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Metatron's Healing Program
Metatron's Program- Level One

Beloveds, we offer this first level of Metatron's program to assist you to understand the changes within you and to assist you to flow
with the currents of energy activating and releasing through you, through this period of great Transition.

We ask each one of you to connect to your heart as a golden wheel of energy. Here lives the Divine Consciousness of your being, ready to
awaken to the next level of your being. This presence of love can be seen as Higher Expression of Self. This wheel or lovelight heart
mandala holds the unique essence of all. You can access this power of love from within you, by decreeing the
following, out loud. "I call for my Divine Heart's flame to ignite through all dimensions
of my heart and the body of light I am. I ask the alchemical signature of my Divine Heart, and my Master Body of Light to activate
and manifest the full expansion of my heart flame throughout me. I call for Archangel Metatron to merge with me and support me through
all lightbody changes I am experiencing, and with the resolution and healing of all aspects of the cellular memory held within me. I call
for my Divine Presence to merge with me. I Am That I Am. I Am That I Am. I Am That I Am. So Be It. It Is Done. "

Know each one of you holds this Presence and are presently on the path of birthing this Presence of Love into this world. This process
creates great change in one's life on all levels, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is important at this time
for each one of you to recognise the depth of transition you are involved in. That each of you are integrating not only the many
previous lives you may have held on Mother Earth but also are beginning to integrate your galactic heritage and all memories of
this also at this time. The greatest gift I can offer you this day is encouragement in this time of great transition, and that each one of
you are in the right place, the right time, right energy to learn your present lessons for this transition to take place. To give you
the understanding that within you, all energy is beginning to be drawn in like a magnetic current to the Earth, through your heart and
simutaneously your heart is being etherically opened through your Source connection, activating your many petalled chakra system. This
is all happening consciously or unconsciously to all on the planet simultaneously and it is this universal phenomena that is the primary
cause of all lightbody changes within you.
All on the planet are responding in their own way to this. Some on the planet are burying their heads in the sand and trying to ignore
the inner transition they feel within. This tactic will not work for long as each being's spirit is gently offering wake up calls for the
path of self realisation to become more grounded through the being. Some are rising to it and meeting it within, sometimes being
overwhelmed by the memories that are arising, but moving forward and through this. These ones are opening themselves to the Divine Being
they are. During the transition of the primary lightbody changes there is a sense of feeling empty, alone, misunderstood, sometimes
deeply fearful or angry. These feelings over this time can become to be very strong and it is at these times that you are experiencing
some of the deepest trauma based memories moving through your lightbody looking for resolution. These memories can only be lifted
and raised into a higher dimensional expression through the power of self-love. As one truly begins to meet the experience of self within
and brings harmony to the inner state through self-love, the lightbody changes that have been stimulated complete and resolve and
harmony is felt outwardly in life also. This of course is a reoccurring phenomena over this period of transition and will
continue to occur within all. The lightbody changes seem to become less as each of you develop balance and harmony in your inner and
outer realities and connect deeply, in an experience, with your Divine Presence each day. Call to your Divine Presence and to
Archangel Metatron each day to merge with you and this will assist you in restoring balance in this time of transition. We ask you each
to work with the following suggestions for balancing your lightbody/physical symptoms from these lightbody changes. Work with
these for 4-6 weeks. On completion of this you will receive the next level of the programme.

Some of the signs of lightbody changes are written below in a list with some helpful hints of what you can do to improve your life if
this is occurring to you. Scan the titles to see which symptoms you personally identify with in your life and connect to the energetic
practises offered for each of these. These lightbody changes can only be integrated through your loving connection to yourself, or the
parts of you changing. So when reading this, if there is something you experience, send your love to the parts of you experiencing this
first before reading the writings on it. Know the golden wheel of your heart is your energetic doorway to accessing Divine Love.

1. Ringing Ears -This occurs when your male energy and feminine energy is not in divine relationship through the higher chakras above
the heart. This is a sign of deep dissonance between the masculine and feminine energies of your soul. Call to your masculine soul
extensions and feminine soul extensions and ask them to forgive the others for all that has occurred in any other life as well as this
life that creates this ringing of the ears. Send your love to these parts of you by sending from your heart a beautiful love and light to
both your ears and then with your intention sending it through your ears to your pineal gland in your brain. Call Archangel Metatron's
name and ask for assistance with the clearing of the ringing of the ears over the next few days. Call to the karmic board and ask for
Karmic Absolution in relation to this.

