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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
3 Ahau, 18 Pop, 11 Ik    Aug 17, 2002   Our Galactic Heritage

Greetings! We return, dear Hearts, with more to tell you.   Soon, a new reality will unfold, introducing us officially into your lives.   In past messages, we have briefly described ourselves to you.   Now, let us tell you some more about who we are.   Like you, our initial landing personnel and global broadcast liaisons are human.   We all descend from the aquatic primates that Heaven first brought to full sentiency on a watery world in the Vega system, in the Constellation of Lyra, some 7.3 million solar years ago.   Since then, we humans have spread across the galaxy, reaching your solar system slightly more than two million years ago.   However, a catastrophic and prolonged galactic war caused the deaths of those human colonists over a million years ago.   A second group, whom you know as Lemurians, arrived on this beautiful blue orb some 900,000 years ago.   In the spirit of these wondrous Beings, and, with the blessings of Heaven, we have returned again to your world in great numbers.

      Our first contact with you will be a grand and glorious reunion. It will welcome you back to your true home - the Galactic Federation of Light.  This organization includes over 200,000 star-nations, star leagues and reciprocal alliances. To celebrate the bestowal of full sentiency upon us humans, our allies have graciously established the Galactic Federation Headquarters in the Vega system.   The Galactic Federation is subdivided into 24 regional councils.   The regional council in which you will participate is located in the Sirius star system, on the fourth planet of the Sirius B system. Sirius B is the home of the Great Blue Lodge of Creation.   Its human inhabitants are considered to be some of the Light's major adherents in this galaxy.   The nature of Sirius B society is legendary. Its priestesses and priests have performed their sacred rituals in many different parts of this galaxy. Such requests are common and increase each day.   Thus, we have arrived here under their divine direction. Our purpose is to reunite all the peoples of Mother Earth and to restore you to your fully conscious selves.

      In previous updates, we have described our ships and told you of their marvelous sentient nature. These craft are representative of our various cultures. Many of us have reveled in ancient methods of farming. To us, agriculture is a joy that we have replicated on our ships and in immense halls on our home-worlds. There, we have duplicated the agricultural realms in which we once resided. The huge Motherships from the constellations of Pegasus, Ares and Taurus contain such holy places where ceremony is performed and the ancient feasts of our ancestors are recreated. Other Motherships originate in more scientific cultures, where great halls emulate their grand temples and ancient historic sites. There, ritual is practiced that celebrates the many wonders of Creation and the intuitive logic that informs the inner workings of physicality. To us, physicality - this sacred grand illusion - is a wonderful playground. We have arrived to give rise to a multitude of cultures that can be woven into a unified whole.

      All of you, dear Ones, are Souls who have spent lifetimes in the thousands of cultures that humanity has strewn across the galaxy. Within you are memories of those times. To that knowledge are added lifespans on this world. And, although this wisdom has served you well, a large part of it remains garbled by the miasma that still engulfs you. Our task, and that of Heaven, is to disentangle this unholy fog and fully restore your tremendous memory. At this very moment, many of you recall the purple shrubbery of Sirius B or the Pleiades' purplish skies. You envelop these images in uncertainties that remain with you like a bad dream. From time to time, we have encouraged you to allow these memories to return and let what appears unlikely, in this reality, to become real. In this way, you will open yourselves to what is real and to the wisdom that you have long suppressed. Thus, you will grasp our benevolence and come to understand why the time for our reunion, at long last, has arrived.

      Our first contact is more than our reunion with you. It brings to an end your long journey into darkness and awakens your remembrance of who you really are. You, dear Hearts, are galactic Beings. Your home is the stars and the endless galaxies that comprise the entirety of physical Creation. You have lingered far too long in the realm of the dark ones. You have limited yourselves and forgotten your many space families. Now, reach into your thoughts and embrace your celestial Loved One. Remember the skies of Sirius B; thrill to the many sentient star-nations that emanate from the constellation Andromeda; and feel the wonders of the many star-nations in Pegasus. These places are as much your home as is Mother Earth, and the galaxy is your true neighborhood. The time has arrived for you to enlarge your concept of home. We welcome you, and know that what you are about to discover will change us all for the better.

      Your destiny is thoroughly entwined with ours. We know the great difficulties that you have endured for almost 13 millennia. As part of this process, you have survived a period during which you were subjugated by the Anunnaki. Now, even those who chose to limit you have joined the Light. Their transformation is a sign that your new reality is near. The final step is for you to believe in your own magnificence, and to trust in your powers and in your vast and glorious connection to the Creator. That connection leads to us and, especially, to all the wonder that is Heaven. For too long, your media has created an image of us that created fear and misgiving in you. Now, dear Hearts, release all of that and prepare to meet your Joy! Joy is the highest expression of Love. In it is found the principal connection to Life and to the divine essence that is the Creator.

      For most of the past galactic year, your global society has been in the throes of great chaos. That chaos will form the bridge to a new realm. Consider us merely the celestial catalysts for the events that lie ahead. We have every intention of fully implementing the formal agreements of our earthly allies and their opponents. You teeter on a precipice of change that is hurtling you toward a galactic society. That society is open, creative, sovereign and filled with the Divine Will of the Creator. It is ready to expand its heart to encompass all the Love that physicality needs to bring about its divine unification with Heaven. You, dear Ones, are Heaven's chosen instrument. We rejoice in your destiny and remain in readiness to do whatever will help you to create it. This future is a paradise that each of you abundantly deserves!

      The divine plan has brought us to a crucial point. We have given you many glimpses into who we are and why we are here. Our major purpose is to extend to you the compassionate and loving hand of your galactic family. Use this knowledge and your own inner power to complete the final tasks that lie ahead of you. Surrounded by the heavenly Legions of Light, we stand poised to ensure your success and the fulfillment of your wondrous destiny. First contact draws ever nearer. We exult in the ability to achieve our divine objectives. Soon, dear Hearts, the day will arrive for a jubilant celebration. As this golden moment approaches, pause to remember your galactic origins and to relish our proximity to our final success! Remember that together, we shall be victorious!

      Today, we have discussed our shared mission and given you a better understanding of who we are. We are your benevolent and celestial family. We have come to assist you in your transformation to fully conscious Beings of Light - physical Angels. Be always aware of this, and of your part in this amazing metamorphosis. We now take our leave. Blessings. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the endless Prosperity and Abundance of Heaven is truly yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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