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Forwarded by Turtle Woman...
New Light Messages   April 21, 2002

Yes, greetings. We do join you that we may together hold fast to that
which is the Way of the Heart, to that which is the Light of Love. In
this time we must clarify much, although we must be brief.

Indeed, as has been given, these are difficult days upon your Earth,
yes, these times are difficult upon body, mind, heart, indeed, soul.
Yet, within that difficulty there is grace. You must see, know, and hold
to that which is grace, grace, you see. Yes, while it is difficult to
see that which is unfolding within the Earth as grace, do know that far
greater atrocities might now sweep through your world were it not for
the power of grace. Know this: Compassion is indeed the bearer of the
gift of grace, yet it does require courage to look upon that which does
unfold. Do not turn away. Yet transcendent consciousness does see that
which does unfold as that which must be to bring into being a new
consciousness, the new world, the new way. It is a difficult task you
have chosen ? to be aware, compassionate, yet rise to that level of
consciousness that does understand and know that it must unfold. It (the
Purification) must unfold, you see.

This, too, we would clarify. Your world is indeed caught within the
storm of purification. You, as eye of that storm, are the bearer of
peace that comes to be. You must focus within each moment on that seed
of peace that now begins to sprout beneath the surface. It is yet unseen
within the world, yet it is held within you, within each of those who
work to bring about the time of the Purple Sun. Therefore, you must
return your consciousness often to that focus, that knowledge, you see.
"Knowledge of what?" you say. Knowledge of that which must be, knowledge
of the cleansing and of the world, that it does prepare the way to
birth. Each one is tested, indeed, to great lengths. You find yourself
tested, each one in a manner that most becomes that which is
personality, in a manner that most assists the unfolding necessary
within. You find purification occurring within self, body, mind; in
every aspect it does occur. As you meet the purification within, so you
do influence the manner in which it is met without, by others, by the
world, you see. Would you calm the wind? Then you must still the mind.
Practice breath, yoga, that you might still the mind and bring calm to
that element known as wind, air. Would (you) douse raging forest fires?
Then you must calm anger, direct temperament, that it may not overwhelm,
overwhelm, you see, move out of control to engulf the innocent. Would
you bring, indeed, the sweet rain to refresh and cleanse and give
rebirth to Spring? Then you must release and let flow that within which
does nourish the higher emotions ? those emotions that bring joy, that
do bring healing, those emotions which do reflect higher mind, Higher
Self. Would you heal the earth? Then you must care for the body, return
the body to cycles of balance. Many, many do have greater need to retire
more early, to rest mind and body during the day, to learn, learn from
body that which is needed. Would you then heal earth? Then do (so)
within body. These elemental forces may be influenced by your thoughts,
actions; indeed, by every moment of your existence are they influenced.
Many shall find body greatly taxed in this time, and it is as it must
be, for greater pressures do bring more accelerated growth. Your bodies
must adapt. You are the beginning of a new species that will dwell in a
new world. There will be great difficulties in cosmic radiation,
climate, electromagnetic field, and microscopic lifeforms. These
difficulties must be prepared for; you are that preparation, you see.
Yes, and so you must learn to adapt as you are motivated by that known
as the virus.

Yes, as given, many do now harden their hearts in anger and seek
revenge, for this nation has forfeited opportunity. That which is the
conflagration that does engulf the Middle East ? Palestine, Israel,
indeed all nations that do follow the crescent moon and the star known
as Islam ? do now bear witness to an ancient commitment that will now
manifest. It may not be stopped. It may be mitigated; but time does grow
short. Many, many more must hold the silence.

Know this: The Great Hammer does now draw close. That which is the
shield surrounding your planet has been ruptured by these hatreds and
conflicts. This shield may be repaired, to an extent, by those who hold
the Light, you see, in prayerful meditation, consciousness. It is
crucial, crucial, in this time. You must not allow dissension, either
within self or amongst others, to create a greater rupture. There must
be recognition of your greater task. Do put aside your judgments and
personal complaints of one another, that you may work consistently as a
focus for the Light. Understand that what is before you is the future of
this planet. It is the time you have chosen; it is the task you have
chosen; it is the spiritual mark you have chosen. Let nothing, nothing,
deter you, that others might come after.

All have greater sensitivity now because of many highly charged
particles. Sight, sound, smell, taste, emotion - all are more sensitive.

They say I must take aspirin once a day.

All have greater need for B (vitamin) foods. They show me algae,
spirulina, Green Magma. Our bodies all need this (to adapt) to this new,
higher frequency.

Send Blue Light (to counter influence of) planetary alignment. A great
burst of violence can be lessened, must be lessened. Pray two times
daily, now to full moon.

Oceans, warming, warming. Coral, coral, so much coral dying. People do
not understand. The tides, the tides are changing (bringing algae

More earthquakes under the water. More disturbance in ocean balance.
Change in tides intensifies dryness because it alters the path of the
blue-green serpent.

Greatly accelerated earth changes.

August. Frequency intensifies, generating greater danger of war,
especially with Iraq, Pakistan - India.

They say more messages to deliver, but not now. They say we must begin
each meditation with seven clear OMs.

I see the Lady. She says that the children of Fatima did warn that the
Church would be humbled and cause great suffering, (that) it would be
brought to humbled knees and forced to confront its failures and
transgressions. This must be, that the true Way of the Heart may be
returned to the holy places, and to the people.

Viruses don't like parsley.

Please stay tuned. He'll (Roundhead) get the messages out soon.

Watch out for Jakarta (Indonesia).

Egypt. I see boiling, roiling forces in Egypt. Mubarek in greater danger
than ever. He has been abandoned by this land, and there will be a price
to pay.

I have this feeling of a lot more behind this - big doings.

Rinpoche has come and said, "Listen to the sound of pine needles falling
in snow, and you will have heard the sound of peace."

Roundhead: crown of parsley. Juggling turnips ? glands need turnips.
Roundhead brought a huge bottle of aspirin and he put it in my medicine

 An aspirin a day, Keeps the stroke away, So you and the puppy can play.

A lot of stress has been created by these planets. Two hundred years -
they will affect next 200 years (referring to the planetary alignment).

Brothers of Abraham ? that's what Israel and Palestine are to one
another. Ancient jealousies fuel this battle ? one dispossessed, the
other possessed. It strengthens the Turbaned One (bin Laden) and
emboldens the Scorpion of the Desert. Syria is the gateway.

Begin now, begin now praying that August will see the tide of grace turn
away the forces of destruction.

India & Pakistan are about to flare up again. [Send Blue Light to those

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