2. Headaches- These occur as the energy of the brain begins to expand and your mind is asked to let go of many old beliefs. The headaches
develop stronger if there is resistance from the mind in releasing old beliefs that do not serve the highest potential creation for you
at this time. It is important to recognise the beliefs that you hold consciously or unconsciously, that your higher mental body is locked
by ...that creates these headaches. If you have a headache that is reoccurring, recognise it is old limiting beliefs in yourself and
life that create this. You may call my name and I will assist you to clear this. You must name the belief by going inside yourself and
trusting what you receive when you ask your inner self what this belief or these beliefs are. You will get a sense of this from within
yourself. Call to Archangel Metatron and ask for assistance with this. Say, I release to Source the belief that I am
......................... ,that presently does not serve me and I now activate the new belief that states I am
.......................... (From your heart connection create a new positive belief to replace this). As this occurs many beings from the
7th dimension and above will assist you through repatterning the energy of your brain and by clearing the old thoughtforms or any
other blockages that are connected to this headache. If the headache still continues you must call to the Christed Etheric Surgeons and
The Karmic Board and ask for Karmic Absolution in regards to these reoccurring headaches. If the pain is not completely relieved, there
is possibly more than one level of beliefs, so go within and find the other beliefs you are holding, release them and activate new beliefs
that serve your whole presence manifesting in this life.

3. Body Pain that moves throughout the body, and comes and goes -This energy is misdirected creative energy that has not been channelled
into positive outlets in one's life. This possibly is due to the fact that your energy body was not able to channel the energy due to
energy blockages from old emotions and beliefs being lodged energetically in the creation pathways of your lightbody. It is
energy that has been repressed over many lifetimes (emotions and thoughts not expressed) and it has returned to you as unconscious
energy. As it is unconscious, it is not anchored in one spot but travels throughout the body, making home in the areas of most density
and the least light. This energy resists light and when light activates it, there is the sensation of pain. It then moves deeper
into the body to move away from the light. The only energy that will heal it is Love and as it is loved free (when love is absorbed by it)
this creative energy that appears to be dark ( as in the absense of light) returns to the Void - the origin of all creation energy. One
may call Archangel Metatron's name and ask for the Voidal disc and the Depolarisation disc to spin through this energy so it may be
freed from the body. You may say- "Beloved Unconscious Energies, I ask you to return to the void and release all attachments to my body
and to the creation of this pain." (Calling to these energies that are unconscious to return to the void.) Send your love into the area
of pain and breathe this through the painful area. Say, I ask Archangel Metatron to activate the Voidal connection within my energy
body so this release can occur. Breathe deeply when this occurs.

4. Feelings of energetic rushes, pulses of light, intense volumes of light flooding through one's being, energetic tingles of ecstasy,
feelings of expanding larger than your body energetically. This is one of the more pleasant symptoms of lightbody changes
although it can at times be intense. It is a sign of your Divine Presence soul braiding to your DNA. This is known as a lightbody
activation and often it creates large amounts of cellular memory to arise as unresolved thoughts and feelings in your being. It is
important to cleanse your lightbody each day with purifying energies such as the Violet Flame, if you do receive these energetic flushes
through your being. This means you are accelerating on your path of ascension and more lightbody changes will occur because of this.
Therefore to stay balanced and feeling harmonious with the world, you need a cleansing process for your lightbody. Call Saint Germaine and
the Violet Flame to cleanse all your chakras, bodies, meridians and your lightbody each day and allow yourself to mantra or breathe and
meditate as this occurs.

5. Part One -Jaws clenched, or teeth grinding, - Teeth grinding and, if severe, jaw lock is a sign of deep resistance within your
personality to your life's mission or your connection to your whole presence. Often the deepest of traumatic memories held by a soul will
be anchored into the body through the jaw and teeth region if the personality is not willing to let go of self created boundaries in
their life. If you are experiencing teeth clenching or jaw lock, know your personality is locked into something that does not serve your
highest potential and you are experiencing a lack of connection to your whole presence due to boundaries you have created in this life
or another life. It is important for you to break any agreements you may have made in other times or in this life that state that you will
not reunite your personality as your whole presence. Call to your whole presence and ask your personality to release all
resistance you hold presently through the throat and mouth and brow chakras to Source. Breathe this out through deep breathing.
Forgiveness needs to be made from your heart to your whole presence for a traumatic experience your soul holds memory of within your jaw
or teeth. When you feel you can forgive your Divine Presence of this (that occurred possibly in other lives or this life), ...the full
release will occur and your jaws or teeth will stop enacting this trauma. Ask Archangel Metatron to assist you with this.

