay centered in your light. This will allow you to move through the chaos and confusion in love. Search out the opportunities for healing thyself by going inward. For more information on Photon Energy click here.
Photon Energy Forecast-August/September 2002

August 2002 - The Month of Infinity

During this month the Earth plane will be monitored very closely by the angelic and guidance world - maybe more closely than it has been ever before. And in that light, you will decisively recognize that you are in alignment with another group of energy forces. The events of the world will be reflected in the roller-coaster ride of the photon energy. You will see many possibilities on the Earth plane that appear disruptive, however you can remain centered in your heart light with your clear understanding of the Ten Principles of Conscious Creation.

September 2002 - The Month of Completion

The mastermind will play a large role on the energy of the Earth plane this month, and the photon energy will affect that mastermind. Much of what will happen in this month is a result of the over-mastermind. We the People must not get swept up into it.  You must maintain your center throughout the spikes or the dips of the photon energy. Those of you who read this will be in a better space.  However, those who surround you and who are unaware of this type of information may enter the chaos, thus you must create a mastermind within yourselves to remain centered during these times.

Here are excerpts from Kirael: The Great Shift by Fred Sterling - A guidebook to make your journey the most powerful experience you have ever encountered in any of your lifetimes.

Chapter 4: Photon Energy
Page 65
" Long before time was measured and recorded, in what you call "deep space," an energy source known as "Photon Energy" began its trek to meet with the planet Earth. The outside edge of the Photon Energy is called the "Belt" and is currently just beyond your Earth's atmosphere at this point. This belt is really not moving to Earth, but Earth will, at a prescribed time, pass into and through this energy. In this chapter, I describe the approach of the Photon Energy, its mass, its uses after the Shift, and its effect on human beings and Mother Earth.

The arrival date of the Photon Energy has changed at least four times. You must be wondering how anything this significant could have such a variable schedule. The reason for this is simple. The arrival of the Photon Energy is directly influenced by the rate of spiritual awakening of Earth's population. Although this event is planned for soon after the turn of the century, the actual date depends on individuals like those who came together to assist in the writing of this book to help in the awakening of the people.

The awakening of the masses to the plight of Mother Earth can and will influence this time process. An overwhelming abundance of Earth's foliage has been removed, great quantities of refuse have been poured into Her waterways, and millions of tons of foreign substances spewed."

Chapter 4: Photon Energy
Page 75
Q. How long will we remain in the Photon Energy?
KIRAEL: The answer to this may come as a shock to some. The estimated time is 2,000 years. Does that have a familiar ring? So, do not worry about it because none of you will be embodied when the planetary system leaves the Photon Belt. (We'll talk more about this in the next book. For now, just understand that while each of you is a pioneer of the present, you will leave much to be explored by future generations.)

Q. Will the Photon Energy affect human behavior?
KIRAEL: The Photon Energy will not only affect it, but will change the very essence of how you use the current body system. For starters, because of this lighter energy, you can change your appearance. Currently, the only things that hold you from doing this are physical density and beliefs. Once fully involved with this new energy, a new knowingness takes over and you become confident in your new abilities. Within the practice of meditation, you will breathe through the dense vibrations and begin to experience this new energy by learning from the teachings of the Angelic Realm, who are in position to become your teachers.

The following questions are also included in this chapter:

Q. How is Photon Energy going to impact the crystals of Mother Earth?
Q. What effect will Photon Energy have on a fetus in the mother's womb?
Q. How do Angels and Light Beings use the Photon Energy in their mission in this universe?
Q. How best can the third dimensional carbon-based body prepare to integrate the Photon Energy into its evolutionary process?
Q. As the Photon Energy surrounds the Earth plane, how will this affect the more highly evolved species of dolphins and whales?
Q. Would you comment on the Photon Energy and how it relates to the Christ Energy?

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