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Online Channeling June 12, 2002

Antallah, antui najallah. It is to be. It is to be in light. And so once again we come to you.

Dear Ones, we wish to speak to you of Manifestation.  It is that within each of you is the power to create all reality.  All that you wish to set out to the Universal processes can and will come forward into your reality as you request, considering that you are using the right tools and approach.

It is that each of you is that which is all things.  That which is the One being both within and outside of you.  It is true what our Brother Jesus has told you, that you are capable of miracles.  That perfection is each of you.  It is that the Father is that which is light.  That light being each of you.  And so it is that you are the One.  And this is how the One becomes you as well…

It is that within the Universal process, all things on the smallest scale are structured in light.  All things manifested.  All things in form and formlessness….to both the largest and smallest degrees, are created of light. The Universe is holographic in nature. All in repetitive structure and shape based upon that which is what you refer to as the Sacred Geometry.

It is within this structuring that the configuration of the particulates, that which is the smallest part of creation is based upon that which is the form and energies of the pyramid.  Within the pyramidal shape is contained a full spectrum of energies.  It is also that within the structure of the pyramid is contained that which is the Sacred Spiral.  That patterning which all energies follows, and all things in the Universal process move within.  It is that you see in your world, in nature, those shapes which are repeated.  Your views of the Universe through telescopes also reveal the same repeating spiral processes throughout space.

Contained within these pyramidic, spiral process are different sets of harmonics, depending upon the energetics contained within.  As the energies travel through the spectrum of the spiral, they move through different frequencies.  Each frequency relating to a specific color in this spectrum as it travels toward becoming that which is light once again.  These frequencies each having a specific tone.  As these tones travel throughout the Universal process, different sets of harmonics are created.  It is in this relationship of color, light and harmonics that all things universal are communicated.

You see, Dear Ones, these pyramidal sets of energy are bonded into octohedronal shapes that are the particulates.  Between these infinite numbers of particulates are corridors of space, the null zones.  It is within these null zones that your intents, your prayers, your energies toward manifestation travel.

As the harmonics of your own expended energies travel through the null zones, they are communicating with the particulates as those energies move past the particulates.  In this communication, new harmonics are created.  These harmonics affect the particulates in their ordering and positioning Universally.  These new harmonics command manifestation of the particulates to a new set of energetics, new sets of forms or of formlessness.

When each communication is made on this minute level, there is, in occurrence a rearrangement of the particulates in manifestation as a direct response to that intent that was set forth. When this intent is sent in a way that is pure, from that which is the Sacred Heart space, that space which one occupies when one is truly in the moment, and fueled by passion toward the intent, the intent then manifests within the Universal process. It is instantaneous. In such ways, miracles can and do occur.

And so you see, Dear Ones, that to create your realities, you must simply become in your awareness, within your consciousness, your light beingness, that which you intend. When your intent becomes a part of the Universal process, so, then, becomes the reality in manifestation of this intent!

It is in this manner that you are able to heal yourselves and others. It is also in this manner that you are able to travel the Universal corridors to any time, any where, communicating and learning with others other-dimensionally as you move throughout the Universal process. For as above, so below.

As the Universe is arranged in this fashion octohedronally in its smallest construct, so it is that the dimensions are created in the same manner. As is the largest, so is the smallest. And in between these dimensions are the same type of corridors as the smallest of null zones. So then with this knowing, one can consciously from within one's own consciousness, move throughout all aspects of Creation.

One can tap into that which is the All by understanding that one is an integral part of this whole. And once past the human, manifested self, that which is solid, when on returns to one's conscious being, one's state of light being, then one has remembered how to access this Universal process toward beingness within the One.

As one begins to understand, to remember this process, one begins to also understand that in this same way, all knowledge is accessible. There are no limitations as to the comprehension and awareness that may be gained, the manifestations that may be caused to occur, the alchemic processes that may be directed simply be rearranging the Universal Construct toward that reality which is intended.

To give this in an alternate way of understanding, one must simply attune one's own harmonics to that of the One. To remember that which you are in formlessness. It is simply that with your thinking minds and emotional selves, you have lost touch with your Rememberings. And so it is that now is the time to Awaken to that which is your true self. That which is the light of all things. And so it is. Do you see what we speak of? Dear Ones. You are that which you seek.

You are no more and no less than the reality that you create for yourselves. That which is you is all things, all things being you.

And so it is that you are able to create peace within your world. And so it is that if these rememberings are brought forth within enough of you there will become a point of critical mass within the consciousness that will bring forth a shift to light and a new way of beingness. That which was in the Beginning returns to you. It is your choice in which way you manifest this as reality. It is your choice as to the simplicity or the difficulty that you choose to create this shift.

In these moments, there are prophecies being fulfilled within your world. These events are causing fear within and around many of you. Refuse to accept these events as ongoing reality. Create the Shift that all may return to the One in wholeness. It is within your power. Do you have the wisdom to see?

You are capable of changing the Balance Universally to that which is light.

Do you know that when our Brother Jesus spoke that when two or more are gathered in His Name there is love? In the Rememberings of his word, if you remember how to occupy each single moment in a state of unconditional love, then you have truly joined the One. In that joining, if all are manifesting that which is the same outcome with the same intent, that intent being driven with the passion of Truth, then so it is. It is this that he and other Masters before him have come to tell you. That each of you are capable of much more than he displayed in his presence. He was reminding each of you of your true identity.

And so it is that you walk within the light. So it is that within the realities you create you have no limitations. That which is, is infinite. That which is, is light in the constant recreation of itself. That which is, is what you have chosen to experience within your occupation as an integral part of the One. And so, it is what you perceive. It is what you create. It simply is.

In such ways, we, and others like us, come to you in communication that you become once again aware of that which is the Universal Truth. In such ways, so many of you are receiving the same information simultaneously. In such ways you are able to see that each and all energy that you are expending, whether it is though, action, intent or whatever is affecting all things.

Limitations only exist when they are created within your realities. You limit yourselves in your own languages. You wish to try. Then you are defeated. You must do in order to succeed. You hope for things. Why not believe in them? Do you see? Believe that which you intend. Once believed, you are then merely participating in the process of that becoming reality for if you believe that which you intend, it is already reality.

Would you question your deserving-ness to have whatever reality you wish? In doing so, you are denying yourselves as integral parts of the Whole. Individualized thinking is only a part of the human reality. You are so much more. You are that which is.

And so we ask for each of you to work toward the manifestation of that which is light within your world. Bring back to your realities that which has been since the Beginning. Your Awareness. Your Awakenings to that which you are. All things. Bring to your realities that which is harmony in the existence of all things. And so it is.

Be in peace. Be that which is love. In this moment and in every moment.

And so it is that we return to light.

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I have noticed a huge energy shift just before the eclipse of the sun this last week. It seems to have brought clarification to the existing energies which have been quite chaotic of late!. There is a much more positive feel , a smoothness, to the Universal process as a whole.

I would like to stress the point that while there are many events occurring in our world, this, the third dimension that appear to be devastating in many ways to many people, that we must continue to hold the light, magnifying it, sharing it with all we touch and interact with. It is true that without chaos in our lives we do not choose to recognize our stagnancy. We must view the changes that are happening around us with a knowing that we have a unique opportunity to raise consciousness everywhere. Why? Because now more than ever, many are searching for a better way. Needing to make other choices toward fulfillment of Spirit. Each of us by our examples can make that change not only for ourselves, but in the light of awareness of others.

Rev. Dr. Meg Blackburn
P.O. Box 1005
Richland, WA  99352

…for when the pure of heart meets with the pureness of being in all its innocence is born an existence of harmony with all things…

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