5. Part Two- Dehydration Dehydration is created through an over activation of cellular memory which also can create teeth clenching
and if severe, jaw lock. If your cellular memory is being over activated, you will either be experiencing
1. a large volume of junk thoughts filling your mind of inconsequential ideas and thoughts that make no sense to you, or you
will have 2. a blank mind, no idea of what you are doing in some moments, a
feeling that you have just been somewhere else and you've just come back and landed where you are, with no remembrance of what has just
been happening to you or what you have been saying. If this is the case for you, you are on a high activational journey
and your Divine Presence is creating a great change within you that your mind cannot possibly keep up with. Your role is to surrender in
each moment and if this is too difficult at any time, sounding, singing or mantraing would be very powerful for you. There is no
exact answer for your lightbody changes for there is so much changing in every moment within you continually. Surrender to God/dess and to
the process of change is the key for you. Your mind will come back to you once the old beliefs have been cleared by you and your chakras
have come into a state of balance again. This sort of lightbody symptom is one of the most uncomfortable and frustrating of all
symptoms as the control held through the mind is taken by your Divine Presence and all memories from all lives flood through your mind at
times making no sense as they are only witnessed in pieces and as distortions. The blankness occurs when large banks of unresolved
memory is being lifted from the lightbody and being transmuted. Through this process, large amounts of body fluids are absorbed
cellularly creating a dehydration within the cells. This dehydration can then again create overaction of cellular memory. Hydrating your
cells with large amount of fresh clean water is one answer to minimise these effects if they are occurring.

6. Numbness in body sensations, also feelings of other beings with you energetically, but not the full awareness of this. - This
numbness is in a sense created by a part of your lightbody not presently functioning to its highest potential in its role to feed
your physical body with Love and Light. As you open multidimensionally to your Whole Presence, different areas in your
lightbody activate to be restored and reconnected to your physical body. It is at this time that your physical body may experience short
periods of numbness that come and go throughout various parts of your body. These may be pointed out to Archangel Metatron by calling his
name, when they occur, and letting him know which areas experience numbness sometimes. The Emissaries of Love will then scan your
lightbody to assist with these areas of your lightbody to open to restoration. As this numbness or dulling of areas is shifted, your
own sensory abilities to the higher dimensions will be opening and your sensing of the presences that are with you will become stronger.
Often your sensory abilities may not always attune to the highest vibrations with you but may also attune to the unresolved energies in
the astral plane or the astral bodies of others. It is important to break all agreements you may have made in other times or in this life
to take on or resonate with the unresolved planes of energy such as the astral plane. Call to Archangel Metatron and your Divine Presence
to assist you with this. Use the words ......"By Divine Decree, In the name of God/Goddess I now break all agreements I may have made
across all time, space and dimensions, in relation to resonating or taking on any energies of the astral plane or any other being's
astral energies. Through the full power of my Mighty I am Presence, I now release any astral energies I presently hold to Source, and I
call for full assistance with this from The Karmic Board, Beloved God/Goddess and my Divine Presence."

7. Feeling ungrounded or spacy, the feeling of not being fully present or aware. If you experience ungroundedness, the feeling of
floating in the body, and the experience of not being fully present in each moment, presently your higher chakras hold a disconnection to Source, your
lower chakras do not hold enough earth energy, and your heart is presently being asked to open and surrender old experiences when your
soul felt separated from Source. This ungroundedness is one of the key symptoms of your original wound of separation having been
activated for healing and full resolution. It is important for you to recognise your soul has an original wound and work towards releasing
the energy of this from your life through calling for your Divine Presence to merge with you and offering all negative thoughts and
emotions to Source for release when they are felt or thought by you. A great mantra for you is to say, I release to Source.... (naming
the energy) breathing it out and then saying, I call for… (the positive of this ) …breathing the new Source vibration into your
being. It is also important that your chakra column is connected into the core of the Earth and through your chakras to the Sun and Moon
each day. By visualising a golden column from the core of the Earth running up through your chakras, out your crown to the Sun and Moon will assist
this. Call then to the Mother Earth current to rise up through your chakras and to Source current to anchor through your chakras. See
your heart open as a beautiful flower each day and send love to all your energy body all around you.

