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Jan and I were busy over the weekend doing a Uranian Astrology Intensive Workshop with Gary Christen.
Just catching up on emails. Here's an article by Jan on Mercury and another by Joy Dunkin on "The Wounded Healer". 

Mercury:  The Winged Messenger


By  Jan Carter


Thoughts do have Wings!  In Astrology the Planet Mercury reflects how we think and communicate.


He speedily makes his round about the Sun in 88 days.  From our Earth’s perspective, we rarely see him, due to his intimate connection with that Golden Orb of Light at the center of our Solar System.


In the Geocentric (Earth Centered) Model of Astrology, the Sun and Mercury travel together through the Zodiac or “Circle of Animals” and are either in the same sign or only one sign apart.


Their connection is reflected in our world – “As Above, So Below.”  Our urge to create, represented by the Sun, is inexorably linked to Mercury’s realm - our thoughts.  Remember – “In the Beginning was the Word” or “Our Thoughts Create our Reality”.


Hermes is the Greek version of the Winged Messenger, Mercury.  He is born as a result of a secret union in a dark cave between the King of the Gods, Zeus/Jupiter and the wood nymph, Maia.  Maia is also the name Zeus calls to when consulting the oracle of the Great Goddess Night. 


Hermes was a very precocious child and was constantly getting into and out of trouble.

On the day of his birth he leaves his cradle, wanders outside and comes across a tortoise.  As he admires the creature, he suddenly kills it and invents/creates a beautifully crafted lyre out of ox hide and its shell.


He plays with his new toy for a short while, then gets bored and decides he is hungry.  He happens upon a herd of cattle belonging to his older brother, Apollo - the Sun God; and devises an ingenious plan to steal the herd by turning their hooves around, so that as he leads them away, their trail appears to be heading in the opposite direction.  Thus, Hermes/Mercury gets the reputation of being a “Trickster”.


Hermes decides to kill two of the cows, cutting them into twelve pieces, and make offerings, honoring twelve of the Olympian Gods – including himself!


This of course reflects Mercury’s passage through the 12 Signs/Archetypes of the Zodiac.


Apollo soon discovers his cows are missing and suspects Hermes.  During their confrontation in which Hermes denies any part in the matter, Apollo becomes enamored with Hermes’ Lyre.  A bargain is struck and the situation is resolved. 


For his inventiveness, Hermes/Mercury becomes an honored member of the Pantheon. Apollo gives him a gift of the Caduceus - a winged wand with two snakes wrapped around it.


Because of Hermes’ stealth, he is often given the task of entering precarious places and retrieving things.  He is the only god that can freely pass into and out of the Underworld.


In Traditional Western Astrology, the Planet Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo.  The Gemini/Air aspect relates to his mental dexterity.  The Virgo/Earth aspect is associated with his service and craftsmanship.


Gemini, the twins, reflects the dual nature of our thoughts.  Its symbol is the Roman Numeral II.   


Also, if you consider the number “88”, which is the number of days Mercury orbits about the Sun, you will see two vertical “infinity symbols”.  An interesting parallel again!  There are two sides to everything. 


We communicate energetically by way of the infinity symbol, as we give and receive information.  What are you choosing to share?    


In the Myth, part of Hermes’ nature is being a liar and a thief.  He is also a marvelous inventor and a genius.  We each carry this dual nature in us – a lightness and a darkness.


Remember the name of his mother, “ Maia”, also means “illusion”.  We can span the gamut - from conscious propaganda to mere misunderstanding.  Words can never quite grasp the core of what one is trying to convey.


The Planet Saturn (grounding, discipline, structure) is now in the Sign of Gemini from October 2000 until June 2003.  When Saturn passes through a Sign, there are lessons to be learned in that Sign’s realm and the realm of its ruler, which in this case is our dear friend/companion Mercury.


We are being asked to look at our thoughts.  What do we want to create! 


As I write this piece, there is an unusual and beautiful lineup of all of the visible/personal planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter.  Just as the Sun sets, you are able to get a rare glimpse of that ever-present, yet elusive planet, Mercury.


These energies symbolize our humanness and our infinite ways of expressing our nature, as we dance to the cosmic rhythms.


Let’s enjoy the journey and be conscious creators.  Think about it!


Jan Carter, an Astrologer for 14 years, AstroJan @ Awakening-Healing . com , works with her healing partners, Keth Luke and Dr Light at the “House of Grace” New Port Richey, FL - Classes, Healing & Astrology Circles, Free emailed NewsLetter 727-842-6788.  Return to  Awakening-Healing  HOME page                                 

The Wounded Healer

by Joy Dunkin, Ph.D., Holistic Health Sciences

Carl Jung’s archetype of "The Wounded Healer" originated with the Greek myth of Chiron who was physically wounded, and by way of overcoming the pain of his own wounds Chiron became the compassionate teacher of healing.

