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Update by Sheldan Nidle
for the Spiritual Hierarchy and
the Galactic Federation  

8 Lamat, 11 Kank'in, 10 Caban 


Greetings!  We arrive, dear Hearts! Much has been taking place around you. This realm in which you dwell is mutating at a greatly accelerated rate. This time of transition is drawing you ever closer to your new galactic society. To those of us who already reside in one, it is often astounding to observe the dark, limited world that is yours. In stark contrast to you, we see travel within this galaxy, or to another, as a given. Our fleets contain Motherships that range in size from many miles to many thousands of miles in diameter. Our technology, which permits us to cross the galaxy in mere minutes, truly makes every star-nation our galactic neighbor. Each star society is proud of the culture they have created and the community in which they live. Like you, they are in transition. Because a great galactic conflict that lasted for millions of your solar years finally has come to an end, there is now greater opportunity for harmony and mutual cooperation. You are the heart of this process. Every one of you represents an important aspect of this extremely diverse sentient group that is located in what you call the Milky Way Galaxy.

      Have you ever pondered life on other planets? Or have you ever considered that this reality of yours might not be the only one possible? This search for diversity underlies the entire premise of our Science and Exploration fleets. Each of you, dear Hearts, is an explorer and a divine teacher. Within you exists a potential that compels you to return to the stars and rediscover your highest level of conscious potential. This process is exquisitely ordained by the divine plan. Galactic society is simply the ability to learn how to think in ways that transform your existing degrees of limitation. You can revise these limitations to become as broad as you wish them to be. The changes you are undergoing are intended to create conditions that will move you from where you are now to where you were meant to be. At the core of these changes are new consciousness paradigms. Within them exists a scientific paradigm that is new and vastly different. These models are a given. They are your destiny. This present period of chaos is merely an illusory covering for what you are actually experiencing.

      View us, dear Ones, as simply your benevolent sisters and brothers. Whether we originate in realms of Spirit or of physicality, we arrive to guide and help usher in a new reality. The divine plan has foreseen this reality. Its origins are embodied within each one of you. This is the crucial element that we are emphasizing in today's message. Our ships are living entities, filled with beauty and impelled by a mission to allow her crew to succeed, whatever their assignment. They are alive and fully willing to serve, even to sacrifice themselves for their crew. A marvelous, positive symbiotic relationship quickly flourishes between our fleet personnel and their ships. To us, these fleets become like synthetic planets or even solar systems. Because they are truly a home away from home, we have made them extremely large. Each Mothership in this fleet serves a purpose. Some are merely home-sites that reproduce the environment of our home planets while others, more utilitarian in design, act as our workstations. Together, they form a fleet. Here we live, perform our rituals and carry out our tasks.

     The size and form of each ship allows it to achieve its function. Motherships are extremely proud of their capabilities and of how well they serve their crew. In turn, their personnel hold in awe the great legends and reputation that surround the older Motherships. These Beings have a lifespan that has covered many millennia, during which they have saved a great many crews and faithfully carried out their assigned missions. The dedication, Love and loyalty of these magnificent ships of Light cannot be understated. Their caring energy is felt whenever you are in their presence. From the moment they first hail you, until you step aboard, you know that you have encountered a most incredible lady. These Motherships and their amazing entourage of smaller scout ships are committed to serve you unconditionally. Our technology has created an instrument that moves you through space and allows you to carry out whatever task you have been assigned.

      This exceptional technology will interface easily with yours, allowing Mother Earth and her sister planets to return to their former pristine state. However, at its highest levels, this advanced technology is designed to be handled only by fully conscious Beings of Light. We have watched as the dark mishandled particular aspects of this technology in your galaxy. Even elements of your secret government have used it at extremely primitive levels to achieve some of their objectives. Now, we issue a final warning to those who, in the past, have abused it and still contemplate the use of nuclear weaponry. We will not permit this to occur. Your world is approaching a wondrous transformation. We will do all that Heaven allows us, dear Hearts, to ensure that your divine destiny is achieved according to the sacred schedule that Heaven has provided us. This commitment knows no bounds. It is our sacred trust and the basis for first contact.

      The forces that created physicality also propel a Galactic Federation Mothership. These forces reflect the way in which Light, Time and Space join to shape realities and mega-realities (dimensions). Because your concepts of these procedures are fairly limited in scope, you are only just realizing that your 'scientific' concepts of reality are merely limited sub-sets of what really surrounds you. This idea, agreed to by many of your scientists, is becoming widely accepted in many areas of your scientific community. You are beginning to understand that ultimately, energy is Light and that Light is the foundation of physical reality. Light uses Time to form Space, a process that is totally overseen by consciousness. Eventually, consciousness is Spirit. In making this discovery, you begin to rethink your beliefs and realize that you are living, not in a sea of 'dark matter', but rather in a vast, infinite ocean of living Light.

      Consciousness is merely ordered Light that possesses infinite potential and fashions its shapes according to the edicts of the divine plan. The Creator is the supreme, most universal aspect of Consciousness. Thus, dear Hearts, we are all an aspect of this divine consciousness, which exists in each of us and we in it. This basic connection has created Heaven and produced physicality. Motherships travel within this sea of consciousness and understand how best to use it to navigate from one point to another. Similarly, we possess a divine Light body that is capable of travelling in this sea of consciousness. When you become a fully integrated Being, dear Ones, you also will be blessed with this wondrous ability. We use ships only for what they create. Within this wondrous womb, you will experience many delights of the mind and body, and firmly express the will of the soul.

      First contact will occur when you make a great leap forward and at last achieve your vast potential. With it, you will encounter a technology that, at first glance, seems utterly magical. As you explore, you will begin to see it merely as an extension of the greater consciousness that you embody. Among you are those who have dabbled in the rudiments of this divine technology. It is truly regrettable that the devices that they have constructed have been kept secret for far too long. We wish to assist in helping you to discover these wondrous tools. See them, dear Hearts, as only the first giant steps toward your understanding of this technology. Much remains for you to learn. These lessons will be part of your final transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light. We eagerly await the ever-approaching, magically divine moment when these events will joyously manifest before you.

      Today, we have discussed the ships of our fleet and the events that surround you. We ask you to remain focused and committed to our shared success. Let us all move your global society forward, toward its divine destiny. Together, we all shall be victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your hearts that you have obtained the infinite Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven, and it is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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