8. Feeling threatened, deep panic, terror, without a conscious reason for it. This may be occurring to you as you have activated a very deep layer
of your cellular memory ( that holds terror etc within it) that cannot free itself from your energy body. Firstly it is important to
remind your mind that this feeling is a very powerful memory and that is all it is, no matter how real it feels. Also that it has arisen to
be healed and resolved to Love. Also that your mind will not be able to make too much more sense of it other than this. Each day it is
important for you to call to Archangel Metatron and ask for deep emotional clearing, mental clearing and healing. A full body and
chakra balancing is also an important healing to ask for before sleeping. At this time it is important to live in an environment
that will stimulate your emotions the least amount on a negative level. If there are energies such as TV etc that trigger your
emotions, it is important for you not to participate with them. Also it is important for you to recognise this may take a while to
heal...some weeks or months sometimes as this energy is an energy of many lifetimes returning through you for resolution. It is important
to request healing and assistance in every moment that energy is beginning to feel uncomfortable. As you do this, you will become
aware of what usually triggers the feelings of terror to occur. It will be a particular type of energy which will trigger the memory. If
you can contact the moment of triggering with realisation that you are being triggered, it is then possible for you to call to the soul
extensions that hold these memories and ask them to release these memories to your whole presence to heal. Call to your soul extensions
at this time and command them from your Divine Presence with Love to release the memories and forgive all that has occurred to create the
panic, terror, or threatening feelings you have. Command them 3 times and call to the Karmic Board for karmic absolution and resolution of
this when you do this. Be sure to call to Archangel Metatron to assist you at this time also.

9. Hearing voices in your mind or thoughts conversing with you. This is your telepathic nature opening again, and it is not your
being going mad. This occurs as your brain's energy begins to expand and your clear your cellular memory from your mind. All energies can
connect to you through the pathways of telepathy if this is opening. Discernment is important at this time. You will either hear thoughts
from your Guides, Your Divine Presence, or aspects of your consciousness or sometimes another's that live in the polarised
realities. Understand it is annoying to receive messages that are not of the highest vibration but only love will dissolve your connection
to these lower vibrations. So discern with love. Always checking all you receive with the love vibration of your heart flame. Any fear
based messages will be from a lower vibrational band of energy. Call to Lord Michael at this time to assist you or ask the thoughtform to
forgive all that has occurred to create it to live in separation. Know that your mind is primarily made up of memories unless your
higher awareness and God/dess consciousness is anchored through it. It may also be useful to ask the energy giving the message if they
place themselves purely in the thoughts of the Christ, The Mahatma ray, and The 12th Ray of the Christ. You may ask this three times and
if the answer telepathically is yes three times, you may ask who is communicating with you and trust this.

10. Seeing parts of visions in the daytime in your mind, sensing things may occur, difficult dreams or vivid dreams.
This is a sign of your clairvoyance opening as your lightbody is activated by your Divine Presence. The dreams will often be journeys
of resolution you need to karmically experience, some of your soul's memories being explored to be healed. If you awaken with memories of
uncomfortable dreams, forgive what has occurred in your dreams and recognise it is karmic memories from other lifetimes coming to you to
be resolved. As your multidimensional abilities open, you begin to sense energies in your life more often and often may sense the
unusual in your life. Know it is not always the most appropriate response to trust what you sense unless you feel the love vibration
within your sensings. Know as many memories, karmic in nature, are moving through you, you may be sensing from a memory that is not
accurate to this life but comes from another lifetime or dimensional reality. You can trust though, that which you feel holds the
resonance of unconditional love within it, as all anchoring this energy are connected to the now moment within all God/dess nature. If
you sense disturbing energies, call to Archangel Metatron and ask his assistance in clearing all memories connected to the energies that
you are sensing. You may need to forgive something within yourself at this time that has created you to resonate with these energies.