Contemporary psychotherapists latched on to the concept of this archetype and soon began to see themselves as "The Wounded Healer" in their societies, whereby they use the pain of their own life experiences to facilitate the mental health and healing of others. Psychotherapy is professionally cataloged as a Mental Health Profession. The inherent problem with this cataloging is that it denies the core issue of healing, which is healing the emotional body trauma.

Human beings consist of a four-component energy system. Thanks to the Kirlian Camera, we know that three of these components are measurable as Light - - the spiritual body, mental body and emotional body. The fourth component is the densest form of this energy system - - the physical body. When life experiences produce pain that is rooted in the emotion of "fear" (i.e. insecurity, jealousy, hatred, anger, shame, guilt, separation, etc.), and when the degree of that fear/pain is too much for the emotional body to cope with or to give itself permission to "feel," the emotional body stores, stuffs and hides that fear/pain somewhere in the dense darkness of the physical body. This hidden fear/pain energy creates disease, dysfunction, disorder and degeneration in the physical body. Thus, the core issue of healing is to heal the emotional body trauma, not the mental body.

The mental body establishes its belief systems for one purpose only, and that is to maintain the survival of the physical body through which the Soul functions in this dimension of time and space on the water planet Earth. The mental body establishes its belief systems (or its level of consciousness) based upon the data it receives from the emotional body. The mental body creates thoughts about what is safe in this world, and these thoughts are created based upon the feelings generated in the emotional body from the life experiences. Not only is healing the emotional body trauma necessary for the health and wellness of the physical body, healing the emotional body trauma is also necessary for the evolution of human consciousness via the mental body establishing that it is safe now to release certain belief systems.

"The Wounded Healer," that I believe Carl Jung was referring to, is the teacher who is able to self-empower others to trust themselves to the extent that they finally give themselves permission to FEEL that which has been too fearfully painful for the emotional body to cope with and FEEL. It is only when the mental body has the opportunity to comprehend (create thoughts about) these FEELINGS, that the mental body is able to release belief systems that have created an old and worn out paradigm, which implies that the mental body should seek healing from outside of itself.

That worn out paradigm was created by fear. Fear is the primary tool used by those, who are of a greed and abusive power consciousness, to control and manipulate humanity. And guess what?--it worked!! The matrix of this paradigm basically instilled in humanity’s mental body, that due to the nature of our shameful unworthiness, we can no longer rely on healing to come from "within" our own self - - and we must turn to outside sources for healing.

Somewhere in my readings about the psychotherapist concept of what "The Wounded Healer" is, I came across a statement so absurd that I nearly fell off my chair when I was reading it. If I could recall where I read it or who wrote it, I would gladly give credit to the source. I cannot remember where it came from, but I read that "pain validates your existence." And I AM here to tell you, that is NOT true. Pain does NOT validate your existence. Your I AM PRESENCE validates your existence!! Your spiritual body is the connection to The Source - - The Source Of All That Is - - God - - Great Spirit - - Creator - - The Infinite Intelligence - - The I AM.  It is your "I AM" that validates your existence, and it is your "I AM" that is "The Wounded Healer."

The idea of pain validating your existence is of equal absurdity to that of someone’s interpretation of the biblical scripture in Psalms, Chapter 51, Verse 17, which reads: "The sacrifices that are acceptable to God are a broken spirit and a broken and shameful heart."  I wonder who was responsible for that interpretation/translation - - and I will leave that up to the discernment of your own spirit and heart - - but I will say that the responsible party knew full well that the way to control and manipulate humanity and human consciousness is to break the human spirit and heart (the spiritual body and the emotional body) and to consistently reinforce the mental body’s belief systems of having a shameful heart (or a shameful emotional body). "Guilt" is all about what I did, and guilt is relatively simple to heal. "Shame" on the other hand is nearly impossible to heal, because shame is all about what I AM. Shame is the emotional body response to The I AM being unworthy, and it is the healing of this shame of The I AM that establishes the core issue of healing to be healing the emotional body trauma, not the mental body.

Millions of people all over the world have returned home to the truth that healing comes from within their own self - - not from sources outside of themselves. And millions more are seeking teachers, who can facilitate them to comprehend this truth. Please be wise in seeking the facilitator, the teacher. If the facilitator claims to be "The Wounded Healer" or any other kind of "healer," then the facilitator is seeing herself/himself as the one doing the healing, which is an ego trip, a power trip, and it sets the stage for co-dependency. The new consciousness of humanity in the new millennium is recognizing that true healing comes from "within" - - and deep "within" ones own self is where the true "Wounded Healer," The I AM, presides.

This is the year 2002 - - it is appropriate to ask your therapist, doctor, health care provider, etc.: "Are you a healer or are you a teacher of healing?"

(Joy Dunkin is the President/Executive Director of Water Wisdom Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization at Manitou Springs, CO, "teaching the experience of Living Waters."  Joy is the author of the book "Healing Waters Sacred Springs."  www.healingwaterssacredsprings.com)

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