11. Loss of memory and memory recall for the smaller day to day things in your life.
This is the most standard lightbody symptom that nearly all experience. Apart from the fear that one is getting too old, getting
dottery, and the frustration of not being able to remember the simplest of things, this symptom is uite enjoyable for not only
doing things like the shopping list get erased from your memory, but also things you don't really enjoy remembering get erased through the
process of your mind expanding to a higher vibration. There is not too much you can do about it if this is occurring as your whole
presence is trying to lift your mind out of the lower dimensions. You will find the more you spend in a balanced state of mind through
equally utilising both sides of your mind, the more your mind will retain. For example, if you were to spend a great deal of time in
logical process you would need to spend as equal amount of time in intuitive process or experience. Your presence ultimately wishes to
channel through your higher mind, and it needs your left and right hemisphere of your brain to be in a state of harmony, activation and
balance for this to occur. The memory loss is a part of this process. Much of the old memory (brain cells) not needed by your presence is
consumed to be recharged with Love and Light ( which dissolves the older, more useless (to your whole presence) memories). If you really
wish to remember something, say it three times or read it three times, it will then go into the memory banks of the brain cells that
have a larger short term use (or expiry date so to speak). If you wish to remember something definitely, then ask to be reminded by
your Whole Presence and by your Energy Body. Ask for the memory activation disc to spin through you if your memory loss is excessive
and bothers you. This will restore some of your memory pool for your use.

12. Ancient memories of other times but no awareness of the complete picture- a sense of being in more than one place at one time.
Do you have a sense you are here and a part of you is somewhere else or you have an uncanny feeling of yourself in another civilisation or
realm. This is a natural occurrence particularly when your soul is wanting you to heal something from that time or reclaim a particular
gift from that dimension or realm. If it keeps coming back to you, know it is your Presence offering you a message to work with this
energy. Call to Archangel Metatron to assist you with this resolution or reclaiming of a gift or both. Call to the presence of your soul
that is held in this other realm to come to be with you. Know it ( or there may be more than one) will come to you in an energy body and
stand before you. Ask this one if there is anything to forgive from this time, and if there is any wound it is holding to release this
now to Source. Ask Archangel Metatron to assist you with this. Breathe in and ask if there are any crystals to be returned to your
chakras from this dimension, for them to be restored and then returned to you. Ask then for these crystals to be activated through
you and ask this one to offer the gift you have or hold in this dimension or life, to offer it to you now. This will come in an
energy package. Place your hands out and receive this and place it in your heart and ask it to activate through you. Thank this one and ask
this one to stay connected with you through the heart and through love at all times. Call to Archangel Michael to oversoul over this
one and care for this part of you and your reconnection to your whole presence.

Blessings to each one of you and your path, Qala

This is a channelled writing, written by and copyright Qala Serenia
Phoenix, 2002 © for The ASCEND Foundation

The ASCEND Foundation is a non-profit world service organization guided by The Inner Plane Ascended Masters which lovingly offers world service presently through global meditations, master messages and healing programmes . All the services are run on a volunteer basis so we ask for your patience. We ask for no personal messages as we are unable to answer queries of this nature due to our commitment to keeping the services running. We thank you for your blessings and offer ours in this way. Our web site can be found at www.light-elixirs.com  We are based in Australia and are a small group of beings who deeply care for all beings on the planet. To be placed on the subscriber list of our free email service with messages such as these, email us at ascend @light-elixirs.com with "subscribe" in the subject line.

This is a channelled writing, written by and copyright Qala Serenia Phoenix, 2002 © for The ASCEND Foundation. It may be distributed or translated on the condition that the original source and ASCEND Foundation is recognized and none of the content is altered.  We ask that all who work with this level of Metatron's programme call to Archangel Metatron and ask to be placed on his healing programme.  From this call, you will receive his assistance with all your lightbody changes.

This is the first level of the program. If you wish to receive the introduction to this or the next levels, you will need to subscribe to Metatron's programme through ascend@light-elixirs.com with "Metatron" in the subject line (our free email service) or locate them (at a later date they will be made available) through the ASCEND website at www.light-elixirs.com
If you are translating this into another language, we bless you and thank you as many are indeed grateful for the time you place into this. Can you please be careful with the language as much accuracy can be lost in the translation and has been in some previous ones.  We apologize for its length but this detail was needed, and can you send us a copy of the translation for our use. We would be most grateful for this.


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